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CR: Chapter 516

Chapter 516 – The Way to Leave the Secret Room

Halfway there, Yu Hanjiang heard the sound of blades clashing not far away. He frowned and hid in the shadows while hurrying toward the place where the sound came from.

The moment he arrived at the scene, he saw a sight that almost made his heart stop beating.

He saw the chains of a woman’s hand surrounding Xiao Lou like a snake, a man shooting poisonous needles at Xiao Lou and a black-clad youth with a long sword quickly intercepting the chains and poisonous needles.

Yu Hanjiang recognized that it was Xiao Yu with one glance.

Xiao Yu was agile as a top swordsman and the snow-white sword almost created an airtight barrier that blocked the woman’s chains and poisonous needles. The two hunters couldn’t hurt Xiao Lou for a while.

Then at this moment, a black shadow rushed out from the side like the wind.

Before Xiao Lou could see the identity of the other person, he saw the flash of the sword in front of his eyes. Xiao Yu suddenly groaned and blood spurted out from him like an open faucet, splashing all over the ground!

The blood made Xiao Lou’s heart tightened and he hurriedly turned back. “Xiao Yu!”

Xiao Yu was stabbed in the chest by a knife but his mission of ‘protecting his brother’ kept him from putting down the sword in his hand. He used his last breath to abruptly turn around and stab the woman who attacked him.

Xiao Yu’s long sword was as fast as lightning. The woman was caught off guard and there was no time to dodge. Her throat was stabbed by his sword!

The woman’s neck had a bloody hole and she fell straight down in front of Xiao Yu with wide eyes. Immediately after that, Xiao Yu could no longer support himself and fell to one knee.

The hunters on the roof saw this scene and hurriedly attacked. Silver needles fell toward Xiao Lou like a rainstorm while four chains completely sealed off Xiao Lou’s retreat.

At this moment, there were suddenly two gunshots in their ears!

Yu Hanjiang was still some distance away from Xiao Lou. He hid in the darkness and saw the location of the two people in the moonlight.

He decisively took out a long range sniper rifle, opened the scope and narrowed his eyes to fire two shots at the roof!

The woman holding the chain was shot through the heart in an instant. Her body rolled down the roof and the four chains fell from her hands to the ground with a harsh sound. Xiao Lou saw the situation and hurriedly rolled on the spot, dangerously dodging the silver needles.

The man with the poisonous needles had a chimney right next to him. He nimbly moved sideways and Yu Hanjiang’s bullet only wounded his arm. There was blood on his arm and the man quickly realized that something was wrong and hurriedly covered the wound. He used his other hand to hold the kite and flew quickly into the sky, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Yu Hanjiang quickly stepped forward.

Xiao Lou was in shock while Xiao Yu had already fallen into a pool of blood.

His face was pale as he called out softly, “Brother.”

Xiao Lou felt a pang in his chest and he hurriedly took Xiao Yu’s hand. In his dim vision, Xiao Yu saw Yu Hanjiang approaching Xiao Lou and he seemed to be relieved. The long sword fell to the ground with a thud. “I can’t.. protect you any longer. You have to… take care…”

After saying this, he closed his eyes in Xiao Lou’s arms with peace of mind.

Xiao Lou’s voice was a bit choked up. “Xiao Yu?”

The young man’s body in his arms gradually became cold. Xiao Lou’s hands kept shaking. Xiao Yu might not be his own brother and was just a younger brother from a secret room, but Xiao Lou still had a clear and complete memory of that world in his mind.

He remembered that Xiao Yu always loved following behind him when he was a child and called him ‘Brother’ in a soft voice. He remembered that Xiao Yu was always full of injuries when he learned martial arts and needed Xiao Lou’s help to bandage him or that Xiao Yu was always protective of Xiao Lou when he grew up. He was worried that Yu Hanjiang would bully Xiao Lou and went against Yu Hanjiang everywhere…

The Xiao Yu of that world assisted them in solving the case and became Xiao Lou’s summoning card. He always followed Xiao Lou and automatically came out to protect his brother when Xiao Lou encountered fatal danger.

Now Xiao Yu had completed the task of protecting his brother… and left Xiao Lou forever.

Xiao Lou felt like his heart was stabbed as he watched the young man in his arms gradually turn into a ball of light and disappear completely. He couldn’t say a single word.

At that time, he separated from Yu Hanjiang and originally felt that he would be safe from death with Xiao Yu protecting him. He could let Yu Hanjiang handle the remaining hunters and it was killing two birds with one stone.

He had no idea that Xiao Yu would be attacked by a third hunter and even lose his life.

This card mechanism was special. Once dead, Xiao Yu could no longer appear… he would never see his brother again.

Yu Hanjiang gently stretched out his arms and pulled Xiao Lou into his arms. “Don’t be sad. This Xiao Yu is just a copy made by the keepers to protect you. He fulfilled his mission. The real Xiao Yu has always been in the world of 8 of Hearts, remember? In that world, we lived to be over 80 years old. Xiao Yu got married and had children.”

The familiar body temperature from Yu Hanjiang made Xiao Lou quickly calm down.

