CR: Chapter 202

Ye Qi soon understood the truth. “Do you want to experiment with the effects of various attack cards on infected people?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Yes, if we figure out the card effects when we won’t be in a hurry when we encounter an infected person in the future.”

Liu Qiao wondered earnestly, “Can I try to copy an infected person?”

Everyone, “……”

This girl was too brave. Previously, she copied a shark at sea and now she wanted to copy a bug?

Xiao Lou immediately stopped her. “It is too dangerous. Don’t try it. Don’t forget that your Twin card completely copies the target. If you copy an infected person, your brain will be invaded by the Zerg and you will lose consciousness and attack us.”

Ye Qi was in a hurry. “Yes Liu Qiao, don’t scare people. I don’t want to think of a bunch of bugs when I see you later!”

Liu Qiao had to put away this thought. “Professor Xiao is right. Rest assured, I will tell you before copying a person or an animal. I won’t mess around.”

Her teammates let out a sigh of relief.

Xiao Lou glanced at Yu Hanjiang. “The parasitic bugs are in the head. Will their weakness also be the head?”

Yu Hanjiang had the same thought. He took out the Glock 17 card from his card pack and quickly activated it. This was a delicate hand gun with 17 bullets. Yu Hanjiang aimed at the infected person continuously controlled by Ye Qi and Long Sen and calmly pulled the trigger.

There was a bang and the infected person’s head was instantly blown off! The infected person hit by the headshot quickly fell to the ground.

Xiao Lou had seen Yu Hanjiang’s shooting ability. Last time, he had been so far away in the hospital when Yu Hanjiang had sniped Xu Rongrong from the opposite building. Now his posture when holding the gun was so handsome that his teammates couldn’t help wanting to applaud him.

However, before everyone had time to admire Group Leader Yu’s marksmanship, they suddenly saw many spider-like bugs crawling out of the broken head of the infected person who had fallen to the ground and ‘died.’ Another person took the initiative to come out and place their hand on the dead companion’s head. Then the bugs entered the body of the other infected person at a very fast speed!

Everyone, “…………”

This strange scene made the expressions of the team members change. Even the always calm Xiao Lou couldn’t help paling.

Ye Qi was crying out crazily. “I want to go back to the main city. Ahh, this world is terrible!”

Liu Qiao stated, “Fortunately, I didn’t copy an infected person to study. The thought of my brain being filled with these spider-like things is too disgusting!”

Fortunately, they did an experiment and didn’t attack these two infected people indiscriminately. Now it seemed that infected people were the most difficult to deal with. Not only did they have a high IQ and flexible movements, they were also difficult to kill completely!

Xiao Lou took a deep breath with his pale face. The mood of his teammates obviously wasn’t very good after seeing this disgusting scene. If there was someone with an intense phobia on their team then they might’ve fainted by now. He had to stabilize his mind or everyone’s emotions would soon collapse.

Xiao Lou clenched his fists and spoke as calmly as possible. “The bugs can’t be killed in this way. Attacking the infected person’s head just kills their temporary body. The bugs themselves aren’t killed by the bullet.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded calmly. “The bullet’s attack surface is limited. There are so many bugs and they really can’t be killed.”

Xiao Lou endured his nausea and continued to analyze it. “From the results just now, once an infected person is killed, another infected person will come to be their partner. The bugs in the dead body will quickly combine with the infected person nearby. It feels like a 1+1 upgrade?”

Ye Qi pointed into the distance, his voice quivering slightly. “It has indeed been upgraded! You see, the infected person who received symbiosis has become faster!”

Everyone followed Ye Qi’s gaze.

This was a middle-aged woman in work clothes. She had been helping customers weight fruits when they passed through the vegetables area and had smiled at everyone. At this time, she was symbiotic with her companion and the number of bug parasites inside her instantly doubled. This caused her combat effectiveness to improve significantly.

Her eyes were completely stained with blood as she stared at Xiao Lou’s group in the circle. Her body flexibly crawled around the circle and she attacked the enchantment with her claws. She seemed to be looking for the breakthrough point in this enchantment.

