CR: Shao Qingge Ye Qi – Extra One

Ye Qi returned to three years ago and became a 16 year old high school student again. He hadn’t yet been admitted to the conservatory of music and had to return to school. For a learning scumbag, it was simply torture to re-learn the three year high school curriculum.

The even crueler thing was that his school was a key boarding high school. All students had to live in school from Monday to Friday and management was very strict. Students weren’t allowed to bring their phones to class or they would be confiscated.

He sat in the classroom and felt that every minute was torture as he listened to the science formulas and liberal arts terms. Once he returned to the dormitory at night, he could sneak out his phone and watch the news online or chat with his teammates.

Liu Qiao and Ye Qi might be the same age but their experiences were completely different. Liu Qiao was a master of learning. Now that she was three years in the past, she could concentrate on her studies. For Ye Qi, classes were like listening to scriptures from Heaven and every day felt like a year.

The person that Ye Qi admired the most was Xiao Lou but he was embarrassed to disturb Xiao Lou. Meanwhile, he had always been able to chat with Shao Qingge. So when he was upset, the first person he thought of was Chief Shao.

“I actually have more than a dozen workbooks for the first year of high school. I have a headache when I see these thick workbooks!”

“I used to be ranked bottom of the class every time I took an exam. I really don’t understand the mathematical formulas. To me, the strange symbols are just like the Martian language!”

“I still have to stay in the school for three years. What will I do in these three years? Ah, I feel like I’m in prison. I can only go out on weekends… [cry][cry].”

Shao Qingge was turning on the computer to sort out the company’s recent investment projects when his phone’s WeChat notification rang.

He frowned and picked up his phone. Then he found that Ye Qi was complaining and his frown immediately disappeared. He couldn’t help smiling slightly.

The little guy went back to being 16 years old and probably felt suffocated.

Going back three years was a good thing for Shao Qingge. At this time, his company was still on the right track. The two partners who later betrayed him and even sent someone to hit him and kill him in a car accident were still his junior followers. In these three years, Shao Qingge could make arrangements in advance to drive out these people from the management team.

The fund company he personally founded must not fall into the hands of others.

Once Shao Qingge returned to reality, he started to organize the company’s investment projects. He wanted to double the company’s assets as soon as possible and clean up the unscrupulous people along the way.

He had been very busy these days and had no time to contact Ye Qi. He only saw Ye Qi saying in the group that he was going to high school to report.

Shao Qingge saw Ye Qis’s complaints now and immediately stopped working. He sent a ‘touch head’ emoji and gently comforted him: It doesn’t matter. In the end, you will be taking the art exam and your grades for your cultural classes are good enough. Don’t force yourself if you don’t like learning mathematical formulas. Not everyone will become a mathematician in the future.

Ye Qi saw Chief Shao’s reply and felt much better. He lay in bed and typed seriously: I just think that we can change many things by going back to the past. For example, Professor Xiao became a forensic doctor, Group Leader Yu transferred to Jiangzhou ahead of time and Liu Qiao will be admitted to a better university. Meanwhile, I returned to high school and I’m useless…

This was the most fundamental reason for Ye Qi’s frustration.

Going back in time with their memories was the biggest reward the Card World gave them. They knew what was going to happen in the next three years and could figure out a way to change their destiny. This was exactly what his teammates did.

Ye Qi became even more deeply aware of this after meeting everyone last time.

Group Leader Yu and Professor Xiao decided to work together to solve cases. Mr Tang was able to develop a new generation of intelligent products in advance. Sister Ying took over her parents’ Taekwondo club. Teacher Qu and Long Sen decided to get married in advance. Uncle Mo’s studio was also a success…

There was no need to mention Chief Shao. He was already a genius in business. Now he knew the development of the next three years. He could definitely double the company’s market value with his investment vision.

It was only himself who couldn’t change anything after going back to the past.

From the first to third year of high school, he would be trapped in school. He had to continue studying things he didn’t understand and wasn’t interested in. After three years, he would take the art exam and be admitted to the conservatory of music. Only then would he gradually shine.

Three years was really too long for him.

He didn’t want to waste these three years so he felt distressed.

Shao Qingge quickly understood Ye Qi’s thoughts and patiently told him: You are still in high school and the art exam has requirements for the results of your cultural classes. You can do some things you like on the premise that you pass your cultural classes. Do you have any thoughts on this? You can tell me.

