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CR: Chapter 134

Xiao Lou picked up the cards Group Leader Yu discovered and carefully observed them.

The S-grade card ‘Quiet World’ only had one skill. It was the first time he had seen a card that had an impact on the environment. Every 15 minutes, it could completely mute a designated area of 10 square metres. In frontal combat, this silence wasn’t very useful. However, it was the strongest trump card when used for assassination.

The cards ‘Water Ghost’ and ‘Frozen like a Statue’ had very short cooldown times. The former was a tailor-made card for surviving at sea while the latter’s group control skill was very aggressive. The reason they were both A-grade cards rather than S-grade was because they had a limit on the number of users. After 10 uses, the cards would be completely damaged.

Each of the three people were holding a Frozen like a Statue card. This meant that if Yu Hanjiang didn’t stop these three people in time, they could lurk underwater and quietly kill 30 ships. This was more than 300 challengers!

Xiao Lou had chills at the thought. What was the deep hatred between the Hunter’s League and the challengers? Why ruthlessly kill them like this?

What’s more, the boss of this organization seemed to know the many secrets of the challengers. These three cards were almost customized for this week. Otherwise, how could they happen to bring the Water Ghost card with them to a secret room that was survival at sea? With all this preparation, did the Hunter’s League know in advance where the World Weekly rooms would take place?

Xiao Lou was deep in thought. Since he and Group Leader Yu were connected, this thoughts were passed onto Yu Hanjiang.

Yu Hanjiang said, “Professor Xiao, the Hunter’s League has many secrets. You are thinking correctly. They probably know this week’s secret room and prepared cards in advance. I have to interrogate the three in detail to see if I can pry information from them.”

These hunters couldn’t take poison to commit suicide and were viciously staring at Yu Hanjiang. Yu Hanjiang carefully searched the three people. He found a sharp military knife in the boots of the three people. The knife matched the wounds of those who died on the two escape boats.

Yu Hanjiang stated, “This should be the murder weapon. The three knives aren’t cards. They brought them in from the City of the Moon.”

“We can’t bring anything into the secret room. It seems that they are indeed hunters.”

Yu Hanjiang pulled apart the clothes and indeed saw the familiar tattoos in different locations. They were complex patterns and shaped like a primitive tribe’s totem. Ye Qi curiously looked over using the Night Pearl. “It is the same as the Financial Crisis!”

Shao Qingge touched his chin. “It seems that all members of this organization have tattoos, like a symbol of loyalty?”

Old Mo nodded. “Yes, it is the symbol of the Hunter’s League.”

Yu Hanjiang stepped forward. He leaned toward one of them and raised this person’s chin. “If you fail in the mission, you will commit suicide. This is also a rule of the Hunter’s League, right? Is your boss worth your life? You killed so many foreigners and should get enough rewards, right? Don’t you think it is a pity to die before you can spend it?”

His sharp eyes swept over the faces of the three men in turn and he whispered, “If you are willing to give information on the Hunter’s League, I can let you go and assure your safety. Don’t you want to think about yourself and your family? Surely the three of you aren’t orphans with no relatives?”

Two of them looked grim and stared at Yu Hanjiang like a poisonous snake, almost boring a hole in Yu Hanjiang’s face. The young man on the left heard this and seemed to remember something. There was a hint of pain and contradiction in his eyes.

Yu Hanjiang had interrogated tens of thousands of suspects and could judge from their facial expressions whose mouth would be difficult to pry open, whose psychological quality wasn’t tough enough and who would easily explain. He looked at the young man on the very left. He was a young man in his early 20s whose youthfulness hadn’t faded. He should’ve just joined the Hunter’s League. More crucially, once he heard the word ‘family’, conflicted emotions flashed across the young man’s face. Apparently he had someone worth remembering, unlike the other two.

Yu Hanjiang glanced at Xiao Lou.”Control them and first deal with the toxins in their mouths.”

Xiao Lou understood his meaning and used the scissors card to cut the white silk into three segments. He tightly tied the hands of the three people behind their backs. Yu Hanjiang pulled out the cloth from the middle man’s mouth and pinched his jaw so hard that the man couldn’t bite his teeth together. He followed by directing the Night Pearl into the man’s mouth and asked Xiao Lou, “Can you tell which tooth has the poison?”

Xiao Lou might not be an oral doctor but the tooth with poison hidden wasn’t difficult to find. He carefully observed the person’s mouth and found that an upper left tooth had a slightly different colour from the surroundings. Moreover, the fit between this tooth and the gums wasn’t close. Obviously, it was a passive operation. Xiao Lou concluded, “The upper left first premolar.”

