CR: Chapter 74

Yu Hanjiang’s question was too direct and Xiao Lou also looked up at him in a startled manner.

The man looked serious and had cold eyes. It was like Officer Yu of the interrogation room had returned.

Shu’s face instantly drained of blood. She gently shook her clenched fists and pretended to be calm. “Why are you saying that I stole Li Zhemin’s insulin. You  are wronging an innocent person!”

Yu Hanjiang kept watching her calmly, his cold eyes saying, ‘You continue to lie.’

Shu Ping’s hair was rising but her mouth still didn’t admit it. “That insulin doesn’t have Li Zhemin’s name written on it. I bought it from the hospital!  You don’t talk nonsense. Why would I steal someone else’s insulin?”

Yu Hanjiang stared at her for a few seconds. Just as she was about to look away uncomfortably, Yu Hanjiang opened his mouth to speak.

His voice was emotionless, calm and low. “You weigh less than 50kh and your daily insulin use is approximately 20U. This trip lasts for 10 days and the insulin you brought is enough for a month. Li Zhemin is diabetic but insulin wasn’t found in his bag. Is there any other way to explain it apart from it being stolen by you?”

Shu Ping was shocked.

She didn’t expect the train attendant to actually know how to calculate the dose of insulin!

Xiao Lou listened to Group Leader Yu calmly throw out the evidence and couldn’t help feeling admiration. Group Leader Yu had taken step by step to defeat the other person’s psychological defenses and this old lady was scared senseless.

Yu Hanjiang was cold. “Frankly, if you don’t acknowledge it then we can wait for the train to arrive at the stop. We will take the insulin from your bag to test if Li Zhemin’s fingerprints are on them. Then you will be detained for the crime of stealing.”

Shu Ping’s face turned green and then white. She was silent for a moment before forcing out, “I hate Li Zhemin, this basta*d! Last night, I dragged my daughter to be introduced to his son. My daughter is a university graduate and is beautiful and smart. I didn’t abandon his son for being short and ugly yet he actually said my daughter has a bad personality and no education!”

Shu Ping continued indignantly, “Who isn’t educated? I have long been annoyed at him. Just because his stinky son has some money, he acts like he’s an emperor’s queen…”

She spoke up to here before looking guiltily at Yu Hanjiang, her voice slowly weakening. “I just stole his insulin to give him a small lesson. I asked the doctor and a patient with type 2 diabetes won’t die from missing a dose of insulin. He will be in some pain and feel uncomfortable for a day or two before I secretly return it.”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang glanced at each other.

Shu Ping saw their gazes and immediately raised her hand. “I swear, I just wanted to teach him a lesson. I don’t have the courage to kill! Yes, Niu Dapeng definitely wanted to kill him. You should suspect this person!”

Yu Hanjiang questioned, “How do you know Li Zhemin was killed?”

Shu Ping exclaimed, “If he died of a heart attack, why do you have to talk to me and check our luggage?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Say it, why do you suspect Niu Dapeng?”

Shu Ping didn’t hesitate to reveal everything in order to get rid of her own suspicion. “In the past, Niu Dapeng had the best performance in our company sale’s department. The boss had decided to let him by the manager. I don’t know what means he used but Li Zhemin managed to hook up with the boss’ daughter. The things between the two people couldn’t be undone. The boss’ daughter was pregnant and this relationship could only be acknowledged.”

“As a result, the boss suddenly promoted Li Zhemin as general manager and Niu Dapeng was transferred to the logistics department. How much money can be earned in logistics? Niu Dapeng’s salary suddenly fell by half and he must’ve been dissatisfied.”

“Later, Niu Dapeng’s wife got cancer. He borrowed a lot of money to treat his wife but as a result, his wife wasn’t cured. She died early and he was left with a big debt and a son. His son fought with Li Zhemin’s son in middle school and his eye was injured. It is said that one eye permanently has amblyopia (lazy eye). It is natural for him to hate Li Zhemin!”

If all of this was true then Niu Dapeng must really hate Li Zhemin.

Xiao Lou quickly found Niu Dapeng’s registration form. The family relationship column really did say ‘spouse is deceased’ and there was one son. His son was currently working at a security guard at a young age. This job wasn’t good compared to the high paying white-collar jobs.

Shu Ping said, “You don’t know but Niu Dapeng’s son was a good student and always tested first in the year. Then the child’s confidence was affected after Li Zhemin’s son injured his eye and his grades plummeted. He couldn’t enter university and had to go to a vocational school. We all know that Niu Dapeng hates Li Zhemin.”

Li Zhemin asked, “Since he and Li Zhemin have such a dep feud, why are they travelling together?”

