CR: Chapter 301

Uncle Chen almost coughed up blood when he saw Shao Qingge’s hand. He remembered the previous two times when Shao Qingge went all in with himself. It made people subconsciously think that ‘Mr Shao must have a big hand to go all in.’ As a result, Shao Qingge used this mentality to bluff and force back all his opponents, winning more than 60 chips!

One chip was equal to 1 million gold coins. This wasn’t a small amount.

Looking at the three stacks of chips piled in front of this person, Uncle Chen felt complicated. “Sure enough, I underestimated Chief Shao. I thought you folded because you couldn’t play. It turns out that you are actually a hidden master!”

Shao Qingge laughed. “Chief Chen is being too polite. I’m not a master. At best, I’m just familiar with the rules. I have been folding because my luck is really bad.”

Was this still bad luck? He won so much by bluffing?!

Li Mo looked at Shao Qingge thoughtfully. “Mr Shao’s acting is first-rate. I really believed you had three As.”

The boss of an entertainment company, the glasses wearing Chief He sighed lightly. “Mr Shao’s acting skills are indeed not inferior to the so-called movie emperors that my company strongly supports.” He pushed up his glasses and joked, “Will you continue going all in next?”

Shao Qingge narrowed his eyes. “No, my heart can’t take an all in all the time. In fact, I was so nervous just now. If one of you had called, wouldn’t I have lost everything?”

Everyone, “……”

Looking at his expression and the attitude of ‘I’m sure to win’, they couldn’t see any nervousness at all.

Unexpectedly, Shao Qingge was actually a thick-skinned old fox. He was very familiar with this type of card table. In the next game, everyone kept their eyes on Shao Qingge, observing him from time to time. Shao Qingge sat at the poker table and gradually felt a sense of oppression from all directions.

Once the several wealthy people at the table started to pay attention to him, the situation became more difficult.

Shao Qingge also knew that bluffing wasn’t always effective. If everyone was defensive against him then it wasn’t easy to scare his opponents. Therefore, he was honest for a time. He no longer called all in but just did regular calls.

It was a pity that his cards and Yu Hanjiang’s cards were very bad. The cards they got were all 3 and 6s that made it difficult to keep calling.

The hole cards had a value rating. For example, AA and KK were first class hole cards. As long as the community cards revealed weren’t obvious flush or straight cards, they could continue to call. However, if they got a 3 or a 6 then unless the community cards also had a 3 or 6 to make a double pair or three of a kind, it was usually safest to fold.

The two of them started to fold again.

The pace at the poker table was increasing and unknowingly, it was already 10:30 in the evening.

Yu Hanjiang continued to play steadily but his card luck was relatively poor. He only won a handful of games and he basically folded the other times. The chips he won at the beginning were decreasing. In the blink of an eye, he had less than 200 chips in his hand. Of course, these were given to him by the Clubs teenager. Even if he lost all of them, the money in their bank card wasn’t lost.

After winning a large sum of money from three consecutive all ins, he converged his unrestrained style of play. He raised and called, won and lost. He did this to make people unable to understand his mind.

For the game at 10:30, the number 5 Chief He was the big blind and the number 6 Shao Qingge was the first to act. His two hold cards should be fine so he called 4. The big blind was 4 million and calling 4 chips was a normal operation.

The number 3 Yu Hanjiang and number 4 person folded, leaving six people left.

Flop: 6 of Diamonds, 6 of Hearts, 6 of Spades.

Everyone, “……”

This card type was quite terrible. The community cards were already a three of a kind!

Someone just needed the last 6 in their hand and it would be a four of a kind. If someone had a pair then they could make a full house. If no one had a 6 or a pair then everyone could use the three 6s and whoever had the biggest hole card such as an A would win.

This type of community card was equivalent to drawing a heavenly hand when playing mahjong. (Heavenly hand = the winning hand where a player wins the round on the first turn)

The expressions of the people left on the table changed. Shao Qingge was the first to speak and he threw 10 chips into the pot. “Raise.”

The number 7 Chief Wang had been tricked before but unfortunately, she only had a 10 and a J in her hand. If she called then she would have no chance to win. She wisely folded.

