CR: Chapter 353

Shao Qingge’s sports car had rushed into the forest just now and exploded into a pile of scrap metal. They could only return to the town using their cards. It was late at night and raining heavily, so no one could be seen on the country roads. Yu Hanjiang accelerated and it took just a few minutes to return to Ye Qi’s room in the town.

Yu Hanjiang glanced over everyone as he ordered, “Xiao Lou, Chief Shao, Ye Qi and I will take Song Xiaoqing back to the city. The other four will stay at the hotel first and look through the materials Ye Qi found as soon as possible. Read it, organize a summary and send it to me.”

The four people left behind nodded. The data that Ye Qi brought was piled up like a mountain and contained mostly patient cases. It would obviously take all night to finish sorting them.

After leaving the hotel, Yu Hanjiang took his group to the parking lot and handed the keys to the car he drove to the town over to Shao Qingge. “Chief Shao, you drive. Xiao Lou will sit in the front passenger’s seat while keeping in contact with the other four. Ye Qi and I will escort Song Xiaoqing in the back seats. I will interrogate her on the way.”

Qingshui Town was a three hour drive from the city. If they went to the interrogation room after reaching the police station there, these three hours would be wasted in vain. In special times, there was no need to stick to rules and regulations. Yu Hanjiang planned to directly question her on the road. Then after arriving at the police station, he could have Song Xiaoqing write a complete confession.

The rain outside became heavier while Shao Qingge steadily drove the car as fast as possible.

Driving too fast in the heavy rain was actually quite dangerous but Ye Qi was running out of time. Shao Qingge used the skills he’d learned from racing on mountain roads with a few rich second generations. The moment the car got on the highway, it shot out like an arrow released from the bowstring.

Inside the car, Xiao Lou sat in front and helped write the transcript while Ye Qi and Yu Hanjiang sat in the back as witnesses. Yu Hanjiang handcuffed Song Xiaoqing to control her. Song Xiaoqing’s eyes were lowered, water dripped from her short hair and she looked discouraged.

Yu Hanjiang asked about how she and Rong Cheng met. “Miss Song, tell me your detailed experience from getting to know Rong Cheng to joining the organ trafficking organization.”

Song Xiaoqing kept her head lowered and remained silent like she hadn’t heard anything.

Yu Hanjiang’s voice was cold. “How did that building explode just now? I think you should know it clearly. In order to kill us, he will even blow you up. Do you still have to protect such a person?”

Song Xiaoqing’s eyelashes trembled as she thought of the fire that leapt as high as the sky just now. She couldn’t help her lips twitching. Even so, she clenched her hands that were handcuffed behind her and gritted her teeth, refusing to speak.

Just then, everyone’s bodies abruptly tilted to the right and Song Xiaoqing almost hit the window. She raised her head in shock to look at the driver in front. Shao Qingge spun the steering wheel with both hands and the car changed lanes very quickly while he was driving! His low voice was heard in the car. “Someone is following us.”

Yu Hanjiang glanced at the rearview mirror. Sure enough, there was a car behind them with dazzling high beam lights. In the dark and rainy night, the color of the car couldn’t be seen and the license plate number was blocked, but judging from the shape and height of the lights, it should be an off-road vehicle. If an off-road vehicle collided with a car then it was naturally the car that would suffer.

Seeing that the car was getting closer, Yu Hanjiang’s eyes sank and he turned to Shao Qingge, “Can you get rid of them?”

Shao Qingge raised his lips and smiled slightly. “Trust me, I used to be a chunni and would often go to play with a few friends to do exciting things. Racing was my thing.”

The moment he spoke, he moved his hands again and the car directly drifted 90 degrees around the corner in front! The moment the car turned, there was a gunshot from behind them. The other party apparently wanted to shoot the car’s tires to cause it to roll over. Fortunately, Shao Qingge had evaded it in time!

Listening to the harsh gunshots, Xiao Lou looked at Shao Qingge with fear. The man’s eyes were extremely cold but the corner of his lips was raised with a trace of disdain. “Want to chase me? Your technique is lacking.”

Song Xiaoqing in the back was frightened by Shao Qingge’s two consecutive emergency lane changes. Her face was as pale as paper.

Yu Hanjiang spoke indifferently, “Ms Song, do you remember Cheng Shaofeng who died after being hit by a truck on the highway?”

Song Xiaoqing suddenly realized. “T-They are here to chase me?”

