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CR: Chapter 589

Extra Five - Good Night

Yu Hanjiang was happy when he heard that Xiao Lou wanted to stay. “Go and take a shower first. I will help you get a change of clothes.” He quickly found a set of pajamas from the closet and handed them to Xiao Lou, along with an unopened pair of underwear.

Xiao Lou felt like his fingers were burning as he took the white underwear from Yu Hanjiang’s hand. He hurriedly carried his new clothes to the bathroom and took a few deep breaths before gradually calming his violent heartbeat.

Warm water washed down over the top of his head. The temperature in the bathroom was getting higher and higher and soon a white fog rose in front of his eyes. Xiao Lou scrubbed his body while thinking wildly. His heart accelerated uncontrollably at the thought of them having further intimate contact. He took a long shower before walking out of the bathroom. He lowered his head and said, “I have finished washing. Go wash up.”

Yu Hanjiang raised his head and looked at Xiao Lou. Xiao Lou had just taken a shower and was obviously covered with a clean and refreshing smell. He was full of temptation everywhere. His white skin was almost glowing under the light. The water droplets slid down his slender neck. His delicate collarbone that was revealed was almost criminal.

Yu Hanjiang couldn’t help his Adam’s apple moving. His gaze became deeper and he forcibly controlled his impulse. He walked over to Xiao Lou, gently touched Xiao Lou’s wet hair and said in a hoarse voice, “Why didn’t you blow your hair?”

Xiao Lou coughed softly. “I forgot…”

He was so nervous that he didn’t pay attention to where the hair dryer was.

Yu Hanjiang walked into the bathroom, took out a hair dryer and led Xiao Lou to the sofa to sit down. “I will help you.”

Xiao Lou wanted to blow it himself but he was too embarrassed to object when he met this person’s deep gaze. He just sat quietly on the sofa. Yu Hanjiang turned on the power, held the hair dryer in one hand and helped Xiao Lou tidy his hair with the other. The man’s slender and powerful fingers gently moved between his hair and inadvertently touched the skin on the side of Xiao Lou’s ear, causing Xiao Lou’s back to tremble slightly.

It was the first time someone took care of him so considerately. He wasn’t used to it but he was comfortable being taken care of by Yu Hanjiang…

Xiao Lou chased away the chaotic thoughts in his head. He closed his eyes and his heart was beating like a drum.

His hair was very short. Yu Hanjiang dried it in two minutes. After blowing it, he thoughtfully combed Xiao Lou’s hair with his fingers and said softly, “Okay.”

Xiao Lou instinctively said, “Thank you.”

Yu Hanjiang leaned over and kissed his forehead. “You are still being polite with your boyfriend.”

Xiao Lou’s heart was beating hard and he didn’t dare to look directly into Yu Hanjiang’s eyes. Yu Hanjiang didn’t continue to make any intimate movements. He got up to put away the hair dryer and shouted to Xiao Lou from the bathroom, “I’ll take a shower first. The TV remote control is on the living room table. If you are bored, turn on the TV and watch for a while.”

Xiao Lou responded positively, found the remote control and casually turned to the movie channel to take a look.

After a while, Yu Hanjiang finished taking a shower and walked out of the bathroom. He came to the living room and found Xiao Lou on the sofa, holding a beige pillow in his arms and seriously watching TV. The light of the living room softly sprinkled on Xiao Lou. The originally empty and cold living room immediately became warm and vivid due to Xiao Lou’s existence.

This simple scene made Yu Hanjiang think of the saying ‘it is better to live a quiet and peaceful life’.

This house finally felt like a ‘home’.

How lucky would he be to spend the rest of his life with Xiao Lou?

Yu Hanjiang’s lips rose in an uncontrollable smile. He poured two cups of warm water and walked to the living room. He sat down next to Xiao Lou and handed him a cup. “Drink some water.”

Xiao Lou took the cup and smiled. “Why do you even have to buy couple cups?”

There was a black and white couple’s mug with the same pattern for drinking water, beige and gray couple cups for brushing teeth, not to mention the couple slippers, couple bath towels, couple pajamas…

It seemed that Yu Hanjiang wanted to popularize the ‘couple series’ to every corner of the house.

Unexpectedly, the always serious Group Leader Yu understood the mood of life.

Yu Hanjiang saw Xiao Lou’s smiling eyes and gently wrapped an arm around his shoulders, replying solemnly, “Aren’t we lovers? The daily necessities should naturally be a couple set.”

Xiao Lou, “……”

He was unable to refute it and kept drinking water.

Yu Hanjiang saw the way he drank water and had a dry mouth. Xiao Lou’s lips still had traces of water. Yu Hanjiang took a deep breath to control the urge to kiss him and asked softly, “Are you still watching?”

Xiao Lou saw it was already 11 o’clock and said, “I won’t watch any longer. There aren’t any good movies.”

Yu Hanjiang turned off the TV. “Then rest.”

Xiao Lou let out a hum and followed him to the bedroom. Yu Hanjiang closed the door smoothly with his hand.

The bed was very large. Yu Hanjiang naturally lifted the quilt on the side and lay down. The man occupied half the bed. He half lay against the head of the bed. His clothes were unbuttoned at will and revealed half of his honey-colored chest. The room was instantly flooded with sexy hormones.

Xiao Lou stood by the bed with a tense back. His heart was beating so fast that it almost jumped out of his chest. His mind was a mess as it was filled with shameful scenes.

Yu Hanjiang saw that he wasn’t moving and couldn’t help reaching out his hand with a smile. “Come here.”

Xiao Lou’s brain was wooden. He was like a robot who had the start button pressed. He slowly walked over.

