CR: Chapter 229

The bug team approached and Shao Qingge also sensed their existence. Yu Hanjiang flew quickly to the top of the building. Xiao Lou met his gaze and sighed with relief. Then he ordered, “Get ready!”

Hundreds of bugs were rushing over approximately 100 metres behind Yu Hanjiang. Seeing that they were about to reach downstairs, Old Mo hurriedly put down the Model Room. The bugs rushing forward unknowingly entering the maze drawn by Old Mo.

Xiao Lou’s drone was monitoring above the maze. He stared at the monitoring screen on the card and quickly counted the number of bugs. The moment 16 bugs entered, Xiao Lou ordered, “Close the road!”

Old Mo immediately put down a marble wall and sealed the front entrance of the Model Room. The bugs who entered the Model Room started to go around in the maze while Ye Qi controlled the large number of bugs outside with Two Springs Reflecting the Moon.

Long Sen had long prepared the badminton rackets, alcohol and fireballs. Old Mo left a hole in the roof of the Model Room and placed many flammable wood in the centre of the room. Long Sen aimed for that hole and hit in all the alcohol and fireballs from a distance. The wood was instantly ignited and the Model Room burst into flames.

The fire was right in the middle of the maze. The bugs couldn’t avoid the flames no matter how they walked. Due to their fear, they started to frantically hit at the walls of the Model Room. They even climbed to the roof and tried to lift the layer of tempered glass. However, it was useless. Old Mo’s Model Room was of very good quality and the low level bugs couldn’t destroy the walls and glass at all.

After a moment of being unable to escape, they started to spontaneously merge. They quickly attacked each other and fused into people with better physical fitness. Within 10 seconds, 16 bugs had merged into two level 4 bugs.

The moment when two level four bugs wanted to merge with each other, Shao Qingge suddenly appeared in the middle of the maze. The man smiled and held out his hands. His fingernails were extremely sharp as his left and right hands stretched out like eagle claws, instantly grabbing the arms of the two bugs!

The combat effectiveness of the two upgraded bugs had been improved but Shao Qingge’s consciousness was too domineering and powerful. Before they could resist, they were suddenly absorbed by Shao Qingge! Countless bugs followed the blood and flowed into Shao Qingge’s body.

Shao Qingge looked satisfied and after absorbing the two bugs, he evacuated from the Model Room according to the drawing Old Mo had given him.

Ye Qi watched this scene through Xiao Lou’s monitoring screen and couldn’t help blurting out, “Chief Shao is so cool. He killed them in seconds!”

Xiao Lou sighed with relief. “He has upgraded. The plan is smooth.”

The 16 low level bugs placed in the Model Room were absorbed by Shao Qingge and his level was improved. The reason why Yu Hanjiang planned it this way was to make Shao Qingge’s leveling more secure.

At this point, Shao Qingge was a level 6 bug.

The bug army outside had been controlled by Ye Qi’s musical instruments and Qu Wanyue’s Swan Lake for more than half a minute.

Teacher Qu’s Swan Lake had never been used before and the actual combat effect was very good. Placing the ballet at a certain spot and forcibly stopping the battle was considered a magic isolation technique. The ballet performance isolated the bugs and they couldn’t pass it. If they couldn’t pass it then they couldn’t climb up the wall to threaten the safety of Xiao Lou’s group.

The moment Chief Shao was upgraded, Long Sen cooperated with Xiao Lou’s flying pigeon to pour a lot of alcohol and fireballs onto the large group. A hundred bugs were frightened by the fire and started to fuse again. This was the best training material for Shao Qingge.

Shao Qingge came out of the Model Room and moved faster than before! Everyone saw a tall man rushing into the group like a gust of wind. His sharp nails attacked from side to side. The low level bugs were shocked by his strength. Some even surrendered to him and spontaneously ran over to merge with him.

It seemed to be the nature of the bugs to give in to the strong and let the strong upgrade.

Shao Qingge became even braver. He jumped quickly among the bugs and gave priority to conquering the high level ones. The level level ones were kept aside to be raised into a high level one and then collected. There were wounds all over the man’s body and his eyes were scarlet like blood!

The dazed Ye Qi got the illusion that ‘this guy is really like the villain boss.’ Then Shao Qingge’s still joking voice rang through his mind. “I’m not the villain. I’m more like a decent boss? Don’t you think I’m handsome?”

Ye Qi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “You are still in the mood to joke. It seems that your consciousness hasn’t been affected at all?”