Ye Qi immediately became excited and he typed quickly as he held his phone on the bed: My parents let me practice musical instruments since I was young. I had piano lessons every weekend in high school. However, I am from three years later and have already passed the piano level 10. There is no need to take the level 9 or 10 courses any longer. So I thought I could use the weekend to learn something else.

Shao Qingge smiled and asked: For example?

Ye Qi: I want to learn composition and arrangement!

His fingers trembled slightly out of excitement after expressing this and he typed at the fastest speed: My dream has always been to be a singer! I think that excellent singers can’t always sing songs written by others? If I can compose and arrange music, I will be able to write my own songs in the future. Then when I hold a concert, I can sing all the songs I wrote. How awesome is this!?

The number of exclamation marks in this paragraph clearly expressed the excitement of the teenager.

Shao Qingge could almost imagine the excited look of the teenager who was secretly texting him through WeChat while hiding under the quilt. His cheeks would be red and his eyes shining. Such a Ye Qi must be very cute.

He couldn’t help chuckling and sent Ye Qi a shoulder pat emoji: It is a good idea.

Ye Qi was acknowledged by the other person and was very happy. He was about to reply when there was the sudden sound of footsteps outside, followed by the fierce voice of the dormitory housekeeper. “Is there someone in Bedroom 301 who isn’t sleeping? What time is it? Quickly turn off the lights!”

He was so excited just now that his phone unintentionally protruded from the edge of the bed and the light was spotted by the sharp-eyed housekeeper.

Ye Qi had a guilty conscience and quickly typed a line: The dormitory housekeeper is coming to check the rooms. I’ll turn off the phone first. Chief Shao, good night.

Then he turned off his phone, placed it next to the pillow and lay in bed, obediently pretending to sleep.

At the same time, Shao Qingge saw the message from Ye Qi and smiled again.

This little guy was secretly playing with his phone only to be caught by the dormitory housekeeper. He was really pitiful. A 16 year old boy didn’t even have the freedom to play with his phone. One could imagine what type of life Ye Qi had been living recently.

Shao Qingge thought about it before finding a name in his contacts and sending them a message: You have been in the entertainment industry for so many years. Do you have an arranger music teacher that you are familiar with?

The other person quickly replied: Yo, why did Chief Shao suddenly become interested in the entertainment industry? Do you want to come to me for investment?

Shao Qingge: I’m asking you seriously. I have a friend who is very talented in music and wants to learn how to arrange music. You can introduce a good teacher.

The other person quickly pushed a WeChat friend over: This is Teacher Zhao Chen. He is very famous in the circle. You should know Qin Xuerong, the current most popular singer, right? The title song of several of her albums were the works of Teacher Zhao. The most recent single hit the top charts the day it was released. However, Teacher Zhao doesn’t accept apprentices easily. Your friend has to be sincere to impress him.

Shao Qingge: Thank you. First help me get in touch with him and I will invite Teacher Zhao to dinner on the weekend.

The other person laughed: No problem. I still have to give you face. After all, most of my money is in your hands. I might not recognize you but can I not recognize my money?

Shao Qingge teased him: Your money? I’ve lost so much money that there are no underpants left.

The other person, “……”

The person who joked with Shao Qingge was called Chen Yu and he was Shao Qingge’s childhood friend. His family was in the real estate business but he opened an entertainment company and signed many young artists. Chen Yu might not be very serious but his eyes in regards to singers was very sharp. In recent years, he had made several stars popular.

The singer contest that Ye Qi later participated in was actually a nationwide audition show that Chen Yu’s entertainment company invested in along with the TV station. All the good young people who made it to the finals could sign directly to his company. Shao Qingge once told Ye Qi that he could introduce Ye Qi to a company and this was the one he was talking about.

Now after returning from the Card World, Shao Qingge changed his mind.

He was in business himself and he knew the truth of ‘every business has some wickedness’. He knew Chen Yu’s personality very well. It was easy to become popular when signing with Chen Yu but the conditions for signing the contract were very harsh. Chen Yu wouldn’t give too much preferential treatment even if Shao Qingge introduced a person. The contract would definitely be better for the company, not the artist.

Shao Qingge was reluctant to let Ye Qi suffer even the smallest bit.

Since they had returned to three years ago, Shao Qingge decided to start ahead of time and personally set up a brokerage company.

The company would only one star.

—The new star of the future music scene, Ye Qi.

He was also the little angel that Shao Qingge wanted to protect in the palm of his hand.

Ye Qi was like a blank piece of paper. He just wanted to sing but the entertainment industry was far more complicated than he thought. In this big dye jar where crooks were mixed in with honest people, Shao Qingge believed that he had enough ability to prevent Ye Qi from being wronged.

