CR: Chapter 300

For the next few games, the cards dealt to them were relatively poor. Shao Qingge didn’t continue to go all in. He folded eight games in a row and started acting as soy sauce. He watched the show and waited for everyone to ignore him. Perhaps at some point, he would come out again.

Li Mo decided to call in every game.

He had many chips and it didn’t matter if he lost 4 chips in each game. This type of play was a common ‘loose hand’ at the Texas hold’em table. Call until he sees the river card and then see if he needs to raise. If he was unlucky and lost then the amount lost wouldn’t be too big. If he was lucky, he could win a game. Generally, if he had a bit of luck then he could win a bit.

Meanwhile, Chief Zhang and Chief Wang had the opposite ‘tight hand’ play. They folded after looking at their hole card. If their hand was good, they would continue calling to the river. This type of play was cautious and conservative. Naturally, there were fewer losses. The key to winning big or small depended on the hand in the game that they called.

Yu Hanjiang had a more rigorous play style than a ‘tight hand’. He had only once won in the game but he won more than everyone by 10 times. It could be said that Yu Hanjiang was a completely opportunistic player. Once he acted, he would kill with a single blow. Then he would hibernate and wait for the next opportunity.

It was only Shao Qingge… that Li Mo still couldn’t figure out.

This man of an unknown origin sat at the card table like a cat with his limbs spread out to watch the excitement. No matter how fierce the fight at the table, he just squinted with an attitude like it didn’t matter to him. Yet just now, he went all in for two consecutive games and Uncle Chen lost hundreds of chips.

He either didn’t play or he played big. This person shouldn’t be underestimated. Li Mo came to a conclusion in his heart and continued to observe Shao Qingge’s movements.

It was now 9:30 p.m. and it was Yu Hanjiang’s turn to be the dealer. The number 4 Chief Liu was the small blind and the number 5 Chief He was the big blind. The number 6 Shao Qingge was the first to act.

After seeing his hole cards, Shao Qingge called 4 chips. Obviously, his hole cards weren’t bad. The others simply called as well.

It was the flop and the first three community cards were revealed: 2 of Spades, 5 of Diamonds and 7 of Clubs.

They were very ‘dry’ community cards. As long as someone had a pair of 2s, 5s or 7s, they could make three of a kind. If they had one card then they could make a pair. However, this pair was smaller. If someone had a pair of As or Ks then they could call to see the situation.

There was no need for other miscellaneous cards to call. This type of community card was hard to create a straight or a flush. The probability was too low. After seeing the community cards, three people folded. They were the number 3 Yu Hanjiang and numbers 4 and 5. The other five people continued to call and they didn’t raise it from 4 chips.

The turn: 10 of Diamonds.

Shao Qingge smiled and said, “Raise 12.”

So far, the community cards were 2, 5, 7 and 10. The possibility of a straight and a flush had been ruled out. Those who heard him speaking couldn’t help wondering. This guy suddenly raised the bet. Perhaps he had a pair of 10s to make a three of a kind?

The number 7 Chief Wang raised her eyebrow and glanced at Shao Qingge. “Call 12.”

12 chips were nothing to such a wealthy woman. She had a pair of 5s in her hand. The community cards were a 2, 5, 7 and 10 and she already made a three of a kind of 555. She would win as long as no one on the field had a bigger three of a kind.

The number 8 Uncle Chen folded directly. His hand was too bad. He had a miscellaneous 3 and 9 and there was no need to continue to call.

The number 1 Li Mo said, “Call 12.”

Li Mo had a 2 and a 7 in his hand. Add the 2 and 7 community cards and he had a double pair 2277. If there was another 2 or 7, he could make a full house of 22277 or 77722.

The short-haired female boss in the number 2 position thought carefully for a moment. She had a pair of Qs but the community cards were 2, 5, 7 and 10. Chief Wang and Chief Li had both called 12. One of them must have a three of a kind and the possibility of the last card being a Q was very low. She could fold now or call 12 and see the fifth card before making a decision. However, her cautious character meant she made the more sensible choice. “Fold.”

There were three people left at the table. They were Li Mo, Shao Qingge and the number 7 Chief Wang with the elegant temperament.

None of them continued to raise.

The Clubs teenager said, “The last card is an A of Spades.”

All the community cards were spread out in front of everyone and possible hands had been determined. Seeing the last card, Shao Qingge couldn’t help smiling slightly. He was the first to speak and once again pushed nearly all the 200 chips in front of him into the pot. “All in!”

Everyone, “……”

It was here again!

This person had likely another big hand. He went all in to force the others to call and win more money. After all, he had used this method to win hundreds of chips from the bald Uncle Chen. One chip was 1 million so it was already several hundred million gold coins.

Shao Qingge crossed his arms and his beautiful peach blossom eyes were full of joy. It was as if he was sure he would win.

The number 7 Uncle Chen laughed. “Mr Shao, do you perhaps have a pair of As?”

