CR: Chapter 290

Under normal circumstances, if Cupid’s identity card connected two good people then Cupid was also a good person. If they connected two werewolves then Cupid would belong to the werewolf camp. If it was a couple with opposite identities like a human and wolf love or a celestial and wolf love then Cupid and the couple would separately form a ‘third party camp.’ All other players needed to be killed to win.

However, now it was a 36 player game. It was impossible for them to kill the other 33 people with just the three of them so the hidden mission was adjusted. Cupid and the designated couple all had to live to the eighth day.

Xiao Lou checked Yu Hanjiang’s identity on the first night because he was worried. If he and Yu Hanjiang weren’t in the same camp then the next play would have to be carefully considered.


There were 36 number cards on the blackboard, 11 of which were special cards.

The backs of these 11 cards had the uniform red moon logo and were no different from other cards. It was just that they were flashing. Every time they flashed, a wolf image appeared in the center of the red moon one after another.

Black wolf, white wolf, little wolf, a beautiful wolf…

11 wolves appeared in the red moon in the sky. This image revealed an unspeakable gloomy atmosphere.

The players assigned to the wolf identity were slightly shocked when they saw the spectacular 11 flashing werewolf cards in front of them. As the cards were flashing, all of the werewolves’ floating boxes filled with several sentences.

[In this game, there are a total of 12 werewolf identity cards. You will form a huge and fierce werewolf team.]

[One werewolf is a gargoyle and acts alone at night. They can’t meet with the other werewolves and don’t know the others’ identities. The remaining 11 werewolves will establish a team communication channel at night.]

[Werewolves’ clearance goal: slaughter the village.]

[The so-called slaughter is to kill everyone in the village except the werewolf camp.]

[You can kill players at night or you can mix in with the good people camp during the day to cast good people out. As long as you complete the task of slaughtering the village, you can lead all your teammates in the contract book to pass the secret room perfectly.]

[You can kill two players tonight. Please discuss and choose the players to kill.]

[The werewolf team channel is open. Countdown to action: 30 minutes.]

The prompts were over and everyone’s faces appeared on the 11 werewolf cards at the same time.

The 11 cards were: 1, 3, 7, 9, 13, 14, 15, 22, 25, 28 and 33.

The group of people looked at each other through the ‘group video’ conference on the card wall.

A moment later, a middle-aged voice was heard. It was the uncle with the number 9 card who was talking and his voice was very loud. “Hello everyone. It seems there are four teams participating in the secret room this time. Teams have between 8 to 10 people so each team should be assigned three werewolf identities, right?”

He should’ve inferred this after seeing that his team had three wolves. Yu Hanjiang’s eyes swept over the card wall. The No. 7 Ye Qi and No. 25 Qu Wanyue were both werewolves. Their team also had three werewolves so the man’s speculation seemed reasonable.

A girl with a high ponytail appeared on the screen of the 22nd card. She spoke in a cold voice. “There are 12 werewolves and 24 people to be killed in the village. The game time is limited to 8 days. Two people are killed every night and one is cast out during the day. 3×8=24. It is theoretically possible to complete the task of slaughtering the village.”

No. 13 was a man with a feminine appearance and a soft voice. He analyzed, “This is only theoretical. There are many good people with strong skills. They will protect the villagers and drive out the werewolves. We might not be successful at night or drive out the good people during the day. We can’t slaughter the village unless there are powerful werewolves to drive the rhythm.”

One teenager said, “It seems the odds of winning 12 against 24 are very low but the 11 of us know each other’s identities. We can cooperate during the daytime voting stage to collectively vote for the good people. The other camp don’t know any identities and can be instigated by us. It will be easy to kill each other.

The discussion was in full swing but Yu Hanjiang gradually realized something was wrong. Slaughter the village? Was the mission for this secret room really to slaughter the village?

