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CR: Chapter 599

Shao Qingge Ye Qi - Extra Five

Chief Shao was so busy but he actually remembered Ye Qi’s birthday. He even made a cake and picked Ye Qi up to celebrate… how could there be such a good person? He was rich, handsome, didn’t put on airs and was kind and tolerant to Ye Qi. He helped find a teacher for Ye Qi and even picked him up and dropped him off every weekend for three years in high school…

Even if it was his brother, no one would do this!

Ye Qi’s heart was extremely moved. His eyes were hot and his nose was sore. He stared at the smiling man in front of him and couldn’t say a complete sentence for a while.

Shao Qingge withdrew his hand on the young man’s head and opened his mouth to break the silence. “You haven’t eaten dinner yet?”

Ye Qi’s mind returned and he nodded. “Yes, I moved into the dormitory and was busy unpacking…”

He didn’t bring any sheets, bedding or daily necessities from home and instead bought them from the school supermarket. He was so busy that forget to eat dinner. It felt like he hadn’t even eaten lunch. Ye Qi’s stomach was empty and he suddenly felt very hungry after being reminded by Shao Qingge.

It was already 6 o’clock in the evening. Shao Qingge said, “I have prepared some snacks for you. You should eat something to pad your stomach first. I’ll go to the kitchen later to cook and make you something to eat.”

Ye Qi looked at him with surprise. “Cook? Don’t you have a maid or housekeeper in charge of cooking? You actually do it yourself?”

Shao Qingge replied, “Yes, I don’t want to have too many light bulbs at home. I had the maid take a vacation. It is to celebrate the birthday of an important person and cooking myself seems more sincere. You can also taste my craftsmanship.”

Ye Qi didn’t grasp the true meaning of the sentence. Instead, he focused his attention on the ‘craftsmanship’ and exclaimed excitedly, “Chief Shao can actually cook. Then I must try it!”

Shao Qingge brought a plate of exquisite pastries from the kitchen and let Ye Qi eat a few pieces to cushion his stomach first. Then he headed to the Western kitchen and started to cook steak for Ye Qi.

He fried the beef skillfully while saying, “My Chinese dishes aren’t very tasty. Let’s make do with steak tonight.”

In fact, Ye Qi could also cook. He saw Shao Qingge cooking Western food and took the initiative to roll up his sleeves. He was eager to try it. “I know how to cook Chinese food. Do you have spare ribs in the refrigerator? I will make braised spare ribs for Chief Shao!”

Shao Qingge glanced at him with surprise. “You can cook too?”

Ye Qi looked proud. “Of course. My cooking skills aren’t bad!”

Shao Qingge smiled slightly. “Okay, there are many ingredients in the refrigerator. You can take what you like.”

Ye Qi buried his head in the refrigerator and searched for ribs and chicken wings. Then he boiled a pot of water, drained the blood from the ribs and marinated the chicken wings with soy sauce…

Shao Qingge watched him busily moving around in an apron and looking like a ‘chef’.

One of them occupied the Chinese kitchen and the other occupied the Western kitchen. They could see each other when they turned around. Shao Qingge suddenly had a vague emotion in his heart. The peaceful and stable life he hoped for should be like this.

In the past few days, something happened in the company. Shao Qingge finally completely got rid of the two ‘partners’ who betrayed him and bought a driver to kill him.

They were originally friends who started the business together but due to the problem of the distribution of benefits, they actually had the idea of assassinating him. Shao Qingge was very cold but his method was decisive. He didn’t leave any room for the two of them.

After three years of planning, most of the company’s shares were in Shao Qingge’s hands and no one could cause any trouble. The internal cleaning might’ve gone smoothly but Shao Qingge wasn’t in a very good mood.

It was only after seeing Ye Qi today and looking at his bright smile that Shao Qingge’s heart completely settled down.

Sure enough, his mood would improve when seeing the person he liked.

The corners of Shao Qingge’s mouth curved up as he looked back at Ye Qi. “Do you need help?”

Ye Qi was excited. “No! This frying pan in your kitchen is very easy to use. I will fry another pot of chicken wings for you.”