The infected people crawled quickly but it was around the same speed as most humans escaping. However, this upgraded infected person was almost as fast as an Olympic track and field sprinting champion. In a few seconds, she had crawled around everyone in a full circle and it was almost impossible to follow with the naked eye. She was like a flying shadow!

Everyone’s faces became uglier. Even Yu Hanjiang was silent.

Xiao Lou spoke helplessly. “If we continue to attack the infected people then the bugs inside them will find someone else for symbiosis. Then we would’ve unknowingly raised a boss bug with fast speed and strong attack power.

The captain of the Luoying Pavilion team was correct in that the bugs usually had a boss such as a mother bug.

It was just that everyone thought the female bug was a plot character already in the world, just like Liu Xiaoyuan in 2 of Spades or Old Lady Qin in 4 of Spades. It was common to have hidden bosses in the Spades secret room.

No one thought…

This time, the boss of the secret room might be raised by the challengers.

It was unknown how many challenger teams there were in 8 of Spades. Xiao Lou’s team was very calm and Yu Hanjiang took advantage of Compass’ invincibility time to test out the unknown bugs instead of rashly attacking.

The conclusion drawn was chilling! If other challengers didn’t test things out and directly smashed the heads of the infected people like they were zombies, the bugs in the killed infected people would co-exist in the bodies of other infected people.

The more infected people that were killed, the stronger the upgrade would be!

The supermarket had 50 infected people and they only killed one yet the speed of the upgraded infected person had increased so much. If 10 were killed, all the bugs in the 10 infected people would come together to form an upgraded version. Wouldn’t they be as fast as lightning and impossible to control with Ye Qi’s musical instruments or hit by Yu Hanjiang’s bullets?

If hundreds of tens of thousands of infected people in the city were killed… the boss monster raised would be unimaginable!

The silence lasted a few seconds before Yu Hanjiang spoke calmly, “Everyone, you don’t have to be too discouraged. The bugs in the body of a killed infected person will combine with other infected people. Knowing this feature early is good for us.”

The group nodded blankly.

It was really good to know the characteristics of the bugs early. At least they wouldn’t do such things in the future. Yu Hanjiang had been calm enough to use the handgun instead of the machine gun to kill one and test the water. If he had swept over them with the machine gun then he would’ve raised a boss with great difficulty!

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “The method of smashing the head is impossible but the bugs can’t have no weakness. If they can’t be killed then we can’t pass 8 of Spades. There must be a way to eliminate them.” He glanced at Xiao Lou. “Let Liu Xiaoyuan try to infect these bugs with the zombie virus.”

Xiao Lou nodded and summoned the zombie leader Liu Xiaoyuan. Liu Xiaoyuan listened to Xiao Lou’s instructions. He quickly summoned four zombies and went outside the circle to fight the infected people.

The team looked at the scene and their expressions were a bit complicated.

Ye Qi whispered, “The battle between the zombies and the bugs, I think the zombies will lose…”

He couldn’t be blamed for having a crows’ mouth. After all, the zombies came from 2 of Spades and this was 8 of Spades. It wouldn’t have an A-grade difficulty if the bugs could easily be destroyed by Liu Xiaoyuan.

Sure enough, Liu Xiaoyuan’s group of zombies couldn’t even touch the clothes of the infected people. The zombies were too clumsy. Compared to the flexible and intelligent bugs, the zombies were too slow. Forget attacking the bugs. In a few seconds, they were bitten by the bugs and parasitized instead!

However, the brains of the zombies didn’t seem to be suitable for the bugs’ survival. Once the four zombies summoned by Liu Xiaoyuan were bitten, they instantly fell to the ground and died like the humans who weren’t suitable for the bugs in the Second Hospital.

Xiao Lou’s face changed and he immediately recalled Liu Xiaoyuan. “This method won’t work! The bugs can parasitize the zombies. If they parasitize Liu Xiaoyuan and turn Liu Xiaoyuan into a bug then it will be miserable. We can’t deal with the upgraded version of the zombie boss!”