The bald Uncle Chen had always been stubborn. He had a pair of Qs in his hand which was already a 666QQ hand. There was no reason not to call. Moreover, he didn’t just call. He added 10 chips, making it 20 instantly. “Raise.”

The raise amount had risen to 20 million.

The teammates watching in the lounge stood up anxiously. Ye Qi was nervous. “What card will Chief Shao have in his hand? Or does he want to bluff again?”

Xiao Lou also couldn’t figure out Shao Qingge’s thinking and frowned in a worried manner. “In this round, Uncle Chen is calling. Chief Shao can’t bluff successfully. The fact that Uncle Chen is raising now means he should have a good hand. He will definitely call to the end.”

It was Li Mo’s turn. Li Mo smiled slightly and from the three stacks of chips in front of him, he gently pushed 50 chips forward. “The community card is three of a kind. It is such a good hand that we should play a big one.”

50 chips was 50 million gold coins! Li Mo’s raise amount was too big, right?

Number 2 and number 5 after Li Mo folded directly. At the table, only Shao Qingge, Uncle Chen and Li Mo were left. If Shao Qingge wanted to continue then he had to call 50. There were around 200 chips left in his hand. Shao Qingge thought about it and said, “Call.”

Uncle Chen also continued to call. Li Mo didn’t raise and it entered the turn.

The fourth community card: 2 of Hearts.

It was a useless card. It was still Shao Qingge’s turn to speak. He called 50 based on the previous amount that was raised. At this time, there were too many chips on the table and it was a bit scary.

Ye Qi looked at the pile of gold, round chips and couldn’t help muttering, “One chip is 1 million. Chief Shao bet 4 on the hole cards, 60 on the flop, and 50 on the turn. It is already 114….”

The river was a card that shocked many people: the A of Spades.

Shao Qingge still had a smile on his face. He was the first to speak. He had already bet 114 chips. At this time, it was a loss if he folded. He could only continue to call and see the cards to the end. There were around 100 chips in front of him. Shao Qingge counted 50 and threw them in the pot. “Call.”

Uncle Chen frowned and also chose to call.

Li Mo smiled slightly as he looked at Shao Qingge’s chips. “Raise, 60.”

Shao Qingge only had 50 chips left in his hand. If he wanted to continue to call then the amount couldn’t be lower than the previous raise. What should he do when the chips weren’t enough? All in!

At the poker table, once your chips were far below the opponent and your opponent raised more than you, all in could be used to solve it. Then you wouldn’t have to keep calling for subsequent raises. You could just wait to reveal the cards.

Shao Qingge smiled helplessly and pushed all his chips into the pot. “All in.”

Uncle Chen still had many chips and he only needed to match Li Mo’s 60. Fortunately, Li Mo didn’t continue to raise. Obviously, he deliberately did this just to force Shao Qingge to go all in.

The Clubs teenager stated, “Please reveal your cards.”

Uncle Chen simply opened his hand. It was a QQ666, a full house.

Shao Qingge immediately opened his hand. It was an AA666 or AAA66, which was also a full house.

Shao Qingge actually got a pair of As. In this case, Shao Qingge’s hand was the largest of the full house cards. AA666 and AAA66 were both bigger than Uncle Chen’s QQ666!

Li Mo smiled and turned over his cards. There was one 10 and one 6.

Everyone, “……”

The community cards were 6, 6, 6, 2 and A. Li Mo actually made a four of a kind, 6666.

Uncle Chen leaned back in his chair in a frustrated manner. “Chief Li, you actually got the 6!”

Li Mo happily took the golden chips in front of him. “It is good luck, otherwise I wouldn’t have continued for so many rounds.” He looked at Shao Qingge. “It is Mr Shao who lost a bit miserably. In fact, if you start with a pair of As then the probability of winning is very high. It is a pity that I had better luck than you. I got the only 6.”

There were 52 cards and three 6s were eliminated. There was only one 6 remaining out of 49 cards. The probability of getting this 6 was 2%. With such a low probability, Li Mo actually got it. There was no way.

Shao Qingge smiled bitterly. “Chief Li is really lucky today. It seems I have to find the master to exchange some chips.”

The team members exchanged looks.

