CR: Chapter 356

The unexpected turnaround stunned Ye Qi. His first impression of Shao Qingge’s mother was very good. Qin Wan looked like a gentle, weak woman and a loving mother. He couldn’t connect her with the words ‘boss of the organization’.

Ye Qi quickly wrote on Shao Qingge’s hand, “Are you sure?”

“The result of Group Leader Yu’s interrogation shouldn’t be wrong.”

Ye Qi’s mood was complicated. It was no wonder Chief Shao didn’t drink the bowl of porridge just now. He should’ve received the message from Yu Hanjiang through Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings and didn’t dare to drink it.

Ye Qi couldn’t help feeling a chill as he thought of how he devoured the entire bowl of porridge. Did he drink a bowl of poison? Fortunately, he was now in the bug king state and wasn’t afraid of poison. It was just that he felt uncomfortable in his stomach when he thought about it.

Ye Qi rubbed his stomach in fear. He took Shao Qingge’s hand and quickly wrote, “What should we do?”

Shao Qingge walked to the bedside and opened the curtains.

For safety, the windows of each floor of the villa had anti-theft iron bars. The distance between the bars was less than 10 centimeters so it was impossible for the two of them to climb out the window. In other words, they couldn’t sneak away. They also couldn’t catch Qin Wan rashly in case she was startled and got away. Qin Wan thought they suspected Shao Zhengyang so she should be less vigilant towards them.

Shao Qingge remembered the scene where he leaned over and gently lifted her up because he felt sorry for her… Her hair was wet with rain and gave off a light scent. If she had been waiting for her husband and son at home then where did the rain come from?

That scent—he recalled it carefully… it was the smell of plum blossoms.


Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou started to quickly collect information on Qin Wan.

Qin Wan was originally the eldest daughter of the Qin family. After marrying Shao Zhengyang, the Qin family’s fortune declined and their company went bankrupt. Fortunately, her grandfather left her a large inheritance. She took out part of the inheritance and invested it in Rong Cheng’s company 12 years ago.

She opened a shell company in the name of Uncle Zhong and invested in Rong Cheng’s pharmaceutical company. The shell company declared bankruptcy within half a year. In terms of the accounts alone, this matter had nothing to do with her.

Yu Hanjiang asked, “What is her relationship with Uncle Zhong?”

Rong Cheng answered, “He is her distant relative. Shen Zhengyang wanted to hire a housekeeper and she introduced Uncle Zhong to him. Uncle Zhong was kind, hardworking and capable, so Shen Zhengyang kept him by his side. In name, Uncle Zhong was the Shen family’s housekeeper but he was actually the madam’s spy and would watch Shen Zhengyang’s movements.”

“When did the organ trafficking business start?”

“It was after a year of our cooperation. We were researching new drugs but the cycle for a new drug to go on the market was too long. The return of funds was too slow, the development of new drugs would take several years and approval even more years. Then clinical trials would also take a few years. We couldn’t wait at all. Thus, when Sister Qin asked me to do the organ trafficking business, I agreed without hesitation.”

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “How did she suddenly get involved in this business?”

Rong Cheng explained, “She can’t have children. She always hoped for the day when women could transplant their wombs. Unfortunately, the technology in this area isn’t mature enough. She said that she wanted to help people with organ problems so she invested in a hospital that could do organ transplants.”

Xiao Lou recorded up to here and couldn’t help looking up to ask, “Is that the hospital in Qinghe Village?”

Rong Cheng nodded. “Her grandfather was from Qinghe Village. She spent some time playing in the village when she was a child. She liked the plum blossoms there. Later, she went back to the village and adopted a child. However, she felt it wasn’t easy for women to invest in a hospital so she used the name of her husband Shao Zhengyang.”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang exchanged looks.

The two of them thought that Shao Zhengyang was clever and hadn’t left any evidence. They hadn’t expected that such a powerful woman was behind Shao Zhengyang. It was estimated that Shao Zhengyang himself didn’t expect his weak wife at home to do so many things behind his back, right?

