CR: Chapter 517

Liu Qiao leapt all the way using the light footwork card. Old Mo was the size of a thumb and stayed in her pocket. The direction of the two of them was exactly opposite that of Qu Wanyue. After moving for five or six minutes, Liu Qiao became keenly aware of four black shadows that appeared on the ground.

The dark shadows flashed like ghosts and the speed was alarmingly fast. The nearby hunters must be tracking them.

Liu Qiao immediately reported the situation to Xiao Lou using the earpiece code.

She had just finished tapping on the earpiece when a tornado suddenly blew beside her.

For a time, the surrounding buildings were all destroyed by the strong wind. Flowers and plants were uprooted and the bricks on the ground also lifted into the air. The messy tiles swirled wildly as the center of the black tornado swept fiercely toward Liu Qiao. This was like a scene from a doomsday blockbuster!

It was the first time that Old Mo had seen this terrible tornado. It was conceivable that their bodies would be quickly turned to shreds once they were involved in the center of the storm. Old Mo hurriedly said, “Xiao Liu, run!”

Liu Qiao took a deep breath and leaped upwards. She instantly rose to an altitude of nearly 100 meters.

The tornado almost rubbed against the soles of her feet. Liu Qiao’s shoes fell toward the center of the storm and instantly shattered into debris.

Liu Qiao was frightened and continued to fly high in the air. The highest vertical distance that her light footwork card could reach was one kilometer. However, the light footwork card needed her to find a landing point within 10 seconds. She could only continue to fly after stepping on a landing point. It was just that there was no landing point in the air. Once the 10 seconds were up, she would immediately fall to her death.

She would definitely be turned into meat sauce if she fell from such a high position.

Liu Qiao was very anxious in her heart. “Uncle Mo, I can’t find a landing point in the air. You have to find a way as soon as possible!”

Old Mo had an idea and took out his marble brick card. He said, “I will throw the marble into the air to make an air bridge. Then you can use it as a foothold.”

Liu Qiao’s eyes lit up. “Good idea!”

The most flexible part about Old Mo’s marble bricks was that it could be fixed in a specified position in any environment and in any method. It could be used to cross a river or placed vertically. Now he threw the marble directly and made a foothold in the air. Liu Qiao could continue to use the light footwork card as long as there were marble bricks to help her.

There were hundreds of marble bricks and one was thrown every 10 seconds. Liu Qiao flexibly used the bricks to fly and they would be able to fly in the air for at least 10 minutes.

The hunters following them on the ground gradually turned into black spots and the tornado couldn’t keep up. Old Mo was slightly relieved and asked, “That was the hunter you mentioned before that can control the tornado?”

Liu Qiao nodded. “Yes, the last time I met him, there was a young man with a crystal ball and a woman with a knife beside him. I don’t know who is partnered with him this time.”

She paused before pressing on the earpiece and saying to Xiao Lou, “Professor Xiao, Uncle Mo and I are flying in the air and temporarily lost them. There were four people chasing us. How is it going over there?”

Xiao Lou replied softly, “My side is fine. You should pay attention to your own safety.”

He didn’t tell Liu Qiao the real situation at present so that Liu Qiao wouldn’t be worried.

Xiao Liu’s report relieved Xiao Lou a lot. He knew that Liu Qiao wouldn’t be trapped so quickly based on her adaptability. Liu Qiao and Old Mo had led away four hunters and Yu Hanjiang had just killed three… If the number of hunters was equal to the number of challengers then there were five hunters remaining.

Yu Hanjiang sensed Xiao Lou’s thoughts and said in his mind, “Let’s suppose there are 12 hunters. Four of them are chasing Xiao Liu, three are already dead and the remaining five are all likely to be in this dark alley. This should be concentrating their efforts to solve the two of us first. That is why the girl with the umbrella suddenly pulled us into this absolute domain.”

The absolute domain was an enclosed space and their teammates couldn’t support them. 2 against 5 was a real disadvantage. In addition, the girl holding the oil paper umbrella had many illusion cards in her hand. Once the illusions were released and her teammates attacked with her, Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang would be in a desperate situation.

What to do?

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang were back to back and looked around alertly.

As expected, a large number of green vines suddenly appeared from the ground. The scene was exactly the same as the illusion they saw in the alley last time.

Illusions could be ignored because they didn’t hurt people.