Shu Ping explained, “This trip was paid for by the company to reward the retired employees. Nobody knew who was going in advance. Niu Dapeng’s home conditions aren’t good and he hasn’t been travelling in many years. He probably wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to go out.”

This woman shifted the blame to Niu Dapeng but she did have a reason to suspect Niu Dapeng was the murderer. It was because the hatred between Niu Dapeng and Li Zhemin was too deep and the motive was very clear. It could be said that it was Li Zhemin who ruined Niu Dapeng’s life and it wasn’t surprising if he killed Li Zhemin.

However, Yu Hanjiang didn’t think the case would be so simple. He noted a detail in Shu Ping’s words and asked, “You mean, before this trip, you didn’t know who would go?”

Shu Ping replied, “Yes, the tour guide created the chat group the night before the department. Previously, we only received an email from the company stating that this is a reward for the employees who made outstanding contributions over the years. The company would let everyone play for free.”

Yu Hanjiang touched his chin to think. A moment later, he said, “You go back first. Call the others of Room 3 to come over.”

Shu Ping took two steps before looking back to emphasize, “I really just wanted to teach Old Li a lesson and let him suffer. My daughter isn’t married so I wouldn’t risk going to jail by killing him!”

Yu Hanjiang told her, “Rest assured, we will investigate clearly.”

Shu Ping sighed with relief and turned away.

She left and Yu Hanjiang looked at Xiao Lou. “Are there any problems if a diabetes patient stops taking insulin for a few days?”

“It depends on the type of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes means the body itself lacks insulin-producing cells and not taking insulin will immediately endanger their life. On the other hand, type 2 diabetes is usually caused by eating habits and lifestyle choices. Sometimes if they control it well, the doctor will recommend a period of no insulin to observe the blood sugar levels.”

Yu Hanjiang said, “Then she really stole Li Zhemin’s insulin to get revenge. Moreover, it was just her daughter being rejected. The motive for killing is insufficient.”

“Group Leader Yu, just now she said that the tour group only confirmed the participants list the night before departure when the tour guide created the group. Yet Li Zhemin’s death is obviously a murder. The disposable syringes and insulin must’ve been bought in advance, indicating that the murderer might’ve known that Li Zhemin would participate in this tour group.”

Yu Hanjiang also had this thought, which was why he specifically asked for details. He frowned. “The first one who would know that Li Zhemin is going on this trip is the travel agency. Little Qin must’ve had the lost long in advance. Second, it is someone who has a good relationship with Li Zhemin. They can ask Old Li if he is travelling or not and get the news in advance.”

“The tour guide has no motive. It must be someone with a good relationship with Li Zhemin.”

In this way, Niu Dapeng’s suspicion was reduced.

He and Li Zhemin had a deep hatred and he definitely wouldn’t ask if Old Li was going on the trip. Maybe when the group was created that night, Niu Dapeng found Li Zhemin’s name in the group and wasn’t happy.

It happened in the evening and departure was early the next morning. There wasn’t enough time to prepare the syringes and insulin in the middle of the night.

The two of them were discussing it when the other ladies from Room 3 came to the office for questioning.

Yu Hanjiang asked about several things that Shu Ping had mentioned and the three people unanimously confirmed that there was indeed a grudge between Li Zhemin and Niu Dapeng. The tour group had been built the night before the departure and the three of them hadn’t known that Li Zhemin would participate.

Yu Hanjiang followed up by questioning Niu Dapeng.

The old man appeared more haggard than his peers. It was no wonder. His wife died of illness and his son’s job wasn’t good. The family didn’t have much money and he had lived a very hard life these years. Now that Li Zhemin died, it could be seen from his expression that… the old man was in a very good mood.

Yu Hanjiang asked bluntly, “Li Zhemin stole your manager’s position and his son damaged your son’s eyes. Do you particularly hate him? Did you want him to die?”

Niu Dapeng was surprised that the train attendants knew so much but the old man soon calmed down and spoke viciously, “Yes, I cursed him every day, cursed his son and grandchild to die. Why did that animal have a better life than me? He is dead now. Hahaha, he deserves it!”

He was emotional and made no secret of his hatred of Li. Zhemin.

Yu Hanjiang interrupted him and whispered, “Did you know that Li Zhemin was part of this tour group before setting off?”

Niu Dapeng’s face was calm. “I didn’t know. I feel sick every time I see his face. I didn’t want to see him in this group. If it wasn’t for the fact that I already signed up and booked the tickets, I wouldn’t have come. However, I couldn’t afford to waste it!”

Xiao Lou quickly took notes and Yu Hanjiang asked, “What were you doing last night after 2 o’clock. Did you ever leave Room 1?”