Yu Hanjiang grabbed his hand and pulled with slight force. Xiao Lou unexpectedly fell into Yu Hanjiang’s arms.

Immediately after that, Yu Hanjiang turned over neatly and pressed Xiao Lou under him.

Xiao Lou’s vision swirled. By the time his mind returned, he found that the two of them had fallen onto the soft bed in an extremely ambiguous posture. Xiao Lou struggled but failed to break free from Yu Hanjiang’s strong restraint. His cheeks instantly turned red. “What are you doing…?”

Yu Hanjiang leaned over and whispered into his ear, “I didn’t expect that our Professor Xiao would be so shy.”

Xiao Lou, “……”

Are you going to pounce so openly?

Xiao Lou felt even more embarrassed after hearing Yu Hanjiang’s ridicule. His concept was somewhat conservative. The two of them had been worried about survival every day after confirming their feelings in the Card World. Until now, he and Yu Hanjiang had only gone on one date. He always felt that things should be done gradually and slowly…

As a result, he agreed to live together so quickly and rolled onto a bed.

Xiao Lou was an adult and knew very well what ‘staying tonight’ meant. He had agreed so he was too embarrassed to regret it at this time…

Yu Hanjiang’s heart fluttered when he saw Xiao Lou’s red cheeks. This type of Xiao Lou was different from the Professor Xiao, who usually had good manners and was gentle. Xiao Lou might be frank in his relationship but he was also shy. He had no idea how tempting such a self was.

Yu Hanjiang couldn’t help gulping. However, he sensed the tension in Xiao Lou’s body and was reluctant to force him. It was indeed an unexpected decision to let Xiao Lou stay and Xiao Lou definitely wasn’t mentally prepared. Besides, he had bought many household items today but he forgot to buy lubr*cant. He didn’t want Xiao Lou’s first time to be too painful and to leave a bad impression. Moreover, having a direct relationship the first time he let a person stay at his house seemed too disrespectful to Xiao Lou.

Yu Hanjiang forcibly suppressed the impulse to eat Xiao Lou dry and turned over. He gently took Xiao Lou into his arms and whispered, “Don’t be so nervous. I’m not an animal who only thinks with my lower body. Tonight, I just want to sleep with you.”

Xiao Lou was visibly relieved and his body gradually relaxed.

Yu Hanjiang adjusted his posture. He let Xiao Lou lean into his arms and helped Xiao Lou with the quilt.

Xiao Lou was silent for a moment. Then he groped under the covers and gently held Yu Hanjiang’s hand.

Yu Hanjiang was preparing to sleep when his hand was gently held by Xiao Lou. He glanced sideways and happened to meet Xiao Lou’s gaze. At such a close distance, he could almost clearly see the other person’s long and thick eyelashes. Xiao Lou blushed and looked away while saying softly, “I’m just not used to sleeping in the same bed suddenly. I didn’t mean to reject you. Let me get used to it, okay?”

Yu Hanjiang held his fingers. “I know.”

Xiao Lou was relieved. Yu Hanjiang turned to look at Xiao Lou seriously and explained, “It isn’t easy for us to have a chance to start over. I’m afraid that such a beautiful day is just an illusion so I couldn’t wait to live with you. I want to see you first thing every day when I wake up so I can feel you are real beside me, not just a dream.”

They had gone through too much so they would indeed be more worried about losing the other person.

Xiao Lou was in the same mood. He always felt like it was a dream.

Xiao Lou’s heart was sore as he was watched by the other person’s gentle gaze. He remembered the treasure of this path. The two of them had almost died several times in another world. It wasn’t easy to regain a new life. Wasn’t staying with Yu Hanjiang every day also his wish?

Yu Hanjiang still wanted to speak but Xiao Lou took the initiative to lean over and gently kissed his lips.

The man’s back stiffened and the arm holding Xiao Lou instantly tightened.

Xiao Lou’s kiss was much more active than before. He learned from Yu Hanjiang’s movements and was jerky but gentle. Yu Hanjiang’s breathing gradually became urgent. Their chests were close together and their hearts seemed to beat at the same frequency.

Yu Hanjiang really couldn’t stand Xiao Lou who took the initiative like this. He fiercely pulled Xiao Lou into his arms and kissed him deeply.

The kiss was so passionate that it almost melted the other person. It lasted for a long time until Yu Hanjiang reluctantly stopped. His voice was so hoarse that it could hardly be heard. “Xiao Lou, I love you.”

Xiao Lou took the initiative to reach out and hug the man tightly. He said softly, “I love you too.”

Yu Hanjiang tightened his embrace. The two people hugged each other tightly and listened to the other person’s heartbeat while countless strong emotions surged in their hearts. In the end, they all turned into the happiness of being able to be with each other.

Neither of them spoke again and quietly enjoyed the warmth of this moment.

A long time passed before Yu Hanjiang gently shook Xiao Lou’s hand and told him softly, “From now on, we’ll officially live together. If I don’t do something right in the future, bring it up. Don’t hide it in your heart when you are angry, okay?”

Xiao Lou’s heart warmed and he nodded seriously. “Yes.”

He thought that no one’s boyfriend could do better than Yu Hanjiang. No matter whether it was being considerate and thoughtful in life or respecting Xiao Lou’s ideas, he had achieved the ultimate gentleness and tolerance…

Xiao Lou once again leaned over and kissed the corner of Yu Hanjiang’s lips. “Sleep. Good night.”

The serious goodnight kiss warmed Yu Hanjiang’s heart and the hand placed on Xiao Lou’s waist couldn’t help tightening slightly. “Good night.”

Every night after this, he would let Xiao Lou sleep peacefully in his arms. Every morning, he would see Xiao Lou first thing when he woke up. For him, this was the simplest happiness.

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