CR: Chapter 135

Yu Hanjiang crouched down and stared into the young man’s eyes as he asked in a low voice, “What is the name of your boss?”

The young man replied, “I don’t know…”

Yu Hanjiang gently held his collar as if he was going to press the young man into the sea. “Think about how to answer.”

The young man was afraid of being drowned and his head shook like a drum. He cried out, “I really don’t know! Our boss has never shown up! Only a few trusted executives at the top know who he is! Big Brother, I’m not lying! I really don’t know!”

Yu Hanjiang believed the answer and took back his hand. “How do you judge that the foreigners have activities?”

The young man shrank his head like a dragonfly and honestly replied, “The organization has professional hackers who can get the booking information of major companies. There were more than 500 foreigners on the Royal Caribbean going out to sea on the weekend. So a cruise hunting mission was released. I thought there were a lot of rewards for this mission and took it…”

Yu Hanjiang frowned slightly. The Hunter’s League also had hackers so it seemed they had the identity information of challengers. Once the World Weekly started, a large number of challengers entered a certain world at the same time and they could detect this, making arrangements in advance according to the booking information.

Yu Hanjiang then asked, “Water Ghost, Quiet World etc., where did you get these cards?”

“The organization assigned them. Since the task is at sea, holding these cards will make it more convenient to act.”

Yu Hanjiang questioned, “How many people are there in your organization? How do you usually connect with each other?”

The young man hesitated a moment before gritting his teeth and saying, “We are all linked to the Intranet. Every Friday, the Intranet will release some task information. Hunters who want to get rewards will take the initiative to accept the task. After accepting the task, the organization will arrange someone to book tickets and issue some easy to use cards for the task. We complete the task and then receive the reward according to the number of people killed…”

Yu Hanjiang spoke coldly. “Why kill foreigners?”

The young man looked pale. “The boss told us that the existence of foreigners will affect the world we live in. If we don’t kill them, perhaps one day our world will collapse…”

Yu Hanjiang interrupted him. “Be careful—”

The keen senses developed from fighting on the front line all year round made Yu Hanjiang suddenly sense that he was being stared at by a poisonous snake. He didn’t hesitate to throw himself down on the boat and rolled with the young man. The next moment, a bullet flew by his scalp and into the corpse next to him!

The young man suddenly became white and he trembled. “It is the leader!”

Yu Hanjiang wanted to ask about the leader when another bullet was fired, accurately hitting the young man’s brain. Blood suddenly burst from the young man’s forehead. His eyes widened and he fell straight down on the boat. The other side’s shooting was extremely precise. It should be a sniper with a range of more than one kilometer.

Yu Hanjiang calmly looked at the young man’s face. He had died very simply. He moved to the other escape boat. The two hunters who refused to reveal information were equally dead.

‘Leader’, there was still a leader among the hunters. He was too careless!

There was the heart channel to transmit information. Xiao Lou noticed the changes on Yu Hanjiang’s side and became so nervous his heart was in his throat. He immediately called to Yu Hanjiang, “Group Leader Yu! Are you okay?”

Yu Hanjiang replied in his mind, “I’m fine but the hunters were all destroyed.”

He thought there were only three hunters in this operation. After catching them, he removed their poisonous tooth and pressed them for information. Unexpectedly, there was another hunter lurking in the darkness who killed his companions at the critical moment.

Yu Hanjiang clenched his fists, took a deep breath and jumped into the sea. He told Xiao Lou, “Protect everyone and don’t let the escape boat leave the safety circle. There is a hunter nearby and it is the leader!”

Xiao Lou’s face immediately changed and he spoke to his teammates, “Everyone, be on full alert.”

Ye Qi held his guitar as he nervously stared at the water. “What’s the matter?”

“There is a fish who has slipped the net and the three hunters have been killed. Group Leader Yu has gone after the killer.” Xiao Lou took a deep breath to keep calm and looked at Long Sen. “You and Teacher Qu go over and take a look. The chameleon card means you can completely integrate with the sea water. You can become the sea water and float on the sea while the other side can’t see if. If Group Leader Yu is in trouble then you can support him.”

