CR: Shao Qingge Ye Qi – Extra Four

Ye Qi’s life gradually became richer after he recognized Zhao Chen as his master.

As a learning scumbag, he went back to high school to study mathematics, physics, chemistry and other incomprehensible subjects. From Monday to Friday, Ye Qi lived like every day was a year. Then once the weekend came, Shao Qingge would always pick him up on time, no matter how busy, rain or sunshine.

At first, Ye Qi didn’t feel anything about being picked up and dropped off by Shao Qingge. Then after a long time, he felt a bit worried. “Chief Shao, there is a direct bus that goes to Rongcheng every hour. I can go by myself.” After all, Shao Qingge was the boss of a company. He was so busy and it was a waste of time for him to be a driver for Ye Qi every weekend. For Chief Shao, time was money!

However, Shao Qingge just said, “You are a minor and I’m not at ease letting you go alone.”

Ye Qi argued. “16 years old isn’t a minor. Now the Minor Protection Law only protects up to 16 years old. Besides, it only takes three hours to take a bus to Rongcheng. You are so busy and there is no need to pick me up in person…”

Shao Qingge thought to himself, ‘Picking you on the weekend is a rare time to get along with you. No matter how busy I am, I have to come.’

Besides, Shao Qingge’s feelings would be infected by Ye Qi’s joy as he listened to Ye Qi chatting about interesting things in school or the progress of his learning with Teacher Zhao. The business world was like a battlefield. He was usually very busy and his eyes were always on the stock curve and capital data. It was only with Ye Qi that Shao Qingge could find real relaxation.

This was why he came to pick up Ye Qi every weekend.

Ye Qi didn’t know this at all. He just felt that Chief Shao was too good to him, so good that he wasn’t very comfortable.

Shao Qingge sensed Ye Qi’s awkwardness and had to retreat to the next best thing. “Okay. In the future on Saturday and Sunday, I will choose only one day to pick you up. The other day, I will send a driver to pick you up. I’ve been really busy lately and I might not be able to find the time to pick you up for two consecutive days.”

This compromise seemed acceptable?

Ye Qi thought about it and didn’t reject Shao Qingge’s kindness again.

He secretly decided that since Chief Shao was so good to him, he would definitely repay Chief Shao in the future when he became famous.

Time flew very quickly.

From Monday to Friday, Ye Qi looked forward to the weekend. Over the weekend, he looked forward to the next weekend.

He also tried to memorize vocabulary in his language class. After all, a songwriter should have a good language foundation. He had been studying with Teacher Zhao for so long and he couldn’t always produce that type of ‘I miss you so much’ song, right?

This would be too embarrassing for his master!

In any case, Ye Qi couldn’t understand the science courses anyway. He studied simply and was very satisfied if he could pass the exam.

He started to work hard in language class and the teacher was obviously aware of Ye Qi’s progress, especially in composition. In the past, Ye Qi was famous for going off-topic in essays and he would be used as a negative teaching example. It wasn’t known what ghostly thing he was writing. Now at least his writing was readable and there were occasionally some beautiful sentences.

The language teacher was very surprised. He talked to Ye Qi and patted him on the shoulder to encourage him. “In fact, you are very smart. Look, your language score has improved by more than 40 points in the first year of high school. If you work hard and study in other subjects, you will definitely be admitted to university in the future!”

Ye Qi seriously told him, “Thank you, Teacher, I’m not good at studying and I never thought about getting into a good university. In my third year of high school, I will take the art exam and enter the conservatory of music. I want to be a singer in the future. I’m not good at cultural classes and I want to devote more energy to the music I like.”

The language teacher was startled. “You want to be a singer?”

Most first year students had no plans for their future. They went with the flow to learn first or simply listened to the arrangements of their parents. He hadn’t expected Ye Qi to think so early about his path in the future.

The teacher saw Ye Qi’s firm gaze and found that Ye Qi might be the person who thought the most clearly in the entire class.

Later, other teachers approached Ye Qi to talk. Ye Qi also used this reason and the teachers couldn’t refute it.

