CR: Chapter 255

Ye Qi looked for clues backstage while Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou also set off for the concert venue. On the way, Yu Hanjiang drove a private car while Xiao Lou quickly went through the information he compiled on the 505 girl group again.

The Five-505 girl group was established three years ago. All members were from the ‘Sing If You Want to Sing’ audition show held by Binzhou TV.

The current five members were:

Zhao Yuxin, the lead singer and captain. She was the winner of the audition show, the strongest singer, had the most fans and was the most popular. She was the favourite of the company and the agent had signed her to a super popular variety show as a permanent guest. Zhao Yuxin had an excellent family background. Her father was a pianist and her mother was a dancer. She had been nurtured by her parents since she was a child. She could sing, dance and was versatile. Her clear voice was also very recognizable. She was the strongest in the group.

Ye Lan had the temperament of a literary goddess. She graduated from a major university with a master’s degree in economics. She was a rare highly educated beauty in the entertainment industry. She had long black hair that reached her waist and her gentle and friendly voice captured the hearts of many fans of both sexes.

Qin Huanhuan was a cute girl who was less than 1.6 metres tall. She liked to tie her hair up in two ponytails and she had a round baby face. She took the ‘cute girl’ route and her voice was quite sweet. She could freely switch between a childish voice and an adult voice.

Li Shengnan. Her name was a homonym of Shengnan (surpassing men) because her parents hoped she would be better than boys. She did indeed grow up to be a tomboy. According to the information, she had neat, short hair and didn’t like to wear dresses. She liked wearing jeans and was a manly girl. She took the neutral style and was mainly responsible for the bass area and rapping.

Finally, there was Liu Xi who had a clear and ethereal voice. Her hair was in a simple ponytail and she was a clean and refreshing girl. She had a cool personality and was taciturn. Her ethereal voice was very recognizable and she was mainly responsible for the upper vocals.

Apart from Zhao Yuxin’s family who were involved in the entertainment industry, the parents of the other four were ordinary working-class citizens, including civil servants, bank employees, company accountant etc. Among them, Ye Lan’s parents were both university professors.

The five girls had different images and personalities. The combination was indeed very attractive.

As the hottest girl group at present, Starlight Entertainment spared no expense for their first concert. The investment in the initial promotion alone exceeded many big production movies. The venue layout was checked by a dedicated designer. The current best professional team was invited for the lighting and sound effects of the stadium.

Tickets were sold out as soon as they were released, proving the popularity of this girl group.

Xiao Lou posted the information of the five people to the group and asked Liu Qiao and Old Mo to examine further: Group Leader Yu and I are going to the concert venue now. I always feel that something might happen at the concert. You should take a closer look at this information.

Liu Qiao saw it and commented: It is completely understandable that these five people can become so popular. A literary goddess, a cold noble sister, a versatile female captain, a cool tomboy and a cute girl. There is at least one type that people will like.

Qu Wanyue said: I prefer the youngest Qin Huanhuan. This little girl is really cute. She has a round face and dimples when she smiles. It makes people feel happy just looking at it.

Long Sen: Looking at the information, she is only 20 years old now?

Xiao Lou: Ye Lan has a master’s degree and is 26 years old. The others are between 20-24 years old and are very young.

The combination of personality types in an idol group was very important. Some groups had too many similar people and fans couldn’t tell who was who. However, the 505 girl group had a good grasp on the right ‘degree.’ Girls of different styles stood together and were always most eye-catching. In addition, these girls had made it through the eliminations of the audition show and could sing well. After three years of hard work, their singing skills had improved even further.

They had good looks and singing skills. It was difficult for such a girl group to not become popular.

Since the crew of the drama was filming night scenes after dinner, Qu Wanyue and Liu Qiao continued to watch the lead actors in accordance with Yu Hanjiang’s arrangements. Meanwhile,  Xiao Lou, Yu Hanjiang, Shao Qingge and Ye Qi would focus on tonight’s concert.

