CR: Chapter 231

The bugs were afraid of fire. This was something that all challengers knew. Therefore, when Xiao Lou said to arrange a ‘fire maze’, the people of Luoying Pavilion and the Distant Association were only surprised for a moment before accepting it.

Gao Xiaoyi finally understood the reason why Xiao Lou came to her to cooperate. At that time, they had blown up an experimental building in the university town and had experience in this area. Her junior Lin Yuhang in their team was from the physics department and was one of the top students. She looked at the boy wearing glasses next to her. “Junior Brother Lin, can the circuit field fire that you set up when we blew up the laboratory building be reproduced here?’

Lin Yuhang shook his head. “There was no power outage at the time but now the bugs have destroyed the electrical system of the entire city. I can’t use the wires to ignite the fire. My circuit card can place a closed circuit with a maximum size of 100 square metres. It can handle seven or eight bugs but it isn’t very useful once there are too many.”

The captain of Luoying Pavilion frowned slightly and asked Xiao Lou, “What do you want to do in the fire maze? Bury explosives in the ground?”

Xiao Lou brought Mo Xuemin over and introduced him. “Old Mo is a professional interior designer and will design the maze. You just need to cooperate with him to complete some layouts.

Mo Xuemin laughed. “The maximum area of my Model Room is also 100 square metres. Therefore, we can’t arrange the maze solely using the cards. We will manually create it. I will make the drawing first so take a look.”

He took out a blueprint and quickly drew some lines on it with a pen.

The dense and criss-crossing lines made everyone have a headache. This was obviously a labyrinth with extremely complicated pathways. Unlike other labyrinths that had one correct pathway, this labyrinth… actually had no exit?

Gao Xiaoyi quickly discovered this and couldn’t help wondering, “Can you get out of the maze? Why can’t I find it?” She tried to follow the paths with her fingers but there were indeed no exists, they were all dead ends. The twists and turns almost stunned people.

Old Mo looked at her with surprise. “You know quite a bit about mazes. You discovered the secret so soon?”

Gao Xiaoyi told him, “I usually like to play maze-type games.”

Ol Mo nodded. “Yes, my maze really has no exit. The design is just to trap the low level bugs inside and burn them.”

Gao Xiaoyi suddenly realized. “I understand. There must be some bug soldiers under the queen. You made a maze with no exit to trap the soldiers?”

“Yes! The powerful bugs can’t be trapped in the maze but it will be useful to take care of the soldiers.”

The glasses wearing Lin Yuhang asked curiously, “Uncle, you just drew a plan of this maze. How will you make it 3D?”

Old Mo laughed. “We are a professional construction scene! We will be directly making it at the scene!”

The moment he spoke, they saw that Ye Qi had brought a lot of brings from an unknown place. Since the teleportation card could move 200 kilograms at a time, he moved the bricks back and forth as fast as lightning.

Gao Xiaoyi and the others stared at the ‘brick-moving boy’ with disbelief.

Shao Qingge saw Xiao Ye rushing to move bricks and couldn’t help chuckling. “Our construction team built a secret tunnel underground. It isn’t difficult to build a maze on the ground.”

Ye Qi shouted from the side, “Come and help! All those with carry cards should come and construct it according to Old Mo’s drawing. Hurry up!”

Gao Xiaoyi, “……”

They really were a professional construction team! Under Old Mo’s leadership, everyone moved quickly in the community.

In addition to Ye Qi’s teleportation card, Gao Xiaoyi’s team and the Luoying Pavilion had cards suitable for ‘carrying materials.’ They used the cards and everyone’s construction speed was extremely fast. Within an hour, a large maze was built inside the community.

The walls of the maze were made of bricks and this couldn’t stop the high level bugs. In particular, the level 9 bugs weren’t as easy to deal with as the low level bugs. Chief Shao’s sharp nails could penetrate marble walls, let alone the red bricks temporarily moved from the construction site.

The main role of this maze wasn’t to trap the high level bugs but to quickly disperse and eliminate the low level bugs, relieving the pressure in the later stage. Otherwise, everyone wouldn’t have a chance to deal with the high level bugs. They would be besieged by the low level soldiers and the chances of winning would be very low.

Everyone stood on top of a building and looked down at the huge maze in the community. Gao Xiaoyi couldn’t help sighing. “It looks so complicated from a high place and it is hard to get out once inside. We just need to bury some ignition materials in the maze and it will be like stepping into hell for the bugs.”