“Yes, your boss is probably afraid you’ll say something unfavorable about him.” Yu Hanjiang paused and stared into her eyes. “You know, us outsiders have special abilities. If the four of us are hit then we won’t die. However, you certainly won’t survive.”

Song Xiaoqing, “……”

“Are you still not speaking?”

The struggle in Song Xiaoqing’s eyes were replaced by determination. She gritted her teeth and said, “I will say it!”

Yu Hanjiang glanced at Xiao Lou. Xiao Lou met his gaze in the rearview mirror and tacitly took out a voice recorder. Yu Hanjiang asked, “When did you meet Rong Cheng?”

Song Xiaoqing lowered her head and answered softly, “Brother Rong and I… our two families were friends and we met when we were very young. After graduating from university, his father gave him a start-up fund to open his own company. He majored in pharmacology so he started a pharmaceutical company.”

“When did you get involved in the organ trafficking?”

“It should be 12 years ago.” Song Xiaoqing thought for a while before speaking with certainty. “At that time, he lost all the funds his father gave him and the company almost went bankrupt. He was very depressed and was drunk every day. Later, someone gave him an investment and rescued his pharmaceutical company. I don’t know who it is.”

Shao Qingge interjected, “It should be my father. After going back, I will carefully check his investment records from 12 years ago.”

He glanced in the rearview mirror again as he spoke. The off-road vehicle’s driver was pretty powerful and was chasing closely behind them. Shao Qingge could easily throw off his opponent with his superb driving skills. The problem was that the pursuers had guns that could shoot out the car’s tires at any time!

He had played racing with his friends but they didn’t use guns. He dodged just now by turning and drifting but he might not be so lucky next time. The situation was different. He couldn’t be brave and rely on driving skills to avoid it. Shao Qingge squinted and he spoke to Yu Hanjiang through the Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings connection. “Group Leader Yu, it seems I need your help.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded in understanding. “Do you want me to shoot their tires before they shoot ours?”

Shao Qingge laughed. “That’s right!”

Then he once again pulled the car hard into the far left overtaking lane! The window of the front passenger’s seat of the off-road was open and the man fired a few more bullets. As a result, Shao Qingge suddenly changed lanes and the bullets flew past the tires without any danger, shooting several holes in a nearby bridge railing.

At this time, Shao Qingge’s car and the off-road vehicle behind him were in the same lane. The distance was no more than 100 meters away.

Yu Hanjiang took out a gun and opened a window.

It was still raining heavily. The moment he opened the window, a lot of rain mixed with cold wind poured into the car which made Song Xiaoqing shiver. Yu Hanjiang narrowed his eyes and aimed at the left front wheel of the car behind them. Heavy rain would affect the line of sight but Yu Hanjiang had caught criminals in the rain before. This effect was completely negligible for him.

Yu Hanjiang decisively pulled the trigger. There were two gunshots and the wheel on the left was instantly pierced by bullets!

The vehicle that lost its center of gravity tilted uncontrollably. It was driving super fast and had no time to brake. The off-road vehicle crashed into the zone of plants in the middle of the highway. The man sitting in the front passenger’s seat was so angry that he cursed. He took out his gun and wanted to shoot, only to find that the car in front was like a flexible fish. It changed lanes again and drove into the dark night.

Shao Qingge glanced in the rearview mirror and found that he had shaken off the other party. He couldn’t help smiling and praised, “Good job.”

Yu Hanjiang put away the gun and rolled up the window.

Song Xiaoqing was in shock. Her mouth was hanging open wide enough to stuff an egg in. Yu Hanjiang stared at her. “Ms Song, continue.”

After coming back to her senses, Song Xiaoqing completely gave up struggling and explained everything she knew.

12 years ago, Rong Cheng’s pharmaceutical company suffered a serious loss and was on the verge of bankruptcy. At a critical moment, someone helped him out. He regarded the other party as his benefactor. Song Xiaoqing really didn’t know who this benefactor was or what business Rong Cheng did with him. She only knew that Rong Cheng started to develop new medicine and that the company’s performance was getting better.

Later, Rong Cheng suggested to her that she start a medical equipment company so they could make money together, stating that the medical equipment industry was very profitable. Song Xiaoqing persuaded her brother and father to give her a sum of money as start-up capital. She didn’t understand business at first so she just listened to Rong Cheng. She would cooperate with whoever Rong Cheng asked her to cooperate with.

