CR: Extra Six – Senior Gui Part 1

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou had just started working and happened to have no major criminal cases. The next week, they were both relatively free. Yu Hanjiang took Xiao Lou with him to familiarize themselves with the environment of Jiangzhou.

However, Yu Hanjiang drove Xiao Lou to work with him every morning. Xiao Lou was worried that his colleagues would suspect the relationship between the two of them over time. Therefore, Yu Hanjiang thoughtfully made an excuse. “The place where Xiao lives is only one road away from my house. I picked him up on the way to work.”

Due to Yu Hanjiang’s honest and serious face, their colleagues naturally had no doubts about his explanation.

The two of them got along like ordinary colleagues. Yu Hanjiang used his rich experience of three years and took Xiao to familiarize himself with the work process of a police forensic doctor.

Fast forward one week.

According to the agreement, everyone headed to the spot set by Chu Huaying after work on Friday.

She chose the Taekwondo training center opened by her parents. In order to facilitate everyone’s secret conversation, the training center was completely cleared of all members. Chu Huaying locked the door tightly. Liu Qiao and Ye Qi, the two students, managed to persuade their parents using some reason or another and came as well. All the others in Jiangzhou were present.

Lu Jiuchuan looked at the sandbags in the room and Chu Huaying’s black sportswear. He couldn’t help teasing her. “Huaying was originally a Taekwondo student. I said that even if an average girl’s physical fitness is so strong, she wouldn’t be so flexible.”

Xiao Lou felt that after returning to the real world, Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan were probably the only ones who could beat Chu Huaying in a 1v1 duel.

Liu Qiao’s face was filled with admiration. “Sister Ying, can you teach me some self-defense techniques?”

Chu Huaying nodded happily. “No problem. You can come to me for a personal lesson when you have time later.”

She invited everyone to a lounge and poured them a glass of water before continuing. “After all, we came back from another world. This training room that my dad entrusted to me is very hidden. We don’t have to worry about being overheard by anyone.”

Shao Qingge smiled and gave a thumbs up. “Yes, we can use this place as our temporary stronghold in the future.”

Ye Qi was excited. “It feels more and more like a spy movie now that we’ve meeting in private.”

Everyone looked at each other and laughed.

Those were long-lost laughs. This was their first meeting since leaving the Card World and there was no more pressure to survive.

It was great to be back with so many friends and have so many common topics.

Looking at Ye Qi who was only 16 years old, Shao Qingge couldn’t help touching Ye Qi’s head. “You are quite cute when you are young.”

Ye Qi was angry. “What do you mean by young? I’m not that young, okay?”

Shao Qingge gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. “How are you not young?”

Yu Hanjiang saw that the two guys who often bickered with each other were going to make the topic go off track and immediately said, “The main reason we gathered today is to discuss the issue of Old Gui. What do you think?”

Chu Huaying said, “I have the detailed address of Old Gui in my hand. Mr Tang also found out from the flight ticket that Old Gui came back to Jiangzhou last night. Do you want to visit him directly? Or should I find his contact information and get in touch with him slowly?” She looked at Yu Hanjiang. “You are a police officer so it should be easy to check a person’s contact information, right?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded and put the note with the written phone number on the table. “Now the phone numbers are all real-name systems and the contact information is easy to check. We can call first to explore his tone. I tried to add him as a friend yesterday but he didn’t accept. I think that Senior Gui probably doesn’t remember us.”

Xiao Lou was stunned and looked back at Yu Hanjiang. “You mean that Senior Gui didn’t travel through time like us? The Senior Gui that we are going to face is Senior Gui from three years ago?”

Yu Hanjiang explained. “His identity is a hunter. We cleared the instance but it doesn’t mean that he cleared it. Returning three years ago with our memories is a reward given to challengers by the Card World. I don’t think the same reward will be given to the hunters.”

Ye Qi heard this and couldn’t help scratching his head in a confused manner. “In other words, Senior Gui now has no memory of the next three years or any memory of the Card World? He doesn’t know any of us?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded solemnly. “That’s right.”

Everyone looked at each other.

Yet thinking about it, this might be the most reasonable outcome.

It definitely wasn’t fair to the challengers who had a hard time clearing the instance if all the world’s hunters could retain their memories of the three years.

For example, if ruthless hunters like Cheng Ziyang and Xu Muran also retained their memories and went back to the past, wouldn’t they find trouble with Xiao Lou and the others?

The challengers who passed the level retained their memories and were reborn in the past, changing their fate. The hunters didn’t pass the level and remained in the same state. As long as Xiao Lou didn’t deliberately rescue them, Xu Muran and Cheng Ziyang would still die in three years.

However, if Xiao Lou and the others foresaw the development of the event, these people might be saved.

This was actually quite easy to verify.

Xiao Lou immediately looked at Liu Qiao. “Xiao Liu, does your sister remember the Card World?”

Liu Qiao quickly replied, “In fact, I always tried to find an opportunity to tell you about this. My sister doesn’t remember anything. I tested her many times but she had no idea of the existence of the Card World or anything that will happen in the next three years. She should be my sister of three years ago.”