Yu Hanjiang asked, “Can you take it out?”

Their teammates, “……”

Group Leader Yu’s thinking was too amazing. Was this the rhythm of pulling out teeth?

They thought Xiao Lou would refuse. As a result, Professor Xiao seriously thought about it and took out Compass. He drew a few small circles and put them together to make a disc. Then he cut a ring to make wire and fixed the metal wires to the disc.

After that, he cut a big circle and held the thin wires in his hand. He looked at Yu Hanjiang and said, “I’ll take out his tooth. Help me shine the Night Peal to the top left of his mouth. I have to grab the teeth and I can’t let the toxins flow isn’t his mouth.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Yes, I’ll help you.”

His right hand continued to squeeze the man’s jaw while his left hand raised the Night Pearl to help Xiao Lou. Xiao Lou picked up the disc and put it in the man’s mouth. His right gently covered the root of the tooth with the thin metal thread.

The hunter, who had his mouth forcibly opened, slightly changed expressions. Who was this? How come they were going to pull out his teeth on the spot? To his shock, Xiao Lou really accurately caught the poison tooth. He pulled it gently and the fragile tooth really ‘popped’ out. Xiao Lou quickly and accurately caught it.

Xiao Lou took the temporary utensil out and smiled at Yu Hanjiang. “Take it.”

Their teammates, “……”

They really wanted to get on their knees! Professor Xiao could do really extreme things with this S-grade Compass. First, he made a temporary furnace with it. Now he made a small disc to receive the poisonous tooth. He also used the thin wires as tools to do a tooth extraction on the spot?

Professor Xiao’s flexible thinking meant that perhaps later, he could use the metal rings to make iron pots, wash basins, chopsticks, flying saucers and other tools! Ye Qi couldn’t help giving a thumbs up. “I estimate that the person who designed this Compass card didn’t think this card could be used so much. Hahaha!”

Shao Qingge stated, “It is Professor Xiao’s on-site tooth extraction.”

Xiao Lou smiled. “The tooth was originally pulled out so it was easy.”

Liu Qiao looked at Xiao Lou with admiration.No wonder why so many people rushed to choose Professor Xiao’s class at university. She had never seen Xiao Lou before and couldn’t understand. Now she finally understood…

Yu Hanjiang was accustomed to Xiao Lou’s wit and calmly took the small disc, looking at the tooth. “There is a sealed transparent capsule in the tooth that should be highly toxic. If the teeth breaks it then the poison will flow into the mouth.

Xiao Lou looked carefully at the nail-sized capsule. “It is likely to be potassium cyanide. This highly toxic substance will kill immediately. Even a trace of potassium cyanide touching a skin wound would lead to immediate death in humans. Group Leader Yu, be careful.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. He took a plastic bag to wrap up the capsule and handed it to Old Mo. Old Mo looked at the poisoned tooth in his hand with disbelief. Others who heard the word ‘hunter’ would be pale with fright. After all, this group of thugs were like ghosts and killed without blinking. Challengers were likely to lose their lives after encountering them. As a result, these two big men… actually pulled out the teeth of a hunter on the spot?

Mo Xuemin’s mood was chaotic as he looked at Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou. Not long after, Yu Hanjiang handed over another tooth. “Old Mo, be careful not to break the capsule.”

It was only at this time that Mo Xuemin’s spirit returned. He found that Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou had cooperated to quickly pull out the second person’s teeth. The expressions on the faces of the three hunters could be called wonderful!

Yu Hanjiang turned to the last one. It was the young man who just looked conflicted. Yu Hanjiang looked at him and continued to pinch the jaw. The young man’s tears were about to fall out. Xiao Lou’s actions were swift and neat. He took advantage of Group Leader Yu opening the mouth to pull out the tooth within 10 seconds.

Old Mo put the bag of three poisonous teeth in front of Xiao Lou and smiled. “Is there anything else?”

Xiao Lou told him, “The other teeth are normal.”

The three hunters’ faces looked like the dead.

Yu Hanjiang stated, “There is no tooth and it won’t be easy for you to commit suicide. Believe me, biting your tongue won’t kill you like described in novels. It won’t do anything apart from giving you pain but I will let you try it.”

The three people, “……”

They had to survive now and couldn’t die? They had never been so miserable!

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou’s eyes met and they declared, “A separate interrogation.”

Xiao Lou nodded and handed one of them to Yu Hanjiang.

