CR: Shao Qingge Ye Qi – Extra Six

Ye Qi’s heart was flustered and confused while his body was stiff like a statue.

Perhaps it was because Shao Qingge’s kiss was too gentle but he actually didn’t want to push this person away. Instead, he nervously closed his eyes and passively endured the man’s kiss and plunder.

Shao Qingge had endured for too long so this kiss definitely wouldn’t end in a hurry.

He took care of Ye Qi’s feelings while giving full play to the various kissing techniques he had learned. Soon, Ye Qi was kissed until his entire body became weak. His head was dizzy and his hands instinctively grabbed Shao Qingge’s arm.

Shao Qingge hugged the young man tighter.

The gentle kiss lasted for a long time. Just as Ye Qi was about to suffocate, Shao Qingge let go of him. He smiled and rubbed Ye Qi’s head before whispering in his ear, “Shouldn’t you dislike being kissed by me? Why didn’t you push me away?”

Ye Qi, “……”

He just didn’t respond, okay!

Shao Qingge’s words were like thunder that caused Ye Qi’s entire body to burn up. His face was red to the point of almost dripping blood.

Shao Qingge gently hugged him and asked softly, “Ye Qi, in fact, you like me as well, right?”

Ye Qi, “………”

He didn’t know. He only knew that he was happy no matter what they did when he was with Chief Shao.

He wasn’t used to being kissed just now but he wasn’t disgusted at all about being kissed by a man…

Shao Qingge’s voice seemed to have some type of demagogic power as it slowly entered his ears. “Every time when I go to pick you up on the weekend, I can see that you are looking forward to my appearance. If you have something on your mind, your first thought is to tell me. You always relax when you are in front of me. In fact, you are unknowingly relying on me, right?”

Ye Qi’s heartbeat was even more uncontrollable because he found that everything Chief Shao said was true.

He really looked forward to Chief Shao’s car appearing near his house. Every time he saw that the person who rolled down the car window was Shao Qingge, he was particularly happy. If Chief Shao was busy and he sent the driver, Ye Qi was very understanding but there would still be a sense of loss in his heart.

He relied on and trusted Shao Qingge. He didn’t tell anyone about many interesting things in class, he only told Shao Qingge. He only consulted with Shao Qingge about his plans for the future.

Every time he encountered any trouble, the first ones to come to his mind weren’t his parents, teachers and classmates or even his most admired Professor Xiao…

It was Shao Qingge.

Did he unknowingly put Shao Qingge in the most important position in his heart?

Ye Qi noticed this and immediately pushed Shao Qingge away in a panic. “L-Let me think about it!”

Shao Qingge saw the young man fleeing with a red face and smiled slightly.

It was most likely a done deal.

Ye Qi wasn’t stupid. He just hadn’t thought about it. He simply thought that Shao Qingge was so good to him because they had gone through so many things in the Card World. Why didn’t he think about how Shao Qingge didn’t pick up Xiao Lou, Liu Qiao or the others every day and only treated him specially?

Now that Shao Qingge had woken him up, Ye Qi would naturally understand everything.

After so many years of protection, it was time to harvest the fruit. Ye Qi was 18 years old and Shao Qingge didn’t want to wait any longer. Therefore, he chose to reveal his feelings for Ye Qi on Ye Qi’s 18th birthday.


In the next room, Ye Qi stuffed himself into the quilt and his mind was a mess.

There was still the heat from being kissed by Shao Qingge on his lips. Shao Qingge’s deep kiss just now made him feel ashamed when thinking about it. He hadn’t pushed Shao Qingge away or said anything. He just stood there stupidly and let Shao Qingge kiss him.

The more Ye Qi thought about it, the more he blushed. His ears were so hot that they were about to burn.

He liked Shao Qingge?

He probably… liked that person, right?

Otherwise, how could he explain it? He looked forward to Shao Qingge’s appearance every weekend. Every time he saw Shao Qingge, he would be happy enough to fly. In addition, he didn’t feel disgusted when he was kissed just now. Instead, his heart beat faster and his body was hot?

In the end, he might really like Chief Shao!

Ye Qi rolled around under the covers, unable to believe he actually liked a man. However, he also felt that he and Shao Qingge had experienced so much and knew each other so deeply. It seemed logical to like Chief Shao? Apart from Chief Shao, he couldn’t imagine anyone else he could express his thoughts to without any scruples and let him put down all his defenses…

In the past few years, no matter how busy Shao Qingge was, he would take a day off on weekends and hurry to pick him up. Chief Shao’s gentle protection made Ye Qi feel particularly warm every time he thought of it.

How great would it be if Shao Qingge could guard him like this for the rest of his life?

The thought that suddenly appeared made Ye Qi completely stunned. He actually thought about a lifetime? Was he crazy?

Ye Qi tossed and turned on the bed and couldn’t sleep well. Once he finally fell asleep at three in the morning, he had some dreams that made him even more ashamed. In the dream, Shao Qingge not only kissed him but also…

Ye Qi woke up in the morning and ran to the bathroom in a panic.

For the three years of high school, he had devoted himself to studying music and hadn’t paid attention to the problem of physical development. During the time when the boys in the same class were reading various strange magazines, he was completely uninterested.

Yet today, he actually dreamed of Chief Shao.

Once an adolescent boy opened up, the reaction was indeed a bit fierce. It was so much so that Shao Qingge heard Ye Qi taking a shower next door for half an hour and it still wasn’t over. He was worried and couldn’t help knocking on the door. “Ye Qi, are you okay?”