Lu Jiuchuan frowned slightly. “It seems that OId Gui should be like Liu Ying. He is also a hunter. The time of this world has been reversed by three years by us but we are the only ones with the memories of the next three years.”

Tang Ci seriously said, “This is the biggest reward that the Card World gives to those who pass it.”

They went back three years and had memories of the next three years. There was so much they could do.

For example, Liu Qiao could remember the examination paper three years later and try to get into a better university. Shao Qingge remembered the stocks that would rise in the next three years and his company’s performance would naturally boom. Lu Jiuchuan knew the crisis he would encounter. Tang Ci could know the company’s projects and could avoid many setbacks. Yu Hanjiang even knew the time and the murderer of the criminal cases during the next three years…

This was simply giving them a ‘rebirth cheat’.

In fact, they should’ve discovered this a long time ago. They might not know Gui Yuanzhang’s information but Gui Yuanzhang clearly knew Shao Qingge and Xiao Lou’s phone numbers. If he remembered everything about the Card World, he would call everyone immediately.

Yet until now, none of them had received any messages from Gui Yuanzhang.

They had fought side by side for so long. Everyone felt very uncomfortable at the thought that Gui Yuanzhang didn’t remember them. The room fell silent and the atmosphere was depressed.

Soon, Xiao Lou took a deep breath and said softly, “Perhaps when Senior chose to be a hunter, he was already mentally prepared to be completely obliterated. The current ending… at least he is alive.”

Lu Jiuchuan’s voice was solemn. “Yes, he doesn’t remember those bloody and cruel experiences. It is actually quite good to be a normal person. He is old now. He should retire at home, play chess, fish or do whatever he wants every day while enjoying his old age in peace.”

Enjoying his old age.

Perhaps for Senior Gui, this ending was the best.

Tang Ci suggested in a low voice, “In any case, we have to prevent him from dying of a heart attack. We shouldn’t bring up the Card World in front of him. No matter what, he won’t believe it.”

Xiao Lou agreed. “He might not know us now but Senior Gui’s personality hasn’t changed. We can still slowly become friends with him, right?”

The group felt much better when they heard these words.

The old man still had a heart disease so it would be better to not irritate him. Wouldn’t it be nice to let him enjoy his old age happily? The experience of the Card World was full of hardships but it was also precious. If they remembered people then the memories would last a lifetime. If they didn’t remember the people, they could live a peaceful and stable life.

Everyone looked at each other and nodded in understanding.

Shao Qingge rubbed his temples. “Since this is the case, we can’t rush up to find Senior Gui in a group, right? So many strangers coming to the door might scare Senior Gui to the point where he has a heart attack.”

Everyone, “……”

From Senior Gui’s point of view, it would be a group of strange young people suddenly visiting him. This was actually quite scary.

Yu Hanjiang suggested, “On the premise that he doesn’t know us, he will think we have a mental problem if we bother him and ask him to check his heart. Why don’t we try to find a way for him to get a medical examination?”

Shao Qingge thought about it for a moment before suddenly having an idea. “This is easy to handle. I know many people in the business world and some of them must know Senior Gui’s son. I will approach Senior Gui’s son first and take the initiative to instill the concept of regular medical examinations for the elderly. I will give him a luxury package for a full-body medical examination at a private hospital on behalf of my company and let him take his father for a check-up.”

Xiao Lou added, “I know an expert in cardiology who gets along well with my supervisor. I will contact Professor Sun in advance to help him give Senior Gui a comprehensive examination. If the coronary stenosis isn’t serious, drug intervention can be done in advance or stents can be placed. This way, he won’t have a sudden heart attack in three years.”

Ye Qi couldn’t help applauding. “This method is roundabout enough. This way, Senior Gui won’t suspect us and will obediently take the medical examination.”

Old Mo smiled. “I remember Huaying saying that Senior Gui’s house is about to be renovated, right? I can make a few designs for him for free in the name of my studio to allow him to live more comfortably.”

Long Sen scratched his head. “I don’t seem to be able to help… by the way, does he have any grandchildren? Do they like to play badminton, table tennis, etc? I can teach for free!”

Qu Wanyue nodded. “I don’t know if Senior Gui has a granddaughter but if she wants to learn dance, I can teach it for free.”

Ye Qi exclaimed excitedly, “I can teach musical instruments!”

Liu Qiao stated, “I can tutor children in mathematics, physics and chemistry. My science results have always been good.”

Everyone, “……”

Was this the rhythm of contracting the three generations of Gui Yuanzhang?

However, everyone working together to help Senior Gui felt like they had returned to the time when they worked together to find a way to clear the instance. For everyone here, Senior Gui was an inseparable part of the team. Even if the Gui Yuanzhang from this timeline didn’t remember the next three years of the Card World, no one would give up on him. They would find another way to stay beside their old friend.

At this time, Gui Yuanzhang had just finished eating and he felt a bit stuffy in his chest. He suddenly sneezed three times in a row.

He rubbed his nose doubtfully.

There was a folk saying that if one sneezed continuously, someone was thinking about them.

So… who was thinking about him?

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1 year ago

Why are they so shocked? Wasn’t it already established that Old Gui won’t remember them?

11 months ago

Ain’t that cute? ❤