CR: Chapter 219

There were many different species of bugs. Some had wings and could fly in the sky while some could penetrate underground. The bugs encountered in this world couldn’t fly so they couldn’t directly come through the fire wall… but they could drill holes below the ground to bypass this circle of fire.

Everyone felt numb when they thought of this.

Yu Hanjiang snapped loudly, “Everyone, be prepared. Pay attention to the ground!”

At almost the moment he finished speaking, the ground behind them started to surge like ripples in the sea. In the blink of an eye, dozens of sturdy ‘humans’ emerged from the ground!

Although digging at the ground made them grey-faced and some had injuries, they didn’t care at all.

Yu Hanjiang and the others were surrounded by dozens of bugs. Looking at their scarlet eyes, agile reactions and rapid speed, Yu Hanjiang lowered his voice. “Be careful. They are upgraded and there are more than once.”

If the fusion of two bugs can change them from level one to level two, the fusion of two level two bugs could change them to level three.

The flames were so fierce just now. Although a large number of bugs were burned, some only had their bodies burned and not their heads. These injured bugs would definitely spontaneously merge. It was unknown what level the dozens of bugs who suddenly appeared in the warehouse had reached but based on their plan of digging a hole to cross the circle of fire and strike in the rear, their IQ definitely wasn’t inferior to humans.

Everyone’s faces were a bit ugly as they were surrounded by the advanced bugs. Before everyone had time to move, two bugs rushed toward Gao Xiaoyi.

The actions were as fast as lightning and the human eye couldn’t catch it. The parasitized human nails became extremely sharp and harder than a crab’s claws. It was obviously because of evolution.

Gao Xiaoyi responded quickly. She directly used Pole Vault to jump up toward the roof of the warehouse.

The two bugs naturally wouldn’t let her go. The two of them immediately climbed up to the roof. Gao Xiaoyi threw out a card skill and released a python to surround them. The giant python’s body was as thick as a tree trunk and the two bugs were entangled and unable to move. In the blink of an eye, they were… eaten by the giant python? It was unknown if the python would be infected or not. Then the next moment, Gao Xiaoyi put away her python card and jumped back to her teammates.

It seemed this giant python could swallow all living creatures without being infected.

At the same time, Xue Qing was also attacked. She picked up alcohol and splashed it on the bug. Unfortunately, the bug reacted quickly and avoided the alcohol she threw. The girl turned pale and hid behind the man in glasses standing next to her. He raised his hand and an electric current quickly swept through the bug’s body. The bug stiffened and was unable to move due to the electric current. The man in glasses followed up by pouring alcohol and lighting it.

The university students in this team were really strong. There were all types of physics, chemistry and beast cards. The boy wearing glasses should be from the department of physics and his cards were related to ‘electricity’. Sure enough, the next moment he activated a light card.

A dazzling white light suddenly lit up the night sky. The bugs were nearly blinded and received the dizziness group control.

The university students of the Distant Association fought with the bugs while Xiao Lou’s side also didn’t have it easy. These advanced bugs had fast actions and were like flying shadows when they ran. It was difficult to hit them with single target control skills. Ye Qi used his erhu to control a wave but he only controlled three or four. They were quickly resolved by Yu Hanjiang.

Long Sen’s Badminton card couldn’t control any at all while Ye Qi’s group control had a longer cooldown time.

Compared to the bugs who could run quickly and attack from every angle, their speed was obviously slower. Xiao Lou didn’t hesitate to summon Bai Juyi to use the pipa skill to make the targets chaotic.

The pipa’s control range was relatively large but this group of bugs had learned and flew back the moment they saw a strange person appear. Xiao Lou’s big move only controlled five. The chaotic bugs started to kill each other and Yu Hanjiang used this opportunity to pour another bottle of alcohol to collectively burn them to death.

The even more frightening thing was…

There were more than 40 bugs. They had only killed half when more bugs kept coming out from underground! Obviously, they were followed by a number of advanced bugs and the underground passage had been completely opened up by them. They killed one and two more climbed out of the ground…

It was the most difficult whack-a-mole game.

Yu Hanjiang’s expression sank. “Try to hold these bugs and evacuate the warehouse as soon as possible. Don’t bother with them!”

The university students of the Distant Association were very strong and had all types of card control skills. They seemed to have stabilized the situation but everyone’s physical strength was limited and their card skills had cooldown times. If it kept being consumed while more and more bugs climbed out of the ground, everyone would really fall into the crisis of being overwhelmed by the bugs!

Yu Hanjiang ordered, “Fight side by side while withdrawing!”

Xiao Lou spoke to Shao Qingge. “Chief Shao, I will slow them down first.”

He used Li Qingzhao’s skill ‘Slow Sound.’ This skill could slow down everyone in range, just like a movie started playing in slow motion. It slowed them down 90%. Even if the bugs were agile, Li Qingzhao’s group control had a range of 100 metres and they all became clumsy.

Of course, this skill might be strong but it was also a double-edged sword. The bugs slowed down while the actions of Xiao Lou’s group would also slow down.

