CR: Chapter 515

Chapter 515 – Choice at a Critical Moment

The burly man wasn’t afraid of Yu Hanjiang’s bullets. Even if Yu Hanjiang’s submachine gun was full of firepower, the bullets hitting this man’s body were like stones sinking into the ocean.

Yu Hanjiang furrowed his brow and quickly retreated to a corner as he fought.

Xiao Lou closely followed Yu Hanjiang while thinking about the next countermeasures in his mind. The card skill shielding might only last for five minutes but it had the greatest impact on him. Most of the powerful cards in Xiao Lou’s hand required him to actively release the skill. If his skills were blocked, he would have to fight directly with these hunters and he had almost no ability to protect himself in these five minutes.

Yu Hanjiang’s marksmanship was outstanding but the burly man they encountered wasn’t afraid of the bullets at all. Yu Hanjiang had to protect Xiao Lou while dealing with these four people and it would only become more and more difficult.

He couldn’t let Yu Hanjiang be distracted because of himself. If it continued like this, neither of them would be able to run away.

Xiao Lou thought of this and suddenly whispered in Yu Hanjiang’s ear, “Run separately and meet up at the Drunken Moon Pavilion.”

Yu Hanjiang was shocked and hurriedly exclaimed, “No, it is too dangerous for you alone!”

Before he could finish speaking, Xiao Lou gave him a ‘trust me’ look and immediately rushed in the other direction of Yu Hanjiang.

Xiao Lou’s physical fitness was average. In school, his score in various long distance running and sprinting projects was just at the average level. Yet this time, his speed was obviously much faster than normal people. Yu Hanjiang felt that as soon as he blinked, Xiao Lou had already run over 10 meters away and his thin back quickly disappeared at the end of the alley.

He was using the acceleration shoes.

This card was called Gale and it was an S-ranked equipment card drawn during Yu Hanjiang’s novice period. The first time they met in the Card World, Yu Hanjiang gave this card to Xiao Lou so that Xiao Lou could escape when necessary.

The equipment card took effect when worn on the body and wasn’t affected by the skill shielding.

The equipment card Gale could increase the movement speed of the person wearing the shoes by five times for 15 minutes. At the end of this card, there was a note that said: If you can’t fight, it is a good choice to put on the acceleration shoes and run.

Xiao Lou obviously had the ‘can’t fight then run’ mentality.

Staying by Yu Hanjiang’s side wouldn’t help him and would instead increase Yu Hanjiang’s burden. Yu Hanjiang had to take care of him while dealing with the enemy and it was easy to be caught by others. Therefore, at the critical moment, Xiao Lou chose to act separately. He couldn’t always rely on Yu Hanjiang to protect him. Instead of tying up Yu Hanjiang’s hands protecting him, he would leave and let Yu Hanjiang fully act.

Xiao Lou quickly ran out of the alley at five times the speed.

The hunters obviously hadn’t expected that Professor Xiao would actually ignore Yu Hanjiang and run away. The four people were stunned. It was the teenager who recovered first and he hurriedly said, “Don’t let Xiao Lou run away. Chase him!”

The rapid running made Xiao Lou breathe quickly and his heart was beating as fast as a drum. The cool night wind blew past his ears and his mind was incomparably clear. He could hear footsteps behind him. Based on the black shadows on the ground, there were two people, a man and a woman.

Sure enough, the hunters immediately split into two groups to chase him the moment he escaped. This way, the pressure on Yu Hanjiang was reduced.

Xiao Lou took a deep breath, clenched his fists tightly and accelerated without looking back. It was the first time he had run so quickly since he was a child. This speed should be comparable to the final sprint at an Olympic sprinting event.

The blessing of the equipment card made Xiao Lou move quickly. However, the two people who followed him were also extremely fast. Xiao Lou saw that the woman was holding a hook made of silver metal in her hand. She threw out the hook, hooked it on a wall in the distance and used the power of the momentum to fly over the roof.

The young man’s way of acting was even stranger. There was a huge white double swallow kite behind him. He grasped the string of the kite and flew with the kite in the air. The speed was even faster than his companion with the hook!

In the blink of an eye, the man rode the kite past Xiao Lou. He crossed over Xiao Lou’s head, put away the kite and landed in front of Xiao Lou with a smile. “Professor Xiao, do you think you can run away?”

The next moment, the woman also hooked onto the eaves in front of him, flew over the eaves and spoke coldly to Xiao Lou, “Your equipment cards are really pitiful. Do you only have this pair of acceleration shoes?”

