CR: Chapter 393

At the same time, the western part of the maze.

Gui Yuanzhang also led his team into an empty stone room and found stairs leading upwards. They lay in ambush in the stone room. Once the hunters entered, Ye Qi immediately controlled them with the group control of his musical instrument.

Chu Huaying moved as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, she teleported behind one of the men, placed the blood-red dagger to the man’s throat and coldly asked, “Who sent you here?”

The man saw the spider pattern on the dagger and his expression changed abruptly. “Spider Queen?”

The Blood Spider—this sharp dagger was the symbol of the Spider Queen.

Rumor had it that the Spider Queen was a murderous demoness who killed without blinking. Every stripe on her dagger represented a life reaped. Now on the handle of the dagger, the blood-colored lines were densely packed like a spider web, showing how many hunters she had killed.

She killed all the hunters who crossed her path. It was precisely due to this that the Spider Queen became a top prize on the Hunter League’s bounty list. Anyone who killed her could get billions of gold coins, which was equivalent to tens of millions of yuan.

The man clenched his fists. He was just about to raise his hand when the next moment, a sharp pain came from his knee. Chu Huaying simply kicked him to the ground. The dagger in her hand moved and made a fresh bloody mark on his neck. “Say it. Who is your boss?”

Meanwhile, Gui Yuanzhang had used his brush to float up the other two people and throw them hard against the wall!

The two people hit the stone wall according to the trajectory of Gui Yuanzhang’s brush and they coughed up blood. Gui Yuanzhang raised the brush and let them stay in the air as if he was playing with them. He glanced at the man controlled by Chu Huaying and spoke coldly, “Do you want to try floating like them in the air and being smashed to the point of breaking your internal organs?”

The three hunters’ faces were ashen.

The woman floating in the air screamed, “Y-You are Gui Yuanzhang? You’re not dead?!”

Gui Yuanzhang gently lowered the brush in his hand and the two people fell down abruptly, landing on their butts. Chu Huaying’s dagger was still touching the man’s throat. She was worried that he would commit suicide so she pinched his jaw to stop it. “Say it, Who sent you here? Who is the boss of your organization?”

The man had a strange smile on his face.

At this moment, Ye Qi suddenly shouted, “Everybody, run! the hunters have bombs on them!”

This was the message Xiao Lou had told him through Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings.

The expressions of the team members changed dramatically when they heard Ye Qi. Long Sen and Qu Wanyue had used the Chameleon cards to merge with the stairs, planning to help out if necessary. The moment they heard this, the two people pulled Shao Qingge and used the Long Jump card to directly jump up the stairs!

Ye Qi used the teleportation card to escape while Gui Yuanzhang used the brush to draw a movement route under his feet, flying up the stairs with the help of the wind.

The next moment, a loud bang entered their ears. Ye Qi looked back and saw that the entire stone room was affected by the shock wave of the explosion. Smoke blew up to the ceiling and fire soared. A wave of heat hit his face, almost knocking him to the ground.

The stones on the wall fell down and even the upper part of the labyrinth started to shake violently. The three hunters must’ve been blown to pieces and Chu Huaying…

She was the furthest from the stairs. Was she unable to escape?! Ye Qi’s eyes widened and his voice shook with nervousness. “Sister Huaying?!”

He heard a calm voice. “Here.”

Ye Qi turned his head to look. He didn’t know when but she had actually run out in front of everyone.

The team members, “……”

Chu Huaying was like a gust of wind.

Shao Qingge asked curiously, “Miss Chu, do your cards enhance your body’s abilities?”

Chu Huaying answered, “Yes, my only attack weapon is the Spider Dagger. I have received many enhancement cards. My hearing, vision, muscles, flexibility and movement speed have all been greatly improved. It is like adding attributes points to characters when playing a game. They are permanent increases.”

Just then, due to the shock wave, a huge stone flew up from below the stairs. It was about to hit Shao Qingge’s face when Chu Huaying flashed to Shao Qingge’s side and stretched out a fist.

The stone was actually turned into powder from her fist.

The team members, “……”

Sister Ying’s strength was finally clear.

This type of physical enhancement card couldn’t be used alone but in the hands of a master, it was a permanent attribute improvement.

It wasn’t as much as the increase from the Bug King card that came with its own recovery ability but once these cards were acquired by those who had mastered fighting skills, the person would become even more powerful. They didn’t know what Chu Huaying did in reality but judging from her neat moves, it was likely she had learned martial arts like taekwondo or other fighting skills.

No wonder she had been able to follow Lu Jiuchuan through so many dangerous World Weekly secret rooms and kill so many hunters. She herself was the strongest weapon.

Ye Qi thought, ‘This sister feels like a top agent. Breaking rocks with her hand is even more exaggerated than in the movies.’

Chu Huaying retracted her fist and glanced at Gui Yuanzhang. “Me and Brother Jiu have had many encounters with hunters. Once their whereabouts are revealed or they are in danger of being captured, they will generally bite the poison pill in their teeth. Yet this time, they actually carried bombs on them. It is equivalent to a suicide attack.”

She spread out her hands and everyone found a button-like thing that was flashing a red light on her palms.

Gui Yuanzhang’s eyes narrowed. “What is this?”

Chu Huaying explained, “It should be a tracker. I found it on the man’s collar.”

Just now, she teleported behind the man. The moment she pressed the dagger against his throat, she noticed something flickering on his neck. When Ye Qi told them to run, she had pulled it off first.