Shao Qingge replied, “Yes, the new bug brothers are all listening to me.”

Ye Qi sighed with relief. “I saw your eyes turned blood red just now and was shocked. I thought you really were a bug boss!”

Shao Qingge told him, “After the fusion, my eyes will change as my ability is improved.”

Ye Qi praised him. “Yes, the red-eyed Chief Shao is cool. Keep upgrading. We will cover you!”

Shao Qingge’s mouth rose in a smile. He could feel a burst of abundant energy pouring into his body. At this time, his mind was clear. The new bugs succumbed to his will and he could easily control his body. There seemed to be springs under his feet when jumping and he could jump dozens of metres at a time. When climbing, his sharp nails could even penetrate Old Mo’s marble wall.

His eyes might be a relatively scary red but his vision was actually clear. He could see the roof in the distance and Ye Qi’s hair that was being blown by the wind. The night didn’t affect the bugs. Even if there was no light, he could clearly see the buildings in the distance.

Upgrade, upgrade continuously. In the strict hierarchical bug kingdom, only the strong could conquer the weak!

The bugs in the circle of fire had been fusing. Shao Qingge took the opportunity to find a high level bug to absorb. He was covered in blood but he was always smiling. He used his sharp nails as weapons and the group of bugs soon lay on the ground.

On the roof, Xiao Lou and the others saw this scene and were extremely shocked. Shao Qingge’s combat power seemed to be increasing?! As Shao Qingge’s level got higher and higher, the other bugs couldn’t resist. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of bugs were absorbed by Shao Qingge, leaving only corpses around him.

Shao Qingge leapt—

He jumped straight from the ground to the top of the six storey building!

The team members, “……”

So this was personally cultivating a ‘human and bug unified’ boss?

Ye Qi was stunned. “You can actually jump so high? Your ability is too exaggerated…”

“It is more than that.” Shao Qingge smiled and rolled up his sleeves, offering his arms to them. “Look.”

The arms had just been bloody but at this time, the blood disappeared completely. It seemed to be automatically absorbed by the surrounding skin. The wounds on the arms were completely healed in a short amount of time.

Xiao Lou lamented, “The regeneration and repair ability of the advanced bugs are really terrifying. Moreover, your jumping ability seems more powerful than Xiao Liu’s light footwork card. After all, the light footwork card requires you to find a place to land in eight seconds. You seem to have no restrictions and can jump casually?”

Shao Qingge nodded. “Yes, I figured it out. It takes five minutes for a wound to heal completely. When jumping, it isn’t a problem to jump tens of metres at a time. I can keep up with Group Leader Yu when he uses the teleportation and light footwork card.”

Yu Hanjiang asked, “What level are you now?”

Shao Qingge thought about it. “I should be level 9. At level 9, I can’t upgrade further. Any more fusion is useless.”

Ye Qi asked curiously. “Why? Can’t you go up to level 10?”

Shao Qingge smiled helplessly. “This seems to be the rules of the bugs. There can be only one level 10 bug at a time. The queen was born ahead of me and I can’t grab her position directly. There is only one way if I want to rise to level 10.”

Everyone looked at him. “What is the method?”

Shao Qingge declared, “Kill the current bug queen.”

Ye Qi couldn’t help complaining, “Is this the setting of ‘one mountain can’t tolerate two tigers?’ It seems the bugs can’t have two rulers at the same time. Otherwise, if both leaders send signals, the soldiers won’t know who to listen to.”

Shao Qingge nodded. “Yes, I have a bold guess. If we can kill the bug queen and make me the ruler, perhaps we can get a S-grade perfect clearance.”

Xiao Lou pondered on it for a moment. “It makes sense. After the challenger is infected, their teammates can’t abandon this person and have to protect them. This challenger needs to have a strong will and assimilate the bug, becoming the leader of the bug to lead everyone through the level. It makes sense that there would be an S-grade evaluation.”

The group nodded in agreement.

For other teams, the teammates who were infected might not be protected. They might be directly burned to death like the girl from Luoying Pavilion. The key was that they trusted each other and didn’t abandon each other, allowing Chief Shao to gain the opportunity to possess the bug ability.

Shao Qingge asked with a smile, “What is everyone’s opinion?”

Yu Hanjiang made a decision. “Kill the queen and get the S-grade clearance evaluation. The treasure chests for this instance will be drawn by Chief Shao.”

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