Rong Cheng, Uncle Zhong and Qin Wan’s cooperation expanded. Judging from Rong Cheng’s confession they did as many as 1,000 liver, kidney, heart and cornea transplants in these years.

The organization was divided into three departments.

Li Ran in the hospital was the head of the intelligence department. He collected information on patients who needed organ transplants.

Yu Fugui and Qi Zhaoming belonged to the hunting department. They would look for orphans, beggars, single men with low literacy or people in urgent need of money and take them to do organ matching. Once the matching confirmed a suitable organ they would contact the hospital to arrange the surgery date.

Qinghe Village was too far away from the major hospitals in the city and the preservation time of important organs was limited. Thus, they later opened the underground base at Antai Garden. After the operation, their organs would be sent to the hospital immediately. The forged certification materials were all prepared by Li Ran.

The corneas could be preserved for a long time so they were operated on in the hospital in Qinghe Village. The egg retrieval operation was also in Qinghe Village. Therefore, the residents of Qinghe Village often saw some young and beautiful girls coming to the village. They thought these girls came to enjoy the flowers and to travel. They never thought these girls were here for an egg retrieval operation.

The girl at Antai Garden had an accident and suffered heavy bleeding in the middle of the egg retrieval process.

The other victims and members of the organization were basically the same as Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou had guessed.

There were Zhu Qingrong and Lin Rongrong. The former had his doctor’s license revoked due to a surgical accident. After he was released from prison, he joined Rong Cheng’s organization. He usually worked in the pharmacy and would be asked to go and work when there was an egg retrieval process. The money from this was enough for him to live. Meanwhile, Lin Rongrong lost confidence in medicine due to his mother’s death. He went to extremes and started to perform organ harvesting operations.

Yu Hanjiang heard this and asked, “Who did Cheng Shaoyu’s heart come from?”

“I don’t know. This matter was arranged by his brother Cheng Shaofeng.”

Yu Hanjiang asked again, “When did Cheng Shaofeng join?”

“Cheng Shaofeng joined the organization around five years ago. He was miserably suppressed by the Cheng family and couldn’t get ahead in the family. At some business gatherings, he met me and we had some good discussions. He asked me for help and I showed him a clear way.”

Just then, Yu Hanjiang’s phone lit up. It was a message from Qu Wanyue. [Group Leader Yu, we found Cheng Shaoyu’s medical record in the pile of documents. The heart comes from a vagrant singer called Zhao Mingming. According to the records, he has no father or mother. However, he was in good health and had a very healthy heart.”

Yu Hanjiang clenched his fists together and stared sharply into Rong Cheng’s eyes. “A heart transplant will directly kill the donor. Don’t you know this is murder? You are exchanging human lives for money!”

Rong Cheng shrugged. “There is no alternative. Once some roads have been taken, you can’t go back.”

Yu Hanjiang frowned and immediately turned on the computer to check the vagrant singer’s information. Since he had no father or mother, who would kill and dismember Cheng Shaoyu to avenge him? After investigating, Yu Hanjiang found that someone had come to the police station to report Zhao Mingming missing a while ago. Zhao Mingming’s name was written in the missing persons record book.

Zhao Mingming had no relatives but he could have a lover or a good friend who was as close as a brother. His heart was removed and he died innocently. This group of beasts must’ve destroyed his body. Then someone found he was missing and reported it to the police. This person must care about him very much.

Yu Hanjiang saw the name listed in the column of the person who reported it: Xie Yuntian.

Zhao Mingming’s heart saved Cheng Shaoyu and it was probably Xie Yuntian who had the WeChat ID of Clear Sky who saved him. (Tian=sky)

Yu Hanjiang handed the information to Xiao Lou and whispered, “All the clues have been found.”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Will you make the arrests now?”

Yu Hanjiang stood up, eyes as sharp as a sword. “These people must be caught all at once. We can’t let any of them go.”

Li Ran had been blown up in that building while Uncle Zhong and his nephew in charge of the money laundering were killed. The two doctors who performed operations at the illegal clinic, Zhu Qingrong and Lin Rongrong were still free on the outside. Yu Fugui, the hunter of the organization must be caught. The murderer of Cheng Shaoyu also couldn’t escape punishment. He might be motivated by revenge but he had to pay the price for killing and dismembering Cheng Shaoyu.

