CR: Chapter 299

Yu Hanjiang had 100 initial chips and folded for eight consecutive games, including a big blind and small blind. He had bet a total of 6 chips and had 94 left. No one thought that after folding eight consecutive games, he would call all the way to the end in the 9th game and win 200 chips!

In this way, Xiao Lou didn’t have to worry about Yu Hanjiang at all. Even if Yu Hanjiang continued to fold, he had more than enough chips to fold dozens of rounds. In addition, if he drew a better hand then he could win a few more rounds. If he lost less and won more then Yu Hanjiang would be the winner overall.

Smiles finally appeared on the faces of the team members. Everyone walked back to the seats to sit down and Ye Qi spoke emotionally. “Group Leader Yu’s play is too stable! He has nearly 300 chips in his hand. As long as he doesn’t have terrible luck, it will be difficult for him to lose, right?”

Liu Qiao said earnestly, “At least we don’t have to go to work collectively.” She really had a headache just now. Everyone had the skills to make money except for her. She had been wondering if she should hand out flyers on the street.

Xiao Lou heard Liu Qiao’s words and chuckled. “It won’t be so miserable. Xiao Liu, do you really want to go to work? Don’t underestimate Group Leader Yu and Chief Shao. Don’t forget that Chief Shao is the master of card games and he hasn’t acted yet.

Everyone turned their eyes to Shao Qingge. Shao Qingge had already folded nine consecutive games. In the 10th game, once it was Shao Qingge’s turn, he unexpectedly folded again.

Today, Shao Qingge completely acted as a spectator. He folded until the fourth round around the table. He directly discarded 24 chips. One chip was 1 million gold coins so his teammates were distressed.

The chips in front of the others were piled high, with hundreds of them. Even Yu Hanjiang had nearly 300 chips in front of him. In comparison, Shao Qingge was indeed a bit pitiful. He only had 76 chips left in his hand and it could be seen clearly with one glance. In this type of gambling situation, if your chips were far below the opponent then you would fall into a rather passive situation. The opponent could even raise and force you to fold.

The time reached 9 o’clock and it was the 36th game of the fifth round around the table. Number 4 Chief Liu was the dealer and Shao Qingge was the big blind. Chief Liu smiled at Shao Qingge. “Mr Shao, you have already folded for over 30 games. You are the big blind this time and your position is so good. Do you want to continue to fold?”

Shao Qingge gently rubbed his temples like he had a headache. “I have really bad luck today. I haven’t touched any good cards, alas.”

Everyone spoke some polite words. “My luck is also ordinary. I played until now and haven’t won or lost.”

”Chief Li is lucky. He has won the most, right?”

Li Mo smiled. “I just played. Good luck can’t always take care of me.”

A new game began. Number 5 Chief He was the small blind and he bet 2 chips. Shao Qingge was the big blind and he bet 4 chips. Everyone received their hole cards and the dealer turned over the first three community cards: 3 of Clubs, 7 of Spades and 10 of Diamonds.

Such cards were considered a ‘dry’ board in Texas hold’em. In other words, there were very few hands that could be formed using the hole cards and community cards. Moreover, the three cards had different suits. The probability of a ‘five card flush’ hand appearing was extremely low. The last spacing of 3, 7 and 10 also made it difficult to form a straight.

This meant it was time to fight with the hole cards.

For example, if someone got a big pair like AA or KK at the start, they could naturally continue to call. Maybe in the end, the community cards will be a bunch of miscellaneous cards and the pair in their hand was the biggest. It was even possible that no one could get a pair and one A could win.

The flop ended and it started after Shao Qingge. Number 7 folded, number 8 called 4 chips, number 1 called 4 chips, number 2 called 4 chips and Yu Hanjiang folded. Number 4 folded and number 5 folded. Once it was Shao Qingge’s turn, he thought for a moment before throwing in 4 chips. “Call.”

Everyone at the table was a bit surprised. After all, this was Shao Qingge’s first call. Li Mo joked. “Mr Shao, you finally called? I thought you were just watching the fun.”

Shao Qingge explained, “The community cards aren’t very good in this game. I will try a round to see my luck.”

At the end, there were numbers 1, 2, 6 and 8 left on the table.

On the turn card, the keeper opened the fourth card: 4 of Clubs.

The bald Chief Chen frowned and threw 4 chips into the prize pool and Li Mo continued to call. In any case, 4 chips were irrelevant to him. If he lost then he lost. He had to wait for the fifth card to see.

Number 2 also called 4 and Shao Qingge called as well.

Compared with the fierce fights of the previous games, this game was relatively mild. Everyone only called 4 and didn’t raise. It must be that their hands were very ordinary and the community cards more complicated. They just played a game of luck and it wasn’t necessary to increase the number of chips.

It was the river and the last community car was 7 of Hearts.

The bald Chief Chen called 4 and Li and the number 2 short-haired Chief Zhang also called. Once it was Shao Qingge’s turn, he counted 12 chips and dropped it into the pot with a smile. “Raise, 12.”

It was directly tripled. Today’s poker was a no-limits betting mode. Once someone raised the bet on the river card, the people after them would have to continue calling or raising until no one raised any longer.