Ye Qi’s entire body was red and his voice trembled. “No, I’m fine… I’m taking a shower.”

Shao Qingge thought to himself, ‘You have been washing for half an hour. Do you want to wash off a layer of skin? How long does it take for a man to take a shower?’

Suddenly, Shao Qingge realized what was going on and a slight smile appeared on his face. He didn’t urge Ye Qi any longer and just said, “Wash slowly. I’ll go downstairs and make some breakfast.”

Ye Qi’s shower lasted for 45 minutes and his entire body was red. It wasn’t known if it was due to his rubbing it or being shy. Shao Qingge didn’t say anything when he saw it and took the initiative to greet him for breakfast.

Breakfast consisted of milk, fried eggs and fruit. Ye Qi lowered his head and ate it silently, not daring to say a word.

After all, he had done many strange things with Chief Shao in his dreams last night. Then he got up in the morning and ran to take a cold shower because of Chief Shao. Therefore, he couldn’t look directly at Chief Shao right now.

Shao Qingge cleverly changed the subject. “By the way, the registration information for the singing competition has been announced on the official website. The official Weibo has also introduced it in detail. Are you still planning to participate in this singing competition?”

The awkwardness in Ye Qi’s heart was quickly swept away when this topic was mentioned. He answered seriously, “Of course. According to the schedule, the audition is in September and October to December is the regional competition. I will be able to participate in the finals during the winter break.”

Shao Qingge asked, “When was the date that you had the car accident? We need to prepare in advance.”

Ye Qi thought about it carefully. “It should be on the same day as Professor Xiao’s car accident. I remember that on the 7th day of the new year, I originally wanted to go to Jiangzhou ahead of time to see the finals. I didn’t expect to have a car accident and be pulled into the Card World.”

Shao Qingge said, “Mine was also on that day. We went back in time and changed many things but the time that we were actually in the car accident hasn’t arrived yet. We have to take precautions in advance. For this Spring Festival, stay at home obediently and don’t visit relatives and friends with your parents. On the 10th day of the first lunar month, I will come to pick you up in person. This time, we won’t drive and will fly directly to Jiangzhou.”

Ye Qi nodded. “Yes, I’ll listen to you.”

In the morning, Shao Qingge drove the low-key black car to send Ye Qi back to school. The two day period for new students to report in was almost over and the school gate was crowded. Ye Qi’s roommate happened to be passing by and saw Ye Qi getting out of the car. He also saw a handsome and extraordinary man sitting in the car and the roommate couldn’t help wondering, “Ye Qi, who is the person who sent you here?”

Chief Shao hadn’t left at this time and Ye Qi hurriedly explained, “M-My cousin.”

Shao Qingge chuckled and waved to Ye Qi. “Xiao Ye, Cousin is leaving first. Contact me on WeChat if you have something.”

Ye Qi awkwardly waved at him. “Okay… Brother… Shao, goodbye!”

After he returned to the dormitory, a WeChat message popped up: Cousin??

It was sent by Shao Qingge.

The two question marks were meaningful and there seemed to be a sense of questioning.

Ye Qi hurriedly replied: It is inconvenient to let my roommates know our relationship. They will talk nonsense. I can only explain it in this way so they don’t doubt it. Don’t be angry.

Shao Qingge definitely wasn’t angry. His eyes swept over the words ‘our relationship’. He gently slid his thumb over the phone screen and read the words repeatedly. Then he asked with a laugh: What is our relationship?

Ye Qi’s heart jumped. He remembered the deep kiss that lasted for several minutes last night and couldn’t help his cheeks becoming hot. His fingers quickly typed: You have kissed me. What do you think it should be…

Shao Qingge didn’t hesitate: Boyfriend?

Ye Qi blushed and replied with a shy emoji: Almost.

Shao Qingge was overjoyed. He wished he could crawl through the phone to hug the shy teenager fiercely and kiss him again.

The sapling he raised for a few years finally bore the sweetest fruit.

Shao Qingge was happy and sent Ye Qi several love and kiss emojis and memes in a row.

Ye Qi, “………”

Chief Shao had never been serious from the beginning. In the past, he liked to tease Ye Qi with a smile. Now seeing the screen full of emojis, Ye Qi couldn’t believe it. Was this what Chief Shao was like when he let himself go?

Immediately after that, Shao Qingge sent a link for an online registration. This time, his words were more serious: The registration form for the singing contest can be filled out today. Please look at it carefully and submit it. The audition will start next week. Jiayou.

Ye Qi’s heart warmed and he replied: Today is Monday. Aren’t you busy at work? Don’t always worry about me. I will pay attention to this matter and report to you if anything happens.

Shao Qingge saw the message that popped up on his phone and his lips curved up slightly.

Was this what it was like to be in love?

It seemed to count.

Ye Qi didn’t respond when he confessed last time but today, Ye Qi admitted that he was a boyfriend.

It was good to admit it.

It seemed that Ye Qi’s acceptance of last night’s sudden kiss was very high?

Early in the morning, Ye Qi ran to the bathroom to shower for so long. Could it be that he dreamed of himself last night? Did something indescribable happen in his dreams?

The more Shao Qingge thought about it, the happier he became. He played with his phone while thinking to himself, ‘Don’t worry, we can slowly practice the content of the dream. You used to call me ‘father’ in the interstellar secret room. Now you can change it to ‘husband’ once we are in bed.’

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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