He heard Li Qingzhao stand there and say, “Searching, seeking, coldness and desolation, dreariness and misery…”

The team of university students was stunned.

Gao Xiaoyi couldn’t help saying, “What is this card… Li Qingzhao?”

Xiao Lou didn’t have time to explain to her. “Quickly withdraw!”

Gao Xiaoyi moved forward and found that her legs were like lead. She couldn’t move and she couldn’t help panicking. “We are also affected!”

Cheng Ziyang’s expression changed as he looked at Xiao Lou. “You controlled us and let us move in slow motion so you can evacuate yourselves? Is it good to betray us like this?”

Ye Qi couldn’t help saying, “Do you think everyone is like you? All targets in range will slow down, including ourselves! This card must be used with a displacement card!”

He was too lazy to talk to Cheng Ziyang. He used his displacement card to teleport Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang to the rear of the warehouse.

The teleportation card allowed instant horizontal movement up to 50 metres. What was instant? It was a game-like skill that couldn’t be interrupted. Li Qingzhao’s slow down didn’t affect this instant skill. Therefore, Xiao Lou only used Li Qingzhao to slow down the bugs while they would use teleportation to escape.

Shao Qingge and Ye Qi used the teleportation card to quickly take away their teammates.

Seeing Ye Qi and Shao Qingge take everyone to the back of the warehouse, a bit of cruelty flashed in Cheng Ziyang’s eyes. He glanced at Xue Qing. “They want to leave us and run. Use your skill to remove control!”

Xue Qing felt that Xiao Lou wasn’t this type of person but everyone was really affected by the deceleration. She couldn’t even move her feet. She no longer hesitated and took out a bottle of potassium permanganate. Since potassium permanganate was a strong oxidant, the first skill ‘Disinfection’ could clear all negative states while the second skill ‘Sterilization’ could help people treat wounds.

She helped clear the negative state from her teammates. The group teleportation skill of Golden Cicada Shell was still on cooldown so Cheng Ziyang solemnly ordered, “Catch up with them!”

They didn’t know the truth but more bugs were crawling out of the ground. The 12 of them couldn’t handle it so they had to listen to their team leader and run to the back of the warehouse. They had just reached the middle when they saw Ye Qi and Shao Qingge coming back.

Ye Qi frowned. “We wanted to pick you up yet you run over yourself?”

After all, running quickly wasn’t as fast as teleporting 50 metres. Ye Qi and Shao Qingge used the teleportation card to pick up their teammates and it actually only took a few seconds. Li Qingzhao’s words weren’t finished yet.

The university students heard this and their expressions were a bit embarrassed. It was because their captain thought too badly of others. After all, they fought side by side to kill so many bugs. How could the other team control them to escape by themselves? Wasn’t this the same as killing them indirectly?

Xue Qing explained in an embarrassed manner. “Everyone couldn’t move so I used a skill to remove the control.”

Shao Qingge slightly narrowed his eyes but didn’t say anything.

The teleportation card could carry a weight of 200 kilograms. Several of the girls in this group were very thin so three people could be taken at a time. In less than 5 seconds, Shao Qingge and Ye Qi had taken them all to the dug hole.

The reason why Xiao Lou brought this team along was because they were strong. If a large number of bugs were met, they could eliminate the bugs together. Besides, controlling other people and running away alone was too unscrupulous. He couldn’t do it.

After lifting the cardboard covering the hole, Yu Hanjiang was the first to jump down. “Quickly! Don’t let the bugs follow!”

Shao Qingge said, “I will stay back. My card can still use the Slow Sound skill.”

Ye Qi wasn’t reassured and also stayed.

Xiao Lou, Yu Hanjiang and the rest of the team jumped down one by one with the students from the Distant Association. Finally, only Cheng Ziyang, Xue Qing, Ye Qi and Shao Qingge were left outside.

Just then, a large number of bugs rushed over like a tidal wave!

Li Qingzhao’s words finished and the bugs recovered their ability to act. Shao Qingge summoned another Li Qingzhao without hesitation and continued to slow them down. The originally aggressive bugs were affected by the slow motion and couldn’t take a single step. They stretched out their claws as they moved forward slowly. It was a rather funny sight.

Ye Qi just wanted to laugh when two bugs pounced from the roof of the warehouse!

These two bugs were smarter. They were spared from Li Qingzhao’s control because they climbed to the roof. Then they had been quietly waiting for an opportunity. There were two separate attacks. One attacked Cheng Ziyang and the other attacked Ye Qi.

Seeing that they were going to aim at Cheng Ziyang, Xue Qing’s eyes widened. She was about to shout ‘Be careful’ when unexpectedly, Cheng Ziyang didn’t hesitate to pull Xue Qing to block his body. Xue Qing screamed as her entire face was scratched by the bug’s sharp nails!

The situation was critical and Cheng Ziyang probably had no cards in his hands. He didn’t think as he pulled his teammates to block the knife. At the same time, Shao Qingge pulled Ye Qi into his arms to protect Ye Qi. There was a muffled hum in Ye Qi’s ear. After that, he saw blood flowing down Shao Qingge’s forehead.

