CR: Chapter 62

The effect of the zombie virus card eventually turned all the thugs into zombies.

The skin on the surface of their bodies became green and the flesh of their hands quickly rotted, revealing white bones.

The bodies in the pit made a creaking sound as they slowly climbed up.

Scarface’s body also changed and his attack power soared. His gun had no bullets and he threw the gun aside. He roared and used a pair of claws to directly tear up the trap holding him!

The partners around him also tore up their traps at his call and acted together with the boss.

The man who set up the trap was frightened. “The traps were made of pure metal and they can actually tear it up… the attack power of these zombies have increased. What do we do?”

Next to him, the man hiding behind a tree with a hairdryer was nervous but forced himself to activate the skill.

A gust of wind blew back the zombies climbing out of the pit. They stepped on each other and screamed. However, other zombies followed Scarface out of the range of the blowdryer’s attack and the blowdryer no longer affected them.

The hound was chasing the escaped zombies. Scarface grabbed a hand and bit the hound’s neck with sharp teeth.

The bearded uncle saw the dog was caught and immediately shouted, “Recall!”

Fortunately, the hound was summoned by the card and could be recovered at any time. He called back the hound in a thrilling manner.

Scarface saw that the dog in his hand was gone and roared in anger. He turned his head towards the bearded uncle and pounced on him!

The bearded uncle was too late to avoid it and he would be torn in half by the claws. At this critical juncture, the bearded uncle felt a breeze blowing by his side and the scene suddenly changed. He hadn’t reacted yet when he found himself teleported to a safe place within the construction site.

Yu Hanjiang had taken him away with the teleportation card.

The bearded uncle trembled while sweating. “Thank you, thank you.”

Yu Hanjiang spoke lightly. “No need.”

Xiao Lou was operating the rings at the site and hindering the zombie group from getting closer. Yu Hanjiang walked up to him and said, “This group of thugs have thoroughly become zombies. After becoming zombies, their attack power is improved and they aren’t afraid of knives and guns. Even if we cut off their hands and feet, they will quickly grow new ones. They won’t die unless we directly cut off their heads.”

Anyone who had experienced the 2 of Spades secret room knew they had to decapitate the zombie to fully kill it.

However, there were more than 50 zombies at the scene and decapitating them wouldn’t be easy.

In particular, close combat would be a risk since the attack power of the zombies had increased.

In addition, the zombies just needed to scratch other people’s skin to infect them with the virus. The challengers might be injected with the zombie vaccine and couldn’t be affected but what about the rest of the city? The zombie virus spread quickly and the entire city might become like 2 of Spades!

They had to completely take care of these zombies.

Xiao Lou decisively ordered, “Everyone, immediately withdraw to the construction site!”

The bearded uncle with the hounds and the two young men who set up the traps and blowdryer all withdrew when they heard the order. Yu Hanjiang told him, “I’ll stay to help you. If there is danger, I can take you away with the teleportation card.”

Xiao Lou wanted Group Leader Yu to go back but Group Leader Yu was more agile than him. He nodded after hearing this.

The others returned to the third floor, nervously standing in front of the surveillance screen to watch the fight downstairs.

A large number of mutilated thugs crawled out of the pit. They were drooling and stretched out white, bony claws, moving slowly forward step by step. The hearts of the challengers were all in their throats because they feared Brother Xiao and Old Han would be torn to shreds by the zombie group.

The sister monitoring with the telescope couldn’t help quivering. “There are so many zombies, will they both be okay?”

Shao Qingge laughed. “Rest assured, they must have a way.”

The ‘Mirror’ placed at the door automatically disappeared after some time and the dense group of zombies was about to pour into the construction site.

Xiao Lou glanced at Yu Hanjiang. “Then I’ll trouble Group Leader Yu to look around me.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded, opened the teleportation card and gently hugged Xiao Lou’s waist before moving.

Xiao Lou only felt a breeze and in a moment, he appeared in front of the zombie group.

The challengers on the third floor stared intently at the surveillance screen.

Just then, they suddenly heard a whistling.

Xiao Lou had summoned Liu Xiaoyuan.

The little boy only reached up to Xiao Lou’s waist and his face was as white as paper, like he climbed out of the morgue. His eyes were as dark as ink and were deep. Ignoring the strange skin colour and eye colour, his baby fat face looked quite cute and he wore the clothes very neatly. It was just that his hands didn’t have flesh, leaving only bones.

The whistling sound was created by him.

The shrill cry made the third floor challengers cover their ears.

The girl in charge of the monitoring was filled with horror. “What is this little friend?!”

Someone exclaimed, “Isn’t this Liu Xiaoyuan?”