Their team had only him, Ye Qi and Qu Wanyue in the werewolf camp. If they wanted to slaughter the village, they would have to kill Xiao Lou, Old Mo, Liu Qiao, Long Sen and Shao Qingge. However, once their teammates detected the three of them were werewolves, they definitely wouldn’t just watch them slaughter the village. This was inconsistent with the setting of the good person camp.

If the good people camp allowed the werewolves to slaughter the village and directly voted for each other during the voting stage to end the game, this secret room would be quite easy. A of Spades wouldn’t make the game that simple.

The task of the celestials was likely to protect the good people and the villagers’ task was to expel the werewolves. The good people wanted to drive out the werewolves and the werewolves wanted to kill all the good guys. The tasks given to teammates were inconsistent. This was the biggest difficulty of the 9 of Spades secret room.

The discussion on the werewolf channel continued. 11 werewolves talking at the same time was headache-inducing. Yu Hanjiang’s eyes swept over them and he interrupted in a low voice. “First report your identities and skills in order to arrange the next plan of action.”

The man’s voice was low and calm. Once it was heard in the voice channel, the messy discussion abruptly stopped. Everyone soon discovered it was No. 1 who spoke and his voice seemed convincing.

Yu Hanjiang spoke lightly. “I will report it first. I am the wolf king.”

Everyone, “……”

The wolf king was one of the fiercest beings in the werewolf camp. At night, like other werewolves, he could kill any player. During the day, if he died then he could take away a player with him. Once the good camp voted for him to drive him out, the wolf king could drag one of them with him before he died, thus creating a numerical advantage for the wolves.

Immediately after, the sweet looking No. 3 girl opened her mouth. “I am an ordinary little wolf and have no skills.”

No. 7 Ye Qi spoke loudly. “I am the apostle of the blood moon and I can explode during the day to let the game directly enter night time. It will also seal all the skills of the celestial camp. If I seal them, the witch can’t use the antidote and the demon hunter can’t shoot.”

The No. 9 uncle smiled boldly. “I am the seed wolf. My skill is to sow viruses. I can spread the virus to someone who dies at night, infecting them and turning them into a werewolf, forcing them to join our camp. However, the premise is that this person is certain to die and they aren’t saved by celestials like the witch or guard.”

They had to ensure that the witch’s antidote wasn’t used and the dreamer or guard wouldn’t save the player. Then the wolf team would kill the person and plant the virus so the killed person was brought to the wolf team. This allowed them to gain one more teammate.

No. 9 continued speaking. “The disadvantage is that my skill can only be used once in the game. I need to grasp the timing.”

The No. 13, 14 and 15 wolves were all in a row.

No. 13 said, “I am the ghost knight with an anti-injury skill. If I am checked by the prophet then the prophet will die. If poisoned by the witch, the witch will die. Unless I am voted out during the day, a celestial card can’t directly kill me. The ghost knight is the hedgehog of the wolves. Whoever touches me will die.”

No. 14 said, “I am the big wild wolf. I will kill people with the wolves every night. After the wolves are done, I can act alone and kill another person. However, if any werewolf is eliminated during the day then my special ability will be invalidated. The longer the wolves live, the more people I can kill.”

No. 15 was a very cute girl with a baby face and a clear voice. “I am a nightmare. Every night, I can cause fear in a person and make them lose their skill that night. For example, If I use fear on the witch then they can’t use the poison or antidote that night. It is the same for the prophet and they won’t be able to check people. If I use fear on a villager then nothing will happen because they have no skills. I can’t use fear on the same person two nights in a row.”

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes swept over these three people. The three wolves were sitting in a row and they all had very useful identity cards. 13 was an anti-injury, 14 was a killer and 15’s fear controlled the field. If the wolves used these three well then they could gain a huge advantage.

The 22 girl with a high ponytail continued, “I am the wolf beauty. I can charm a person at night. If I am eliminated, the charmed person will follow me out. It is equivalent to pulling someone else with me when I die.”