Xiao Lou told her, “We need your help to bury the ignition materials.”

Lin Yuhang of the physics department had bright eyes as he volunteered. “I will do this. My circuit card can only cover 100 square metres but there are still wires in this community. I can take some of the wires in the residential buildings and use them.”

Several of the teammates around him went to help.

The entire city had been powered off but Lin Yuhang’s cards produced electricity and the Ethanol card left by their late teammate could produce unlimited alcohol. Therefore, Lin Yuhang and Gao Xiaoyi’s team quickly buried a large number of wires in the maze. They covered all areas of the maze and were coated with flammable alcohol.

Standing on top of the building, Yu Hanjiang saw the traps being completed and nodded with satisfaction. “This maze can deal with most of the bug soldiers. As for the high level bugs, they can jump directly to the top of the building and other countermeasures are needed.”

He glanced at Shao Qingge and lowered his voice to ask, “After a level 9 bug encounters danger, they won’t merge with the same level bugs, right?”

Shao Qingge spoke confidently. “Yes, only one leader is allowed to exist in the bugs at the same time. A level 9 bug merging with the same level will still be level 9. They can’t upgrade to level 10 and their ability won’t improve. Therefore, a level 9 bug is the only high level bug that doesn’t merge. If they encounter danger then they could only find a way to resolve it on their own… unless they directly kill the queen.”

Level 8 bugs could merge together and upgrade when encountering danger but level 9 bugs were blocked by the queen in front and couldn’t upgrade even if they merged with each other. Therefore, their abilities might be strong but they were only as strong as Shao Qingge. They couldn’t continue to improve unless they killed the queen and replaced her.

Yu Hanjiang thought for a moment. “I have a way. Chief Shao, put on the invisibility cloak and mix in with the bugs. Look for the high level bugs and give me their positioning. I will kill them and you will burn them to quickly resolve the high level bugs and relieve the pressure. Then we will find the queen and kill her.”

Shao Qingge thought this method was feasible and agreed.

He was facing the same level 9 bugs and would be invisible. In addition, he wasn’t afraid of fire. With the help of various cards from his teammates, his ability was much stronger than bugs of the same level. In order to get close to the queen and have a chance of winning, they had to first kill her senior subordinates.

It was getting dark and night time was the peak of the bugs’ activities. The crowd gathered on top of a building and were a bit nervous.

Gao Xiaoyi asked softly, “We are just waiting for the rabbit? Are you sure the queen will come here?”

They didn’t know that Shao Qingge had been infected and turned into a bug mini-boss, so they were very confused. What if the queen didn’t come?”

Yu Hanjiang spoke indifferently. “Everyone, stay calm. Wait and see.”

The captain of Luoying Pavilion was very calm. “The queen should be cleaning up the entire city. Going to find her is just equivalent to activating the traps in the bug lair. We can only wait for her to come to us and step into the traps we have arranged.”

Gao Xiaoyi nodded in agreement. “Yes… however, the bug who upgraded to a queen should have a high IQ. She might not be fooled. At the very last, she won’t enter the maze personally. There will be a scouting group to help her find a way.”

Previously, the bugs had sent a vanguard to explore the way. After finding someone, they would summon their companions.

The queen naturally wouldn’t be stupid enough to run into the maze by herself. There were so many teams to find the trail for her. It was enough to send over a few teams. Yu Hanjiang ordered, “If there is an initial group then solve them quickly. They will send out a distress signal to lead the queen over.”

Everyone nodded to express their understanding.

Just then, Xiao Lou made a ‘shh’ gesture and spoke in a soft voice. “They’re coming.”

He had set the drone at the main road of the community. As long as someone passed by, he would see it through the monitoring. Yu Hanjiang leaned over to take a look and as expected, five people were walking quickly to the community.

A team of five was the most common scouting group for the bugs.

The disguise ability was very strong. Their walking posture and expressions were exactly the same as a normal human.

Yu Hanjiang looked at Gao Xiaoyi. “Get ready to do it. They will be handed over to you.”

Gao Xiaoyi nodded firmly. “Yes!”

The five bugs entered the community and suddenly saw a huge abacus falling from the sky and smashing them. After causing them to faint, Lin Yuhang locked onto them with a closed circuit and the wires were short-circuited to ignite a fire.

The raging fire swept over the bodies of the five bugs!