Niu Dapeng replied, “No but I woke up in the middle of the night. I heard someone go to the toilet next door and saw a light from the door, as if Liu Yuming had taken a light to go to the toilet. He is the only one among us with a charging lamp. Then there was a strange sound from the garbage can, like there was a mouse. I was dazed and didn’t pay attention.”

Liu Yuming had admitted to going to the toilet at 3 o’clock.

If Liu Yuming was the murderer, he could get up at 3 o’clock and confirm that Li Zhemin and his two other friends were asleep. Then he would give Li Zhemin the insulin injection, kill the other person and then go to the toilet, throwing away the crime tools in the trash bin.

In addition, his relationship with Li Zhemin was very good and they often played cards together. He could naturally confirm in advance that Li Zhemin was part of this tour group and prepare the tools. Then what was the motive? Why did Liu Yuming kill Li Zhemin?

Niu Dapeng seemed to follow their thoughts. “Yes, Liu Yuming was very fond of the boss’ daughter Ruirui. He had a relationship with her and chased her for three years, sending flowers to her every day. He was very infatuated. Originally, the young lady was moved and promised to be his girlfriend. As a result, Li Zhemin came to our company and something happened. The young lady suddenly became pregnant and engaged to Li Zhemin.”

Yu Hanjiang wondered, “Thanks to this, the boss promoted his future son-in-law to become manager? He took your place?”

Niu Dapeng sneered disdainfully. “He won it using a woman, not his ability. The young lady was really cornered by a pig.”

In this way, Liu Yuming also had a motive to kill. He killed his rival for the woman he loved and it was a crime of passion.

Yu Hanjiang wondered, “Since they are enemies in love, how did they become friends?”

Niu Dapeng replied coldly, “Who knows? At the young lady’s wedding, Liu Yuming raised a wine glass to toast Li Zhemin and said that it was fine long as the other person was happy and Li Zhemin was truly good to her. His heart was really f*king big! After less than a year, a beautiful woman in the company chased Liu Yuming and he agreed to get married. He looked very happy but it might be acting.”

Xiao Lou had a headache as he listened. This group’s love history was really colourful. As a single dog, he couldn’t understand the idea of ‘turning a rival into a friend’ to the extent of playing cards together. Was he really big-hearted or just pretending?

Yu Hanjiang followed up by interrogating Liu Yuming.

Liu Yuming explained, “That was a long time in my past. Ruirui and I were university classmates and she was my first love. My feelings for her were deep but since she liked Li Zhemin and decided to get married, I can only respect her views. Do you want me to stop her engagement?”

The old man sighed as he was immersed in his memories. “After the loss of my first love, I was depressed fora while. Then I happened to meet my wife. She was beautiful, gentle and showed special care towards me, bringing me soup every day. I found it was better to be chased by someone than to chase after someone. I married my wife. We were happy and had a son.”

Yu Hanjiang asked, “Last night, you went to the toilet at 3 o’clock. Did you touch the trash can?”

Liu Yuming waved his hand. “No!”

“Someone heard you go to the toilet and then there was a strange sound from the garbage can.”

Liu Yuming’s expression slightly changed. A moment later, he lied weakly with a red face. “I-I ate yesterday and put my watch on the table. I accidentally rolled it up with my napkin and threw it into the garbage. I secretly searched through the garbage can in the middle of the night. This thing is quite disgraceful. Going through the bin in the middle of the night, others will think I’m a pervert.”

Yu Hanjiang asked, “You lost your watch. How could you be sure it was 3 o’clock?”

“I looked a the LCD screen at the top of the carriage and it showed 3:00.”

Yu Hanjiang stared sharpy and Liu Yuming was visibly uncomfortable. Then his eyes suddenly lit up. “Right! If you are suspecting murder then I think Old Zheng is most likely!”

Yu Hanjiang raised his eyebrows. “Oh? Why do you say that?”

Liu Yuming approached mysteriously. “Zheng Weiguo is fond of gambling. He sold his house, his wife divorced him and his son doesn’t acknowledge him. I accidentally saw an IOU note in Old Li’s pocket. In order to pay off his gambling debt, Zheng Weiguo borrowed 8 million gold coins from Old Li! Very few people knew about it. Maybe Zheng Weiguo couldn’t afford to pay Old Li back and killed him.”

A gambling debt? This was another key clue.

Zheng Weiguo might say other things. Yu Hanjiang immediately had him go back to call Zheng Weiguo over.

The bald old man looked somewhat dispirited. His eyes were listless as he asked doubtfully, “Why are you looking for me? I have no enmity or resentment with Old Li. Surely you aren’t doubting me?”

Yu Hanjiang spoke lightly. “Didn’t you borrow 8 million from Li Zhemin and couldn’t pay it back?”

Zheng Weiguo, “…!!”

Once again, Yu Hanjiang’s direct question caused fright. Zheng Weiguo was stunned. He obviously couldn’t believe that the other side knew about this matter.

