CR: Wine and Sugar – Extra Six

Even in his dreams, Tang Ci had never dreamed of Lu Jiuchuan confessing to him.

Tang Ci heard Lu Jiuchuan’s deep voice ringing in his ears and thought he was hallucinating. He couldn’t believe what was happening at all. His body was so stiff that he couldn’t even move his fingers. It was as if the brain center that controlled his body had suddenly shut down.

Lu Jiuchuan saw that Tang Ci didn’t respond and reached out to touch the other person’s forehead doubtfully. “Has your CPU crashed and it hasn’t restarted yet? Xiao Tang, wake up?”

Tang Ci, “……”

At this moment, Tang Ci completely woke up and finally understood that everything just now wasn’t an illusion. The man he secretly liked for a long time was now holding him and confessing. Lu Jiuchuan even kissed him deeply a few seconds ago!

The taste of Lu Jiuchuan still seemed to remain on his lips.

Tang Ci’s body became even stiffer and he was even a bit confused.

Lu Jiuchuan noticed his stiffness and couldn’t help wondering if he had been too direct. Did his forceful kiss frighten Tang Ci? Xiao Tang’s personality was really serious. If someone else joked with him like this, Tang Ci might become angry and break off their friendship…

The more Lu Jiuchuan thought about it, the more he felt it was too much to kiss Tang Ci without his consent. Therefore, Lu Jiuchuan confessed his mistake in a low voice, “I’m sorry, Xiao Tang. I just kissed you directly because I really couldn’t help it. I like you so much that I couldn’t control it for a while. If you really find it difficult to accept, why don’t you hit me first?”

He paused before continuing to say cheekily, “But after the fight, you must allow me to pursue you.”

Tang Ci, “……”

How can there be such a confession? Why would I want to beat you up?

Lu Jiuchuan closed his eyes and looked resigned. He was prepared to accept Tang Ci’s fist.

It was just that Lu Jiuchuan didn’t have the ‘pain of being hit’ in the face. Instead, there was a slight warmth on his lips. This soft touch was like…

It was like being kissed?

Lu Jiuchuan opened his eyes in shock and found that Tang Ci had actually taken the initiative to kiss him!

It was a kiss so soft that it was like a dragonfly skimming water.

Lu Jiuchuan’s heart fluttered. His body was numb from Tang Ci’s kiss and he almost lost control on the spot. He hurriedly resisted the urge to rectify Tang Ci on the spot and looked carefully at Tang Ci’s face.

The two of them were so close that Tang Ci’s long and thick eyelashes almost swept across Lu Jiuchuan’s skin.

This usually serious man currently had his eyes closed gently. His cheeks were flushed and his ears were even redder.

After just three seconds of kissing, Tang Ci retreated and whispered, “You just said you like me. Is it true?”

“How can I joke about such a thing? I like you so much that I can’t help kissing you!” Lu Jiuchuan saw Tang Ci’s red cheeks and asked in disbelief, “Xiao Tang, you also like me, right? You just responded, right?”

Even the exposed skin of Tang Ci’s neck was red. He looked away in embarrassment but he nodded slightly under Lu Jiuchuan’s burning gaze. “Brother Jiu, I also like you.”

Lu Jiuchuan immediately used both hands to hold Tang Ci tightly. He hugged this person in his arms, as excited as winning the grand prize of the lottery. He blindly kissed Tang Ci. Tang Ci’s entire body was trembling due to this ‘pig eating cabbage’ approach. He was reluctant to push away Brother Jiu, who showed his true feelings, so he had to hug Lu Jiuchuan’s waist tightly and closed his eyes to let the other person kiss him.

Lu Jiuchuan kissed Tang Ci’s eyes, cheeks and lips several times before going all the way down his neck.

The skin of the neck was extremely sensitive. Tang Ci’s entire body softened from the kisses and Lu Jiuchuan unceremoniously printed several distinct hickeys on Tang Ci’s fair neck.

Tang Ci was almost unable to bear it and gently pushed Lu Jiuchuan away.