The No. 25 Qu Wanyue spoke softly. “I am a spirit wolf with a very strong learning talent. I can learn the skill of a designated player after a player is killed on the first night. If I learn the prophet’s skill then I can test people. If I learn the witch’s skill then I can get a bottle of antidote. If I learn the guard’s skill then I can give my teammates a shield. If I pick a villager then I will have the disguise of a villager. The prophet will see I am a good person if they examine me.” She paused before continuing, “My skill can only be activated on the first night and what I learn depends on luck.”

The No. 28 young man said, “I am the fire wolf and my skill is to rage. If a wolf teammate is eliminated, I will enter a state of rage at night and designate a player to completely lose their skill. It can only be used once in the entire game.”

No. 33 said, “I am like No. 3. I am a little wolf without any special skills.”

Everyone finished speaking and Yu Hanjiang summarized it.

There was also the gargoyle acting alone. The gargoyle was equal to the prophet of the wolves team. They could check people at night. The result of the check didn’t simply show good people and werewolves. It would show specific identities such as prophet, witch and villager.

If the gargoyle found the witch then they could jump out and ask the wolves to kill the witch. This was a very strong card and the identity was similar to the ‘undercover’ of the wolves. The disadvantage was that they couldn’t meet with the wolves and the wolves couldn’t judge the authenticity of the identity. A gargoyle who didn’t act might be mistaken as an enemy by the wolves and killed at night.

There were 10 wolves with skills and 2 little wolves in the wolves team.

They had to kill 24 people in eight days. This might be difficult but the wolves had powerful skills. They had many field controls as well as a killing and anti-injury skill. If they cooperated well then it was possible to slaughter the entire village.

Yu Hanjiang spoke softly, “The wolves have many identities and there is a high probability that things will be messy without a unified command. Therefore, a leader must be selected. It is better to let me be the leader temporarily. If you think I’m not qualified then you can also recommend yourself.”

Yu Hanjiang’s expression was serious, his voice was firm and he was a very reliable person. Besides, his identity was the wolf king and he could afford to take the position. The others had no opinion and nodded in agreement.

Yu Hanjiang continued, “The Werewolf killing game relies on logical reasoning ability. We want to complete the task of slaughtering the village. Naturally, the fewer people with strong reasoning ability in the good camp, the better. Everyone should give priority to killing the team’s Hearts ace.”

Ye Qi was shocked. Kill the ace of the Hearts room? Did Group Leader Yu mean to kill Professor Xiao directly on the first night?”

Yu Hanjiang immediately followed up with the words, “Now start voting. Kill the people you think will hinder us from slaughtering the village.”

Ye Qi’s heart was very complicated. He didn’t want to kill Professor Xiao first so he decided to watch Qu Wanyue and Group Leader Yu vote before making a decision. As a result, Yu Hanjiang voted for No. 6 and No. 36. Qu Wanyue understood Group Leader Yu’s meaning and voted for No. 6 and No. 26. Ye Qi also reacted and blindly voted for No. 16 and 6.

The votes were cast and No. 6 and 16 received the highest number of votes. Thus, the wolves made a final decision and placed the butcher’s knife on the 6th and 16th cards on the first night.

Yu Hanjiang continued, “After dawn, I will run for sheriff. It is best for the wolves to have at least three people participating in the election at the same time.”

The No. 22 wolf beauty raised her hand. “I’ll come out and pretend to be the prophet.”

No. 13 also said, “I can jump out and help pull votes. In any case, I am the ghost knight. If the prophet doesn’t believe me and comes at night to kill me, I can kill them instead.”

Yu Hanjiang asked another question. “Raise your hand if your logical reasoning ability is weak and you aren’t very good at playing the Werewolf killing game.”

The No. 3 girl raised her hand weakly. “I played it online but my level wasn’t very good. My winning rate was less than 40%.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Okay, the three of you go to run for sheriff with me. The others will vote according to the situation. It is impossible for all the members of our wolves team to survive to the end. Sometimes we need to make sacrifices for our strategy. I hope everyone can understand. As long as the wolves win in the end, you will also clear the secret room.”