He was right. Xiao Lou felt a bit sad about seeing his brother die in front of him but this was indeed a card. The real Xiao Yu had always been in the world of 8 of Hearts.

Real and false things in the Card World were sometimes really difficult to distinguish.

Xiao Lou took a deep breath. By the time he got up, his face had already returned to a calm look. He asked with concern, “How was your side? What about the two hunters?”

“The boy called Xiao Qi was shot to death by me while the other one escaped. However, I didn’t find the Magnetic Field Shielding card in his hand. The card seems to have been transferred.”

The cards had also been transferred after the death of the hunters in the Q secret room and this result was expected by Xiao Lou. He frowned and said, “So we have resolved three hunters so far?”

The teenager killed by Yu Hanjiang, the woman with a knife that Xiao Yu killed and the woman with chains that Yu Hanjiang sniped from a distance… three hunters had already died.

It was just that the hunters didn’t seem to be afraid of death. It wasn’t known if they were like challengers and had a chance to go to the Nightmare Room to restart after the mission failed.

Yu Hanjiang nodded and asked, “Yes, there are three dead and there should be nine left. Should we teleport?”

Xiao Lou wasn’t in a hurry. He gently pressed the earpiece and tapped three times in a row, sending a secret code to his teammates that they had ‘taken care of three hunters’. Soon, a response came from his earpiece. Qu Wanyue and Liu Qiao both tapped on the earphone to indicate safety.

Xiao Lou sighed with relief. “Wanyue and Xiao Lou are currently in a safe place. Five minutes is up and the card skill shielding is lifted. There is no need to rush to teleport. We can lure the hunters again and reduce the pressure on our teammates.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded in agreement. “Okay.”

Just now, Xiao Lou had been in a completely passive situation because his card skills were blocked. Now the shield was lifted and he had many S-ranked cards in his hand. He wasn’t afraid of being chased by hunters again.

Moreover, Yu Hanjiang had killed three people and it was estimated that these hunters didn’t dare to act easily.

The two of them looked at each other and continued to walk toward the Drunken Moon Lake in the middle of Qingfeng Town. As a result, they had just walked a certain distance when the moonlight in the sky seemed to be obscured. The sky above them turned a pure black like ink.

The Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings connection was restored.

Xiao Lou said in his mind, “It is that girl again. The dark alley—the absolute realm.”

Yu Hanjiang said, “Did she drag us into the dark alley because she wants to repeat the same trick, creating all types of illusions and using fatigue tactics to consume our energy?”

Xiao Lou shook his head. “She shouldn’t be using the same trick twice. Last time, you slashed her arm. This time, we are on guard and it is impossible for us to be fooled. My guess is that she also pulled her teammates into the absolute realm. It is equivalent to creating an independent space, forming a situation where we are at a numbers disadvantage and unable to be supported by our teammates.”

Xiao Lou, who had calmed down, really hit the nail on the head when he analyzed the other person’s psychology.

The advantage of this absolute realm card was that both the entrance and exit were only known to the user. If they wanted to go out, they had to get permission from the owner or use violent means like killing or subduing the master of the domain.

The domain was equivalent to an isolated space like the Peach Blossom Spring. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang were forced into the domain and they would be isolated and helpless if their teammates couldn’t enter.

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang were back to back as they looked around alertly.

The next moment, countless hairs moved along the ground and walls like snakes and flew toward them!

The woman who used her long hair as a weapon had attacked them in the inn on the first night in the labyrinth. Now she appeared again. Yu Hanjiang immediately took out a sharp saber and cut off the long hair around him!

There was a pair of pale hands along with the long hair.

Two hands suddenly reached out from the wall next to them and directly grabbed Xiao Lou’s neck!

The hands were so thin that they were skin and bones. The touch was extremely cold like a corpse in the laboratory.

Xiao Lou remembered that in the courtyard of the Zhao house, he and Yu Hanjiang heard the sound of knocking fish from the backyard. They saw an old lady in the house chanting scriptures. Then the lights in the Zhao house went out and a pair of old hands protruded from the paper window, accurately choking Xiao Lou!

The feeling of suffocation while being choked was still clearly imprinted in his memory.

Xiao Lou reacted extremely quickly. At almost the same time that he was choked, there was a flash at his fingers and the long-prepared Li Qingzhao appeared. She slowly chanted and the hands from the wall and the black hair all around them slowed down like a slow-motion replay.

The suffocation of his neck was instantly eased. Xiao Lou forcibly broke open the pair of thin hands while Yu Hanjiang cut the black hair around them. Then he rushed to the end of the alley with Xiao Lou.

They had to find the girl with the umbrella as soon as possible.

It was only by resolving her that they could get out of this dark absolute realm.

A woman with long hair, an old lady with thin hands, a girl holding a red oil paper umbrella… was there anyone else in the domain?

How many terrible opponents did they have to face this time, while being locked up in this domain?

To make matters worse, Xiao Lou suddenly heard four soft sounds of ‘da da da da’ from his earpiece. Liu Qiao and Old Mo were in trouble. They were confronting four hunters.

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