Gao Xiaoyi’s team had quite a lot of experience in dealing with these bug teams. Abacus was a card drawn by a girl in the maths department. It could stun people on a large scale. Circuit Diagram was Lin Yuhang of the physics department’s signature card. He could release a circuit any time and anywhere to paralyze the enemies in range. Or he could short-circuit the wires and cause a fire.

The five bugs found themselves on fire and panicked, uttering harsh squeaking noises. They were quickly burned by the flames but issued a distress signal before they died.

Shao Qingge could understand the bug language. He looked at Yu Hanjiang and whispered, “They are saying that there are survivors and asked the queen to come clean them up.”

Yu Hanjiang looked serious. “Everyone, be on guard!”

Everyone stared nervously at the gate of the community. Not long after, a large army of bugs came to the community. Countless bugs were crawling on the ground and their eyes were a scarlet red. This scene was enough to make everyone numb!

Fortunately, the IQ of these low level bugs was average. They poured into the maze and quickly became dizzy and unable to find the way out.

Yu Hanjiang waved his hand. “Block the road and ignite them!”

Old Mo immediately sealed the entrance with marble and the people of Luoying Pavilion released their group control skills without hesitation. Then Long Sen and Gao Xiaoyi’s team threw a large number of fireballs into the maze.

The group tacitly cooperated and the wires buried in advance were instantly detonated.

The explosions spread all the way through the maze and the maze became a scene of fire in an instant.

The bugs started burning.

Under danger, the large group of bugs panicked. There were fires everywhere in the maze and they were forced to merge.

However, Yu Hanjiang had long anticipated this. He asked Old Mo to make a large fire maze with only an entrance but no exit. The moment the bug army entered, the entrance was blocked. Even if the bugs merged and upgraded, they could only be burned alive by the flames.

Gao Xiaoyi saw this scene and couldn’t help paling. ”This fire maze is simply the cemetery of the bugs!”

Lin Yuhang clenched his fists. “It was worthwhile working all afternoon to solve so many bug soldiers at once.”

Xiao Lou warned them, “Don’t relax. They are just the low level bugs sent by the queen to test us. Her elite troops are still behind.”

The moment he finished speaking, there was a sharp scream from the air. Then a large group of black shadows leaped to the top of the opposite building like a gust of wind.

Shao Qingge declared, “They’re coming.”

He could feel the aura of the high level bugs. The bugs with a comparable strength to him were putting pressure on him. Yu Hanjiang had placed a Night Peal card on the roof of each building and it could be illuminated once activated.

They saw an elite force of nearly 100 people standing on the roof opposite.

It was unknown where they jumped from but their agility was shocking.

The more frightening thing was that they were all young men and women with strong builds. Each of them had scarlet eyes and sharp nails. They were separated by a distance of more than 50 metres but they stared at Yu Hanjiang coldly, as if looking at a group of corpses.

Yu Hanjiang frowned and his voice was solemn. “Get back and defend!”

The moment he issued the order, Xiao Lou opened the invincibility circle of Compass!

The next moment, there were over two dozen high level bugs that flew at Yu Hanjiang like lightning. The sharp claws aiming at Yu Hanjiang were blocked by the invincibility circle in a thrilling manner!

Gao Xiaoyi trembled with fright. “…These high level bugs can fly?”

Xiao Lou explained. “It is their jumping ability. They can easily jump 50 metres away.”

People’s expressions became ugly when they heard it.

Xiao Lou was calm. “The invincibility circle can protect everyone for 10 minutes. Don’t panic. They can’t attack us for 10 minutes.”

Shao Qingge whispered in Yu Hanjiang’s ear, “I want to act, Group Leader Yu.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Okay, I’ll cooperate with you.”

Ye Qi was connected by the heart channel and naturally knew the plan. He clasped his fists together nervously and spoke in his mind, “You have to be careful. You are eliminating bugs of the same level…”

Shao Qingge chuckled. “Don’t worry and watch me.”

The next moment, everyone felt something move in front of them. Shao Qingge suddenly disappeared. He used the invisibility cloak and jumped to the opposite building.

Gao Xiaoyi and the others soon discovered that the man who always liked to smile was missing from the team. Only Xiao Lou and the others knew that at this time, Shao Qingge had appeared behind the bugs.

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3 months ago

The cards of the students are super cool. I was wondering what kind of cards I would get. Would it be cards related to studies or would they be highly inappropriate fujoshi cards?
Card Fujo Queen: Make all the men in a 100m area fall in love and passionately kiss for 10 minutes.
Card Omegaverse: When used on a male challenger, make him emit heat pheromones, attracting other males in a 1km radius.