By the time she learned what type of business Rong Cheng was doing, it was too late. She had already fallen into it and the people with Rong Cheng weren’t simple. They threatened her family’s lives. She couldn’t get away and could only continue making mistakes.

Yu Hanjiang heard this and couldn’t help asking. “The benefactor who invested in Rong Cheng’s company is the boss of your organization?”

Song Xiaoqing nodded. “It should be. He has never shown his face and I don’t know his true identity. The only ones who probably know his identity are Brother Rong and Uncle Zhong. The money laundering was arranged by Uncle Zhong and He Rong assisted. Meanwhile, Brother Rong took care of all the communications with the outside world.”

Yu Hanjiang looked at Xiao Lou in the rearview mirror. It seemed that Brother Rong and Uncle Zhong were the second-in-commands of the organization. One was in charge of internal matters and the other in charge of external matters. So the highest leader was Shao Zhengyang right?

Yu Hanjiang asked, “Chief Shao, have you checked your father’s investment record before?”

Shao Qingge smiled bitterly and shook his head. “No, I didn’t doubt him at first. I have been checking Uncle Zhong’s whereabouts these days. However, he is so careful that he didn’t leave a handle even in investment. I suspect that my father invested in Rong Cheng’s pharmaceutical company in the name of a subsidiary company registered under another legal person.”

Another legal person?

Xiao Lou didn’t know much about economics and asked curiously when he heard this, “You mean, even if we find the investment records from 12 years ago, it will have nothing to do with Shao Zhengyang? He will have borrowed someone else’s name?”

Shao Qingge explained, “This is a common occurrence in the business field. For example, he registered an empty shell company in the name of Uncle Zhong, made a good account and invested tens of millions in this company. Then the company invested tens of millions in Rong Cheng’s company. After that, the shell company pretended to be poor in business and went bankrupt. At most, we can find the legal person, i.e., the scapegoat. It isn’t easy to catch the one behind everything.”

Yu Hanjiang frowned and thought carefully.

Song Xiaoqing only contacted Brother Rong and didn’t know who the boss was. This was actually within his expectations. Otherwise, it would be too simple to get a confession from Song Xiaoqing and then directly arrest the person.

At present, they couldn’t grasp Shao Zhengyang’s handle unless they found Uncle Zhong or Rong Cheng, his two second-in-commands. Unfortunately, Uncle Zhong had been killed. Rong Cheng…

Yu Hanjiang’s heart tensed and he looked at Song Xiaoqing. “Do you know where Rong Cheng is now?”

Song Xiaoqing thought about it. “He came to Qingshui Town yesterday. He was also there when your people were kidnapped. He went to confirm if you were unconscious or not. After that, he said he had something urgent to deal with so he went back to the city first. He has a villa in the city bought in my name. It is in Jincui Villa.”

Cheng Shaofeng’s residence was in Jincui Villa. Liu Renyuan, the first person discovered to have his kidney removed was a security guard of this community.

Rong Cheng obviously came to Qingshui Town for the ‘business’ mentioned by the boss of the ‘Tianya Club’, He Rong. There were a large number of brand new guns hidden in the secret room of the ‘Tianya Club’. After Yu Hanjiang found it, they would definitely transfer these weapons as soon as possible. This might be their last business. Once Rong Cheng transported the weapons to the boss, the person who was previously kind to him might immediately kill him.

Once Uncle Zhong and He Rong who knew his identity were dead, Shao Zhengyang could sit back and relax.

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “Do you know where they usually hand over the weapons?”

Song Xiaoqing answered, “It should be at the Haiwan Dock. The previous handovers were all there. The dock is controlled by Brother Rong and many of those who work there are our own people.”

Yu Hanjiang heard this and immediately called the city bureau to have them dispatch police officers to Haiwan Dock in advance. Shao Qingge knew the situation was urgent and floored the accelerator.

In the dark rainy night, the car sped all the way to the city. Ye Qi sat in the car and looked out the window. If Rong Cheng successfully handed over the weapon and received the money, it was likely that Shao Zhengyang would kill Rong Cheng and take a private plane abroad. Then they wouldn’t be able to catch the boss and pass the instance.

However, if the weapons hadn’t been handed over, there would probably be a fierce battle if they wanted to catch Brother Rong who was in possession of a large number of weapons!

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