CR: Chapter 201

The city had entered winter. The hospital where Xiao Lou had entered in the morning and Old Mo’s decorating company had heating. Forget the cold, he even felt it was hot wearing a sweater.

It stood to reason that since the city provided uniform heating, a place with large crowds like the supermarket should also have heating. However, when entering the supermarket, it was colder than standing on the street and people’s teeth trembled.

Xiao Lou initially thought that the heating of the supermarket was broken and didn’t care too much about the temperature. Now that he heard Ye Qi say that this place was a bug lair, he suddenly reacted. Perhaps it wasn’t a coincidence but intentional!

Seeing the infected people with bloodshot eyes on the ground, Xiao Lou immediately took a step toward Yu Hanjiang and whispered, “The entire supermarket is full of infected people. The bugs probably like the cold environment so they turned off the heating.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “It really is too cold here.”’

Ye Qi shivered and his face was pale and nervous. “What should we do? Should we push the shopping cart and rush out?”

Yu Hanjiang was silent for three seconds before turning to everyone and declaring, “Destroy this group of bugs.”

Everyone, “……”

Yes, this was indeed more like Group Leader Yu’s style.

In the beginning, when floating on the sea and encountering sharks, other challengers were fleeing in a panic. Meanwhile, Yu Hanjiang fought against the sharks in a bloody battle. He used the Night Devil Saber to directly chop up dozens of sharks.

Letting him run for his life? Sorry, Yu Hanjiang preferred a hard, direct struggle.

Having said this, Yu Hanjiang took a card from his bag—Mad Believers.

This was the S-grade weapon drawn by Yu Hanjiang when he was clearing the 5th, 6th and 7th levels. It was a dark submachine gun with extremely fierce melee firepower that could sweep across a large area.

Everyone knew that Group Leader Yu had drawn many S-grade weapon cards and had all types of firearms, but they had never seen him use them. Perhaps the difficulty of the previous secret rooms wasn’t enough to force Yu Hanjiang to use firearms. Now in the face of the bugs with a high IQ and since the secret room didn’t limit the use of cards, Yu Hanjiang finally took out his S-grade weapon.

This was the first time his teammates had seen him take out a gun card. He was a police officer who could definitely use a gun. With such a powerful weapon, surely it wouldn’t be difficult to eliminate dozens of infected people?

Xiao Lou was slightly relieved.

In fact, he thought the same way. This supermarket had become a bug nest and he roughly estimated that there were around 50 people. However, this secret room was a parasitic secret room. In three days, more than 80% of the indigenous people of this city would be infected. They might be able to escape today but could they escape for 14 days? If they ran away every time they encountered an infected person, what if they were surrounded by thousands of infected people in the future?

They might have cards but they would still be forced to go to Heaven.

Therefore, it was better to take advantage of the small number of infected people in the supermarket to have a real battle. This way, they could find out the characteristics and weaknesses of the bugs and prepare for the worst situation in the future.

Xiao Lou looked at Yu Hanjiang in agreement. “Okay, we will all listen to Group Leader Yu’s command.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded at Xiao Lou. The two of them were connected through the heart channel and naturally understood each other’s ideas. Actual combat to understand the enemy and accumulate experience. Once again, their ideas coincided.

Ye Qi wondered, “My instrument cards can control groups. Will these bugs be affected by the control skills?”

Yu Hanjiang said, “Listen to my instructions later. Doesn’t Long Sen have the badminton card? Can you try it first to see if you can stun these bugs? This way, we can also see the flexibility of the  bugs. If it works then Ye Qi will release his group control and I will take the opportunity to clear the field.”

Ye Qi’s group control skills had a longer cooldown time and had to be used at critical moments. Long Sen’s Badminton card had dozens of shuttlecocks and could be used continuously.

Hearing the instructions from Group Leader Yu, the team took out their cards and held them while staring at the surroundings alertly, preparing for battle.

The infected people crawling on the ground stared at them for a few seconds before attacking without warning. At the same time, Yu Hanjiang saw them start to act and immediately called out, “Everyone be alert!”

The seven people quickly moved back to back and stood in a circle. Xiao Lou was protected in the middle of the circle because everyone wanted to give him enough time and space to draw a circle with Compass, releasing an invincible barrier.

Everyone stared in front of them and watched out for an attack.

However, this group of infected people were not only smart, they also cooperated with each other. The group saw dozens of infected people acting in a unified manner. They quickly crawled on the ground and surrounded Yu Hanjiang’s group of eight. Immediately afterward, all of them bowed their backs like fierce beasts, kicked their legs and rushed toward the team!

Just then, Xiao Lou’s invincible circle was finished. The infected people hit the invincible boundary of the ring like they hit a transparent enchantment. They were all bounced back.

