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CR: Chapter 302

Shao Qingge asked the dealer to exchange 50 million on the spot and he gained 50 chips. 50 million gold coins might be an astronomical figure for ordinary people but he was still the one with the least number of chips today. There were more than 500 chips stacked in front of Li Mo. It was 10 times as many as Shao Qingge.

For the numbers 2 Chief Zhang and 7 Wang, the two women were very cautious when it came to playing cards. They might not have any big wins but they hadn’t lost a lot. Currently, there were around 300 chips in their hands. Numbers 4 and 5 were similar.

There were around 150 chips in front of Yu Hanjiang.

The number 8 bald Uncle Chen played quite aggressively. He often called to the end. If he was lucky, he could win a lot. However, generally speaking, he often bet and lost more. He had only 120 chips in his hand.

Seeing Shao Qingge changing money, Uncle Chen also spoke to the dealer. “Exchange 80 chips for me as well to make it a whole number!”

The Clubs teenager gave him 80 gold chips. Uncle Chen looked at the pile of high chips in front of Li Mo. “Chief Li is lucky today. You won so much?”

A gentlemanly smile appeared on Li Mo’s face. “It is only 10:30. It isn’t certain if I can keep these chips to the end. Feng shui turns around. Maybe in the next game, your luck will be better and you will win back all of it.”

Uncle Chen laughed. “I will borrow your words.”

Everyone was joking around while waiting for the Clubs teenager to shuffle. The teenager wore gloves and shuffled the deck of cards in a standard posture.

Shao Qingge found that after losing all his chips, the bald Uncle Chen clearly no longer paid attention to him and instead stared at Li Mo with bright eyes. At the same time, the attention of other people on him decreased significantly.

The smile on Shao Qingge’s face remained unchanged but his heart was much more relaxed. He needed to wait for another opportunity.

In the next few games, Yu Hanjiang and Shao Qingge continued to fold. Numbers 2, 4, 5 and 7 each won a few games but due to their bad card types, everyone’s betting amount wasn’t high. The competition wasn’t particularly fierce.

Shao Qingge folded more than 10 games in a row. It seemed his hands were really bad. It was necessary to bet for the big blind and small blind. If it was their turn, they had to bet 4 or 2 chips. After two rounds of the table and more than 10 games, Shao Qingge had been forced to bet 12 chips. It was equivalent to wasting these chips and there were only 36 chips left in his hands.

The time reached 10:50 p.m. After 20 minutes of relatively mild gameplay, Shao Qingge became the dealer in this game. The next number 7 Chief Wang was the small blind and the bald Uncle Chen was the big blind. The number 1 Li Mo was the first to act.

The hole cards were dealt and everyone received two cards. They looked down at their cards before Li Mo smiled and said, “Call.”

The minimum call amount was 4 chips. It was because at this time, the community cards weren’t turned over. No one knew what cards would be revealed. There was no need to raise unless they got a good hole card like AA.

After one circle, all eight people called 4 chips to see the cards.

The flop: 4 of Spades, 7 of Spades and 10 of Spades.

There were three spades! Once someone had two spades, they could get a flush!

The probability of a straight on this card was also very high. If their hole cards were a 5 and 6, they could wait for a straight of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or if their hole card was a 8 and 9, they could wait for a J to get a straight of 7, 8, 9, 10, J…

If they were waiting for a straight then most people would choose to bet and gamble. Meanwhile, those who got a straight with their hole cards would definitely raise.

Seeing the community cards, Li Mo was the first to speak calmly. “Follow.”

He didn’t raise a large amount. He should’ve drawn two cards that could make a straight and was betting on it. Or perhaps he had drawn a pair to make a three of a kind. If his starting hand was two spades then he definitely would’ve raised.

The number 2 Chief Zhang said, “Call.”

The number 3 Yu Hanjiang also called.

It went one circle around the table and Shao Qingge called with 4 chips. The turn card was an A of Hearts. It was a card that had nothing to do with a straight or a flush, but it might lead to AAA.

The number 1 Li Mo said, “Call.”

He didn’t raise. It was number 2’s turn and Chief Zhang with the short hair also simply threw 4 chips. “Call.”

Yu Hanjiang calmly said, “Call.”

Numbers 4 and 5 also chose to call. Shao Qingge lightly touched the cards on the table, glanced at Yu Hanjiang thoughtfully and narrowed his eyes. “Raise, 8 chips.”

The chips in his hand were the least in the game. So many people were participating in the game and logically, he shouldn’t participate. There were too many cards that could be formed in this game. It wasn’t just a flush but many types of straights. As a result, he not only chose to call but he also raised?