It was 4 o’clock in the morning. Qu Wanyue, Long Sen and the others compiled a detailed list after reading the documents for several hours. The shocking thing was that the names of victims exceeded 10 pages!

Some of them were lucky. They only had their kidney, liver or eggs removed and continued to live. It was a pity that the operations performed in the illegal clinic would have a far-reaching impact on their lives and they would suffer slowly in pain.

However, there were also many people who quickly became ill due to postoperative complications and other reasons. Since most of these people had no relatives, no one would care if they disappeared, let alone report it. Their lives disappeared quietly and became money flowing into the pockets of these beasts.

Yu Hanjiang looked at the list that seemed to give off the smell of blood and tightly gripped the pistol hanging from his waist. The organization must be caught all in one go. There couldn’t be a single fish that slipped through the net!


There was heavy rain on the streets late at night and the sirens of police cars seemed to spread throughout every corner of the city. Yu Hanjiang couldn’t arrest so many people alone. For the small fries, he asked his colleagues to take care of them. He and Xiao Lou turned off the siren and drove to Shao Qingge’s residence personally.

Currently, Shao Qingge and Ye Qi were pretending to be sleeping in the bedroom upstairs. Suddenly, the door was gently pushed open. The next second, Ye Qi suddenly threw Shao Qingge to the ground! The bullet flew over Shao Qingge’s ear. The other person had used a silencer.

Shao Qingge’s heart almost stopped.

Ye Qi told him, “My night vision is better than yours. Qin Wan has a gun in her hand!”

Shao Qingge clenched his fists and hid on the side of the bed with Ye Qi. He held his breath and didn’t dare make a sound. Qin Wan walked slowly into the room. Suddenly, lightning flashed through the sky outside the window and shone on Qin Wan’s pale and indifferent face. Her gentle disguise had disappeared and her eyes were covered with a layer of frost.

This was immediately followed by another flash of lightning and the rumble of thunder that made one’s heart tremble. The hiding place of the two people was undoubtedly revealed in the light. Qin Wan raised her gun again. Ye Qi knew that the only fighting card on Chief Shao’s body was the Bug King card but it had already been used in this secret room. In addition, Chief Shao’s heart was still weak. Ye Qi had to go against this woman alone.

Ye Qi pressed down Shao Qingge’s shoulder. “Don’t move, I’ll deal with her!”

He jumped forward, his hands and feet clinging to the ceiling like hooks. Then he slowly moved behind the woman. The moment the woman pulled the trigger in Shao Qingge’s direction, Ye Qi jumped down fiercely from the ceiling, sat directly on her shoulder and strangled her neck! The sudden change caused the fired bullet to miss. A big hole was shot in the window glass.

In any case, Ye Qi had the ability of the bug king. He stretched out his sharp nails, grabbed the gun from the woman’s hand and pressed it against her temple. “Don’t move!”

Shao Qingge, “……”

This was the most handsome Ye Qi he had ever seen, even if Ye Qi was only a 7 year old child right now.

The woman stopped moving and stared coldly at Shao Qingge. Shao Qingge stood up and asked softly, “Mom? Why do you want to kill even me?”

Qin Wan’s lips raised in a sneer. “You people should all die!”

The next moment, she fell to the ground, her body constantly twitching like she was being poisoned. Ye Qi hurriedly lifted her chin and saw a trace of black-red blood on her lips.

Shao Qingge wondered, “…She took poison to commit suicide?”

At this time, Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou arrived at the scene. They saw Qin Wan lying on the floor and the four people stared at each other.

Xiao Lou asked what was going on with his eyes and Ye Qi hurriedly explained, “She committed suicide!”

Yu Hanjiang crouched down, tore off the back of her collar and examined her back. Thanks to the light from the flashes of lightning outside the window, they could clearly see that there was a familiar black totem tattoo on the shoulder blade of the woman’s back.

There was a long silence before Yu Hanjiang calmly declared, “She is a hunter.”

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