Long Sen and Qu Wanyue glanced at each other and immediately nodded. They used the chameleon card and disappeared into the sea in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Lou added, “The others are on standby. Bring out your useful cards in advance and don’t leave the safety circle. We can’t be attacked for the time being but we can’t relax!”

The group immediately cooperated and entered an alert state. Group Leader Yu wanted to pursue the hunter so Xiao Lou must let him have no worries.


At this time, Yu Hanjiang used the Water Ghost card in the water. Combined with the teleportation card that moved him 50 metres, he could teleport in the sea and move through the sea like a sharp arrow, flying in one direction like a bullet.

There was an escape boat that suddenly left at this time with only one person on board. Yu Hanjiang closely stared at the back and chased after it! He could teleport 50 metres. No matter how powerful the engine of the escape boat, Yu Hanjiang was as fast as an arrow and caught up with it in 10 seconds.

Yu Hanjiang decisively took out the card he gained from 4 of Clubs, Night Demon Knife.

He seized the bottom of the escape boat with his left hand and his right hand jerked up. The knife cut a hole straight through the escape boat like cutting mud!

A large amount of sea water poured into the escape boat and the action of the escape boat was blocked. Yu Hanjiang followed up with another knife strike and created a huge crack in the middle of the escape boat!

The escape boat was sliced in half and was about to sink. The person in the driver’s seat immediately abandoned the boat and jumped into the sea. Yu Hanjiang had the protection of the Water Ghost card. It was like walking on the ground underwater as he aimed in the direction the man jumped and swam quickly.

However, this man also had the Water Ghost card and his swimming speed was very fast. The two people chased each other in the sea. In the end, Yu Hanjiang’s teleportation card gave him the advantage. He teleported 50 metres and soon appeared in front of the man.

Just now, the situation was critical and there was no time to use other cards. In addition, he didn’t have a clear view of the sea so it was difficult to locate the movements.

Once he caught up to the other side, he took the control type card, Nine Palaces Grid from his card pack and threw it toward the man. The control time of Nine Palaces Grid was only nine seconds but it was enough for Yu Hanjiang.

He reached out and grabbed this person by the waist.

The other person should be a male. He was tall with extremely flexible limbs. His upper body was like a loach as he passed under Yu Hanjiang’s armpits and chopped at the back of Yu Hanjiang’s neck!

Yu Hanjiang turned to avoid it and kicked the man’s abdomen! It was as if the man had a premonition. He suddenly leaned back, almost lying on his back, to avoid Yu Hanjiang’s kick.

His underwater action was blocked and Yu Hanjiang could only use 30% of his level of fighting. Once he saw the other person leaning back, he immediately reached out and held the man’s ankle tightly trying to drag the other person to forcibly control him. However, the man’s movements were extremely flexible. His legs folded together and twisted violently, making a reverse rotation to break away from Yu Hanjiang’s control in an instant. He swam forward as fast as a fish!

After a few simple exchanges, Yu Hanjiang knew that his opponent must’ve practiced professional fighting skills and the level was first-class!

Yu Hanjiang wanted a living mouth more so he didn’t use a knife, gun or other weapons. Moreover, it was difficult to shoot a moving target underwater. Now it was late at night and his vision was seriously affected. He could only see a shadow of the other side with the help of moonlight.

Yu Hanjiang naturally refused to let this person go and continued using the teleportation card to chase!

He was very confused. The control effect of Nine Palaces Grid was to set the other side in place for nine seconds but the man wasn’t affected. Yu Hanjiang had placed it in the right position so there was only one possibility. The other side had a higher ranked escape card that could remove the influence of the control.

Yu Hanjiang once again caught up to the man. The man suddenly jumped up. His long legs stretched out straight and his feet gently touched the water. It was as if he had wings as he steadily fell on the sea! It was clearly water but he stood on it like it was firm ground.

