CR: Chapter 583

Chapter 583 – The Final Battle

Lu Jiuchuan was covering him from the side and Yu Hanjiang destroyed all the surveillance. The moment when the surveillance was destroyed, Yu Hanjiang pressed down on his earpiece and told his teammates, “Go!”

The team members hiding in the distance rushed over quickly and everyone surrounded Xu Muran’s residence.

At this time, Xu Muran’s house had 14 hunters gathered. Apart from Xue Qing who was stunned by Shao Qingge, the remaining six were all solved by the trio of Chu, Shao and Ye on the outskirts.

Xu Muran declared with a calm face, “Action!”

He immediately turned on the card skill shielding. For the next five minutes, all skill-type cards were disabled. It meant that Xiao Lou’s summoning cards were useless.

A huge metal net fell around the house, followed by a torrential rain of sharp arrows!

This was the Inescapable Net card used by hunters to catch people and the Arrow Rain large-scale shooting. They had appeared before in the K secret room and Xiao Lou had long been on guard against them. The moment he saw the giant net and sharp arrows, he immediately threw Old Mo’s Solid Wood Flooring into the air.

Solid Wood Flooring was a tool card and wasn’t affected by the skill shielding.

The huge wooden plank formed a barrier similar to a ‘ceiling’ in the air. It blocked the metal net and the first wave of sharp arrows.

Xiao Lou put the wooden board above his head and escorted his teammates into Xu Muran’s residence.

Chu Huaying and Shao Qingge were the most agile. Shao Qingge directly climbed up the wall next to him and reached the roof in the blink of an eye. Chu Huaying jumped, rolled through the window and rushed into the house.

Lu Jiuchuan held a sharp sword while Yu Hanjiang held a sharp saber in his left hand and a pistol in his right hand. The two people covered each other. It was simply a god killing a god and Buddha killing Buddha.

The two hunters who were ambushing on the first floor secretly set up firearms in the shadows. Before they could pull the trigger, they were quickly solved by Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang, who acted like the wind.

As they reached the second floor, Shao Qingge and Chu Huaying also rushed in from the roof and window respectively.

Yet the moment the four people entered the second floor, they found there was no one present.

The hunters also used the invisibility skills.

Then a white crystal ball floated in the middle of the room that could illuminate all invisible targets in range.

The four of them entered the room and there was the sound of gunfire around them!

The four of them rolled on the spot almost reflexively and countless bullets grazed past their ears. Shao Qingge wasn’t good at dealing with a gunfight. His shoulder was shot twice and blood flowed. Fortunately, he was the bug king and the wound healed rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Yu Hanjiang’s voice was solemn. “Be careful!”

This was part of Xu Muran’s Plan B.

The moment they appeared, turn on the skill shielding and place the white crystal ball in advance to illuminate their bodies. Meanwhile, the hunters hid in the shadows and held weapons to ambush them.

The card skills were blocked so group attack and control skills couldn’t be used. In addition, Xiao Lou’s teleportation skill was restricted and they couldn’t be transferred collectively.

There were more hunters than them.

The hunters were invisible while they were illuminated by the crystal ball.

The enemy was in the dark while they were in the light. The situation suddenly became tense.

Yu Hanjiang reacted extremely quickly and immediately gave a reminder. “Xiao Lou, don’t come up first. Senior Gui, seal the stairs!”

Xiao Lou, Gui Yuanzhang, Tang Ci and Ye Qi stopped where they were on the first floor.

Gui Yuanzhang released his inkstone and directly sealed the entrance of the stairs.

There was only this staircase between the first floor and second floor. As long as the staircase was sealed, it was impossible for the hunters on the second floor to run down and injure Xiao Lou’s group of four. Yu Hanjiang did this to prevent his teammates who weren’t good at fighting from encountering this trap, as well as to prevent Xu Muran and the hunters from going downstairs to escape while invisible.

However, in this way, four people had to face the attack of 16 hunters!

The sound of gunfire continued and Yu Hanjiang quickly thought of countermeasures while dodging.

He suddenly remembered what happened a long time ago in 3 of Spades.

That time, they and their opponents were invisible. However, Xiao Lou said that the invisibility cloak only made people invisible to each other. The other person’s body still existed. They could have physical collisions and be injured as usual. Therefore, Xiao Lou took out the compass and drew many rings. He had the rings fall from the ceiling and there were obviously people in the place where the rigs were blocked.

He just needed something that could collide with the hunters and Yu Hanjiang could lock onto the hunter’s position.

Yu Hanjiang reacted quickly and immediately took out a card that Xiao Lou had given him when they first met.

Folding Paper.

It was just an A-grade tool card and was a one-time card. It could be folded into any shape and the folded shape would be enlarged by many times and turned into the real thing. It could even be used to fold an airplane or ship.

Time was limited. Yu Hanjiang hid his hands behind his back and folded the paper into the shape of many cotton balls at a very fast speed.

He threw out the cotton balls in his hand. The cotton that was thrown out was immediately multiplied by dozens of times and almost filled the entire room.

For a moment, cotton wool drifted around like snow.