The girl wondered, “Who is Liu Xiaoyuan?”

Some people hadn’t perfectly cleared 2 of Spades and didn’t know the identity of Liu Xiaoyuan. Shao Qingge gave a short explanation, “He is the final boss of 2 of Spades. The first person infected with the zombie virus was the little boy called Liu Xiaoyuan.”

A man was shocked. “Then Brother actually summoned a boss?”

Everyone, “……………”

Their brother was omnipotent.


Downstairs, Xiao Lou looked calm as he summoned the zombie boss.

He smiled and patted the child on the shoulder before saying, “Go Xiaoyuan, kill these disobedient corpses.”

Liu Xiaoyuan obeyed his order. He issued a whistling call to summon his younger brothers and the zombies at the construction site started a fierce struggle!

This A-grade summoning card was something Xiao Lou had drawn after perfectly clearing 2 of Spades. It had two skills. The first skill was Liu Xiaoyuan using his claws to attack close targets. The targets would be infected with the zombie virus and become his puppet.

At this point, the thugs were already zombies.

Wouldn’t it be better to let the zombie leader deal with these zombies?

Xiao Lou’s approach stunned the challengers.

Yu Hanjiang was originally going to kill the zombies personally and he couldn’t help being won over by the sight.

It seemed his worries were redundant again. Xiao Lou had long thought of a comprehensive strategy.

First, release the zombie virus and let the thugs slow down after they became infected. The challengers would use various skills to control them and make sure the thugs couldn’t run away.

Once they were completely changed, send out the zombie boss Liu Xiaoyuan to collect the heads.

Scarface’s attack force was strong after his body changed but how could he compare to Liu Xiaoyuan? This kid was the boss of 2 of Spades!

Moreover, Liu Xiaoyuan had six younger brothers with him. The six summoned beginner zombies didn’t have bad attack power.

Let zombies fight zombies while the challengers watched safely.

The challengers on the third floor, “…”

One man couldn’t help spitting out, “Using the zombie boss to clean up this group of zombies, it is really awesome!”

Next to him, a girl said, “He can actually summon Liu Xiaoyuan… God, I was looking for serum samples in 2 of Spades and almost scared to death by Liu Xiaoyuan!”

The bearded uncle couldn’t help feeling emotional. “Little Xiao is the boss and the thugs in front of him are being played with. It is terrible.”

Everyone agreed that the prisoners were wretched.

However, there was no need for any sympathy.

They burned and looted the city, doing bad things. It was said that they killed a few elderly people and bullied several young girls. Now they were turned into zombies and letting the zombie boss Liu Xiaoyuan punish them was their retribution!

Scarface’s height was almost double that of Liu Xiaoyuan but he couldn’t even touch Liu Xiaoyuan’s clothes with his claws.

This child was the most agile and flexible boss.

Liu Xiaoyuan’s actions weren’t affected by the virus at all. As Scarface’s arm shot past him, he stepped on the other side’s knee and jumped up, his claws accurately grasping the other side’s neck and directly twisting off Scarface’s head!

Scarface’s head fell to the ground, a disbelieving expression on it.

A cry came from the third floor. “My god, Liu Xiaoyuan is too strong!”

Xiao Lou had given Liu Xiaoyuan the order to ‘kill them’ so Liu Xiaoyuan dealt with this group of zombies without mercy.

The boss appeared and the other zombies had no strength to fight back.

Liu Xiaoyuan with his six younger brothers cut through all the zombies like they were vegetables. In the blink of an eye, most of the zombie groups were beaten and the wreckage of the zombies were everywhere.

Five minutes later, the world was completely quiet.

Liu Xiaoyuan found there were no targets to attack and stood in place, looking back at Xiao Lou.

Xiao Lou smiled and waved to him. “Xiaoyuan, come back.”

Liu Xiaoyuan obediently ran over and stood by Xiao Lou’s side.

Xiao Lou gently touched his head. “Well done. Go back and rest.”

Liu Xiaoyuan and the six summoned zombies in disappeared in front of everyone.

The challengers on the third floor saw a wonderful play.

The girls were frightened. “Brother Xiao, he… actually dared to touch the head of the zombie leader. I wasn’t seeing things, right?”

“Didn’t you notice? Liu Xiaoyuan listened to him very well!”

“This Liu Xiaoyuan should be a summoning card, right? Brother Xiao is his master and he is naturally obedient. This isn’t the same Liu Xiaoyuan as the one in 2 of Spades. It is probably… a replica?”

“It makes sense! The summoning card drawn by Brother Xiao is really awesome!”

The group sighed.