Behind them was the bug army and the raging fire was in front of them. The teleportation card could only be used horizontally and Shao Qingge had no other life-saving cards in his hand. The bug had attacked Ye Qi from behind and Ye Qi obviously didn’t see it. All Shao Qingge could do was protect Ye Qi with his body.

It was his subconscious reaction as if his brain had thought about it at all. Seeing the blood on Shao Qingge’s forehead, Ye Qi trembled violently. He grabbed Shao Qingge’s arm hard and spoke in a shaking voice. “How are you? Chief Shao… don’t scare me…”

Shao Qingge smiled lightly when he heard the young man almost crying. “I’m fine.”

He spoke in the heart channel. “I’m infected. Let’s go straight away.”

Ye Qi’s eyes were hot. He didn’t care about the infected Xue Qing and directly pulled Shao Qingge to jump down into the cave.

They had just gone down when a card pack was dropped. This was followed by Xue Qing’s crying voice. “Thank you for being willing to take me away but I am infected. I don’t want to become a bug and be controlled without dignity. I don’t want to kill my teammates! Please give this to them for me!”

The girl seemed weak but her character was extremely strong. She was pulled by Cheng Ziyang to block the knife and was obviously very surprised and frustrated. Ye Qi was surprised to find that she actually used the scooter and rushed into the circle of fire to kill herself!

Shao Qingge still had his consciousness at this time, After entering the tunnel, he spoke quietly. “Professor Xiao, let me borrow your hair dryer.”

A girl’s scream was heard from outside and the specific situation wasn’t clear.

Inside the tunnel, Gao Xiaoyi was worried. “That seemed to be Xue Qing’s cry. What happened?”

Shao Qingge didn’t explain. He saw that Cheng Ziyang would jump down and suddenly activated the blow dryer. A violent wind passed by and Cheng Ziyang was blown away dozens of metres! Shao Qingge blew the wind toward the ring of fire and Cheng Ziyang directly fell into the flames.

Cheng Ziyang’s scream echoed in his ears. He was thrown into such a big fire. Obviously, he would be burned to ashes like Xue Qing and not even his bones would be left.

He had hurt Ye Qi once and Shao Qingge always remembered it. Now Cheng Ziyang pulled his teammate to block the knife. Shao Qingge couldn’t tolerate it and it was better to use this opportunity to solve this problem.

Ye Qi was trembling. Currently, only he knew Chief Shao was infected and he knew Shao Qingge’s thoughts. Shao Qingge had always been unhappy with Cheng Ziyang. Now Cheng Ziyang was going to be buried with Xue Qing. It was his best ending. There was always a day when one would receive payback for what they did.

Their captain was thrown into the fire and the people of the Distant Association looked ugly. Some people wanted to come forward but Yu Hanjiang stopped them with his calm expression. “Go first and speak as we walk. Old Mo, seal the back.”

No matter the reason, Yu Hanjiang believed in Shao Qingge.

Old Mo immediately blocked the back road with marble and the people in Xiao Lou’s team walked forward. The people of the Distant Association glanced at each other and could only go forward. After all, the back road was blocked and they couldn’t go up. If they stayed here, they would be buried in the sea of bugs.

Along the way, the atmosphere was terrible and the tunnel was silent.

Shao Qingge felt soft when he saw that Ye Qi was about to cry. He rubbed the boy’s head and spoke in his mind, “I remember you said you wouldn’t abandon me. You would take me with you through this level. This is the ultimate lying down to win.”

His joke wasn’t funny. Ye Qi’s eyes were red and he held back his tears as he said, “I’m sorry!”

At that time, if he hadn’t been distracted paying attention to Cheng Ziyang’s side then he would’ve noticed being attacked from behind. He could’ve controlled the bug with a musical instrument. However, he was distracted and this caused Shao Qingge to block the bug’s attack with his body.

It was his fault that Shao Qingge was infected. It was because he didn’t take care of Chief Shao. Ye Qi couldn’t help wanting to slap himself.

Shao Qingge sighed lightly when he felt Ye Qi’s strong guilt and regret. “Don’t blame yourself. Tell Professor Xiao and let him find a way. I believe in your abilities. I have won so many times in the Hearts room by lying down. This time, I will have to depend on you once again.”

Ye Qi nodded and went to Xiao Lou’s side. Xiao Lou had long noticed that Ye Qi’s mood wasn’t right and he asked softly, “What happened?”

Ye Qi whispered into Xiao Lou’s ear. “Chief Shao… has been infected.”

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2 years ago

Ye Qi is too careless in this chapter. In a dire situation, you absolutely must pay attention to urself but he was distracted. Sign.

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Good that scum is dead! The poor girl tho

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I know he shouldn’t have gotten distracted but he definitely wasn’t useless. he helped the entire team with his own ways.

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It’s okay ye qi

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kdj fan
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yall r crazy in the comments 💀 how many times has ye qi used his control skills to help the team? useless????

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