Everyone had no opinion on the wolf king’s decision. The discussion on their plan of action was over.

[Big wild wolf’s extra action round.]

[Big wild wolf, please open your eyes and specify a player to kill.]

[The big wild wolf has chosen to kill player No. 26.]

[Spirit wolf’s extra action round.]

[Spirit wolf, please open your eyes and designate one player to learn from.]

Qu Wanyue swept her gaze across the card wall. She wanted to learn from Xiao Lou but she was afraid that if Xiao Lou had a special identity like the prophet or witch, the wolves would know his specific identity when she reported the skill she learned and would definitely give priority to killing him.

How could she harm her teammate?

Therefore, she shouldn’t learn from a teammate and should find someone she didn’t know. There were 24 good people. 12 were celestials and 12 were villagers. The probability of learning a celestial skill was 50%. Qu Wanyue prayed silently in her heart. Learning a celestial skill was better than being a villager. She picked No. 31 on the card wall.

[Congratulations, you have gained a special ability: hug of the flower butterfly. In this game, you can hug a player and the player you hug will lose all abilities at night. This skill can be activated twice at most.]

Qu Wanyue’s heart was happy. She had good luck. She blindly selected and actually found the flower butterfly!

[Witch’s action round.]

[No. 6, No. 16 and No. 26 were killed tonight. Do you want to use the antidote?]

[Witch: No.]


It was dawn.

Apart from the wolves and special celestial cards, the other civilians automatically went to sleep when it was dark. Everyone’s metabolic system was blocked and they didn’t feel hungry at all. After waking up, they came to the square designated by the village chief.

[Bloody Night Watch, Round 1: Day]

The sun was shining and everyone sat down according to their number plates. Xiao Lou looked at Yu Hanjiang. The two men were opposite each other. They didn’t do or say anything but one look was enough.

Xiao Lou said with his eyes: I know you are a werewolf.

Yu Hanjiang said with his eyes: I won’t let the wolves attack you. Don’t worry.

They were a couple connected by Cupid. The two of them might be a wolf and a celestial but they were tied together and it became destiny.

Once everyone was seated, the old village chief went to the middle of the square. “For the peace of Rhode Village, we need to elect a sheriff to maintain order in the village. Those who want to run for sheriff, please raise your hand now.”

There were a few seconds of silence before several hands were raised.

The candidates running for sheriff in the Werewolf game could speak. Those who didn’t run were unable to speak but they could vote for a candidate.

Normally, the prophet should come out and run for the position of sheriff on the first day. This would allow them to lead the good people and show everyone a direction. However, Xiao Lou didn’t participate in the election this time. It was because the person he checked on the first night was Yu Hanjiang and Yu Hanjiang was a werewolf. He couldn’t just jump out and tell everyone that No. 1 was a werewolf, right? If this was the case, people from other teams would definitely vote for Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou himself would be destroyed as well.

Xiao Lou didn’t know the identity of his other teammates so he decided to wait and see.

A game with 36 players that lasted for eight days was much more complicated than an ordinary 12 player game. The prophet didn’t necessarily have to jump out in the first round. It was better to jump forward at the critical moment.

Yet to his surprise, Yu Hanjiang actually raised his hand to be the sheriff? A werewolf was running to be sheriff during the day. Did Group Leader Yu want to take the initiative to control the rhythm?

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1 year ago

Jeez I’ve played Werewolf with my class before and they had roles such as theif and even Prostitute/Sex Worker
Every game is different but the main roles would be Fortune-teller/Prophet , Witch, Hunter, Cupid and of course Werewolf. (Might’ve forgotten one but idk which)

There’s also the white wolf which is basically a undercover, although they decided along with the wolves they aren’t on their side, but this isn’t as common role as the previous mentioned ones.