Shao Qingge was in the last position and the last one to speak. If Shao Qingge called 4 then the betting stage was over and everyone could turn over their hole cards at the same time for comparison. However, Shao Qingge suddenly raised the bet. If the other three wanted to continue playing, they had to continue calling.

The bald Chief Chen glanced at the community cards, thought about it and said, “Call, 12 chips.”

Chief Chen had the character of ‘doesn’t believe in evil’. He would definitely call to the end as long as he had slightly good cards in his hand. Relatively speaking, Li Mo was much calmer. He saw Shao Qingge’s raise and folded directly. It was probably because his hand was average and he didn’t want to give money to his opponent for nothing.”

The number 2 Chief Zhang was always very cautious and she also folded. Only Shao Qingge and the bald uncle were left at the table. It was Shao Qingge’s turn again. He looked at the opponent with a smile and then pushed all the chips in front of him to the center of the table with a ‘crash’. “All in.”

The people at the card table looked at him in shock. This person folded over 30 rounds in a row, only to play in an unrestrained manner. He actually went all in!

Since today’s poker game was a ‘no-limits’ mode, there was no upper limit for betting in each round. A person could bet a few hundred in each round as long as there were enough chips. However, the wealthy folk weren’t fools. If the cards in their hands were particularly bad then they wouldn’t bet blindly and throw money away for nothing.

The community cards in this game were the 3 of Clubs, 7 of Spades, 10 of Diamonds, 4 of Clubs and 7 of Hearts. It wasn’t possible to make a straight or a flush. The biggest hand possible should be the hole cards being a pair of 7s plus the community card 7 of Spades and of Hearts to make up 7777, a four of a kind.

Shao Qingge actually went all in. Did he really have a four of a kind?

Uncle Chen didn’t believe it. Perhaps he only had three of a kind! Uncle Chen had already called to this point. If he folded then wouldn’t he be abandoning his previous bets? In any case, he always had to look at the hole cards, right?

Uncle Chen thought up to here and slightly narrowed his eyes at Shao Qingge. “Call.”

Shao Qingge had gone all in and pushed 52 chips into the prize pool. If Uncle Chen wanted to follow, he had to bet 52 chips. Unexpectedly, Shao Qingge raised the betting amount so high for such poor community cards. The chips in the prize pool had already exceeded 120.

The Clubs teenager said, “Please compare your hold cards first.”

The number 8 Uncle Chen showed it first. He had a pair of 10s in his hand. Add the community card on the table and he had three 10s. This was already a very big hand. He didn’t believe that Shao Qingge had four of a kind. He guessed that the opponent had three of a kind which was why he called.

Then Shao Qingge revealed his hand. It really was a pair of 7s.

He actually got 7777!

“…….” Uncle Chen helplessly touched his bald head and lamented, “Mr Shao has good luck.”

Shao Qingge took the chips on the table and smiled. “It’s okay.”

However, he inwardly thought, ‘I knew that you would definitely call with your temper so I wanted to win more. Thank you for giving me money.’


The next game had community cards slightly similar to the one just now. It was a 2 of Spades, 6 of Clubs and 9 of Diamonds. It was a large spacing and no flush was possible. It was difficult to make a good hand. Whoever had a larger pair in their hand was likely to win.

Four people folded directly and four people called.

The fourth community card: 9 of Hearts.

Shao Qingge pushed all his chips into the pool again. “All in.”

Shao Qingge currently had 120 chips in his hand. He went all in and this put great pressure on those after him. Chief Wang who was after him folded directly. The bald Uncle Chen looked at the community cards of 2, 7, 9 and 9. He raised an eyebrow and said, “I don’t believe you have a pair of 9s in your hand again!”

Then he casually threw over 100 chips in the prize pool. “Call.”

This Uncle Chen was really determined.

Unfortunately, Shao Qingge’s luck in these two games was really good. Once he revealed his hole cards, he really did have a pair of 9s. He once again made the biggest 9999 four of a kind on the table.

Shao Qingge happily took the chips and smiled politely. “I seem to have a change in fortunes in these two rounds.”

Uncle Chen, “……”

Shao Qingge won twice in a row and the bald Uncle Chen was a bit depressed at losing hundreds of chips. He might be wealthy but money didn’t fall from the sky. No one would be happy to lose, let alone lose two games in a row to the same person.

Yu Hanjiang watched Shao Qingge with a clear heart.

Shao Qingge had this ‘all in’ unrestrained style? He either folded or played big to win. Every time he went all in, he would get the biggest hand. Uncle Chen hadn’t believed in evil and lost two games in a row. Li Mo smiled and said, “The two newcomers today are really good at playing.”

He thought the newcomers would be frightened. Unexpectedly, Yu Hanjiang and Shao Qingge were very calm.

In the first hour, everyone’s betting amount was controlled within a certain range. In contrast, Shao Qingge played in the most unrestrained manner and went all in for two consecutive games. It was just that when he went all in, he usually had the largest card in his hand. This looked unrestrained but it was actually very stable. Basically, fighting against him was giving money.

The bald Uncle Chen had personally proved this with a painful lesson. The people at the poker table had different feelings in their hearts as the Clubs teenager started a new game.

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