CR: Chapter 289

9 of Spades Secret Room

After leaving the Music Labyrinth and returning to the main city, the expressions of the team members were a bit complicated. Everyone thought this case was a murder due to love but they didn’t expect that the murderer who killed the family would be a woman.

Ye Qi exclaimed, “This is a pair of lilies!” (Lily = girl’s love)

Long Sen, Old Mo, Qu Wanyue and Liu Qiao also had expressions of disbelief.

Yu Hanjiang wasn’t surprised. He had seen many murders due to love in reality, including homosexual murders. The murderer could be either male or female. Yu Hanjiang analyzed, “In the beginning, we found the jewelry box treasured by the heroine and inferred that there was a white moonlight in her heart. Therefore, we focused on the two men. This type of conservative thinking is actually a big taboo when it comes to reasoning. No one stipulated that the white moonlight in a woman’s heart must be a man. We shouldn’t ignore other possibilities.”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Thankfully Xiao Ye discovered the secret of the architectural model.”

Shao Qingge smiled and looked at Ye Qi. “Xiao Ye’s credit in this maze is very big.”

The other team members all agreed. Ye Qi was very happy and scratched the back of his head as he asked, “The Diamonds secret room only took an hour and we aren’t hungry. Do you want to go to the next level?”

Yu Hanjiang wondered, “The next level is 9 of Spades. Don’t you need to rest?”

Everyone replied that they didn’t need it. The Diamonds secret room didn’t consume energy and they didn’t feel tired. Yu Hanjiang simply proceeded to pull the 9 of Spades playing card from the wall. The familiar black vortex was generated from the card and everyone’s vision darkened for a moment. A few seconds later, Xiao Lou found that he had appeared in an unfamiliar place.

A huge red full moon was hanging high in the sky. Half of the moon was stained a blood red so the entire environment was extremely dim and the ground seemed stained with blood. There were many dry branches around him and a large number of crows flew by, making harsh sounds.

Xiao Lou had never seen such a big red moon. Obviously, the background of this secret room wasn’t an ordinary modern city. He looked around and didn’t see his teammates. Everyone had been separated again after entering the secret room.

The mechanical, icy voice of the keeper of Spades entered his ears. “Welcome Xiao Lou to 9 of Spades, Bloody Night Witch. Please take your number and identity card.”

Two brand new cards appeared in Xiao Lou’s hands out of nowhere. The first was a number plate that said 11.

The second was an identity card with the back of the card painted with a bloody full moon. Xiao Lou flipped it to the front and saw a curly haired woman in a dark purple lace dress, a magic ball-shaped object in her hand. There was also the word: Prophet.

The moment the identity card was turned over, the voice of the keeper, A of Spades once again entered his ears. “The number card you are assigned in this secret room is ‘Number 11’ and the identity card is ‘Prophet.’ The skill of the prophet is that every night, you can check the identity of a player and know if they are in the good camp or the werewolf camp.”

Xiao Lou immediately understood the background of this secret room.

It was a variant of the killing game, similar to ‘Werewolf’ or ‘Close Your Eyes When it is Dark’. The survival room 9 of Spades was actually similar to the variety show in 9 of Hearts that the stand-in shot in order to help the murderer.

There was an identity card in the Werewolf game that can check the identity of other people. Xiao Lou was very interested in this type of language reasoning game and often played it in reality. He knew the general rules.

A of Spades continued, “This type is the Werewolf killing game survival secret room. All the challengers have come to a strange village. Every time the blood moon rises and night falls, the werewolves will come out and hunt civilians and celestials. You are the prophet of the celestial. Your teammates can be werewolves, civilians or other characters in the celestial camp.”

“Please note that unlike traditional Werewolf games, the rules for determining the outcome of this game aren’t based on the three camps of werewolves, villagers and celestials. It is based on your team.”

“Your clearance condition: Survive 8 days in Bloody Night Witch and the number of survivors in the team must not be less than four.”

“During the game, players killed at night and players voted out during the day will leave the village and enter the exile zone. They can only be rescued after clearing the game. If the game time is up and the number of survivors in the team is less than four, the team will be eliminated and enter the Nightmare Room.”

“No other cards can be used in this secret room. You can only use the skills of your identity card.”

Xiao Lou listened to the rules and couldn’t help being nervous.

This secret room was different from the traditional Werewolf. Werewolf was usually played based on the three camps of the werewolves, villagers and celestials. The conditions of victory in the game were either the werewolf team killing all villagers or all celestials or the villagers and celestials expelling all werewolves.

In this game, the conditions for clearing it were different and was based on the team.

The thing that gave Xiao Lou a headache was that the eight of them weren’t necessarily in the same camp! Xiao Lou’s identity card, the Prophet belonged to the celestial camp. What if a teammate drew a werewolf?