The bodies of the invisible hunters were still in this room. They made contact with the cotton and the cotton clearly showed the outline of their bodies.

Xu Muran simply wanted to curse.

He knew that Xiao Lou’s group had many strange cards so he opened the skill shielding in the hopes of letting the well-trained hunters ambush in the darkness, relying on various knives and guns to kill this group of people at once.

As a result, Yu Hanjiang inexplicably conjured up a bunch of cotton?!

Lu Jiuchuan, Shao Qingge and Chu Huaying saw this scene and immediately understood Yu Hanjiang’s intentions.

Chu Huaying was the first to rush out.

There was a person not far in front of her. She couldn’t see the other person’s face clearly but the cotton helped frame the other person’s body. Chu Huaying’s left hand waved the cotton away from her while the spider dagger in her right hand was fast and fierce. This person hadn’t managed to struggle out of the cotton balls when he was stabbed through the chest by Chu Huaying!

There were also three people around Lu Jiuchuan who were surrounding him. The sword in Lu Jiuchuan’s hand stabbed quickly. The blade penetrated the cotton ball and directly cut the throat of one person.

Previously, Yu Hanjiang couldn’t see the location of the hunters. Now with the help of the cotton, the outline of the hunters was revealed. He held the gun in his right hand and fired several shots in a row. Everywhere the bullet went, blood spurted out. Even the surrounding cotton was stained red with blood.

The disadvantage just now was reversed in an instant.

The hunters were surrounded by cotton. Their hands and feet were tied up and their vision blurred. The presence of a large amount of cotton deflected 80% of the bullets fired. Yu Hanjiang, Lu Jiuchuan and Chu Huaying dodged easier than before and none of them were injured. Meanwhile, Shao Qingge was still in the bug king state and his body could heal quickly when he was shot.

The hunters might be well supplied with guns and ammunition but Yu Hanjiang’s reaction was extremely fast and his hearing was sharp. He could roll alertly to avoid each bullet aimed at him. Lu Jiuchuan had also gone through professional training. He sometimes rolled and sometimes moved sideways. As he hid, he could kill others with the sword in his hand.

Chu Huaying had the quickest movements. She moved like the wind and they were unable to lock onto her position at all. As for Shao Qingge… he was the bug king and wasn’t afraid of anything. He directly rushed over to fight the hunters head-on.

The presence of cotton in the room made the four of them move like fish in water.

Xiao Lou on the first floor listened attentively and the sound of gunshots above his head was incessant. It sounded particularly fierce and his heart was in his throat. He was afraid that Hanjiang would accidentally be hit by random bullets.

Fortunately, he and Lu Jiuchuan were connected with Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings. He could clearly perceive the tension of Brother Jiu at the beginning and the relaxation now. Hanjiang actually folded paper into cotton to deal with the hunters. Thankfully, he figured it out with his ability.

The fierce gun battle lasted around five minutes. Half of the hunters in ambush on the second floor were eliminated and the cotton in the house was almost dyed red with blood.

Xu Muran saw this scene and his eyes widened.

The original plan to ambush and sneak attack completely fell through. His expression sank and he ordered, “Withdraw!”

At almost the moment he finished speaking, the five minute duration of the skill shielding had ended.

Xu Muran and the others in the house collectively disappeared.

Xiao Lou hurriedly said, “Liu Qiao, Teacher Qu, pay attention to the back road and don’t let them run!”

Yu Hanjiang had arranged for Liu Qiao’s group of four to lie in ambush in the west in advance and put down Li Qingzhao’s mark. It was because the west of the oasis town had an area that specialized in raising camels and the road led into the depths of the desert. Xiao Lou guessed that there might be a means of transportation for the hunters among the camel. If Xu Muran wanted to run, the road to the west was the most suitable one.

After hearing Xiao Lou’s words, Qu Wanyue immediately opened the marker teleportation.

Everyone instantly appeared at the marked point on the west side of the town.

At almost the same time, there was a loud bang from the two-storey building in the distance. The people who heard the explosion felt a lingering fear. Who would’ve imagined that Xu Muran had actually buried so many explosives in the place where he lived?

He simply blew up his own residence before leaving. If it wasn’t for Xiao Lou’s advanced layout and timely transportation, Xiao Lou’s group would be blown to pieces!

Ye Qi had never encountered such an exciting scene before. Bullets flew randomly and the explosives were enough to destroy the world. The distant fire and smoke almost flooded the town. As he remembered Xue Qing, who had been knocked unconscious by Chief Shao, Ye Qi took a deep breath to stabilize his heartbeat and said in a trembling voice, “This Xu Muran really doesn’t care about the life or death of his companions. He actually blew up the entire town!”

Xiao Lou quickly adjusted his mood and told his teammates, “Guard the last road.”

Old Mo replied, “Rest assured, it has been arranged.”

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1 year ago

they’ve finally used folding paper! i actually thought the author forgot about it

but at the same time it’s kind of comical to imagine group leader yu seriously and quickly doing origami behind his back (making cotton??) during such a tense moment

excitedly presses next chapter