CR: Chapter 256

Liang Ting and Xie Yuan weren’t contracted artists of Starlight Entertainment and Shao Qingge didn’t have their information. However, since Yu Hanjiang had found the name ‘Xie Yuan’ in Lin Yiyan’s diary, he certainly couldn’t ignore this person. He and Xiao Lou had already searched for information about the couple on the Internet.

Judging from the information available on the Internet, Xie Yuan had made his debut 17 years ago and many of his movies were regarded as classics. It could be said that he was an irreplaceable male god for a certain generation. During his hottest years when he was in his 20s, Lin Yiyan happened to be in high school and the two people naturally had no chance to meet. By the time Lin Yiyan debuted, Xie Yuan was already married and had children. The two of them had never collaborated in any TV dramas or variety shows.

Xie Yuan’s wife Liang Ting was a legend in the music scene. Many singers today grew up listening to Liang Ting’s songs. Liang Ting had debuted at the age of 18 and she became popular all over the country with the single ‘Dear You’. She was three years older than Xie Yuan. Xie Yuan once said in an interview that the songs of Goddess Liang Ting were his favourite in high school.

One of them was a superstar in the movie world and the other was the queen of the music world. Both were big celebrities who stood at the top in their respective fields. Once, the producer of a movie Xie Yuan was filming happened to invite Liang Ting to sing the theme song. After Xie Yuan learned about it, he went to visit and it was said the two of them fell in love at first sight in the recording studio. They got married less than half a year later.

At the time of their marriage, Liang Ting was 35 years old and Xie Yuan was 32 years old. The once-in-a-century wedding invited over 70% of the most popular stars in the entertainment circle. The scale was so grand that no one had surpassed it in years. This showed the influence of these two people in the entertainment circle.

After they got married, they became a model couple. They were on variety shows as husband and wife and were very sweet when getting along. Xie Yuan doted on Liang Ting and it was said that he even cooked for the goddess at home.

Three years of marriage passed and the two of them had a son. Three years later, there was a young daughter. Now their daughter had just turned three years old and was about to go to kindergarten. The couple had been married for almost 10 years.

The 42 year old Xie Yuan announced that he would stop filming and stay home to concentrate on raising his two children. Liang Ting also shifted her focus to her family. It was harder to ask her to sing a song than it was to reach the sky.

On the surface, the two of them were really a god and goddess pair. Being able to stay married for 10 years in the complex entertainment circle and feel the same love make many of the younger generation feel envious. However, Liang Ting had been hiding for so long. Why did she suddenly participate in the concert of the 505 girl group?

Xiao Lou was puzzled so as the intro was being played, he softly asked Shao Qingge, “How could Liang Ting give the 505 girl group so much face? Is the relationship between them so good?”

Shao Qingge replied, “She isn’t an artist in our company so I don’t know the specifics. I’ll ask the agent.

Shao Qingge sent a message to the agent Yun Lan: How did you invite Liang Ting to be the mysterious guest of this concert?

Yun Lan quickly replied: Chief Shao, it is like this. Three years ago, during the finals of the audition show, Liang Ting mentored the five members of the group privately. These five can be considered as her students. Now they are holding a concert and several of them strongly requested for Teacher Liang to come and sing. They all grew up listening to Liang Ting’s songs and are loyal fans of Liang Ting. I went to ask Teacher Liang to satisfy one of their wishes.

Shao Qingge wondered: Liang Ting was willing?

Yun Lan: I invited her several times and also offered a sky-high appearance fee. She disagreed at first, saying she was going to travel with her husband and children. Later, her younger daughter fell ill and the travel plan was canceled. She reluctantly agreed but she didn’t care about the appearance fee. She doesn’t need any money for the appearance fee. She is singing for the sake of friendship and treating it as a cheer for her students.

Shao Qingge said, “That’s it.”

He showed the conversation to Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou. Yu Hanjiang mused, “Liang Ting previously mentored this girl group and she came to help out as a teacher. It is plausible.”

Xiao Lou nodded. “They have a teacher-student relationship. It isn’t a problem that she came to cheer for them.”

Just as the song’s prelude was over, Liang Ting raised the microphone and started to sing.

She wore a black sequin dress and the fishtail design outlined her slim figure. She might be 44 years old but she carefully maintained her skin so it was no different from a 30 year old. Combined with the smoky makeup that matched her styling, she looked like a queen.

Liang Ting deserved to be the queen of the singing world. Her singing could reach the realm of ‘open one’s mouth to make you kneel’. The moment she opened her mouth, her ethereal voice reverberated in the venue after being amplified by the microphone. The entire venue fell silent and everyone was attracted by her singing.

The song she sang was the famous ‘Dear You’ from many years ago. The song expressed a girl’s longing for the person she liked. The tune was gentle and melodious. Combined with her unique voice, it completely aroused the emotions of the audience. Some people even shed tears as they listened.

The songs sung by the girl group just now were youthful, passionate and lively. The moment the song queen came out, the entire concert changed styles. Xiao Lou couldn’t help sighing. The girl group was good at singing but it was different when Liang Ting came out. He was a layman but even he felt that Liang Ting’s control of the song had reached the pinnacle.

Ye Qi sent a row of appreciative thumbs up in the WeChat group: Great! The handling of the high notes is absolutely perfect and her breathing is particularly stable. She deserves to be a senior in the music industry for nearly 20 years!

Yu Hanjiang asked: Is there a situation backstage?

Ye Qi: Nothing unusual. We are all gathered in the corner here and listening to Teacher Liang sing. Many of the staff members are Teacher Liang’s fans. She sings really nicely.

