CR: Chapter 354

Their speed was very fast on the way back to the city and Shao Qingge’s mind kept flashing back to his childhood memories. He frowned slightly and told Yu Hanjiang, “I remember something. On the day I was adopted as a child, Shao Zhengyang came to Qinghe Village to pick me up. The villagers were very enthusiastic about him visiting. He seemed to be familiar with the village. He took me to visit the plum blossom forest outside the village. He should’ve lived there before which is why he made it his base. He invested in that building.”

“The structure inside the three-storey building is a general hospital. Old Mo and I found that there were many offices, operating rooms and wards on the third floor. Even if the villagers see strangers walking into the hospital, they won’t care too much. After all, a small hospital doesn’t seem suspicious on the surface. No one would’ve thought they were doing an illegal organ trafficking business.” Yu Hanjiang spoke coldly. “Now that the building has been blown up, Shao Zhengyang can still get rid of the relationship.”

“That old fox!” Ye Qi couldn’t help cursing. Then he remembered that the old fox was Shao Qingge’s father in this world. He awkwardly coughed and changed the topic. “By the way Group Leader Yu, how did you determine that Brother Rong was Rong Cheng?”

“First of all, Cheng Shaofeng called the other person on the phone by Brother Rong so it can’t be Shao Zhengyang. Shao Zhengyang is more than 30 years older than Cheng Shaofeng and the seniority is wrong. Secondly, Song Xiaoqing also called the other person Brother Rong. The two of them used to be lovers. In addition, Cheng Shaofeng was killed while fleeing to a private plane. Since Rong Cheng disappeared after he went abroad, I speculated that Rong Cheng has a private plane. Cheng Shaofeng’s escape plan was probably arranged by him which made it easy to kill him along the way.”

Yu Hanjiang glanced at Song Xiaoqing and added, “I was just speculating but Ms Song confirmed my speculation.”

Song Xiaoqing, “……”

At that time, the police officer had a serious and firm tone and she thought the other party had evidence. The result was that it was just a speculation? It must’ve been the look on her face that betrayed her.

Then Yu Hanjiang asked, “Ms Song, did your brother participate in these transactions?”

Song Xiaoqing hurriedly shook her head. “My brother and my father don’t know anything about this.”

Yu Hanjiang wondered, “He Rong bought three houses and it happened to be in the community developed by your brother’s company. How can you explain that?”

Song Xiaoqing told him, “I just told my brother that He Rong and Uncle Zhong are my friends. He misunderstood that He Rong was my boyfriend so he sold the houses at a low price and came to participate in Uncle Zhong’s 60th birthday party.”

Her expression didn’t look like she was lying and her brother hadn’t appeared at the base. If her brother was also a member of the organization, he should have accompanied her today and would also have been killed by the boss.

Yu Hanjiang temporarily believed in this explanation. He questioned Song Xiaoqing about almost all the clues that had been found.

Ye Qi smiled and said, “After so many days of guessing, we’ve finally determined who Brother Rong is. It is a pity that he is only the second-in-command. I didn’t expect that the real boss would be Chief Shao’s father. Now we have to catch Brother Rong?”

“Yes, Rong Cheng is the only one who knows the identity of the boss. If he is also killed then it will be difficult for us to formally convict Shao Zhengyang.” Yu Hanjiang had seen many criminals and Shao Zhengyang was one of the best. He didn’t leave any clues behind and it was impossible to arrest people on the basis of speculation. Song Xiaoqing’s confession would lead to Rong Cheng’s arrest. Then arresting Shao Zhengyang through Rong Cheng’s confession was the best way to break this situation.

“Yet according to Ms Song’s words, Rong Cheng has returned to the city a long time ago. He should have arrived several hours earlier than us. What if the last deal has already been concluded and Brother Rong has been killed?” Ye Qi looked anxiously at Yu Hanjiang.

Yu Hanjiang seemed to have thought of something before suddenly saying, “Ye Qi, let me borrow your teleportation card. I will go first. Chief Shao, once you arrive at the city, bring Song Xiaoqing directly to the criminal investigations police department.”

Ye Qi nodded. “Yes, you have to be careful.”

Ye Qi’s teleportation card meant it wouldn’t take more than a second to travel one kilometer. No matter how fast a car was, it couldn’t match the teleportation card. Yu Hanjiang activated the card, decisively opened the door and disappeared into the rainy night.

Xiao Lou was worried and asked through Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings. “Will it be too late by the time you rush over?”