Liu Xiaoyuan’s attack power was obviously stronger than the junior zombies he summoned but he was facing so many bugs. Before infecting the other side with the zombie virus, he might end up parasitized himself. Xiao Lou didn’t dare take this risk.

If Liu Xiaoyuan was parasitized and turned back to attack them… a zombie + bug was simply killing themselves!

Seeing this scene, Yu Hanjiang frowned even more. He spoke in a deep voice, “It seems that the Spades secret room has strict classifications. The bugs are much higher than the zombies so they can parasitize the zombies and destroy the zombies, but the zombies won’t affect the bugs in turn. Liu Xiaoyuan is okay against normal humans but it is too risky for him to deal with the bugs.”

Xiao Lou agreed. if Liu Xiaoyuan could deal with the bugs then his zombie boss would directly infect the bugs. Then wouldn’t 8 of Spades become an enlarged version of Zombie Town?

Everyone had experience fighting zombies. They had cleared 2 of Spades on their own and weren’t afraid of zombies at all.

Xiao Lou concluded. “The unknown bugs encountered in this secret room should be similar to the alien Zerg of sci-fi worlds. They have extremely high intelligence and survivability. They have IQ, flexibility and can learn human speech to disguise their identity. Moreover, the infected person will seek symbiosis immediately after being killed so that the bugs can upgrade. We have to find a way to eliminate the bugs completely if we want to clear the secret room.”

Ye Qi’s face was so wrinkled that he looked like a bun. “It is impossible to kill the infected people and the virus isn’t effective against them. At present, only our control skills work. Once there are more bugs, our control skills won’t be enough!”

Controlling the bugs and running away together was indeed an effective strategy. However, everyone didn’t want to run at this time. This was a rare opportunity to find out the details of the bugs.

Xiao Lou’s statement was quite correct. They had to find a way to eliminate the bugs completely. There were dozens of infected people in the supermarket. Thanks to the protection of Xiao Lou’s Compass, Ye Qi and Long Sen could control the infected people in the supermarket one after another. Or Xiao Lou could simply use Bai Juyi to confuse them. at the very least, the eight people’s lives weren’t in danger.

They had to hurry and study the bugs! As everyone was silent and thinking carefully…

Cold air blew from the air conditioning. Xiao Lou suddenly became frozen and sneezed several times.

Everyone looked back at him and Ye Qi was pale. “Professor Xiao, did you catch a cold? It is easy for people with a cold to be parasitized. Or is this a sign of the parasite? Don’t scare me…”

Xiao Lou rubbed his nose. “It is just too cold. I am sneezing to reflect my body’s condition.”

Yu Hanjiang told Ye Qi, “Don’t think too much. I’ve always been with Xiao Lou from the moment the hospital discovered the infected people. In addition, during the meeting, the other infected people came to attack Xiao Lou. This indicates that the infected people didn’t recognize Xiao Lou as their kind and he isn’t infected.”

Xiao Lou joked. “Yes, if I was infected then I would have bitten you at the square.”

Ye Qi was immediately relieved. “You frightened me. I think we should buy some medicine for colds after leaving the supermarket. If we get a cold then we should take medicine to cure it so we’re not mistaken for a parasite.”

Medicine? Ye Qi’s eyes lit up when he said these words. “Yes, medicine! Aren’t they bugs? Will a few bottles of insecticides work? Aren’t insecticides for bugs?”

Everyone, “……”

From the moment Ye Qi pretended to be a garbage collector in 3 of Spades, Xiao Lou felt that this little guy’s brain circuits were very novel. He even thought about using insecticides to eliminate the alien bugs!

Xiao Lou told him, “You can try it. There are pesticides in the supermarket.”

Ye Qi was excited. “I remember that there are some in the daily necessities area. I will use teleportation to try and get a few bottles.”

Yu Hanjiang stopped him. “Once you leave this circle, you will immediately be surrounded by infected people.”

He glanced at Liu Qiao. “Give me your light footwork card.”