Lu Jiuchuan accept it. He smiled and rolled over to lay back in his position with Tang Ci in his arms.

The vast starry sky appeared again in Tang Ci’s vision. It was just that his eyes were wet from the kiss and he couldn’t see the stars in the sky clearly. He took several deep breaths before clarity returned to his vision and his mind calmed down from its state of chaos.

Tang Ci was embarrassed when he realized that he was held by Lu Jiuchuan and he struggled a bit, but Lu Jiuchuan’s arm around his waist tightened and a low voice entered his ear, “Since when did you like me?”

Tang Ci didn’t answer the question.

However, Lu Jiuchuan kept stubbornly asking. “Tell me quickly. How come I couldn’t see that you like me?”

Tang Ci thought to himself, ‘I couldn’t see that you like me either. We are both too good at hiding.’

Lu Jiuchuan waited a long time without hearing the other person’s answer so he simply turned around to face Tang Ci with a smile. “I actually liked you a long time ago. In the J of Clubs secret room, I saw you piercing your chest with the knife in my hand. I watched the blood splashing from your chest and it was more painful than being stabbed myself. I realized that my feelings for you were different from other people. Then later…”

As for later, Lu Jiuchuan wasn’t willing to mention it again.

Tang Ci took the initiative to continue. “Later, I lost my legs and you did your best to take care of me. Was it because you liked me?”

Lu Jiuchuan whispered, “Of course, I really wanted to take on your suffering for you. I wanted to stab myself to make you feel better. Xiao Tang, I’m sorry. I didn’t protect you. Let’s forget the past. In the future, I will take good care of you for a lifetime.”

Tang Ci’s eyes suddenly became sore.

During that time, he might’ve been in physical pain but his heart was very warm because Lu Jiuchuan had always been by his side and took good care of him. It was also the longest period of time that he had spent alone with Lu Jiuchuan.

Every morning when he woke up, Lu Jiuchuan would make breakfast for him and bring it to his bed. When sleeping at night, Lu Jiuchuan would take the initiative to cover him with the quilt. If he wanted to go outside, Lu Jiuchuan would take him to bask in the sunlight…

At that time, Tang Ci didn’t dare to wonder at all if Brother Jiu liked him. He thought that Lu Jiuchuan took care of him due to being teammates and a sense of brotherhood… maybe there was also more sympathy and compassion.

Tang Ci hadn’t said anything on the surface but he had always been conflicted in his heart. He was greedy for this type of warmth but he felt he wasn’t worthy of Lu Jiuchuan’s friendship and it was impossible to get Brother Jiu’s true love. Brother Jiu just took care of him out of sympathy for a disabled person. Brother Jiu would’ve done the same if any other teammate was in his situation.

Unexpectedly, Lu Jiuchuan liked him so early.

Tang Ci heard Lu Jiuchuan’s words and it felt like warmth had been injected into his heart.

It turned out that for all the days and nights in the Card World when he was thinking about Brother Jiu, Brother Jiu was also thinking about him. He wasn’t alone and hopelessly and secretly in love with Brother Jiu. In fact, Brother Jiu was also secretly in love with him!

Tang Ci involuntarily showed a small smile on his face and he reached out to gently hug Lu Jiuchuan’s waist.

Lu Jiuchuan held his hand and interlocked their fingers. “I have confessed honestly. What about you? When did you like me?”

Tang Ci refused to say it.

Lu Jiuchuan pointed to the sky. “Look, isn’t this environment and atmosphere most suitable for being honest? Xiao Tang, why are you so shy? When did you start liking me?”

Tang Ci softly told him, “This is a secret.”

Lu Jiuchuan was even more curious. He touched his face and said solemnly, “Don’t tell me that you were conquered by my handsome appearance the first time you saw me, right?”

Tang Ci coughed softly, “Your face has the thickness of a city wall, righ?”

Lu Jiuchuan smiled. “How can I catch you if I don’t have a thick skin? You are serious all day long. If I am also serious, the two of us wouldn’t be kissing and confessing in this tent but discussing the core values of socialism.”

