CR: Extra Eight – Meet the Parents

Yu Hanjiang might’ve vowed to ‘leave it to him’ but in fact, he had no experience in this area. He could only follow the example in the teaching movie and give Xiao Lou a gentle kiss first.

Xiao Lou’s face turned red as he was kissed. He simply hugged Yu Hanjiang’s shoulders tightly and closed his eyes.

Son, there was a sound from the bedroom that made people blush and their heartbeat increase.

It was the first time so the movements of the two people were jerky. However, Yu Hanjiang was very gentle and careful so Xiao Lou tried his best to cooperate while blushing. The fit between the two people increased and they felt indescribable happiness from it.

It was just that Yu Hanjiang had endured for too long. He could finally have Xiao Lou on the day of his birthday so the always calm Group Leader Yu was slightly out of control. He held Xiao Lou several times until later at night when Xiao Lou was tired and couldn’t take it any longer. Then he stopped.

Yu Hanjiang looked at the person sleeping peacefully in his arms and gently kissed Xiao Lou’s lips, whispering, “Xiao Lou, I love you.”

Xiao Lou heard this sentence in a daze and replied softly, “I love you too.”

Yu Hanjiang smiled slightly and carried Xiao Lou to the bathroom to clean up.

It was already early in the morning. Yu Hanjiang returned to the bedroom after taking a shower. He glanced at the messy sheets covered with stains. He first put Xiao Lou on the sofa, took out new sheets from the cabinet and changed it.Then he placed Xiao Lou with closed eyes on the bed.

Xiao Lou soon fell into a deep sleep.

Yu Hanjiang lay beside him and wasn’t sleepy for a while. He picked up his phone from the bedside table and found an unread message on WeChat. Previously when he brought Xiao Lou to the bedroom, he turned his phone to silent to avoid being disturbed in the middle and didn’t see the message. He opened it and found that it was sent by his mother at 9 o’clock in the evening.

The message was simple and straightforward: Happy birthday. Didn’t you say that you went back to Jiangzhou for a person you like? Since you have identified the person, take him home to meet us when you have time.

Yu Hanjiang looked back. Xiao Lou was already asleep and his white face was still a bit flushed due to tonight’s excessive indulgence. Half of his face was buried in the pillow and he was quiet like an angel given by God.

Yu Hanjiang reached out and gently touched Yu Hanjiang’s hair. He couldn’t help his heart softening.

This person was the one he decided to spend his life on. He would sooner or later have to bring Xiao Lou to meet his parents. Xiao Lou didn’t want Xiao Lou to suffer any grievances from his parents so he had to tell them in advance.

Yu Hanjiang thought of this and replied: In a few days, I will take him home and introduce him to you. His  name is Xiao Lou and he graduated with a Ph.D from the Department of Forensic Medicine of Jiangzhou Medical University. He gave up his stable job as a teacher of the university and went to the front-line police force. He is talented, handsome, gentle and easy to get along with. He is the best person I’ve ever met.

His mother: ……

Yu Hanjiang had grown to the age of 28 but he had never praised others like this. It showed how much he liked this person.

The key was the next sentence: I have formally proposed to him and he has agreed. It is rare for me to meet true love in my life. If you want me to get married then the object of my marriage can only be Xiao Lou.

This sentence already had the tone of ‘informing’ rather than discussing. In other words, if his parents were firmly opposed then Yu Hanjiang would rather die alone than marry someone else. He only recognized Xiao Lou.

Lu Qing was silent for a moment before sending a message: You are an adult and you should think carefully before making any decisions. There is no way that your father and I can force you to separate from Xiao Lou but I advise you to think it over.

Yu Hanjiang: I am thinking very clearly. He is the only one in this life.

Lu Qing said helplessly: Your temper is really as stubborn as your father’s! Forget it, I can’t persuade you. Take Xiao Lou to see us soon. I’m curious about what type of person can make you so determined.

Yu Hanjiang said: Okay, if Xiao Lou is willing then I’ll find a time to take him home.

Yu Hanjiang ended the conversation, slipped into bed and gently hugged Xiao Lou by his side. Xiao Lou was already accustomed to Yu Hanjiang holding him to sleep. In his sleep, Xiao Lou subconsciously reached out and took the initiative to hug Yu Hanjiang’s waist, resting his head in Yu Hanjiang’s arms. This unknowing gesture of intimacy made Yu Hanjiang’s heart warm.

His parents might not be able to understand his feelings for Xiao Lou but he knew that after so many life or death experiences together, no one could separate them any longer. It was because Xiao Lou had completely integrated into his life.


The next day, Xiao Lou slept until noon. By the time he woke up, Yu Hanjiang had already cooked lunch. Xiao Lou smelled the fragrance and came to the dining room. It wasn’t the first time he had seen Yu Hanjiang cooking in an apron but he felt warm every time he saw it.