Ye Qi was a student of music and his angle when listening to a song was naturally different from everyone else’s. Xiao Lou and the others only thought that Liang Ting sang well. Meanwhile, Ye Qi analyzed Liang Ting’s control of every tone and breath from a more professional perspective and he admired this senior even more in his heart.

Liang Ting’s song ended and the venue was almost overturned from all the cheering.

The fans who came to the concert today might be fans of the 505 girl group but they still respected Queen Liang Ting of the music scene. There was prolonged applause as Liang Ting stood in the middle of the big stage, smiling and bowing to the audience. “Thank you!”

Excited cheers were heard from the audience again in response. Liang Ting took a breath, calmed down her breathing and spoke earnestly. “Today, I am honoured to participate in the first concert for the 505 girl group. The five of them are very hardworking and excellent singers. I am very happy to see them realize their dream of holding their own concert and gaining the support of so many people…”

This was truly sentimental and her voice sounded sincere. The fans in the audience were happy she praised their idols so much and clapped.

Shao Qingge didn’t want to listen to these official words so he leaned toward Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang. “Liang Ting should’ve prepared only one song. The next guest is our Xiao Ye. I am looking forward to seeing Xiao Ye sing on the big stage.”

Xiao Lou said, “It is Xiao Ye’s dream to hold a concert. He should be very happy to be a guest at this concert?”

Shao Qingge smiled. “Of course. He has probably been too excited over the past two days to sleep well.”

Just then, Liang Ting finished her speech and was ready to withdraw. The host stepped onto the stage and spoke loudly. “Let’s thank Teacher Liang Ting again with warm applause!”

Liang Ting smiled and waved goodbye to the audience. Then she turned and left the stage amidst the screams of the audience. Her status meant that just singing one song was giving the girl group face. The fans at the scene were very happy. This special guest was indeed an unexpected surprise.

Backstage, Ye Qi stood waiting for Liang Ting to come down. Many people flocked to Teacher Liang to ask for a signature. Ye Qi mixed in with the group and also asked for one with a red face. “Teacher Liang, you sing really well!”

Liang Ting looked at him and smiled. “Thank you.”

Ye Qi got the autograph and stuffed it into his pocket. Perhaps it was due to her music but he had a good impression of this song queen.

The host spoke loudly. “Next, let’s invite our second guest—the newcomer Ye Qi! As the younger brother of the 505 girl group, he won the Best Singles Award only one year after his debut. Ye Qi is a very promising new singer. Please ask him to sing songs for us!

The surrounding audience started talking. “Who is Ye Qi?”

“Is this Ye Qi very popular?”

“He is a newcomer who has been hot lately. I’ve seen him in the top 10 on the music charts.”

“They have the same company and the same agent. It is normal to invite him to the concert…”

Under the illumination of the stage lights that followed him, Ye Qi quickly stepped onto the big stage.

The audience was covered in darkness and he could see the flashing light sticks constantly shaking like a vast sea of stars. Ye Qi stood in the middle of the stage and his mind was dizzy for a while. He knew this was just a roleplay for the secret room plot but he still couldn’t restrain his excitement.

A concert, he was standing on the big stage of a concert! This was his biggest dream. He was very satisfied, even if it was realized in a secret room world.

Ye Qi took a deep breath to calm himself down and nodded at the teacher in charge of the audio below the stage. The familiar prelude was heard. Ye Qi sat on a high chair in the middle of the stage, held his guitar and started to sing.

He sang an old song, White Birch Forest.

The song’s lyrics were narrative and was very suitable for quiet listening. The smooth melody of the guitar spread from his fingertips to the entire venue. The bright voice of the teenager glided over the eardrums of everyone like a clear spring.

“The quiet village is covered with white snow and pigeons are flying under the gloomy sky. Two names are carved on the white birch trees. They swear to love each other and spend their entire lives…”

This song was a tragic love story.

The couple who once vowed to love each other for a lifetime engraved their names on the birch tree. However, war was coming. The man resolutely joined the army. A few years later, the girl heard the bad news that her beloved was killed in battle. She could only wait outside the white birch forest day after day.

The simple melody and low-pitched singing was like an old friend speaking an ancient legend in their ears.

This type of lyrical song was actually very difficult to control, especially for someone of Ye Qi’s age who had no emotional experience.

However, Ye Qi sang very well. He was engaged when singing like he had actually come to the white birch forest. He hummed softly with his eyes closed and the song sung in his voice had a special charm. At the beginning, the audience thought this younger brother just came to grab the heat of his older company sisters. After listening to him sing for a while, the audience was intoxicated by his singing.

The venue was quiet for a few seconds after the song ended. Then it was followed by deafening applause and screams! Some girls listened so deeply that tears were already in their eyes. Most of the fans stared and talked excitedly. “So handsome!”

”This little brother has a very clean voice.”

”His outfit is very fresh and it is much better than the colourful hair of all these new stars. Jeans, sweater, short black hair and singing while holding a guitar, he is simply a scholarly god!”

”I want to be a fan of this little brother! What’s his name?”

”Ye Qi!”

Shao Qingge listened to the comments of the audience behind him and leaned back in his seat with slightly narrowed eyes.

He thought that Ye Qi would be so nervous that he would forget his words on the stage. Unexpectedly, Ye Qi was really gifted in singing. The way he sat on the stage and sang quietly was really hard to look away from.

Warm lights, simple styling, smooth guitar accompaniment and a clean sound. This was the purest form of music.

At this moment, Ye Qi became the focus of the entire venue and countless spectators gave him applause.

Shao Qingge sat under the stage and watched the serious and handsome young man on the stage. He couldn’t help thinking, ‘Xiao Ye, one day in the future, I will give you a solo concert that truly belongs to you.’

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This is so sweet that i’m crying!!
You better keep your promise Shao Qingge!!!

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