Even so, Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang didn’t dare to be careless at all.

Yu Hanjiang decisively used his saber to slash at the vines that were heading toward their feet. He acted in a lightning fast manner and cut at all the surrounding dark green vines. To his surprise, the vines were actually cut. A large amount of dark green liquid appeared from the area. The green liquid splashed around onto the back of his hand and there was a stinging sensation as strong as being burned by fire.

Xiao Lou was shocked and immediately warned through their connection, “Be careful, the vines are poisonous!”

Yu Hanjiang’s right hand holding the saber was accidentally covered with the green poison and the skin on the back of his hand was turning black and rotting at a speed visible to the naked eye. Yu Hanjiang frowned with pain but remained silent. Xiao Lou knew that Yu Hanjiang had always been strong and he wouldn’t say it aloud no matter how much it hurt. It was just that the flesh on the back of his hand was smelting gradually and bones were about to be seen…

Such pain wasn’t something that ordinary people could endure!

Yu Hanjiang’s hand would become completely useless if the skin continued to rot further.

Xiao Lou was extremely distressed but now wasn’t the time to feel emotional. He took a deep breath, calmed himself down and said in his mind, “Back up, I have a way!”

Yu Hanjiang protected Xiao Lou and quickly backed away. The vines crawled nimbly on the ground and chased after them. The vines were just about to wrap around their feet when Xiao Lou summoned Bai Juyi.

He used the additional skill three, ‘Song of Everlasting Regret’. Once this skill was used, it would stop all targets within a radius of 30 meters and stop any form of attack for 15 seconds. The duration might be very short but Bai Juyi’s group control skill didn’t distinguish between targets. No matter whether it was a plant, animal or person, they had to stop when they heard the words of Song of Everlasting Regret.

Sure enough, all the vines on the ground stopped the moment the skill was used.

Xiao Lou immediately summoned Lu Yu.

The tea saint Lu Yu could brew a few cups of tea. Once given to a teammate, it would remove all negative effects from the body. Xiao Lou took a cup of tea and handed it to Yu Hanjiang. Yu Hanjiang didn’t hesitate to drink it. The tea smelled fragrant and the pain from the back of his hand disappeared instantly.

Yu Hanjiang’s brow relaxed slightly and he said in a low voice, “I’m fine.”

Xiao Lou looked at the blackened wound and was relieved when he found that it was no longer rotting. He spoke through their connection, “The poison of the vines can corrode people’s bodies. Don’t cut them again. This time, the vines aren’t an illusion. It should be a hunter’s card. There will be a time limit to the skill as long as it is a card. We just need to avoid it and drag out the time.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Understood.”

This was such a powerful attack card that the effect time wouldn’t be too long. Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou had the light footwork card so dodging them wasn’t a problem. It was just that using a weapon to cut them was an instinctive approach. If Xiao Lou hadn’t reacted quickly then Yu Hanjiang’s hand really would’ve been ruined.

The rotten part on the back of his hand needed Chief Shao’s Bug King card to completely heal it. Fortunately, it had been detoxified now and he couldn’t feel any pain. Yu Hanjiang retracted his hand and said in his mind, “I noticed a pattern. The illusion released by the umbrella girl was exactly the same as the vines just now. It is likely that her illusion card is to copy and reproduce the skills of her teammates’ cards.”

Xiao Lou frowned and pondered on it before agreeing. “It makes sense. She attacked us that day with the crows, vines and female ghosts. I wondered how she had so many illusion cards. It all makes sense if her card is to recreate the card skills she has seen as an illusion.”

This was similar to Brother Jiu’s mask card except that his card was to copy a face he had seen. The hunter’s illusion card was likely to copy the skills she saw and reproduce them as an illusion.

If so, this person was even more difficult to deal with.

True or false, false or true, who would be able to tell it was the real card skill or an illusion she copied?

Xiao Lou thought about it carefully before suddenly saying, “The key to the illusion lies in the confusion of people’s five senses, especially their vision. If we can’t see anything, we won’t be confused, right?”

Yu Hanjiang quickly understood what he meant. “You mean, close our eyes and don’t look? Then what should we do if the other party actually attacks us?”

Xiao Lou explained, “Some of my cards can choose the target to use the skill on. I can judge their specific location after the skill release. You are connected to me using Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings. As long as my card releases the skill, you will immediately know the direction of the target and shoot at that side.”