Xiao Lou had drawn an invincible circle that was 10 square metres. This was the largest range of Compass that could be unfolded. Everyone stood back to back in the circle while the infected people were isolated outside the circle.

The infected people couldn’t move forward. They were separated by the invisible barrier and they stared at Xiao Lou’s group with red eyes, like beasts seeing prey but unable to eat. They crawled around the ring fiercely, trying their best to attack while drooling.

This wave of attacks might be temporarily blocked but the distance to the infected people was so close that everyone felt numb.

Yu Hanjiang ordered, “The compass’ invincible time is limited and it won’t last too long. Long Sen, action!”

Long Sen heard the order and instantly activated the Badminton card.

He held a badminton racket in his hand while the other hand held a badminton cylinder. Long Sen quickly took out a shuttlecock, aimed it at the back of an infected person and hit it.

As long as the shuttlecock hit the target, it would make the target stunned for a few seconds.

It was just that the infected person’s reaction was very sensitive. As if he had eyes in the back of his head, he actually used a jump to escape!

Long Sen couldn’t believe it and hit four more in a row. As a result, all the infected people evaded flexibly. Those who were attacked also turned back to stare at Long Sen.

Long Sen, “……”

As a sports school student, his skills weren’t as good as professional players but he was excellent when playing with ordinary people. Just now, he clearly aimed at the back of the infected people. As a result, all five were actually avoided?

There was a layer of sweat on Long Sen’s forehead. “Do these bugs have eyes behind them?”

Xiao Lou analyzed it. “They occupy the human brain but their vision shouldn’t be with human eyes. Judging from the previous reactions, they live in the human head and likely have a 360 degree field of view without any blind spots.”

Everyone, “……”

In other words, these infected people could see at any angle. They could stand behind the infected person and attack and the bugs would still see it!

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “Ye Qi, try a single control card.”

Ye Qi nodded and took out the flute.

Among his musical instruments, the guitar, erhu and guzheng all had group control skills but the cooldown time was long. It took dozens of minutes or even hours for it to be available again. The flute only controlled one person so the cooldown after reaching the full level was only a few seconds.

Ye Qi took aim at the closest person dressed as a chef. He picked up the flute and placed it to his lips.

A melodious melody rang out. The man froze for a moment before instantly falling asleep.

Ye Qi lowered the flute excitedly. “It is a success! The sound waves of the flute are invisible and they can’t avoid it!”

Long Sen couldn’t help praising it. “This is easier to use than Badminton. Badminton needs to hit them to control them!”

Xiao Lou suggested, “You should cooperate with Ye Qi to control them. Ye Qi’s flute can only control them for three seconds. If your Badminton hits the target controlled by Ye Qi, the five seconds of stun time will be added. If the skill connection is good, you can control a single target for eight seconds.”

Long Sen felt like he was enlightened with perfect wisdom. “Professor Xiao is right!”

Perhaps this was the most correct way to use Badminton. If he used it in a direct manner and the opponent dodged, a shuttlecock would be wasted. If his teammate controlled the opponent first and he used Badminton to add to the control, this was equivalent to hitting a stationary target. Then wouldn’t it be impossible to miss with Long Sen’s technique?

Ye Qi also found that he had a good skill connection with Long Sen. It was almost seamless control. It was just that there were too many infected people and they would be in a hurry if they controlled it one by one. Long Sen’s shuttlecocks also weren’t enough. It was better to use group control.

Thinking of this, Ye Qi opened his mouth. “All my group control cards are available. When should I use them?”

Yu Hanjiang was calm. “There’s no hurry. The compass means we are invincible for a while. We will use this opportunity to take a closer look at the bugs’ characteristics, understanding their attack methods and weaknesses.”

Everyone, “………”

The Luoying Pavilion girls ran away while Yu Hanjiang stayed in the supermarket and didn’t run. In fact, he wanted to use this group of bugs to do experiments?

Group Leader Yu’s thinking was really simple and rough? What were sharks? Why be afraid of bugs? God killing a god and Buddha killing Buddha. This was the correct way to clear the Spades secret room!

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1 year ago

I felt this chapter is draggy

Xiao luo is like all competent

Other teammates are like salted fish… no idea come at all

Nothing can beat 🔥 if you cannot find solutions
Just burn them

These chapters are kinda becoming 2nd dimensional
The end

Meow meow
Meow meow
1 year ago
Reply to  ol21a0098

I get what you mean, like they mentioned in the introduction to the badminton card that they could link it with the flute card but Xiao Lou mentions it now and they act all enlightened haha
I don’t really mind it though cause I’m here for the problem solving and the ship hehe