Based on the information disclosed by the keeper, it could be seen that their team wasn’t the only challenger for Bloody Night Witch. There were also other teams. In a big melee of several times, how to ensure that at least four teammates survived to the end was the headache.

Xiao Lou asked the keeper, “How many challengers are there in this secret room? What identity badges are there?”

A of Spades replied, “You’ll know when the game starts.”

Xiao Lou continued to ask questions. “Are the other rules consistent with the Werewolf game? For example, people who are voted out during the day can express their last words and those killed at night can only say their last words on the first night. Someone will run for sheriff on the first day?”

A of Spades replied, “Yes, the game process is the same as the Werewolf killing game. There will be a village chief to guide you through the game process. However, many new identity cards are added to make it more interesting and challenging.”

Xiao Lou told him, “Understood. Let’s enter the game.”

Meanwhile, Shao Qingge was looking at his card in a dazed manner.

“The number card you are assigned in this secret room is Number 5 and your identity of ‘Dreamer’ belongs to the celestial camp.”

“Your special skill is: every night, choose a player to become a ‘sleepwalker’. The selected player doesn’t know they are sleepwalking. The sleepwalker is immune to all damage during the night. However, if you are killed at night then the sleepwalker you choose will die with you. People who are selected as the sleepwalker for two consecutive nights will also die immediately.”

Shao Qingge had never played the killing game and it was also the first time he saw the identity card of ‘Dreamer.’

He looked carefully at the description on the card. Choosing a person was equivalent to putting a no-injury shield on them. Dreaming of the same person for two consecutive nights could kill them.

He could attack or defend. This card was very useful. The disadvantage was that if he died, the chosen sleepwalker would also die. It seemed he couldn’t easily choose his teammate. If he died, his teammate would also die.

He looked thoughtfully at the comic-style image on the card and asked, “Are all my teammates celestials?”

“Not necessarily.”

Shao Qingge raised his eyebrow with surprise. “In other words, some members of my team might be werewolves?”

The keeper nodded. “Yes.”

The three minutes where the identities were assigned passed and everyone entered the village together.

Warm light shone through the gaps of the leaves and the small wooden houses were arranged in a staggered manner. If it wasn’t for the murder game regarding life and death, this must be a beautiful and peaceful village.

Everyone followed the instructions and headed to the square in the middle of the village.

Xiao Lou found that everyone had a number plate pinned to their chests and his eyes quickly swept over the crowd. It ranged from number 1 to number 36. Obviously, there were 36 players in this Werewolf killing game. Everyone was wearing the same clothes with exquisite totems embroidered on them. This should be the ethnic clothing of the village.

Xiao Lou’s facial recognition ability was strong. Apart from his teammates, he didn’t find anyone he had met before among the 36 people. Perhaps the keeper deliberately avoided matching him with people he had seen before. Otherwise, it would be easy to judge who were teammates.

The complexity of the situation exceeded expectations.

There were stone benches carved with totems around the square. Everyone sat down one by one on the stone benches.

An old man with white hair and a cane walked to the middle. He cleared his throat and said in an old, hoarse voice. “Hello everyone, I am the mayor of Rhode Village. I have always loved peace but there are werewolves lurking among the villagers and wanting to kill us! They are no different from ordinary people during the day but will show fierce fangs at night. I hope everyone will keep their eyes open and drive the werewolves out of the village in the next few days for the peace of Rhode Village!”

“Every day, there will be a round of voting to drive out the most suspicious person. There is a voting machine next to the stone bench…” The village chief explained the voting rules and said, “It’s getting dark. Don’t talk. Find your place as soon as possible and don’t go out at night.”

Once the village chief left, the remaining 36 challengers faced each other.

Xiao Lou quickly locked onto his teammates. Yu Hanjiang was No. 1, Shao Qingge was No. 5, Ye Qi No. 7, Liu Qiao No. 18, Qu Wanyue No. 25, Long Sen No. 27 and Old Mo No. 30. The numbers were completely disrupted. The people on other teams couldn’t see that the eight of them were teammates. Similarly, Xiao Lou couldn’t see who out of the remaining people were on the same team.

It was forbidden to speak right now and everyone had to scan the group with their eyes to confirm their teammates.

The time flow in this secret room was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, the sun set and the blood moon rose. Night was approaching and everyone quickly returned to their residences.

They were all assigned a wooden house in the village. The furnishings in the room were simple and primitive. There was a kerosene lamp lit in the corner. Xiao Lou looked around the house using the light of the kerosene lamp and found there was a large blackboard hung on a wall in the middle of the room. On the large blackboard were 36 cards with a blood moon as the background picture.

He walked up to the cards and the blackboard immediately lit up. The familiar floating box’s text prompt appeared.

“Introduction to the rules of the game: a 36 player melee game, divided into three camps. There are 12 werewolves, 12 villagers and 12 celestials. Villagers don’t have any special skills. They will sleep at night and can vote during the day. Celestials and wolves can activate skills when necessary.”