The tone of the two people was tinged with obvious sarcasm.

Equipment cards were really important, especially in an environment where card skills were affected. Only the equipment worn on the body could be used at any time. Xiao Lou drew many S-ranked cards and his skills sounded very powerful, but now he could only wait to be slaughtered.

A trace of ‘panic’ flashed in Xiao Lou’s eyes. He stopped and pretended to be calm. “What is the goal of your mission? Kill us in exchange for survival time in the Card World?”

The corners of the young man’s lips curved up. “We don’t need to answer this question. One day, you will know.”

The woman added, “For example, when you die.”

The moment she spoke, several black chains were thrown out by her right hand. They were like tentacles with teeth and claws that came at Xiao Lou from all directions. The tip of the chain was an extremely sharp knife that emitted a menacing cold light under the moonlight!

Seeing that the knife was about to cut his throat, Xiao Lou’s expression changed and he hurriedly retreated.

The man seemed to have long expected that he would retreat. The man’s right hand raised decisively and a dense rain of silver needles shot toward the position where Xiao Lou was standing.

The slender silver needles had their tips dyed strangely black. They were obviously poisonous needles.

The woman danced with the chains while the man had hidden weapons like the silver needles. No wonder why they weren’t afraid of the card shielding. Both of them used their weapons to the fullest.

The chains blocked Xiao Lou’s escape route and Xiao Lou couldn’t avoid the needles. He was about to be stabbed into a hedgehog by the needles when at the critical moment, a man dressed in black with his hair in a neat ponytail suddenly appeared next to Xiao Lou.

The sharp sword in his hand instantly created a cloud of white sword flowers that swept away all the weapons stabbing at Xiao Lou.

The silver needles fell to the ground.

The poison on the tip of the needles came into contact with the plants on the ground and these plants rotted at a speed visible to the naked eye. One could imagine what would happen if Xiao Lou was shot by the poisonous needles!

The male and female hunters looked at each other with surprise.

Just now, Xiao Lou was clearly dodging in a panic but now his eyes were very calm? Could it be that he was deliberately pretending to be flustered to lower their vigilance?

The woman frowned and lowered her voice. “Who is this? Does he still have a hidden teammate?”

The man answered, “I don’t know. He suddenly appeared.”

The woman was even more puzzled. “A summoning card? However, haven’t the card skills been blocked by Xiao Qi?”

—This person was Xiao Yu.

Back then in Beacon in Troubled Times, Xiao Lou had drawn his only passive card.

The passive card was bound to Xiao Lou the moment it was drawn and couldn’t be discarded or handed over to teammates. It also had a strict activation condition. Xiao Lou couldn’t take the initiative to use the card. Perhaps due to this, the Hunter’s League was probably unaware of the existence of this card.

Xiao Yu’s activation condition was that when Xiao Yu was fatally threatened, he would automatically appear to protect his brother.

The reason why Xiao Lou dared to leave alone and lead away the hunters to relieve Yu Hanjiang’s pressure was precisely because he still had this ‘younger brother’ as his final guarantee.

It was really a matter of life or death and Xiao Yu could save his life!

Xiao Yu was a skilled swordsman in the ancient world. Even if the man and woman in front of him had powerful weapons, they weren’t necessarily Xiao Yu’s opponents. As long as Xiao Yu was passively activated, Xiao Lou had enough confidence to deal with them.

At the same time.

Yu Hanjiang faced the burly man who wasn’t afraid of bullets and the 14 year old teenager and his pressure was reduced a lot.

The burly man might be extremely powerful and rampage through the rain of bullets but Yu Hanjiang wouldn’t face him head-on.

Yu Hanjiang pretended to be suppressed and retreated all the way to the corner.

The man carried the axe and slashed down hard. A pillar beside Yu Hanjiang was directly cut. The already weak house collapsed with a loud bang and a large brick wall fell straight toward Yu Hanjiang!

Yu Hanjiang quickly dodged it. He flew up and stepped on the chopped wood. As he held a gun in his right hand, he quickly climbed the eaves of a nearby house with his left hand and jumped neatly onto the roof.

The moment his feet landed on the roof, Yu Hanjiang turned and threw a hand grenade accurately in the direction of the collapsed house. There was a loud explosion and the shockwave generated by the explosion spread rapidly. The man was directly blown several meters away!

The man was caught off guard when he was blown and the axe fell to the side. He got up from the smoke with a gray face.