Yu Hanjiang emerged from underwater and found that he was able to stand directly on the sea. What was this situation? Yu Hanjiang had doubts in his mind. The next moment, he heard a low laugh. “Do you think this type of garbage card can trap me?”

The man’s voice had a special hoarseness. His low-pitched laugh was like the bass of a cello. Yu Hanjiang suddenly felt that the sound was very familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere before. Yu Hanjiang stared coldly at the other person. “Who are you?”

Under the moonlight, the man stood on the sea. Yu Hanjiang couldn’t see his face clearly and could only vaguely see the outline. This was a tall person who was nearly 1.9 metres. This made him look very tall and slender. He stood upright on the sea and had a natural and unrestrained temperament.

The man’s lips gently raised and he joked, “You know that I’m a hunter yet chased after me. Your courage is really big. Aren’t you afraid of being killed by me?”

His hoarse voice echoed in the open sea. The last sentence was deliberately lowered and was a bit cold. Yu Hanjiang was surprised to find that he had followed the other person into a strange sea.

There was no one around. The sea was calm and windless. The sky was starry and the sky and sea were linked together, forming a closed scene similar to a cage. It was like there were only the two of them between the sky and the sea.

Yu Hanjiang suddenly turned back. He couldn’t see the escape boat where Xiao Lou was located. According to the 50 metres movement distance of the teleportation card, he had followed the man for two kilometres. He could see still the light of the challengers’ Night Peals behind him but at this moment, it was all gone.

Logically speaking, in the open sea, your voice would be weakened. Yet just now, he clearly heard the man’s voice echoing in the space, producing a distinct echo. It wasn’t like talking at sea but more an enclosed space. Moreover, the two men were able to stand directly on the water without falling. There was strangeness everywhere.

Yu Hanjiang tentatively called to Xiao Lou in his heart, “Xiao Lou, can you hear me?”

He was in a hurry and no longer politely used ‘Professor Xiao.’ Instead, he directly called out Xiao Lou’s name. Xiao Lou received the signal and hurriedly replied, “Yes. Where are you? Are you okay?”

Hearing Xiao Lou’s gentle voice, Yu Hanjiang’s heart instantly calmed down. Xiao Lou and his teammates were still nearby in this area of the sea but they were visible to him. He took a deep breath and looked coldly at the other side. “Are you the one who did this? Is it a card similar to a Quiet World? That card can block the sounds of an area. Your card pulled me into an independent sea space?”

The man smiled. “Yes, you’re smart.”

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “What is the purpose of you bringing me here?’

The man asked, “What do you think?”

Yu Hanjiang was silent for a found seconds and found that the other side didn’t interrupt, so he calmly speculated. “Just now, the timing of your actions was very strange. The hunter had already given most of the information. If you were really worried about him disclosing too much, you could’ve directly killed him when I asked the first question rather than waiting until the end.”

Yu Hanjiang had questioned three people in a row. The first two kept their mouths shut but the third young man had the worst psychological quality. He was most likely to talk. If this hunter really wanted to silence them, he should’ve acted before the young man said anything. Yet he didn’t do it until the young man answered most of the questions.

Yu Hanjiang didn’t believe that this person was late or couldn’t find his companions. After all, Old Mo had dyed the sea a fluorescent green and it was too obvious. He should’ve known that his companions were captured. The greater possibility was that this person had done it intentionally.

Yu Hanjiang stared at him intently. “Who are you? Why did you kill that man after I asked a lot of questions?”

The man smiled gently. “All those years of learning as a policeman weren’t in vain. Your reaction just now was sharp. If you hadn’t rolled in time, that shot might’ve pierced your shoulder.”

Yu Hanjiang suddenly paused. Yes, that shot wasn’t intended to kill him. He had been bending over to ask questions and after falling down, the bullet passed by his head. If he hadn’t hidden at that time, the trajectory of the bullet meant it would’ve hit his shoulder. This wasn’t a fatal shot.