Gui Yuanzhang took a closer look. “It really is like a tracker. It seems the Hunter’s League has found our location. As for how many people there are in our team and the cards we are carrying, they shouldn’t have comprehensive information yet.”

The labyrinth shook violently again.

Xiao Lou’s voice entered their ears. “The labyrinth might be collapsing. Everyone, look for an exit!”

The group’s expressions changed and they walked forward quickly.

Chu Huaying and Gui Yuanzhang were discussing it as they walked. She frowned. “How did the hunters enter the labyrinth? How did they lock onto Brother Jiu’s location?”

Gui Yuanzhang shook his head. “We will have to investigate this again. Is the tracker you got a pure location one or is it used for eavesdropping and surveillance as well? Will it reveal too much information about us?”

Chu Huaying thought about it. “Hold it first and give it to Tang Ci to see. Perhaps he will have some insight.”

As she spoke, she gestured behind her to signal that Long Sen and Qu Wanyue shouldn’t come out yet. The couple had used the Chameleon card to merge with the wall. Even if the tracker had a monitoring function, those two won’t be discovered as long as they stayed hidden.

The four people headed forward while the Long Qu couple melted into the color of the floor and followed behind them.

In the labyrinth on the other side, Old Mo was walking and observing the compass needle. He said, “Our current direction is true north and there are many forked paths ahead. Damn, this floor should be a large labyrinth!”

The labyrinth was divided into the upper and lower floors.

The lower floor was full of living sarcophagi. Xiao Lou’s team and Gui Yuanzhang’s team had their own stone rooms. They judged from the bones that those buried were brides, young men and children. Yet apart from the weird atmosphere of the lower level, it actually wasn’t difficult. Everyone walked toward the end without encountering any forks in the road and the mechanisms were easy to open.

The upper floor was actually the location of the six realms of reincarnation room.

They first entered the six realms of reincarnation room and lit up the six petals in the petal-shaped labyrinth. Then they went down to the second floor and the sarcophagi appeared. Now they found all the sarcophagi and climbed up the stairs again, indicating that their current location was on the same level as the six realms of reincarnation room.

This floor was the real, large labyrinth.

Liu Qiao heard this and couldn’t help wondering, “Uncle Mo, do you mean that the ancient tomb has two levels, level -1 and -2. The -2 level we were just now contains the coffins to provide us with clues. Meanwhile, the large labyrinth is on -1?”

Old Mo nodded. “Yes, this old tomb has an upper and lower structure. The lower floor isn’t a maze. There is only one road to go from beginning to end and contains coffins where people were buried alive. We are now back to the upper labyrinth and we should be far away from the petal labyrinth.”

Just then, the labyrinth shook violently again and the group almost couldn’t stand firmly. They held onto the wall while above them, some fragments fell. Yu Hanjiang immediately reached out to grab Xiao Lou’s wrist, whispering, “Be careful.”

Xiao Lou leaned against him and looked at the shaking corridor. He couldn’t help becoming more nervous.

There was the saying, ‘When it rains, it pours’. Originally, the exit of the labyrinth wasn’t easy to find. As a result, the labyrinth was shaking like there was an earthquake thanks to the hunters’ disturbance. Would it collapse?

If they moved around like headless flies, it was likely they would be buried alive.

Lu Jiuchuan’s expression was ugly. “I’m afraid this is the real purpose of the Hunter’s League. They want to bury us alive in this tomb!”

Chu Huaying’s voice came from the headset. “I was also thinking that just now. Brother Jiu, your reputation is famous. Back then, you killed countless hunters in J of Clubs. How could they just send a few small fries to track you? Now it seems that they sent some suicide bombs to directly blow up the labyrinth!”

Everyone sucked in a breath when they heard this.

The challengers didn’t know the type of World Weekly secret room in advance because it could be randomly generated between Hearts, Spades, Diamonds or Clubs.

The hunters were different. As early as 3 of Spades, there were hunters who heard about the financial crisis ahead of time and lurked in the inns to deal with the ‘foreigners’. Maybe this time, the hunters already received news that this World Weekly was an underground tomb.

They didn’t know the details of Lu Jiuchuan’s teammates and they might not be able to defeat Lu Jiuchuan’s team no matter how many hunters they sent. Thus, they used this extreme method. Directly blow up the tomb and bury Lu Jiuchuan and his teammates alive.

Lu Jiuchuan was so angry that the veins on his forehead bulged. He clenched his fists and cursed in a low voice. “These people are really f*king crazy. They are worse than brainwashed cult members!”

He looked at Yu Hanjiang and came over to pat his brother on the shoulder. “I’m sorry. I made it hard on you this time.”

Xiao Lou took the initiative to open his mouth before Yu Hanjiang could speak. “Brother Jiu, don’t say that. Even if the hunters didn’t come to track you, we would bump into them sooner or later. The top priority now is to find the exit of the labyrinth as soon as possible.”

Lu Jiuchuan nodded and stopped talking.

Xiao Lou looked ahead at the shaking corridor and couldn’t get rid of his worry. This corridor seemed to have many forks. At present, they had no idea about the upper labyrinth. If they couldn’t find the exit and the labyrinth collapsed, burying them alive…

Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan weren’t good at labyrinths. They could only rely on Xiao Lou and Old Mo.

Xiao Lou took a deep breath to calm down before walking to Mo Xuemin’s side. “We have to investigate the road as fast as possible and map the terrain quickly. It is too late to worry about such things. The four of us will act separately, leaving signs at the intersections and always keeping in touch.”

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