There were all types of talents in this world. Not everyone must have good grades to have a head start. The teachers could see Ye Qi’s talent in music. The fact that he could learn so many musical instruments wasn’t simple in itself.

After a long time, all the teachers knew that Ye Qi wanted to take the art exam and simply left Ye Qi alone.

In this way, Ye Qi was more at ease. In his spare time, other students were desperately doing papers while he bit the pen and thought about how to write songs. He scribbled and drew on the notebook, writing a small outline. However, he was too ashamed to show it to Master Zhao out of fear of being laughed at by his master.

During the winter vacation of his first year of high school, Ye Qi told his parents that he was going to attend a music training class in Rongcheng. His parents were very supportive and gave him a sum of money. In fact, Ye Qi lived in Master Zhao’s studio and studied with Master Zhao every day. He saved the money his parents gave him and didn’t spend it at all.

The same was true for the holidays in his second year of high school. Ye Qi would run to Rongcheng every vacation. His parents were confused but they never stopped their son’s love for music.

In the third year of high school, his classmates started to sprint for the university entrance examination while Ye Qi became the most leisurely one in class.

His classmates were envious. “Ye Qi is really cool. He decided to take the art exam so early. Unlike us, who are overwhelmed by exercise books every day!”

“Yes, Ye Qi doesn’t have to fill out these papers and it is really comfortable.”

“Sigh, if I had artistic skills, I would also go to a music school or a fine arts school.”

Of course, there were also many jealous voices. “He wants to be a singer like this. I think that in the future, he can only go under the overpass and hold a guitar to sing!”

“I think Ye Qi’s singing skills are quite average. He is only at the level of KTV. Can he really be a singer?”

Ye Qi just laughed at these discussions and ignored them.

His inner thoughts were very firm. No matter what others said, it wouldn’t have an impact on him.

Moreover, the students in the class didn’t know that Ye Qi might be starting out but he was already at a height that many people who loved music couldn’t reach in their lives.

Due to the existence of Shao Qingge, Ye Qi’s teacher was Zhao Chen whom every first-tier singer would call out ‘Teacher’ when they saw him. The boss of Starlight Entertainment, who had cultivated the most singers in the entertainment industry, was actually Shao Qingge’s childhood friend. Shao Qingge just had to say one word and it would be easy for Ye Qi to sign with this star-making factory.

However, Shao Qingge didn’t want Ye Qi to ascend to the sky in one step.

He found the best teacher for Ye Qi because he wanted Ye Qi to have a solid foundation. Of course, he would secretly help Ye Qi in the future but he wouldn’t use money to give Ye Qi a trophy. He hoped that Ye Qi would rely on his own efforts to become an excellent singer who was truly recognized by others.

It was only in this way that Ye Qi would have a sense of accomplishment and feel that his dream was coming true.

If Shao Qingge directly threw money to hold a selection competition and then spent money to buy votes and let Ye Qi win the championship…

It was easy to do but it would be insulting Ye Qi’s dream.

Ye Qi’s love of music was simple and his eyes lit up every time he mentioned music. He was persistent, optimistic and talkative when it came to music. Wasn’t this the appearance that Shao Qingge liked the most?

He remembered that in the 9 of Hearts secret room, it was an entertainment circle world and Ye Qi sang on the stage as a singer in that secret room. At that time, how dazzling was Ye Qi as he held a guitar and sat in the spotlight?!

It was just that the concert was linked to a murder case and Ye Qi couldn’t sing peacefully. Shao Qingge had decided at the time that if they could return to the real world, he would let Ye Qi really hold a concert on his own!

This goal was getting closer and closer.

In the third year of high school, Ye Qi took the art exam and was admitted to the Jiangzhou Conservatory of Music as expected.

The friends in the WeChat group ‘Card Secret Room’ sent congratulations one after another.

Xiao Lou: Congratulations Xiao Ye. After coming to Jiangzhou, come and find us. We will eat together.