Ye Qi thought about Professor Xiao and the S-grade summoning card Tao Yuanming, who could take teammates into the Peach Blossom Spring. There were even more awesome cards and he had to hold fast to Professor Xiao’s thighs.

He just thought this when Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang returned

The challengers immediately stepped forward and asked excitedly, “Are all the zombies settled?” “Brother Xiao is awesome!” “It was a great idea to beat the zombies with zombies!”

Xiao Lou smiled at them. “This is everyone’s credit. Without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to destroy these thugs.”

Someone exclaimed excitedly, “Great, we finally don’t have to worry!”

“Someone else suggested, “What about the zombie bodies that still have the virus? What if a resident passes by and is infected by coming into contact with the body We should do a good job and burn all the bodies!”

The sister holding the Shot Put card immediately said, “My shot put’s cooldown is over and I can make another pit!”

Xiao Lou looked at her and gently spoke, “Then I’ll trouble you to aim it right next to the pit.”

The sister nodded with a red face. “Okay, just watch me!”

She picked up the shot put in her right hand and threw it, the lead ball making a long parabolic movement in the air. There was a boom as it landed on the ground a few hundred metres away.

A large pit formed next to the first pit, linking them together. It was enough to bury all the bodies.

Next to her, someone clapped. “Your ball throwing distance can break the world record.”

The girl laughed. “I often failed at throwing the shot put in PE class. However, the card in this world has a target and I can throw it anywhere within 500 metres. Hahaha, if I had this strength in the real world, I could become an athlete.”

The thugs were destroyed and everyone’s mood was relaxed as they joked around.

Xiao Lou looked at everyone and smiled. “Go downstairs to burn the dead bodies and clean up the traps at the construction site. Then we can rest.”

The people naturally didn’t object. They rolled up their sleeves and started to work.

The two thieves tied up downstairs were stunned and seemed to have become statues.

They witnessed the gently smiling man summon the boss of 2 of Spades and then used the zombie leader boss to call more than 50 zombies. It was just like watching a doomsday blockbuster!

Ye Qi headed downstairs and saw them. He ran over to remove the cloth stuffed into their mouths and asked, “Do you remember the mobile phone password of the 2 of Hearts secret room?”

One of them answered, “I didn’t unlock it. It wasn’t the woman’s birthday or her husband’s birthday. I tried a few times before the phone was locked.”

The other replied, “I tried to unlock with the fingerprint but it didn’t unlock!”

Ye Qi had learned and didn’t forget how Professor Xiao tested the identity of the challengers. He found the two people answered correctly and smiled at them. “You stole the LCD TV because you wanted to be taken away to the prison to clear the instance. Your way of thinking is really strange!”

The two men were red-faced and looked up awkwardly.

Ye Qi patted the two people on the shoulder. “You have good luck. My brother took you through the instance and you could just lie down. Come on, get up and work!”

He untied the rings around the two men and took them to help carry the corpses.

The mood of the two men who cleared the instance by lying down was rather complicated.

Yu Hanjiang took the lead and everyone quickly moved the remains of the bodies. They were thrown into the large pit and burned to ashes. Then they found some shovels at the construction site and dug at the earth to bury these ashes.

Everyone was busy and by the time they finished, the sky was almost bright.

A trace of white appeared in the east of the sky, followed by the sun slowly rising, the surrounding clouds dyed with a layer of gold.

Ye Qi saw this image and couldn’t help his nose becoming a bit sour.

Last time, their challengers were killed by the thugs on the fifth night. He remembered the frightened eyes of the innocent humans who were shot or hacked to death… at that time, why didn’t anyone think to use the zombie virus?

The group had no leader and Lawyer Qi was the biggest traitor.

Their first reaction when meeting the thugs was to run away. The challengers fled, knocked each other down and were shot at by the thugs.

This time, they were organized, disciplined and had Xiao Lou’s calm commands.

Ye Qi personally cooked the instant noodles so that the thugs thought a traitor had mixed in among them. Group Leader Yu instantly teleported to release the virus zombie, a sister monitored from the third floor, there was the shot put, mirror, hairdryer, umbrella, hound… all types of strange cards were assigned their roles by Xiao Lou in advance. Everyone had a tacit understanding and in the end, Xiao Lou summoned the zombie leader to take care of the zombies!

The entire process was thrilling and none of the challengers were injured.

Everyone survived!

The grave where the ashes were buried was gradually filled and the traps around the site removed. Everyone’s faces were covered with dust and the girls’ hair were messy. Everyone glanced at each other and some people couldn’t help laughing while others wept.

This was a victory for the challengers.

The fifth day of the 3 of Spades secret room, the night they spent fighting the thugs was something they would never forget.

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