Yu Hanjiang followed up with the question, “There was a note stating you borrowed 8 million in Li Zhemin’s pocket. However, we just searched and it was gone. You took it?”

Zheng Weiguo was so appalled his eyes were going to fall out. “W-What debt? I don’t know about this!”

“Someone saw it. You can’t deny it.”

Zheng Weiguo, “…”

He thought this matter was a secret. As a result, he was directly punctured by Yu Hanjiang and the old man’s face couldn’t be described.

Yu Hanjiang spoke lightly, “You are addicted to gambling and lost your family property. Your wife and son don’t want you. In order to pay off the gambling debt, you found your good friend Li Zhemin and borrowed a large sum of money from him. You definitely can’t pay back such a large sum of money, right? Then as long as Li Zhemin is dead and the loan slip torn off, you won’t have to pay back the money.”

Zheng Weiguo, “……”

The old man was apparently scared out of his wits by Yu Hanjiang.

Yu Hanjiang stared at him. “Tell me, was Li Zhemin killed by you? You have diabetes yourself and know that an insulin overdose is life-threatening. You bought the syringe and insulin in advance. Last night when Liu Yuming went to the toilet, you took advantage of the others sleeping to quietly give Li Zhemin 300U of insulin. Then you climbed into bed and pretending to be asleep, right?”

Zheng Weiguo finally reacted and shook his head like a rattle, hurriedly denying it. “No, no, I didn’t kill him! I stole Li Zhemin’s loan slip but that was this morning. I woke up at 6:30 while the others were still asleep. I got out of bed to go to the toilet and accidentally encountered his body, finding it like ice.”

He took a deep breath and spoke with horror. “I checked for breathing and found him dead. I was frightened and wanted to call people over. Then I thought that since Old Li was dead and the other two were sleeping quietly, I could steal the loan and no one would know I borrowed money from him.”

Zheng Weiguo spoke up to here and suddenly sobbed. Tears and snot dripped down and his voice was choked up. “I didn’t want to but this gambling thing is really addictive. At first, I only lost a hundred thousand and then it became more and more. I lied to sell my house and then gambled the money… the debt increased and I couldn’t pay it back. They were going to cut off my fingers…”

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “You looked for Old Li to borrow eight million. What reason did you give?”

Zheng Weiguo bowed his head and said, “I told him that my son was getting married and I had to prepare a marriage house for him. Old Li is particularly generous with money and we have known each other for many years. He had no doubts and directly lent it to me…”

Yu Hanjiang asked, “When did you borrow it?”

The old man reached out and wiped his tears. “I borrowed it five years old when Old Li didn’t know that I gambled or divorced…” At Yu Hanjiang’s sharp eyes, he bowed his head and repented. “I was wrong, I know I was wrong. I shouldn’t go to gamble and shouldn’t have deceived Old Li to borrow money. However… I didn’t kill him. I swear! I just secretly tore up the note and didn’t kill him!”

He paused before continuing, “It must be Niu Dapeng. He had a feud with Old Li. Old Li stole his position and his son wounded Niu Dapeng’s eyes. The one who hated Old Li the most was Niu Dapeng!”

Yu Hanjiang glanced at Xiao Lou. Xiao Lou, who was carefully taking notes, also raised his head.

The two pairs of eyes met and showed a trace of surprise.

The suspects turned on each other and revealed many clues about Li Zhemin.

Shu Ping introduced her daughter to Li Zhemin and was rejected by the other side. She was told that her daughter wasn’t educated and she hated him in her heart. She stole Li Zhemin’s insulin to teach him a lesson.

Niu Dapeng could’ve been a manager with his abilities but he was robbed of his position due to Li Zhemin marrying the boss’ daughter. Li Zhemin’s son also injured Niu Dapeng’s son and Niu Dapeng’s hatred wasn’t a secret.

Liu Yuming had his first love stolen by Li Zhemin.

Zheng Weiguo gambled and owed Li Zhemin eight million gold. He couldn’t afford to pay it back.

Shu Ping identified Niu Dapeng, Niu Dapeng identified Liu Yuming, Liu Yuming identified Zheng Weiguo and Zheng Weiguo identified Niu Dapeng.

At present, Shu Ping’s motive for killing wasn’t sufficient. If she did kill, there was no need to steal insulin. The other three had sufficient motives. Niu Dapeng’s suspicion was reduced because he didn’t know Li Zhemin was joining the tour group. On the surface, Liu Yuming was good friends with Li Zhemin and it was easy to know that Old Li was participating in this trip in advance.

Who was the killer?

Were there any loopholes in the words?

Yu Hanjiang read Xiao Lou’s neat handwriting and frowned as he fell into thought.

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