The team members couldn’t help feeling worried when they saw it.

Old Mo didn’t know much about cards and directly said, “The chips in Chief Shao’s hands were too few. He only had 38 chips left at the start. He called 4 for the hole and the flop. Now he raised to 8 and there are only 22 chips left…”

The team members looked at the small number of chips in front of him and compared it with the piles in front of others. They couldn’t help feeling worried.

Liu Qiao said, “If someone raises it then Chief Shao will always be passive. With his personality, if he got a flush of Spades right at the start then he might go all in. Yet he just raised. I don’t think he has a flush. It is more like he is waiting for a straight.”

Qu Wanyue added softly, “The two cards in hand and the existing community cards can’t be directly made into a straight. There should be several people who are just short of a straight. In such a game of pure luck, why did Chief Shao raise?”

Who could guarantee that the last card would form a straight? Ye Qi was extremely worried and didn’t know what to say. He just kept his eyes on Shao Qingge. Xiao Lou patted him on the shoulder and spoke to his teammates, “Don’t worry, Chief Shao should have his own plan.”

Ye Qi nodded vigorously as he stared at the community cards on the poker table with wide eyes and clenched fists. It might be Shao Qingge sitting at the table but Ye Qi was extremely worried that Chief Shao would lose again in this game…

Shao Qingge raised by 8 and the others had to call 8 to end the turn. Fortunately, 8 was an acceptable number. For these wealthy people, it didn’t matter if they spent 8 chips to follow to the next round. Numbers 7 and 8 chose to call and they lost 8 chips.

On the river, the last card was a J of Diamonds. The appearance of a J of Diamonds made it impossible for a pure straight flush. At most, it was a mixed-colored straight. The number 1 Li Mo folded directly and the number 2 Chief Wang also folded. It should be that they didn’t get the straight they were waiting for.

Yu Hanjiang calmly stated, “Call.” Then he pushed 8 chips into the pot.

The number 4 Chief Liu folded. Number 5 also folded. Once it was Shao Qingge’s turn, he suddenly smiled and pushed all 22 chips in his hand into the pot. “All in!”

Here it came again…

The bigshots at the scene sighed at the same time.

This man with a special temperament seemed to like going all in. Although he had won two out of three games, he lost all his money in the last game. He only had 22 out of the 50 chips he exchanged. Wasn’t he afraid to lose again?

The number 7 Chief Wang had faced Shao Qingge once before. That time, she was bluffed by Shao Qingge’s all in and didn’t dare to call. If she had called that round, her hand would actually be the biggest. Shao Qingge bluffed with a bad hand and she lost tens of millions. It was because she was too cautious that she missed the chance to win big.

Chief Wang frowned slightly. After thinking a moment, she gritted her teeth and said, “Call.”

Her hand this time was very good. She started with an 8 and 9 and there were the 7 and 10 community cards to form a possible straight. As long as there was a J or a 6, she could make a straight. Since there was a J at the end, she had no reason to fold. In addition, Shao Qingge’s all in was only 22 gold coins. She had enough chips in her hand. She didn’t believe that Shao Qingge had a flush. After all, Shao Qingge had a black history of bluffing!

There was no need to mention the number 8 Uncle Chen. He just had to call and he would make the final round. He didn’t even blink seeing everyone’s actions. He counted out chips in front of him without blinking and threw them into the pot. “Call!”

The players 3, 6, 7 and 8 were left on the field. Due to Shao Qingge’s all in, the call amount reached 22. The others had to either fold or call the same amount of chips as him to show their cards. Both number 7 and 8 had called.

It was number 3’s turn to express his attitude and the team members looked at Yu Hanjiang nervously. They thought that Yu Hanjiang would fold but he calmly stated, “Call.”

His approach surprised Li Mo. Li Mo’s impression of this man was that he is very stable, like a robot. He had never seen Yu Hanjiang raise and do the exciting all in. Yu Hanjiang seemed to only say the words ‘call’ and ‘fold.’

Yet he actually called for 22 chips which was 22 million gold? Li Mo looked at Yu Hanjiang thoughtfully.

No one continued to raise and the river was over. The Clubs teenager said, “Please show your cards.”

Everyone wanted to see Shao Qingge’s cards first so they stared at him. Shao Qingge smiled. “Or shall we look at your cards first? I am the dealer and I will show mine at the end.”

Uncle Chen joked, “Mr Shao won’t be bluffing again in this game, right?”