Liu Qiao instantly handed him Light as a Swallow. She saw him leap forward and land lightly on a shelf within the circle. Then he took out the White Silk card and threw a white cloth that wrapped around the bottle of insecticide on the far shelf. Then he pulled it back in front of him and grabbed the bottle.

Ye Qi exclaimed, “…Awesome!”

He forgot that Group Leader Yu had this card. It was safer to grab the insecticide from a distance than getting it himself.

Yu Hanjiang handed the insecticide to Ye Qi. “Try it.”

The method was proposed by Ye Qi so it was natural for Ye Qi to try it himself. The insecticides sold in the supermarket were usually the spray ones for household use. Ye Qi held the insecticide excitedly and started spraying an infected person all over their body.

The infected person, “???”

The infected person sprayed in the face looked at Ye Qi in a puzzled manner before baring his teeth at Ye Qi.

Ye Qi, “……”

His teammates, “……”

They knew that Ye Qi’s idea wasn’t very reliable.

Xiao Lou didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “Xiao Ye, have you ever bought insecticides before?”

“…I haven’t bought it.”

Xiao Lou explained, “The insecticides sold in supermarkets are generally used for killing mosquitoes and flies. In addition, there are many different types of insecticides such as those that kill cockroaches or mice. The recipes are different. The bugs in 8 of Spades aren’t the common bugs on Earth but the strange ‘parasite’ type. In the case of parasites, experts take a long time to develop specific medicine. If an insecticide was useful for parasites then patients with paragonimiasis or hydatidosis should just take an insecticide directly. There is no need to be so troublesome.”

Ye Qi heard this and flushed. He dropped his head and said, “Oh, the insecticides are aimed at mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches… I didn’t expect this, cough. I thought the insecticides could be used against the bugs… I’m sorry.”

Everyone smiled. This wasn’t the first time this little guy had made weird suggestions. Everyone was used to it.

Shao Qingge smiled. “It’s fine. It is just brainstorming and trying all types of methods. The truth always needs to be explored slowly.”

Just then, Xiao Lou had another idea.

The heating in other places was good. It was only broken in the supermarket and the supermarket was occupied by infected people. This obviously wasn’t a coincidence. These bugs should’ve switched off the heating because they liked cold environments. They liked the cold… then were they afraid of heat?

Xiao Lou stared at Yu Hanjiang. “Try to use fire.”

Yu Hanjiang sensed Xiao Lou’s idea and his eyes lit up. “Yes, they like the cold and are naturally afraid of heat. If we burn the infected people with fire then the bugs will also be burned directly. They will die and won’t have time for symbiosis.”

Everyone, “………”

Ah, Professor Xiao was so reliable!

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1 year ago

Burning them was what i thought so long ago! The cold environment was mentioned again and again so i figured and to kill the bugs rather than targeting them individually just burn them lol

1 year ago

It would be fun if they can only be killed by salt lol i remember my parents using salt on insect(?)/bug(?) 😆

1 year ago

I know the author is just trying to show that Xiao Lou isn’t all knowing but I mean like come on? really? it took you this long??? I’m a person with average IQ but the moment they entered the freezing cold supermarket knowing that it’s filled with zerg infected people, I know heat will combat them. He’s supposed to be smart okay so let him be smart 😂. Also the fact that other characters are getting dumber is just uncomfortable. I think the author is getting tired and wanted to just move things towards the end it seems which I can relate tbh. writing is hard and so is translating so I appreciate the hard work of the author and rainbow. I’m a big picture kind of person, not detail oriented so I’m still having fun reading, just wanna complain a bit 😂 wla lng, share ko lng ❤️ watch the author do something else to explain her bs in the next chapter lmao, they do be surprising us sometimes

1 year ago

They are probably scared of fire.

I have a feeling that they spread fast and die fast.

kdj fan
kdj fan
3 months ago

i mean most of us already knew abt the supermarket being off bc we r spectators and we saw the description of the ppl in the supermarket being infected ppl so its very easy for us to think that the main characters r dumb since we alr know stuff they dont. but yeah in this case i think i agree a little, when youre in the middle of chaos and u see a completely peaceful supermarket wont it strike u that smth is weird.. but alas