He saw the man’s tall and slender back and remembered the passion and gentleness of last night. Xiao Lou’s ears turned red and his legs were a bit weak. He saw Yu Hanjiang turn back and hurriedly turned around to wash up. As a result, Yu Hanjiang immediately came out of the kitchen to stop Xiao Lou. He placed his arms gently around Xiao Lou’s waist and asked in a low voice, “How are you feeling?”

Xiao Lou lowered his head. “It’s okay.”

Yu Hanjiang softly told him, “Blame me for last night. It was my first time and I was so excited that I didn’t know how to control it. I made you pass out from exhaustion. Fortunately, I checked and it didn’t hurt you. You should rest at home today. I will pay attention to controlling it in the future.

What did he mean by pass out from exhaustion? How embarrassing was it to say it directly?!

Although it was true…

Xiao Lou blushed and changed the subject. “I’m hungry.”

Yu Hanjiang immediately said, “You go and wash up first. Lunch will be ready soon.”

Xiao Lou regained his composure after going to the bathroom and washing his face with water. By the time he returned to the dining room, Yu Hanjiang had already set up the lunch of simple, home-cooked dishes and a bowl of delicious fish soup.

He was afraid that Xiao Lou would be uncomfortable so Yu Hanjiang took the initiative to take a pillow from the living room and place it on the chair. “Sit down.”

Xiao Lou, “……”

This person was really considerate and paid attention to the details. Even the sheets were washed early in the morning.

Xiao Lou sat down and coughed softly. “What time did you wake up?”

Yu Hanjiang said, “I woke up at 8 o’clock.”

Xiao Lou couldn’t help complaining in his heart, ‘Is Group Leader Yu a beast? You can get up so early after tossing and turning for so long last night? Is your physical strength so good?’

Yu Hanjiang served Xiao Lou the fish soup and casually said, “Last night, my mother mentioned taking you home. I’ll take you back to meet them at a time convenient for you? Or I’ll visit your parents first.”

He gently placed the fish soup in front of Xiao Lou and stared at Xiao Lou gently. “We have already decided to be together so I think we should let our parents know. What do you think?”

Xiao Lou was silent for a moment before nodding. “You decide. I can do it.”

Yu Hanjiang was stunned. “Are you willing to see my parents?”

Xiao Lou lowered his head in an embarrassed manner. “In any case, I’ve already received the ring. I have to visit Uncle and Auntie sooner or later.”

Yu Hanjiang smiled slightly and gently held Xiao Lou’s hand on the table. “Then let’s pick a time to visit your parents first. After that, I will take you home.”

Xiao Lou thought about it and nodded. “Yes, let’s pick the weekend when everyone is free.”

This was how it was settled.

This week, Yu Hanjiang started to prepare gifts to meet Xiao Lou’s parents. Xiao Lou also checked the information to prepare gifts for Yu Hanjiang’s parents. The two of them discussed it and decided to treat both parents equally. They bought similar gifts for the visit.

Xiao Lou’s parents had long known that their son liked men and accepted Xiao Lou’s choice. Therefore, they were very happy when Xiao Lou brought Yu Hanjiang to the door. After all, Yu Hanjiang was tall, handsome and upright. At first glance, he was a very reliable person.

Besides, Yu Hanjiang was very polite to Xiao Lou’s parents. He accompanied Xiao Lou’s father to play chess and took the initiative to help Xiao Lou’s mother cook. The more Xiao Lou’s mother looked at him, the more pleasant she felt. She couldn’t help secretly asking Xiao Lou, “Group Leader Yu is a police officer. So you suddenly gave up your job at school and ran to the criminal investigations police team in order to pursue him?”

Xiao Lou coughed with embarrassment. “Cough, you can say that.”

Mother Xiao smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “You have good vision. I can see that he is very good to you. He always grabs food for you when eating and many details can reflect his concern for you.”

Xiao Lou couldn’t help laughing. “He really takes good care of me. I can’t meet anyone better than him.”

Xiao Lou’s parents looked at each other when they saw the happy smile on their son’s face and finally felt at ease.

In the past, they had always worried that Xiao Lou wouldn’t be able to find a good partner due to his work in forensic medicine. Now a forensic doctor had found a criminal investigations police officer. They seemed to be a good match? At work, the two of them could help each other. In daily life, Xiao Lou had a gentle personality and a good temper. He rarely quarreled with others. Yu Hanjiang might look a bit colder but he was considerate and caring toward Xiao Lou. The two of them worked together and complemented each other.

Before they left, Xiao Lou’s parents suddenly took out a big red envelope and handed it to Yu Hanjiang with a smile. “Hanjiang, this is the small heart of Uncle and Auntie. It is a meeting gift so don’t dislike it.”

Yu Hanjiang was flattered. “This…”

Xiao Lou knew that his parents giving the red envelope meant they really recognized Yu Hanjiang. Therefore, he gently poked Yu Hanjiang’s waist and said in a low voice, “It is yours. Just accept it.”