Who was this person? Why was there a strange sense of familiarity?

The other side seemed to guess his mind and took the initiative to raise the Night Pearl. The surrounding fan-shaped area was immediately illuminated with a soft, white light and Yu Hanjiang finally saw the man’s face.

The face was very handsome. The contour of the jaw was strong and sharp and a pair of sword eyebrows sloped to the side. There was an air of heroism and the bridge of the nose was high, like it was installed after being carefully carved. The slightly thick lips showed the sexiness of a mature man. It was a very popular look with girls, especially when he put on a military uniform. Unfortunately, such a handsome face had a 5cm or so scar on the left side of the forehead that destroyed the facial perfection. This scar didn’t disfigure him but added a bit of wild charm.

The man’s eyes were smiling playfully as he looked at Yu Hanjiang. After meeting the pair of dark eyes, Yu Hanjiang’s body shook violently. He clenched his fists, always cool eyes flashing with a trace of suppressed excitement and disbelief. “Brother Jiu?”

The captain of the navy’s commando team, Lu Jiuchuan. Three years ago on a secret mission, he died gloriously. When his body was found, his forehead was scratched, leaving a 5cm long scar. That year, Lu Jiuchuan was 29 years old and Yu Hanjiang was 25 years old.

Yu Hanjiang remembered the day he went to the cemetery. The wind was strong and there was heavy rain. Dark clouds covered the sky of Jiangzhou. There was no one in Lu Jiuchuan’s commando unit holding an umbrella. The group of soldiers stood in the heavy rain and solemnly saluted his tombstone. Lu Jiuchuan’s father also stood in line to salute his son. His eyes were tearful but he couldn’t cry.

The Lu family had been in the military for generations. Lu Qing, Yu Hanjiang’s uncle, was a major general in the military. Lu Yan, his mother, was the general commander of the military band. Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang grew up together and they were like brothers.

At the police academy in the past, Lu Jiuchuan was on vacation from the military and smiled as he patted his brother’s shoulder. “We are a military police family. I am at sea while you are on the ground. There will be less opportunities for us to meet. Go to the police academy and study hard. Don’t disgrace your father.”

Yu Hanjiang replied lightly, “You shouldn’t disgrace Uncle.”

Lu Jiuchuan laughed and said, ”My father’s face is so serious and scary that I purposely went to the navy to avoid him. He can’t control me. You are the one in your father’s hands.”

Yu Hanjiang grimaced. “In the future, I will find a way to transfer to the Jiangzhou branch so I’m not working under him.”

Lu Jiuchuan made a fist and Yu Hanjiang bumped it. “We are difficult brothers.”

Their fathers were both serious and strict. When young, their fathers didn’t beat them but during the three meals a deal, they would be ‘lectured’ by their fathers on common topics. This was the last time they met. In order to celebrate his brother’s entrance to the police academy, Lu Jiuchuan invited Yu Hanjiang to eat barbecue. Yu Hanjiang’s meat cooking technique was taught by him.

They hadn’t seen each other for many years but it was a farewell at the cemetery. The heartache he felt looking at the young portrait on the tombstone was unforgettable for Yu Hanjiang.

Lu Jiuchuan’s body was cremated and his ashes buried in the cemetery. He was certain that Lu Jiuchuan had died. He never dreamed that he would meet the brother he grew up with in this Card World in such a way!

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1 year ago

Yes so i was wondering before that since new players are being added then they must be from the future where the old players staying in the card world have died irl.So how will it play out when they clear the Card Room since they are actually dead irl? Like by changing the past events? but won’t that cause a paradox or something? Plus a player team is from different timestamps.Old Mo died before all of our other guys so whats the deal.
This cousin of ML being dead irl but alive here just further validates my questions.

1 year ago

I like when author becomes poetic when describing character haha like wow that character must be super good looking lol