Shao Qingge coughed slightly. “How can that be?”

Uncle Chen urged him, “Flip it over. We need to see your cards to be at ease.”

Shao Qingge had no choice but to reveal his hand. There was a 2 of Diamonds and 4 of Diamonds.

Everyone, “……”

Was it bluffing again? The teammates watching in the lounge almost fell down collectively.

Uncle Chen laughed loudly. “You really bluffed haha. I wasn’t scared by your all in!”

Shao Qingge helplessly held his forehead. “I thought you would believe I have a flush.”

Seeing that Shao Qingge was actually boldly bluffing, the number 7 Chief Wang was relieved. She proactively revealed her cards. “My hand is a straight of 7, 8, 9, 10 and J.”

Uncle Chen looked depressed. “What a coincidence, I also have a straight of 7, 8, 9, 10 and J!”

Both of them happened to have an 8 and 9. They formed a four with the 7 and 10 community cards on the table. They were waiting for a J to make a straight so even if Shao Qingge’s all in raise of 22 million was very high, they didn’t hesitate to call.

The two of them were struggling. Who won when the cards were the same? In the end, the dealer said coldly, “Number 3, please show your cards.”

Everyone’s eyes shifted to Yu Hanjiang. He kept calling and they also forgot that he also called to the end of this game. Yu Hanjiang revealed his hand.

A of Spades and Q of Spades. His final hand was an A, Q, 10, 7 and 4 Spades flush!

A flush was bigger than a straight. It didn’t matter if their 7 and 8 card straights were the same. Yu Hanjiang’s flush was bigger.

The dealer declared, “Number 3 wins.”

The bald Uncle Chen looked at all black cards in front of Yu Hanjiang and almost vomited blood. Yu Hanjiang calmly took the chips on the table in front of him.

Uncle Chen stared at Yu Hanjiang with disbelief. “This is unexpected! Mr Yu calmly called and didn’t raise once… you started with such a big flush, you even have the A of Spades. Yet you resisted not raising the bet?”

Yu Hanjiang replied lightly, “I like to know when to stop.”

Shao Qingge had a bitter face. “Oh, we’ve lost again… Master, please give me another 50 chips. Let’s see how long I can persist.”

The teammates in the lounge were all dumbfounded. Chief Shao… lost again. They should feel uncomfortable. However, in this game, Group Leader Yu won over 200 chips and instantly became the second biggest winner after Li Mo?! So overall, this round could be considered a win?

Ye Qi scratched his head in a confused manner. “Chief Shao lost money to Group Leader Yu… it is acceptable?”

Xiao Lou saw Yu Hanjiang’s calm expression and smiled slightly. “I see. Chief Shao went all in because he guessed that Group Leader Yu had the biggest hand and was helping him raise the chips.”

The team members heard this and their minds suddenly became clear.

Ye Qi was excited. “Group Leader Yu plays very steadily. He rarely raises and usually folds or calls. Chief Shao always creates many waves and went all in several times. Just now, everyone’s eyes were caught by him and they ignored the fact that Group Leader Yu called! In fact, Group Leader Yu is the biggest shark in this game!”

The bald Uncle Chen asked, “Mr Yu had such good cards. Why didn’t he raise?”

In fact, Yu Hanjiang didn’t need to raise. He had been playing very steadily. If he raised, then people might consider that he had a huge hand and played calmly. Shao Qingge wasn’t the same. He could create waves.

No, Shao Qingge went all in again! On the surface, Shao Qingge played crazily and seemed to be an all in professional. In this game, no one would associate him going all in with Yu Hanjiang. They just thought he had a big hand or was bluffing.

In the end, he proved that he was bluffing. Everyone would just smile and say, ‘Your strategy doesn’t work.’ They would gloat over Shao Qingge’s all in and subsequent loss.

No one knew that Shao Qingge was actually raising the bargaining chips.

Yu Hanjiang was very calm and quietly reduced his sense of existence. He let everyone think he was waiting for a straight while Shao Qingge raised once and then went all in. He raised the call amount in two consecutive rounds and was actually acting as a raising tool for Yu Hanjiang. He lost all his money in exchange for his teammate’s biggest win.

This was the tacit understanding between Yu Hanjiang and Shao Qingge. Shao Qingge’s continuous all ins attracted the eyes of the bigshots while Yu Hanjiang silently won. Someone pretended to be a shark and jumped around in front of everyone. However, they didn’t know that the real shark was following behind silently.

At this table, their biggest advantage was actually—their teammate.

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