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CR: Chapter 392

The group came out of the stone room and continued to go forward. At a corner, Yu Hanjiang came to a sudden stop. His ears keenly heard a strange footstep. Yu Hanjiang immediately held his breath and whispered in Xiao Lou’s ears, “Someone is following us.”

He was a criminal investigations police officer who often tracked prisoners. Thus, he had a strong sense of anti-surveillance.

The corridor was paved with blue stone slabs and the sound of footsteps was very clear. Tang Ci and Liu Qiao were in the pockets of their teammates so there should only be four footsteps in their party. Lu Jiuchuan’s footsteps were heavy, Xiao Lou’s were light and Old Mo walked slowly because he had to draw the map while walking…

The sound of the footsteps that just entered his ears didn’t belong to any of his teammates.

Xiao Lou heard Yu Hanjiang’s words and the scene of the hell of the tree of knives flashed in his mind. A hunter hung from the iron tree, sharp blades stabbing her chest as she bled to death. It was just one of the hunters who sneaked into the labyrinth. There definitely wouldn’t be only one. So…

The ones tracking them from behind were hunters?! Xiao Lou suddenly tensed up. He lowered his voice and asked in Yu Hanjiang’s ears, “How many people are there?”

Yu Hanjiang listened carefully. “The footsteps have stopped. The other side is very cautious. I can’t distinguish how many there are at present. However, we can leave surveillance.”

Xiao Lou understood. He looked up and found a bright light in the corner. Then he left the drone card previously given by Tang Ci behind the light. In this way, the light would cover up the drone and prevent the other party from noticing the presence of this surveillance.

Lu Jiuchuan and Old Mo found Xiao Lou placing the surveillance and wanted to speak. Then they saw Xiao Lou make a ‘shh’ gesture and they immediately shut up. Yu Hanjiang made a gesture that meant some people were following them.

Lu Jiuchuan’s expression changed slightly and he mouthed, “The hunters?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. Xiao Lou placed the drone surveillance and used Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings to inform Ye Qi, “Xiao Ye, you might have hunters following you. Be careful and keep quiet for now. Find a way to tell your teammates as soon as possible.”

Ye Qi heard Xiao Lou’s voice in his mind and quickly wrote a few words on the palms of his teammates. “There are hunters tracking us.”

Gui Yuanzhang frowned slightly and looked back at Long Sen and Qu Wanyue.

The two people glanced at each other and immediately stuck to the wall. They used the Chameleon card to blend in with their surrounding environment.

The Chameleon card allowed them to be hidden and it wasn’t easy for them to be found. Long Sen and Qu Wanyue quickly disappeared and moved while sticking to the wall. Sure enough, they saw three hunters sneaking this way around the corner. They immediately went back and reported it to Gui Yuanzhang. “There are three people, two men and one woman. They are wearing silver masks.”

Chu Huaying said, “So few people? Are they the most capable elite?”

There was a strict hierarchy in the Hunter’s League. Ordinary hunters usually entered low level secret rooms such as 3 or 4 of Spades to kill newcomers. The mid-level hunters often went to the A-grade secret rooms and World Weekly secret rooms. A team who could reach all the way here must have many cards and were experienced. It wasn’t easy to deal with them so the hunting and killing tasks often failed.

The other side already knew that Lu Jiuchuan was in the team yet they sent so few people… maybe this time, they were all elites with strong abilities.

Chu Huaying had followed Lu Jiuchuan in and out of the secret rooms many times, killing more hunters than she could count. On the bounty list of the Hunter’s League, the name Spider Queen was ranked first. She also had a certain understanding of this organization. She went to Old Gui and lowered her voice. “If there are three elites, the six of us should have a chance to win against the three of them.”

Gui Yuanzhang shook his head. “Don’t inadvertently alert the enemy. We will see the situation on Xiao Lou’s side first.”

Xiao Lou’s group of six continued to move forward without incident. They discussed the labyrinth and sarcophagi and on the surface, they hadn’t discovered that they were followed by hunters.

A man and a woman sighed with relief and moved forward. The thing they didn’t know was that Xiao Lou was holding a card in his hand. The card was like the screen of a phone and clearly displayed the surveillance video of the corridor.

They saw a man and a woman coming their way. They were both wearing silver masks so their faces couldn’t be seen. Still, judging from the way they were walking, their skills should be good. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang looked at each other and Xiao Lou pointed to a stone door next to them.

Yu Hanjiang nodded and headed to the door. His other teammates followed. There was no sarcophagus behind the door. Instead, there were stairs leading to the top. Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan quickly hid on both sides of the stone doors. Xiao Lou said, “There are stairs here. It should be the exit of the labyrinth. Let’s go up and take a look.”