Yu Hanjiang pondered on Xiao Lou’s suggestion. It was equivalent to Xiao Lou giving him guidance while he was responsible for blind sniping. It would be a great harvest if he could hit the hunter. Even if he didn’t hit the person, he could force them to retreat. After all, most cards needed to be in range to be released. If the hunter wanted to attack them, the hunter would have to be within 100 meters.

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Try it.”

The two of them communicated using their mind connection so the hunters couldn’t hear them. At this time, the vines had been chasing them for a full three minutes. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang didn’t cut at the vines but jumped and evaded quickly with the light footwork card. Yu Hanjiang was agile and the vines couldn’t trap them.

Finally, all the vines on the ground disappeared. It was obvious that the time limit of the skill had been used up.

Xiao Lou’s soft voice was heard in his mind. “Don’t look at what is going on around you. Calm down and concentrate.”

Yu Hanjiang closed his eyes and became highly focused.

The surroundings were completely quiet and there were no chaotic thoughts in his mind. Only the perception from Xiao Lou was left. It was as if there were only the two of them left in the entire world and their souls were connected to each other, as if their souls were one.

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou’s hearts were incomparably calm.

As long as he was with this person, what was to fear even if they died? They had already died once in reality, hadn’t they? In addition, the other person was thinking the same thing as himself.

The corners of Yu Hanjiang’s lips curved up slightly. “I’m ready.”

The next moment, a large number of crows appeared around them. The harsh cries were heard in their ears.

This scene was also an illusion they had seen last time in the alley. At that time, Liu Qiao used Elsa’s freezing skill to resolve the crows and finally found that the crows were just an illusion.

The two of them no longer cared if it was an illusion or not.

If they didn’t look then they didn’t know what was going on around them. They just needed to pay attention to each other’s consciousness.

Xiao Lou summoned Lu Yu.

The skill Tea Fragrance Overflows made all hostile targets within 500 meters smell the fresh fragrance of tea. They would stop attacking and sit down to drink tea. The crows were affected by the aroma of tea and rushed to the ground to find tea.

If a hunter wanted to release a skill, they mostly had to be within 500 meters, which was also the range of Lu Yu’s skills. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang couldn’t see where the hunters were due to environmental reasons but Lu Yu was a summoning card and his skills were automatically released. As long as the other person wasn’t invisible, he could see them!

Therefore, Lu Yu also fed a cup of tea to a hunter in range.

Xiao Lou was the card user and soon noticed that a cup of tea had been sent into the distance by Lu Yu. He said in his mind, “The southeast direction at an angle of 15 degrees. There is a person who is affected and is drinking tea.”

Yu Hanjiang heard the voice in his head and immediately set up the sniper rifle.

His sniper rifle had a maximum range of 500 meters. It might be dark and it was impossible to open the scope to see the exact location of the opponent, but Xiao Lou had already reported the precise direction and angle.

Yu Hanjiang narrowed his eyes, aimed the muzzle at a 15 degree angle to the southeast and neatly pulled the trigger.

A bullet shot through the air. Yu Hanjiang had used a silencer so there was only a light sound in the dark alley as if the bullet had hit flesh and blood. Immediately afterward, the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground reached Xiao Lou’s ears.

This time it definitely wasn’t an illusion.

Xiao Lou excitedly exclaimed, “A success!”

Use the effect of a wide ranged card to control the hunters hiding in the darkness and determine the position of the target that was controlled by the card skill. After Yu Hanjiang got the message from their mind connection, he immediately shot accurately. The two of them cooperated seamlessly. Even if Yu Hanjiang couldn’t see the location of the target, he used Lu Yu’s skill and Xiao Lou’s information transmission to kill the other person with precision.

Partially proofread: Paranoid Kitten

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1 year ago

Wow……the tactic really creative. In fighting scene, I will never imagine there will be a serving tea time in intense battle field and and being followed by a shot from sniper! Nice kill. Hope the hunter really die though.

1 year ago

Getting snipped by a man who has his eyes closed. Ain’t no way you’re recovering from that, physically and mentally, pride crushed

1 year ago

Getting sniped while forced to have tea in the middle of a battle, lololol, our protags sure have cruel means lolol

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Hunters, forced to listen to a song and drink tea: 🤡