“It should be possible or there would be no solution to this secret room.” Yu Hanjiang answered. “My guess is that Brother Rong will find a replacement to go to the dock to do the deal so as to not make the boss suspicious. Then he will run away by taking the plane. He isn’t stupid. Uncle Zhong is dead so he will suspect that he won’t be allowed to leave. Therefore, the location of his arrest won’t be the dock but the international airport.”

“That makes sense.” Xiao Lou suddenly realized. “Uncle Zhong died in such a strange manner. Brother Rong must’ve guessed that the boss would kill all of them to whitewash himself. He would be stupid if he still took the weapons to trade. However, if you let the police go to the dock, will it be empty?”

“I will prepare to catch both.” Yu Hanjiang was calm. “Smuggling weapons is also a felony. It is best to catch this group of people. If we just catch Rong Cheng then we can also follow his trail to find the whereabouts of the weapons shipment.”

Xiao Lou really admired Yu Hanjiang’s calmness at the critical moment. If they followed Song Xiaoqing’s confession and ran to the dock to find Rong Cheng, they might end up letting the key figure Brother Rong escape by plane. Then this secret room would completely fail.

Fortunately, Yu Hanjiang didn’t get tunnel vision from Song Xiaoqing’s words and calmly analyzed the situation. The airport was the key point.

Yu Hanjiang took out his phone and called his colleagues at the airport. “Immediately notify the airport. Use the heavy rain as a reason and try to delay the takeoff of all private and civil planes departing from there. We have to catch an important criminal!”

Yu Hanjiang sped all the way with the teleportation card. After arriving at the urban area, there were more vehicles. Yu Hanjiang simply took out his light footwork card and flew to the roof of a tall building. In spite of the heavy rain, he rushed to the airport in less than 30 minutes.

The announcer’s soft voice was heard in the airport. “Passengers, we are sorry to inform you that your flight KA-9966 can’t take off temporarily due to the weather condition. The specific departure time is to be determined. Thank you.”

“We are sorry to inform you that flight KH-8775…”

One flight delay after another came from the radio. The passengers waiting in the airport were on edge and some started to curse in low voices. “What is the situation? All international flights aren’t allowed to fly?”

“I don’t think the rain is too heavy. In addition, there is no thunder or lightning. How can the plane’s take-off be affected?”

”What is wrong with the airlines? When will it take off?”

The crowd of people was noisy while the airlines were crying. They didn’t know why the airport suddenly said to temporarily delay all international flights.

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes swept over the crowd. It was late at night and the waiting hall was packed, but he found no signs of Brother Rong. He asked some airport officials where the private planes were parked. After seeing his police officer ID, they cooperatively took him the distribution map of the tarmac. Sure enough, there was a private plane parked at the airport. The owner’s name was ‘He Jun’ and the photo on the ID wasn’t Rong Cheng.

Yu Hanjiang frowned slightly. He remembered the day that Cheng Shaofeng was killed and asked, “Last Wednesday night, was this plane also at the airport?”

The supervisor nodded. “It was left here for many days. The cost for one day is tens of millions of gold coins. The owner should be very rich.”

Yu Hanjiang’s mind cleared. It seemed that as early as when Cheng Shaofeng was killed, Rong Cheng had been ready to escape. His private plane had been left here.

He didn’t run because he and the boss Shao Zhengyang had the same purpose—to kill all insiders so he could change his identity and go abroad, enjoying the rest of his life. The owner ‘He Jun’ should be a new identity forged by him.

Yu Hanjiang changed into the clothes of an airport surveyor and had the supervisor take him to the tarmac. The two of them got into an airport car and arrived at the location of the private plane. The plane was only one-third of the size of a normal civil aviation aircraft.

The airport staff went up the ladder and explained with a smile, “I’m very sorry. Due to the weather, your plane can’t take off for the time being. We need to conduct some safety checks on your plane first.”

The captain saw the two staff members and didn’t feel any doubts. He let them in. Yu Hanjiang followed the supervisor inside the plane. The cabin was very luxurious and it was converted into a presidential suite. At this time, a middle-aged man in sunglasses was reclining on the sofa, drinking a cup of coffee. There was a smile on his face like the winning ticket was in hand.

After hearing footsteps, the man looked up doubtfully and suddenly met a pair of cold, sharp eyes. Before the man had time to react, Yu Hanjiang acted as fast as lightning. He instantly arrived in front of Rong Cheng, placed this person’s hands behind his back and placed a pistol against his temple. Yu Hanjiang declared in a low voice, “Rong Cheng, you have been arrested.”

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