Old Mo cooperated with the acting. “Let’s go. Everybody, be careful.”

Then Xiao Lou and Old Mo pretended to climb the stairs while they actually jumped down after a few steps and hid in a corner of the stone room.

The room became extremely quiet. Then Ye Qi’s voice rang in Xiao Lou’s mind. “Professor Xiao, we have three hunters on our side. Sister Huaying wants to take care of them. How is the situation on your side? Are there many hunters?”

Xiao Lou answered, “There are only two of them. Let’s do it to avoid having a long night.”

These hunters should be the vanguard sent to investigate their situation. They didn’t want to kill the team in the World Weekly secret room so they trailed behind and observed secretly.

Lu Jiuchuan had killed many elite hunters with his team of a dozen people. His fame as well as strength were enough to scare the organization of hunters. They wouldn’t act rashly before figuring out Lu Jiuchuan’s new teammates.

If Xiao Lou and the others were in a dangerous situation in the labyrinth then these hunters might take the opportunity to pick up the mistake and deal them a fatal blow. If they dealt with it calmly, the hunting might not happen from beginning to end.

It wasn’t known how much information the five hunters had at the moment. In any case, they couldn’t be let go. Time passed and the room was so quiet that a needle dropping could be heard. Everyone held their breaths.

Just then, the sound of footsteps suddenly entered their ears. The man and woman seemed to think their group had already gone upstairs so the two people quickly followed into the stone room. Yet the moment they entered the room, they were greeted with a sharp blade!

Yu Hanjiang’s hands were quick and fierce. He slashed at the man’s neck with a sharp blade and it almost cut off the man’s head! However, the man’s reaction was also extremely quick. At almost the same moment that Yu Hanjiang swung the blade, he immediately bent over and to the side, avoiding the blade in a thrilling manner. As his body sank, his feet retreated quickly like he was wearing roller skates.

Lu Jiuchuan’s Cold Ice Sword followed closely. The tip of the sword that swept over was freezing cold.

The man raised a strange metal shield to block Lu Jiuchuan’s freezing air current. The eyes behind the mask were as sharp as an eagle as he coldly declared, “It isn’t that easy to kill me!”

Yu Hanjiang was too lazy to talk nonsense. He directly took out his hand gun, installed the silencer and aimed at the metal shield. A bullet was fired and shot at the middle of the man’s shield. It created a spider web-like pattern but it didn’t hurt the man. The man laughed. “My shield is bulletproof…”

The next moment, his laughter abruptly stopped. It was because Yu Hanjiang’s second bullet followed closely and shot precisely in the center of the pattern where the bullet had exploded just now. It shot through the shield and directly into the man’s chest!

The man stared in disbelief before falling straight down to the ground. The metal shield could be broken after two consecutive shots hit the same location.

Lu Jiuchuan praised it. “Your marksmanship has improved.”

The remaining tall woman noticed that the situation wasn’t good and turned to run away.

Xiao Lou was ready. Just now, he had drawn many metal rings just in case. At this moment, he slightly raised his hands upwards. Numerous rings fell from the ceiling like a net, instantly wrapping around the woman’s legs. She couldn’t get out for a while.

Lu Jiuchuan jumped and the ice sword in his hand pierced straight forward into her neck! The woman’s body twitched twice before she fell to the ground and stopped breathing.

Lu Jiuchuan walked over and took off her mask. Yu Hanjiang also took off the mask of the man who died at the door… they looked ordinary. Yu Hanjiang frowned slightly and asked, “Brother, have you seen these two hunters before?”

Lu Jiuchuan shook his head. “No.”

He pulled away the back of the woman’s collar, revealing a black totem tattoo on her shoulder. “Based on the tattoo, she should be an intermediate hunter. The advanced ones aren’t so easy to deal with. The organization has found my whereabouts yet they only sent these cannon fodders. Aren’t they looking down on us too much?”

Xiao Lou was stunned and his heart felt cold. “Run!”

Almost simultaneously, the bodies of the two dead hunters suddenly exploded into many fragments with a loud ‘boom’!

Fire blazed in the entire room and the wave of heat rushing toward Xiao Lou’s face also threw him to the ground. Fortunately, Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan had run quickly or else they would’ve been blown to ashes.

The moment the hunter corpses exploded, the labyrinth started to shake violently. It was as if an earthquake was occurring in the entire ancient tomb and it was hard for everyone to stand firmly.

Liu Qiao’s expression changed. “Will this place collapse?”

Yu Hanjiang immediately flew over with the light footwork card and held Xiao Lou’s waist firmly. “Go!”

Lu Jiuchuan simply rode on the vermilion bird while cursing. “These beasts actually engaged in a suicide attack? F*k, they could actually think of placing bombs in their bodies!”

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