Looking up, Yu Hanjiang had already pointed his gun at the teenager on the roof.

This time, he took out the lighter pistol. Yu Hanjiang decisively aimed at the teenager’s head and pulled the trigger.

The teenager sensed that Yu Hanjiang had shifted targets and immediately opened an umbrella.

The silver-white umbrella seemed to be made of a special metal material that was like a natural barrier. The bullet hit the umbrella and bounced off.

Yu Hanjiang raised an eyebrow. These people’s protective equipment was really complete enough.

However, this made him more sure that the teenager didn’t have equipment like ‘body armor’ on his side. If he only relied on his umbrella to protect himself… could he keep his whole body tightly sealed?

Sharpness flashed in Yu Hanjiang’s eyes.

He temporarily ignored the teenager and continued to shoot at the yard with a submachine gun. The burly man might not be afraid of bullets but Yu Hanjiang’s intention wasn’t to shoot him. It was to create a large amount of dust and smoke raised by the bullets to obstruct the man’s vision!

The man’s strength was extremely great but right now, Yu Hanjiang was in a high place while he was in the courtyard. Yu Hanjiang could clearly see his position but the man had smoke in his eyes and couldn’t see anything.

The smoke from the explosion surrounded him and the dust caused by Yu Hanjiang’s crazy shooting meant he couldn’t find Yu Hanjiang for a moment. The man angrily scolded, “Xiao Qi, can you hurry up?!”

The teenager jumped on the roof with a silver umbrella and quietly pulled out a gun.

He even had a gun!

The moment the muzzle of the pitch-black gun aimed at him, Yu Hanjiang keenly sensed that something was wrong and rolled forward. A bullet flew past his ear and shot a black hole through a roof tile!

Yu Hanjiang glanced at the roof that had been shot and quickly calmed himself down.

The other person had a special umbrella for protection and a gun while Yu Hanjiang only had a gun. The difference in personal equipment was great and the other person also had a helper. It seemed like Yu Hanjiang was in a situation of certain death.

However, Yu Hanjiang didn’t think so.

He rolled on the roof several times in a row, dodging the other person’s bullets without any danger. The sound of gunfire was incessant. Yu Hanjiang rolled quickly on the roof all the way to the edge. He was about to inevitably fall…

The teenager was in hot pursuit. The excitement of almost being able to kill Yu Hanjiang made the blood in his body boil.

At the most crucial moment, Yu Hanjiang pretended to fall off the roof but in fact, he grabbed the eaves with his right hand and suddenly raised his left hand.

The man’s head popped out from under the eaves, his eyes dark and deep, calm and sharp.

Before the teenager could react, he heard the bang of a gunshot in his ear.

—Yu Hanjiang actually held a gun in his left hand.

Load, aim and fire.

The series of movements was as smooth as a hunter who had long been prepared.

Along with the sound of the gunshot, the teenager whose head was exposed from behind the umbrella had a bloody hole instantly created in his throat!

The teenager’s eyes were so wide that his eyeballs were about to fall out. It seemed he didn’t believe it. It was obviously the other person who was fleeing in an embarrassed manner. He could immediately solve Yu Hanjiang with one more shot. How did he end up being shot by a bullet?

Before he died, he heard Yu Hanjiang’s low and cold voice, “You are still too young to fight with me in marksmanship.”

If both people had a gun, winning or losing didn’t depend on who was better equipped. It was who was fastest.

Yu Hanjiang’s shots were fast, fierce and accurate. Ordinary people couldn’t compare to him.

The teenager’s body rolled off the roof and rolled to the side of the burly man, his wide eyes full of strong disbelief. The burly man stared into the teenager’s eyes. He didn’t expect that his partner would be the one killed instead and was stunned. Then he simply turned and ran.

Yu Hanjiang didn’t chase after him.

He was extremely worried about Xiao Lou.

He could understand why Xiao Lou did what he did. Xiao Lou would indeed affect him when they were together. Assuming that Xiao Lou was by his side, he would be distracted taking care of Xiao Lou and he wouldn’t have been able to throw a grenade without any scruples, let alone climb up the roof to kill his opponent. He wasn’t afraid of anything, even death. However, Xiao Lou was his weakness. He would rather be maimed than let Xiao Lou get hurt.

Could Xiao Lou handle two hunters?

Yu Hanjiang was in a hurry and immediately accelerated his pace, rushing toward the Drunken Moon Lake in the middle of Qingfeng Town.

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