Tang Ci couldn’t say anything to this person so he had to close his eyes and pretend to sleep in Lu Jiuchuan’s arms.

Lu Jiuchuan also didn’t want to continue asking questions so he hugged Tang Ci and watched the starry sky happily.

Perhaps he could make another wish to a meteor. For example, he could wish that Tang Ci didn’t wear pants and a shirt when going to bed next time. It would be more comfortable to hold Tang Ci naked. He had just confessed so it wasn’t good to take people’s clothes off directly, right?

Just as he was thinking this, dark clouds appeared and covered the brilliant stars. It didn’t take long for thunder to rumble outside and heavy rain to pour down, instantly smashing the top of the tent.

Forget a meteor, even the sky was no longer visible.

There was lightning and thunder outside the window and Lu Jiuchuan couldn’t help cursing, “F*k.”

I just want to make a wish. What do you mean by giving me rain?

Tang Ci softly said, “You are too shameless. God can’t watch it any longer.”

Lu Jiuchuan smiled and slipped under the quilt. “If you dare to scold me as being shameless then I will do something even more shameless. In any case, the wish didn’t work so I’ll just do it myself.”

Tang Ci realized what this person was going to do and hurriedly backed away. However, the tent space was limited and there was no way to retreat at all…

Soon, a sound that made people blush filled the narrow tent.

“Ah… Brother Jiu… don’t… don’t be like this… Brother Jiu…”

The thunder outside masked Tang Ci’s voice.

Lu Jiuchuan still had a bit of conscience and didn’t go all the way to the end.

He hadn’t expected a successful confession on this trip and hadn’t prepared anything. He was afraid that he would hurt Tang Ci if he was too reckless so he just kissed Tang Ci.

Of course, it was ‘kiss all over the body after stripping him naked’.

Tang Ci was too embarrassed to talk about this type of shameless and impatient thing.

Lu Jiuchuan took advantage of Tang Ci’s inability to escape. It wasn’t until the rain outside stopped that he kissed Tang Ci’s lips contentedly and lay back down beside Tang Ci.

There were no lights on in the tent but Lu Jiuchuan could imagine that Tang Ci must be as red as boiled shrimp.

The shy Tang Ci was so different from the usual serious Mr Tang. It was very cute and Lu Jiuchuan almost couldn’t hold it. He took a deep breath, pulled his beloved into his arms and said with a smile, “Xiao Tang, I was too enthusiastic just now. Did I scare you? Cough, it is the first time I have confessed to someone and I am too inexperienced. Please don’t be angry if I’m a bit more aggressive.”

Tang Ci, “……”

What did he mean by more aggressive? He almost shot his gun, okay!

Kiss deeply before confessing and kiss all over the body after confessing. Lu Jiuchuan was too much of a rascal!

However, from the kiss, Tang Ci could feel that he was cherished and pampered by Brother Jiu…

This kiss was really gentle.

Tang Ci’s face turned red again and he groped around under the quilt to hold Lu Jiuchuan’s hand. “I’m not angry.”

“That’s great!”

Next time, he could go further…

Tang Ci told him, “Sleep.”

Lu Jiuchuan smiled and held Tang Ci’s hand back. “Okay, good night.”

Some time later, Lu Jiuchuan was breathing evenly and had fallen into a deep sleep. However, Tang Ci suddenly opened his eyes beside Lu Jiuchuan.

In a voice so low that only he could hear, he said softly, “Brother Jiu, I liked you very early on. You are right… it was love at first sight.”

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1 year ago

Awwwwwwwwwww, love at first sight sniffles, they’re so cute……. Thanks for the translation!

1 year ago

Tang Ci i swear you are so cuteeee

reading > midterms
reading > midterms
1 year ago

Honestly my favorite CP after seeing their POVs… I feel like I’m being non-stop splashed in dog food but I’m here for it

Black cat
Black cat
6 months ago

So beautiful.. ❤