The community cards 2, 5, 7, 10 and A had four different suits. In theory, there was no possibility of a flush.

If Shao Qingge’s starting hand was a pair of As then it was reasonable for him to follow such miscellaneous community cards to the river. Finally, an A appeared. If he really got AAA, it was the biggest hand available. It was natural to go all in.

The number 7 Chief Wang raised an eyebrow. She was mature and sexy with delicate makeup on her face and curly hair. A strong woman naturally wasn’t afraid of the poker table. However, all the community cards had been turned over and she only had a 555 in her hand. There might be a 777, a 101010 or even an AAA. There were too many hands valued higher than hers.

Shao Qingge’s betting amount exceeded 100 chips. This wasn’t a small number when converted into gold coins. She might have money but she couldn’t give money to the other party for nothing, right?

Previously, the bald Uncle Chen hadn’t believed in evil and confronted Shao Qingge. Everyone saw him sending money to Shao Qingge in two consecutive games, becoming a money-sending man. Every time Shao Qingge went all in, he had the highest possible hand. This time should be no exception?

Chief Wang took a deep breath and smiled. “Fold.”

She didn’t call. She didn’t think her hand was worth the risk of hundreds of chips.

Li Mo also calmly dropped his cards on the table. “Fold.”

He had followed the river to see if a 2 or 7 would appear to make a full house. Unfortunately, he didn’t get what he was waiting for. His hand could only make a 2277 with the community cards. According to the size of the card hands, two pairs was less than three of a kind. Not to mention, it was likely that Shao Qingge had AAA. Even if it was three 10s, it would still be bigger than Li Mo’s hand. Calling again at this time was simply giving away money.

Chief Wang folded with 555 and Li Mo’s two pairs was even smaller than Chief Wang’s hand. Naturally, there was no need to send money to Shao Qingge for nothing.

Shao Qingge’s all in bet was so high that two people folded directly, not wanting to play with him. Shao Qingge automatically won. Uncle Chen laughed. “Did you learn a lesson from me not to be fooled?”

Chief Wang spoke calmly. “Mr Shao likes to go all in when he gets a good hand. I don’t want to be taken advantage of.”

Li Mo smiled. “We have Uncle Chen’s previous experience and stopped the loss in time.”

The bald Uncle Wang looked at Shao Qingge. “Mr Shao, show your cards so you can convince everyone.”

Everyone was thinking that it must be a pair of As. That he was lucky again and made AAA. Even Xiao Lou, Ye Qi and the others on the sidelines thought so.

Ye Qi clenched his fists, his tone extremely excited. “Chief Shao is lucky. He got two four of a kinds in a row and won over 100 chips from Uncle Chen. In this round, both number 7 and number 1 might’ve folded early but they both followed when he raised to 12. Chief Shao can win dozens of chips. He is really 666!”

Long Sen laughed. “He is indeed our financial backer. It is three As.”

Old Mo agreed. “Yes.”

As everyone was speaking, Shao Qingge slowly revealed his hand with a smile. All eyes were on the table in front of him.

One was… 3 of Hearts. The other one was… 8 of Diamonds? Don’t talk about two As, he didn’t even have one?!!

Everyone, “………”

F*k! This person was bluffing!

The community cards in this round were 2, 5, 7, 10 and A. Li Mo’s discarded cards were 2277 and Chief Wang’s discarded hand was 555. In the end, Shao Qingge won with a 3 and an 8!

He didn’t even have the smallest pair. He held two miscellaneous cards but he dared to go all in? Wasn’t he afraid of someone following him when he played so big? Then he would’ve lost everything!

Everyone at the table looked at Shao Qingge with complicated expressions. Li Mo was dumbfounded and touched his nose. Chief Wang regretted it so much that her intestines were turning green.

Shao Qingge just smiled and grabbed the chips from the prize pool in front of him.

Sorry, the all in was just superficial acting. In fact, his hand was very poor. It was just that he had long seen Chief Wang’s very cautious personality. She wouldn’t fight for chips with others if there wasn’t a high probability of winning. Li Mo was also very calm. Not to mention, in the last few games, he would call to the river card but as long as his hand wasn’t strong enough, Li Mo would stop the loss in time. Folding when necessary was better than losing.

If the only one left in this game was the bald Uncle Chen then Shao Qingge wouldn’t dare do so. This uncle was very stubborn and might continue to call despite Shao Qingge’s all in. However, he expected that Chief Wang and Li Mo wouldn’t call. He used psychological tactics in this game.

Winning wasn’t just based on good or poor hands. It was on what opponents you were left with—the people.

At the poker table, counting cards and probabilities was just the basics. Quickly analyzing the style and characteristics of all opponents was the most important thing. Shao Qingge folded more than 30 consecutive games to do this and he had now grasped the rhythm.

In the lounge, Ye Qi, Old Mo and the others were also dumbfounded. Obviously, Shao Qingge only had a 3 and 8 in his hand but from start to finish, he put on the air of ‘I have two As.’ It was really the brave Chief Shao!

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