Ye Qi spoke to Xiao Lou anxiously, “Chief Shao actually lost it all in one go. I can’t believe it!”

This mood was like riding a rollercoaster. Shao Qingge had won so much with a bluff before and now he had lost all his chips. The expressions on the faces of the team members were a bit depressed.

Xiao Lou asked, “If you got the pair of As, would you call?”

They all looked at each other. The community cards were 666. There was no reason to fold when getting a pair of As.

After all, the probability of someone getting the last 6 was only 2%. Normal people would think it was impossible for someone to get a 6 to make a four of a kind. In the full house cards, 666AA was the biggest one.

Xiao Lou said, “I think anyone who gets a pair of As at the start will call. There is no problem with Chief Shao’s calling and raising in this round. He got a very big hand and the probability that someone else is bigger is only 2%. Regardless of probability or card counting, his chances of winning were over 80%. He didn’t lose due to skills in this round. He just lost to luck.”

Everyone was uncomfortable seeing Chief Shao lose more than 200 chips. Now Xiao Lou’s calm analysis made them feel better.

Xiao Lou continued, “You should’ve also seen that since Chief Shao’s all in bluff, Li Mo and Uncle Chen have been targeting Chief Shao. Unless he folds in every round, the opponent will definitely squeeze him dry of his chips. It was already obvious when Li Mo raised 60 in this game when Chief Shao had less than 60 chips remaining.”

Shao Qingge had to go all in if he wanted to continue playing.

None of the team members blamed Chief Shao for losing money. After all, their hands would be trembling if they were sitting there. They just felt uncomfortable at Chief Shao being jointly targeted. It had reached the most difficult situation. Shao Qingge had to use the team’s savings. The chips that the Clubs teenager had previously given had no effect on the team as a whole. Now everyone was more nervous since it was using the team accounts.

Ye Qi pretending to be optimistic. “It doesn’t matter. Chief Shao already played really well against these rich people today. If we end up losing all the money in our account then we will all go to work together!”

Xiao Lou patted Ye Qi on the shoulder, not knowing if he should laugh or cry. “Do you know Chief Shao well?”

Ye Qi scratched his head. “I probably… know a little bit?”

Xiao Lou told him, “Chief Shao might like to play in an exciting manner but this time he isn’t gambling with his money. It is related to the money of the entire team. Chief Shao would never be so willful. With his shrewdness, it is impossible for him to fail to see it. Li Mo and the bald Uncle Chen were targeting him yet he raised the bet when he knew he was being targeted. Why?”

Ye Qi quickly reacted. “Right! In fact, he got 666AA and raised in the second round. Then Li Mo increased the raise and he should’ve thought that Li Mo might’ve gotten the 6! Li Mo doesn’t like to gamble on luck like Uncle Chen. Li Mo has been playing very steadily. At that time, the smartest thing to do is to withdraw and stop the loss in time.”

If Shao Qingge had quit at that point, he would’ve only lost 16 chips in this game. Yet Shao Qingge actually played to the end.

Xiao Lou stated, “The fact that he didn’t quit means he should have his own plan.”

Noone could think of Shao Qingge’s plan so they looked at the card table carefully. Unexpectedly, they discovered that Shao Qingge and Yu Hanjiang made brief eye contact.

Then Shao Qingge spoke to the Clubs teenager. “This is a no limit mode and there is no limit to the amount of chips brought to the table, right? I can continue to play as long as my chips are greater than the big blind?”

The Clubs teenager nodded. “Yes.”

Shao Qingge touched his chin. “Then exchange 50 chips for me first.”

50 chips was 50 million. The team’s account had several hundred million but he didn’t exchange all of it. Ye Qi was a bit confused. “Why isn’t he changing more? Can’t he be more active if he has more chips?”

Xiao Lou saw this and smiled. “I understand. Chief Shao plans to cooperate with Group Leader Yu.”

Shao Qingge’s bluffing game was too unforgettable and most of the people’s eyes were on him. Yu Hanjiang was ignored. What type of tacit understanding had the two of them reached through eye contact?

Xiao Lou didn’t know what Yu Hanjiang and Shao Qingge were thinking.

At this time, they could only believe in Group Leader Yu and Chief Shao.

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