“The game time is eight days and werewolves can kill two people every night.”

“There are still three minutes before total darkness arrives. During this time, please turn over the cards on the blackboard to check the identity distribution of this werewolf survival game. You have only this one chance to check the identities.”

Xiao Lou immediately reached out and quickly turned over the 36 cards on the blackboard when he saw this prompt. Among them, 12 were villager cards. Ordinary villagers had no skills and could be ignored.

The thing that shocked Xiao Lou was that all 12 celestial cards were different! The celestial cards in this game included: Prophet, witch, hunter, demon hunter, cupid, dreamer, grave keeper, flower butterfly, bewitcher, guard, knight and elder.

Xiao Lou had heard of some of these cards and hadn’t seen others. Therefore, he had to hurry and become familiar with them.m Xiao Lou carefully observed the skills of the celestial cards he didn’t know well.

Flower butterfly: You can hug a person every night. The person who is hugged will lose the use of their skill that night. If a werewolf is hugged then all wolves won’t be able to kill someone that night. In the entire game, the skill can only be activated two times.

Demon hunter: Starting from the second day, one player can be hunted every night. If the player is a werewolf then they will die. If the player is a good person then the hunter will die. The demon hunter isn’t affected by the witch’s poison.

Grave keeper: At night, you can look through the gravestones of the people who were voted out during the day to know if they are a good person or a werewolf.

Knight: During the day, you can choose a person to duel. If the person is a werewolf, the werewolf will be out immediately and it will be forced to become night time. If the person chose is from the good camp then the knight will be out. The dueling skill can only be activated once in the entire game.

Elder: As the elder who has stayed in the village for the longest time, the elder is automatically immune to damage when attacked by a werewolf for the first time. If attacked a second time, the elder will die. If ignorant villagers vote you out or you are killed by celestials (such as the witch’s poison, the demon hunter’s gun or continuous sleepwalking etc), the celestial camp will collectively lose their skills that night as punishment.

Bewitcher: Good at deceiving people’s hearts. You can specify a player every night. If the bewitcher dies that night, the player you appoint will die instead of you. The bewitcher can’t appoint the same person for two consecutive nights.

Xiao Lou carefully noted the characteristics of all the celestial cards before looking at the 12 wolf cards.

Three minutes passed quickly. Once time was up, the 36 cards were shuffled and reorganized at a dazzling speed. Six sheets with six lines in total were turned over and stuck on the blackboard. At the same time, a number code appeared on the back of each code, from the number 1 to 36.

The kerosene lamp in the house went out and fluorescent letters appeared on the blackboard.

[The game has started.]

[Bloody Night Witch, Round 1: Night]

[The celestial camp’s operation…

According to the card face of this Werewolf killing game, the celestial card holders could act before the werewolves. This included the guard (choose a person to shield before the werewolf kills), dreamer (choose a person to enter the sleepwalking state), flower butterfly (choose to launch the skill to hug a person) and cupid (choose two players on the first night to form a couple. As long as one of the couple is dead, the other must die for love).

Xiao Lou might have a celestial card but the prophet’s order of action was relatively low. He had to wait for these four to act first.

He wasn’t anxious and waited patiently for his turn. The next moment, he saw a prompt.

[Cupid’s arrow of love has shot you and No. 1. You are able to become a couple. Please open your eyes to confirm the person.]

Xiao Lou, “……”

Wasn’t number 1 Yu Hanjiang? It seemed that Cupid liked the lucky number ‘1’ so he designated 1 and 11 as lovers. This happened to connect Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou.

Xiao Lou looked at the wall in a complex mood. Since he was connected to number 1, the card surface of the number 1 card became a screen for a video call.

Yu Hanjiang’s handsome face appeared on the reduced screen. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang stared at each other. They couldn’t communicate across the screen so they nodded their heads in confirmation.

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes were unspeakably gentle. Xiao Lou thought to himself that Group Leader Yu might belong to the celestial camp. It would be nice to be fighting side by side.

[You and No. 1 have become a couple and triggered a hidden task: if the couple and Cupid can live up to the 8th day of the game at the same time then the team that contains the three of you will get an extra card reward after clearing the level.]

Xiao Lou was very interested in this hidden task but he didn’t know who Cupid was. It would be very difficult for him and Group Leader Yu to live to the end. They could only strive to gain this hidden treasure chest.

[You are a prophet. Please choose the identity of the first player to check.]

There were all the numbers of the players on the blackboard. Xiao Lou pressed the number 1 without hesitation. He wanted to check Yu Hanjiang’s identity first. The results soon appeared. The No. 1 card was flipped around in front of Xiao Lou’s eyes and the front of the card contained a fierce black wolf.

[No. 1, identity is werewolf.]

Xiao Lou, “……”

A celestial and wolf love, the Cupid was too good at choosing right?!

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