Yu Hanjiang had no choice but to accept it.

On the way back, he asked doubtfully, “Do they still give red envelopes when visiting?”

Xiao Lou explained, “It is a custom on my side. The first time we take a partner home, they must give a greeting gift.”

Yu Hanjiang opened it curiously and found that it actually contained 10,000 yuan. Xiao Lou chuckled and said, “it means ‘1 in 10,000.’ It seems my parents are quite satisfied with you.”

Yu Hanjiang gently held Xiao Lou’s hand. “That’s good.”

 The next day, Yu Hanjiang took Xiao Lou home to see his parents. In fact, Xiao Lou had seen these two elders in the mirror labyrinth of the Card World. At that time, Yu Hanjiang’s father held a baton and his mother held a gun to chase and kill them. It was about to leave a psychological shadow on Xiao Lou’s heart.

Fortunately, the two elders were much gentler than their illusions in the Card World.

Yu Hanjiang’s father was somewhat similar to him and looked very serious. Meanwhile, his mother was a heroic female officer and she spoke in a straightforward and simple manner.’

Xiao Lou was in a very nervous mood. He sat on the sofa and didn’t know what to talk about.

This was the most nervous time in his life. He was worried that Yu Hanjiang’s parents wouldn’t like him and that he would embarrass Yu Hanjiang. In order to avoid embarrassment, he learned from Yu Hanjiang and went over when Yu Hanjiang’s mother headed into the kitchen.

The father and son stayed in the living room. Yu Cheng asked solemnly, “Do you really want to marry him?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Yes, I have considered everything that you are worried about. We are in the same unit and our identity is special. There will definitely be gossip among our colleagues if our relationship is known so Xiao Lou and I don’t plan to disclose it.”

Yu Cheng asked, “What about the wedding?”

“We have discussed it. We won’t hold a wedding but will invite family and friends to have a meal together as witnesses. The wedding is just a formality and verbal vows are far less important than actual actions. For Xiao Lou and I, we are already very satisfied being together. The eyes of outsiders don’t affect our feelings. Dad, I hope you will respect my choice.”

Yu Cheng was silent for a long time before sighing lightly. “I am actually very happy that you can meet Xiao Lou and be willing to make a lifelong commitment with him. After all, I used to worry that you would end up alone.”

Yu Hanjiang raised an eyebrow. “…Am I that bad?”

Yu Cheng casually replied, “You are just arrogant and prideful and look down on those who like you.”

Yu Hanjiang was stunned. Then he saw Xiao Lou and his mother coming out of the kitchen and his eyes softened. “Yes, all the arrogance in my heart is because I haven’t met the right person yet.”

In front of Xiao Lou, all pride could be put down.

He even felt that cooking for Xiao Lou and helping message Xiao Lou’s shoulders and waist was a type of sweetness.

Xiao Lou was keenly aware that Uncle Yu’s attitude toward him had improved a lot and he even asked Xiao Lou to eat more. Xiao Lou tried his best to maintain a polite smile and chatted with Yu Hanjiang’s parents.

As he was leaving, Yu Hanjiang’s mother gave him a delicate box that looked like a family heirloom. Xiao Lou was embarrassed to take it but Yu Hanjiang told him in a low voice, “Accept it quickly.”

On the way back, he opened it and saw it was a crystal clear jade pendant. Yu Hanjiang explained, “It was left by my grandfather before he died and is said to be a gift for my future wife.”

Xiao Lou’s cheeks were hot. “Wife?”

Yu Hanjiang gently held his hand. “My mother is willing to give this to you so it means she should really like you…” He glanced at Xiao Lou and said in a low voice, “Remember in 8 of Hearts, we were husband and wife under the arrangement of the keepers?”

Xiao Lou nodded.

Of course he remembered. The memories of the second half of their life might’ve been instilled by the keepers but those memories were still vivid.

Yu Hanjiang gripped Xiao Lou’s hand tightly and interlocked their fingers together as he stared into Xiao Lou’s eyes tenderly. “This time, let’s be real husbands for the rest of our lives in the real world, okay?”

Facing his deep eyes, Xiao Lou’s mouth raised in a smile and he replied seriously, “Yes.”

This life might not be smooth sailing and their work determined that they would often face danger. However, Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang both knew that there was a person who liked them deeply and would always accompany them.

Never leave.

Be each other’s lifelong companions.

[End of Xiao Yu Extras]

Shao Ye extras are next.

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Ahh, hurray, all ends well 🙂 thanks for the translation!

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Help, I need to know more about these two.
The wedding of the Long Qu couple would be the perfect place to announce that they are going to get married too😭 I really want a chapter dedicated to their wedding and also when they tell their teammates about it.

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Black cat
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Shao Qinge has to wait..

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Finally an author who says they are husbands as opposed to the hetero ‘husband and wife’!!! Thank you, dear author. And thank you, dear translator for making it possible for us to read this book xx hope you’re doing well.