There was the braised pork on the left and cold chicken wings on the right. Ye Qi turned around the kitchen like a small spinning top. Shao Qingge saw this scene and his smile deepened. He thought that if Ye Qi had time in the future, he would take Ye Qi here to live in the world of two people. During the time when Old Mo was doing the design, he deliberately reserved a bedroom for Ye Qi opposite his.

He wanted to sleep with Ye Qi but the young man’s heart was pure after all. He definitely wouldn’t be able to accept sleeping together directly.

He would take it slowly. In any case, Ye Qi would officially become an adult tonight. He had waited for three years and he wasn’t in a hurry this time.

Shao Qingge’s steak and fruit salad were done quickly but Ye Qi’s spare ribs and chicken wings took some time. Ye Qi saw that the table was full of meat dishes so he also fried snow peas and cooked a pot of egg drop soup.

The dishes on the table were full but the style was a bit strange.

Ye Qi couldn’t help laughing. “The table is a combination of east and west!”

Shao Qingge originally planned to cook the Western food that he was good at. He just hadn’t expected Ye Qi to join in and take the initiative to cook. Therefore, the birthday dinner became strange—steak with a knife and fork and braised ribs with chopsticks were placed together. There was also a cake in the middle, making it a real hodgepodge.

Even so, Ye Qi was very happy.

This table of dishes was the result of his and Chief Shao’s hard work together! It was as if he and Chief Shao were living at home.

Ye Qi took a photo as a souvenir before he started eating.

He was starving today and it was already 8 o’clock. Ye Qi wasn’t polite and ate a lot. He swept away the steak in front of him and constantly gave praises. “Delicious, so delicious. Chief Shao, the steak you cooked is simply the best steak I’ve ever eaten.”

Shao Qingge smiled. “The chicken wings you made are also good.”

The two of them ate until they were 80% full. Then Shao Qingge lit the number 1 and 8 candles on the birthday cake. “Come, leave some room to eat the birthday cake and make a wish.”

Ye Qi went to the kitchen to wash his hands. Then he sat back down at the dining table, folded his hands together seriously and started to make a wish.

His biggest wish was to win the championship of the singing competition and become an official singer.

Then after silently saying this wish, Ye Qi suddenly felt that he was too selfish. Chief Shao had been so good to him. His birthday wish should also include Chief Shao, right?

Therefore, he folded his hands again and made another wish. “I hope Chief Shao can always achieve what he wants.”

Chief Shao is thinking about how to get you. If Chief Shao can always achieve what he wants, isn’t this digging a pit for yourself?

Of course, Ye Qi didn’t know what Chief Shao was thinking. He just sincerely made a wish and blessed Shao Qingge.

Ye Qi made the wish and blew out the candles in one go.

He carefully cut the cake and handed a piece to Shao Qingge first. He looked at the other person very seriously and said, “Chief Shao, I will remember all the help you have given me over the years. Thank you very much.”

Shao Qingge smiled slightly. “Why so polite?” He opened a bottle of red wine he had been saving for many years. He poured half a glass and handed it to Ye Qi. “You are an adult and are allowed to drink today. Come, let’s make a toast for Ye Qi turning 18.”

Ye Qi excitedly raised his glass to meet Chief Shao’s glass and drank it proudly.

Then he choked and started coughing.

Shao Qingge saw his red face and felt more and more that such a Ye Qi was cute enough to make his heart itch.

After the meal, his parents’ blessing WeChat messages and red envelopes were sent in time. In the group, Shao Qingge sent a red envelope so the others also started to wish Ye Qi a happy birthday.

Ye Qi received the red envelopes and his mood kept improving… so much so that he ignored the time.

By the time he realized he was still in Chief Shao’s house, it was already 11 o’clock at night. Ye Qi hurriedly stood up. “It is 11 pm. I should go back to school. The dormitory will be closed at midnight!”

Shao Qingge wondered, “School hasn’t officially started yet. Your dormitory shouldn’t be so strictly managed, right?”

Ye Qi thought about it carefully and nodded. “I almost forgot. School officially starts on September 1st. These two days are for new students to report in. Some new students haven’t arrived yet and there is no access control in the dormitory.”

He sighed with relief. He was too embarrassed to have Shao Qingge send him back so he said, “I’ll take a taxi back.”