The sea conditions were limited. There was no separate interrogation room. Yu Hanjiang simply moved the man to the distant escape boat. This was the escape boat of the first challenger team to be killed. The eight people on the escape boat had died and blood flowed all over the floor of the boat.

Yu Hanjiang stared into the man’s eyes and coldly questioned. “Who is the boss of the Hunter’s League?”

The man’s face was as pale as paper but he gritted his teeth and remained silent.

Yu Hanjiang grabbed his collar and asked. “How do you know there will be a large number of foreigners boarding this ship? Water Ghost, Quiet World, Frozen like a Statue, where did these cards come from? Who gave them to you?”

The man was still expressionless and refused to speak. Yu Hanjiang slightly frowned. He kicked the other person and the man crumpled on the boat. This was followed by Yu Hanjiang grabbing his hair and directly forcing his head into the sea.

There was the strong smell of blood in the sea and the blood had stained all the nearby waters red. Without the help of the Water Ghost card, the man couldn’t breath once pushed into the sea. The man’s face was red and seawater poured into his mouth and nose. The pain of suffocation was about to make his chest explode.

Yu Hanjiang pressed the man underwater for half a minute. Seeing the man start to struggle violently, Yu Hanjiang dragged him back. “You don’t want to speak. Then go ahead.”

The middle-aged man’s expression was slightly broken and he looked at Yu Hanjiang with disbelief. He had killed so many people but he had never met such a simple, ferocious foreigner…

The next moment, his head was pressed into the water again. The man’s hands were tied behind his back as he struggled. The strong sense of suffocation made him frown painfully. Yu Hanjiang pressed him into the sea again and again under the condition of ensuring he wouldn’t drown. The man was suffering from a mental breakdown!

However, he still refused to say a word and there was a ‘dead pigs aren’t afraid of boiling water’ expression on his face. Looking at his appearance, Yu Hanjiang frowned and moved back in a flash, taking another person.

The second man was also tight-lipped. He didn’t say a word but he was even tougher than the first person. The two people were absolutely loyal to the organization. Obviously, they had been thoroughly brainwashed. Yu Hanjiang hadn’t expected to get anything out of their mouths. He deliberately tortured these two people for the third person to see.

Under Group Leader Yu’s direction, Xiao Lou was keeping a close eye on the youngest man on board. The young man’s fingers trembled as he watched his companions being repeatedly dunked in the water.

Yu Hanjiang came to the boat, stopped in front of him and lightly spoke, “It’s your time.”

This low voice was like a death sentence. The young man quivered, took a deep breath and forcibly maintained his composure. Yu Hanjiang took him to another ship. The young man knelt in the middle of the boat, surrounded by dead people, and looked increasingly ugly.

Yu Hanjiang crouched down to look at him and whispered, “Your two accomplices couldn’t stand the torture and already confessed.”

The man shook his head in disbelief. “No! They wouldn’t betray the boss!”

Yu Hanjiang stated, “If you die then you will feel nothing. You will never see your relatives and friends again. I’ve got the information I want so it doesn’t matter if you keep your life or not. Go and be buried with the people on the ship.”

Then Yu Hanjiang lifted him by the collar and pressed him into the sea!

This unexpected change made the young man stare in error. The blood-stained sea water instantly entered his nose and mouth, flowing all the way from the nasal cavity to the trachea. His breath was blocked and his heart started to beat violently. The feeling of suffocation spread rapidly to his chest. He only felt that his entire chest was about to burst.

The sea was dark and nothing could be seen. The fear of incoming death aroused the most instinctive desire for survival in human bones! The young man started struggling. The more he struggled, the more seawater that poured into his nose and the more intense the sense of suffocation.

Desperation filled his mind. Just as he thought he was going to die, the pressure on his chest loosened. His collar was lifted up by Yu Hanjiang and fresh air came. The young man coughed violently in the escape boat.

“Cough… cough cough…”

He coughed for half a minute, coughing up a lot of the seawater that poured into his nose. This type of discomfort… he really didn’t want to experience it anymore.

Yu Hanjiang looked at him coldly, as if looking at a dead man. “If you can add some valuable information then I’ll let you go. Have you thought it over?” Then he reached out to grab the man’s collar and pretended to press him into the sea.

The young man hurriedly opened his mouth. “I’ll say it, I’ll say it all!”

Yu Hanjiang released him, lips slightly raised. The young man was on the verge of collapse. He thought this was a group to face mobs and the task would be very easy… As a result, he was unlucky enough to meet the demon king!


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