Liu Qiao: Ye Qi, remember to leave us VIP tickets when you hold a concert in the future. You have promised it a long time ago!

Old Mo: If Xiao Ye really becomes a star, I can show off to my daughter that I know a star, hahaha.

Qu Wanyue: You can find me if you need backup dancers for the concert. I know many dance troupe people!

Ye Qi saw everyone’s messages and his heart was warm. He typed quickly: Thank you everyone, I will work hard. Once school starts, the national singer competition will be held. Please help me vote at that time!

Everyone said they would mobilize their relatives and friends to vote for Ye Qi.

It was soon the end of August. Ye Qi packed his luggage, bid farewell to his parents and came to Jiangzhou again.

He walked through the familiar Jiangzhou Conservatory of Music and came to the freshman registration office. His university classmates were still the same and Ye Qi recognized them at a glance, but they were meeting Ye Qi for the first time.

Ye Qi had just unpacked in his dormitory when a roommate pushed open the door and said, “Ye Qi, someone is looking for you downstairs!”

It was the driver sent by Shao Qingge who was driving a low key black Volkswagen.

This was also where Shao Qingge was careful and considerate.

There were luxury cars worth millions or even tens of millions in Chief Shao’s garage but when picking up Ye Qi, Shao Qingge had always driven this black Volkswagen that not many people would pay attention to when walking on the street.

After all, Ye Qi was a student. If he drove an exaggerated luxury car then it would easily attract strange gazes from his classmates. There might be negative rumors like ‘Ye Qi is being raised by a rich person’.

For the past three years, this car would appear near Ye Qi’s house every weekend and take Ye Qi to Rongcheng for lessons with Master Zhao. Ye Qi was very familiar with it and he immediately ran excitedly when he saw the car. He called out obediently, “Uncle Chen.”

The driver, Uncle Chen, was also very familiar with Ye Qi. He opened the car door with a smile. “Xiao Ye, Chief Shao has asked me to pick you up.”

Ye Qi sat in the car and asked curiously, “Chief Shao didn’t send me a WeChat message. Why did he suddenly ask you to pick me up?”

Uncle Chen replied, “I don’t know. My task is just to take you to Chief Shao’s house.”

House? Ye Qi had never visited Shao Qingge’s house in Jiangzhou.

The car drove out of the school and got on the highway. An hour later, they arrived at a high-end villa area. Uncle Chen parked the car in front of the villa and Shao Qingge came out to pick him up in person. He walked up to Ye Qi and asked with a smile, “Have you become a university student? Are you used to the school?”

Ye Qi immediately nodded. “Of course. I have previously been in this school for a year. Compared to the other freshmen, I am the most familiar with the school. I even know which window of the school cafeteria has the most delicious dishes.”

Shao Qingge turned around. “Uncle Chen, you go back first.” Then he brought Ye Qi into the house.

Ye Qi looked curiously at Chief Shao’s residence. It was a three-storey single family villa. The first floor was a guest dining room and kitchen. The kitchen was divided into Chinese and Western styles. He didn’t go up to the second floor because it probably contained Chief Shao’s bedroom. This villa wasn’t decorated in the luxurious European style he imagined. It was the currently more popular minimalist style. The fabric sofa added a bit of warmth to the living room.

Shao Qingge saw him looking around and introduced it. “This house was only bought last year. Old Mo helped me a lot. The design drawing was done by him and I asked him to design something warm and cozy. Does it look okay?”

Ye Qi smiled. “It is very beautiful. The life of a rich person is so simple and unpretentious.”

Shao Qingge listened to him joking around and couldn’t help reaching out to rub his head. Then he led Ye Qi to the dining room to sit down. Ye Qi immediately saw a birthday cake on the table that read ‘Happy 18th birthday Ye Qi’.

Ye Qi was stunned. “My birthday?”

He remembered that today was his 18th birthday. Once it passed midnight, he would officially turn 18!

Shao Qingge’s eyes were gentle. “That’s right. Our Xiao Ye has finally turned 18. I picked you up to celebrate your birthday.”

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