Shao Qingge told him, “This is the villa area and it isn’t easy to catch taxis here.” Before Ye Qi could continue speaking, Shao Qingge abruptly changed his words. “Stay tonight.”

Ye Qi was stunned. “S-Stay?”

“My house has a guest room and there are new clothes and toiletries. It is already 11 at night and you are just going back to school to sleep. I’ll take you back tomorrow morning. I drank just now so I can’t drink and drive.”

He might’ve only drank a glass of red wine but the current drunk driving investigation was strict. He would be detained if he was caught.

Ye Qi frowned and thought about it carefully. There was a guest room and wasn’t it just sleeping for one night? In any case, Chief Shao’s house was so big and he alone wouldn’t disturb Shao Qingge. Ye Qi quickly agreed. “Okay, I will stay with you tonight. I have to trouble Chief Shao.”

Shao Qingge smiled slightly. “It is no trouble. I will take you to the bathroom.”

He found new pajamas and underwear for Ye Qi and took Ye Qi to the second floor.

The guest room for Ye Qi was directly opposite Shao Qingge’s master bedroom and had a separate bathroom. Chief Shao was indeed a rich man. The guest room was larger than the master bedroom of many ordinary people and it even had a small balcony.

Ye Qi finished taking a shower and drying his hair. Then he saw that Chief Shao’s master bedroom door was open so he walked over to say goodnight to Chief Shao.

As a result, he had just entered the door when he saw Shao Qingge coming out from the bathroom.

He only had a bath towel wrapped around his key areas and didn’t wear anything else.

A tall man who was over 1.85 meters tall—his slender and muscular figure was fully displayed in front of Ye Qi. His two legs were straight and long and Ye Qi even clearly saw Shao Qingge’s abs!

It was just after taking a shower so Shao Qingge’s body radiated heat. His hair also naturally hung over the side of his ears and he looked so sexy that people would get nosebleeds.

Ye Qi’s heart thumped violently.

His face inexplicably turned red and he quickly looked away like he had received an electric shock. He was nervous and didn’t know whether to run away or continue to casually say goodnight.

Shao Qingge saw that the young man was frozen in place with red cheeks and walked over with a smile. “You finished washing?”

Walking hormones were approaching him. Ye Qi’s ears were red and he made a soft ‘um’ sound. He lowered his head and didn’t dare to look at the other person.

Shao Qingge stopped in front of Ye Qi and spoke in a low voice, “Ye Qi, it is just past 12 o’clock.”

Ye Qi didn’t understand the meaning of these words. As a result, the next moment, Shao Qingge lifted Ye Qi’s chin and stared deeply into Ye Qi’s eyes as he stated word by word, “You are an adult.”

Ye Qi instinctively nodded. “Yes.”

At midnight, he was indeed 18 years old and officially an adult. However, why did Chief Shao suddenly emphasize this?

Shao Qingge’s eyes were deep and there was a strong emotion in them. He suddenly approached Ye Qi and gently whispered in Ye Qi’s ear, “I’ve waited for three years. Today, I can finally tell you my real heart.”

The hot air from the man’s body wrapped around him densely. Ye Qi’s entire body was inexplicably hot and his cheeks reddened even further. It was such a close distance and Chief Shao wasn’t wearing any clothes. Ye Qi’s heartbeat accelerated and he wanted to retreat in a hurry.

However, the man’s strong arm wrapped around his waist.

Ye Qi’s back stiffened. The next moment, he heard Shao Qingge saying, “Ye Qi, I like you.”

“???” Ye Qi’s blank mind couldn’t spin for a while. Like? He also liked Chief Shao quite a bit but was this like the simple liking between friends or…

His heart was in a mess as Shao Qingge continued, “It is the type of liking that wants to keep you by my side forever.”

Before Ye Qi’s mind could return, Shao Qingge raised his chin and kissed him tenderly.

The hot heat coming from his lips and the taste of Shao Qingge in his mouth made Ye Qi’s mind go blank.

At the moment of adulthood, just after midnight, Shao Qingge gently snatched away his first kiss…

It turned out that Shao Qingge had been so good to him all these years because he had such a heart?

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