It wasn’t difficult to get VIP tickets thanks to Shao Qingge. Shao Qingge had arranged things in advance so Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou went directly from the backstage passage to the VIP seats to find him. The concert wasn’t aired live so they had to come to the scene. If an accident occurred then Yu Hanjiang could investigate immediately.

Shao Qingge nodded at the two of them. “It’s about to start.”

The two men sat down next to him and watched the big stage.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, the concert officially began. In the dazzling lights, there was an exciting prelude. Five girls stood on the lift and slowly appeared in front of the audience.

Their appearance was eye-catching. Their clothes were of the same colour but had different designs. It was a dark blue with white spotted patterns, complementing the starry sky background of the big stage.

The five people stood on a high platform with a starry sky background. It was as if they were traveling together through the universe. The opening song was ‘Stars’ which coincided with the background of the concert.

Ye Qi spoke in the group: This concert is so high-end. The background arrangement must cost a lot of money? It is really beautiful!

Shao Qingge: I checked the budget. There was an investment of tens of millions.

Ye Qi sent an envious expression and changed the subject: I wandered around backstage and didn’t find anyone suspicious. Everyone was watching the concert seriously and the staff were gathered to drink water. The lighting engineer, sound effect engineer, live music person etc. are all at their posts. There are no other people walking around.

Yu Hanjiang told him: Continue to observe. It is best if nothing happens.

The opening song finished and the five girls walked to the big stage and bowed to the audience together.

There were deafening cheers.

The captain Zhao Yuxin picked up the microphone and spoke some official words. “Thank you very much for coming to today’s concert. I am very happy to be here with you! The 505 girl group has debuted for three years and your support is the happiest thing for us! Thank you everyone and we love you!”

Zhao Yuxin spoke clearly despite such a big venue. Her voice didn’t tremble at all, her breathing was steady and her generous smile made people feel good. After she finished, the other four members also expressed their gratitude to the fans in turn. Immediately afterwards, they started to sing the second song.

Xiao Lou leaned toward Yu Hanjiang’s ear. “They sing very well. I can hear the sound of their breaths at intervals. It shouldn’t be fake singing.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “This group is really strong.”

At the first mention of an idol group, Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang thought it was a team composed of several vases. Many young idol groups needed to revise their voices and once they really sang live, they were out of tune, forgot words or sang with broken tones. It was like a car crash at the scene. The really powerful singers needed years of stage training.

However, today’s girl group gave Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang a pleasant surprise.

The voices of the five girls were highly recognizable. There was a clear treble, husky bass, sweet midrange, etc. Each person had their own characteristics when singing alone and the harmony of the five was also beautiful. In addition, there were some simple dance moves and the mood of the fans was quickly mobilized.

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang unknowingly listened to the concert for half an hour. Song after song passed but nothing happened. Just as the two of them were feeling puzzled, the five girls left. The host walked onto the stage and said with a smile, “Today, we have invited two guests to help out. First, there is our singing queen, Goddess Liang Ting!”

Fans seemed excited by this surprise arrangement and screamed.

Xiao Lou wondered, “Liang Ting? Why do I feel that name is a bit familiar?”

Yu Hanjiang looked at a document on his phone. “She is Xie Yuan’s wife.”

Xiao Lou suddenly realized. “Xie Yuan, the idol of the deceased Lin Yiyan? He married Liang Ting, the queen of singing. Their marriage is a good story in the entertainment industry. They have a son and a daughter and the family of four looked very happy.”

Previously, Yu Hanjiang saw Xie Yuan’s name in Lin Yiyan’s diary. Lin Yiyan was crazy in love with the actor Xie Yuan in high school so she set foot into the entertainment industry. After reading the diary, Yu Hanjiang called Xie Yuan and the other person said he wasn’t familiar with Lin Yiyan.

Xie Yuan had been resting for many years and there was no motive to kill Lin Yiyan. His suspicion was very low and Yu Hanjiang didn’t have time to investigate carefully. Unexpectedly, Xie Yuan’s wife, the singing queen, became a special guest at the 505 girl group concert.

In this way, the clues on both sides connected. Yu Hanjiang immediately sat up straight and stared fixedly at the stage.

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