Of course, Ye Qi was still young and Shao Qingge wouldn’t let Ye Qi know his plans for the time being. His own company still had many problems to solve. Fortunately, he still had three years left.

Three years was enough.

Before Ye Qi grew up, he would deal with all obstacles.

In fact, Shao Qingge had confirmed his intentions as early as 8 of Spades when the bugs attacked Ye Qi. His knee-jerk reaction was the most difficult to deceive. He directly used his own body to protect Ye Qi and was infected by the bugs. Before that, he never would’ve believed that he would risk his own life to protect someone.

Ye Qi’s innocence and kindness and the perseverance to eat leaves to live in the Nightmare Room—such a cautious but brave and strong teenager was like a small animal struggling to survive in the forest of wild beasts and he unknowingly attracted Shao Qingge’s attention.

Many times after that, Ye Qi protected him despite the danger and said he was a ‘wealthy backer’. Every time he heard Ye Qi joking like this, Shao Qingge couldn’t help thinking, ‘If we are back in reality, I really will be your wealthy backer.’

To provide for him, he must first start from when Ye Qi was young.

Ye Qi was currently only 16 years old. If he acted subtly, won’t it be impossible for Ye Qi to leave him once Ye Qi grew up?

Shao Qingge smiled and narrowed his eyes. He looked at the man in the mirror wearing a suit and leather shoes and suddenly felt he was a beast. He didn’t even let go of such a teenager.

He didn’t like to force it. He just wanted to lay out a gentle trap to hold Ye Qi firmly.

Ye Qi was still very ignorant emotionally. Shao Qingge could slowly adjust and teach him.

Another week passed and Ye Qi would take time to secretly chat with Chief Shao every night.

On Friday night, Ye Qi walked out of the school with the crowd.

A brightly colored sports car was parked not far away and the students were curiously wondering whose family it was. Ye Qi glanced over curiously, only to find that the window of the car had slowly rolled down and a handsome man showed a gentle smile.

The peach blossom eyes were already beautiful and they looked really charming when he smiled.

The girls were all stirred by this smile and started to talk. “How handsome!”

“That person’s appearance is similar to a star!”

“He has a super good temperament.”

“God, his legs are too long!”

Shao Qingge opened the door and got out of the car. He moved using his long legs and walked toward the confused Ye Qi.

The girls all secretly watched Shao Qingge. Such a tall and handsome man suddenly appeared at the school and it made many girls think of idol dramas.

However, he walked all the way to Ye Qi.

It wasn’t until he stood in front of Ye Qi that Ye Qi recovered. “You… why are you here?”

Shao Qingge stretched out a hand and compared it to the top of Ye Qi’s head. He said with a smile, “You are so short when you are 16 years old. You only reach up to here on my chest.” Cough, he suddenly felt guilty for acting against such a little guy.

Ye Qi was depressed. “I can still grow tall.”

Shao Qingge resisted the urge to rub his head and whispered to him, “For the next two days, it is the weekend. Tell your parents that you are taking piano lessons. I’ll take you to meet someone. Don’t worry, I’ve already talked to your piano teacher and she won’t betray you.”

Ye Qi was puzzled. “Who am I going to meet?”

Shao Qingge saw the teenager’s cute appearance with wide eyes and finally couldn’t help it. He reached out and gently rubbed the other person’s hair. It was softer than expected and it shot all the way to Shao Qingge’s heart.

“Didn’t you want to learn how to arrange music? I found a good teacher for you.” Shao Qingge smiled.

Ye Qi’s eyes lit up when he heard this.

The teenager stared into Shao Qingge’s eyes as if he was full of light.

Shao Qingge’s heart moved. He withdrew his hand, looked into Ye Qi’s eyes and thought something in his heart.

Ye Qi, I will wait for you to grow up.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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1 year ago

it was cute until he said he was gonna trap him 😭

1 year ago

I have mixed feelings but he fell in love legally and i 10/10 sure that Ye Qi liked him so meh i still support them.They are cute

1 year ago
Reply to  Ritsuka

Well yeah, 3 years later means Ye Qi was 19 when they met.

1 year ago

I feel like Chief Shao is underestimating Ye Qi a bit? He may not recognize his own feelings 100%, but he’s no fool. He’s much smarter and quicker than people think!

2 months ago

Lmao I thought Chief Shao would make YQ call him father when picking him up in school like in the interstellar secret room 😂