CR: Chapter 129

Once the captain urgently activated the desalination system and replaced all the hot water equipment, the drinking water on the cruise ship finally returned to normal. In the afternoon, the situation of the tourist’s collective diarrhea was also controlled.

The captain soon told everyone that the escaped logistics chief had been arrested by the police at the dock.

After interrogation, Qi Zhao confessed everything. His wife wanted to divorce him because of his low salary and no money in recent months. He also lost all his property by speculating in stocks. His life wasn’t good so he got revenge. He deliberately polluted the water storage equipment on the cruise ship, wanting to harm the entire ship for being demoted. He didn’t expect for several tourists to die of severe diarrhea.

The police responded that the logistics officer would be sentenced for ‘manslaughter.’

The ocean cruise ship company publicly apologized for the water contamination incident and offered two options.

The first option was that they would send the ‘Full Star’ cruise ship at the fastest speed to reach the location of the Royal Caribbean. Those who didn’t want to continue travelling could take the Full Star cruise ship to return and get a full refund at the dock. They would also be directly upgraded to a VIP member and next time, they could buy tickets from the cruise company with a 20% discount.

The second option was to continue the trip. In order to express their apology and sincerity, the Royal Caribbean would have free food in all restaurants and free entertainment for the next six days. Guests who were willing to continue their journey would be upgraded to a VIP member and enjoy a 20% discount.

In addition, the company expressed heavy condolences for the tourists who suffered from severe diarrhea and died. They would provide compensation to the families in accordance with the contract.

The captain asked the announcer to tell everyone about the company’s decision via radio. The angry travellers were satisfied with the company’s attitude and their mood was much more stable when they heard about the deal.

The eight people of Xiao Lou’s team were crammed into a room on the third floor. After hearing the broadcast, Shao Qingge couldn’t help praising. “The cruise ship company’s public relations is doing a good job. Upgrading to VIP members is compensation on the surface but it is also ensuring fixed compensation. Everyone has the right to buy tickets at a discount and they will definitely choose the ships from this company in the future.”

Xiao Lou asked, “In general, will more tourists return or more choose to travel?”

Shao Qingge smiled. “I think 80% will stay and continue to travel. All entertainment is free, which is too tempting. Moreover, most people took a cruise ship out to sea to play. Since the entertainment is free, they will definitely stay.”

Ye Qi was curious. “Will there be any challengers who take advantage of this opportunity and return from the cruise ship?”

Xiao Lou took out his pen and paper and quickly drew two routes. “The Caribbean we are on now set out in the early hours of last night and we have sailed for 15 hours. Full Sky is bound to be faster when picking people up. Even if the round-trip time is calculated as the full 30 hours, the challenger’s survival time at sea will only add up to 45 hours. This is too far away from the survival goal of seven days. Leaving at this time is equivalent to giving up the task.”

Yu Hanjiang suddenly spoke. “What if the ‘Full Star’ can return to the dock on time?”

Xiao Lou looked at Yu Hanjiang in a puzzled manner. “Can’t return? What do you mean?”

“There is an extreme method. Hijack the Full Star and let it drift at sea for seven days.”

People heard this and their eyes lit up. ye Qi patted his head. “Group Leader Yu has a point! If the challengers are brave enough to hijack the Full Star and float on the sea for seven days, it will be regarded as completing the task, right?”

Old Mo gave a thumbs up. “The mission is to survive at sea for seven days. There is no restriction on the ship we can take. Hijacking another ship and surviving at sea also matches the requirements.”

Xiao Lou smiled. “Group Leader Yu, do you want to hijack this ship?”

Yu Hanjiang was silent for a moment. “I want to ask everyone’s opinion. Hijacking the Full Star is also a way to pass the instance but thinking too cleverly might be wrong. Remember the lesson Chief Shao got this morning…”

Shao Qingge rubbed his forehead. “Yes, I spent money and still got diarrhea. Maybe we think that hijacking the Full Star will allow us to clear the instance. As a result, A of Spades directly sent the police to treat us as pirates and we are brought back the next day!”

Ye Qi nodded. “It’s possible! A of Spades is so perverted. Playing smart in front of him might be more dangerous.”

Xiao Lou pointed out the key thing. “In addition, we don’t know how to sail and don’t understand sea maps. If we accidentally drive the ship into an iceberg, reef or other areas, what will we do if we crash? Don’t attempt this type of risky method.”

Yu Hanjiang saw that everyone wasn’t very supportive and spoke softly, “This approach is only feasible in theory. It is really troublesome in practice. We’ll stay on the Caribbean and watch what happens.”


In response to the company’s arrangement, the Caribbean stayed in place and waited for the pick-up ship.

At 23 p.m., the Full Star finally arrived at the Caribbean.

This ship was smaller than the Caribbean. The cabins only took up three floors and the two ships anchored together seemed like an adult and a child. After closing in, the crew put down a wide plant and there was a broadcast at the same time. “Dear passengers, the Full Star ship the company has sent to bring you back as arrived. Any passengers who don’t want to continue the journey, please take your luggage. Take good care of the elderly and children and come to the third floor as soon as possible to register for the Full Star ship.”

There was the chaotic sound of footsteps from the cabins. Xiao Lou’s team also climbed p to the top floor to see the situation.

Sure enough, it was like Shao Qingge expected. Around 20% of tourists decided to go back. Most of them were families with old people and children. Maybe they were weak after getting diarrhea today and decided to give up the trip for safety reasons.

The tourists lined up in an orderly manner to board the ship. Just then, a few very special tourists appeared in the crowd, attracting Xiao Lou’s attention.

It was a team of 10 girls wearing sunglasses that covered most of their faces. It was normal to wear sunglasses when playing at sea. After all, the sun was too dazzling at sea. The strange thing was their clothes. Most girls would wear bright beach skirts or beautiful swimsuits when going to the seaside to play so their photos would look good. These girls were dressed too soberly.

They were black pants, a simple t-shirt and flat sneakers. It was easy for them to move. The girls were all wearing sportswear. Xiao Lou speculated hat they were likely to be challengers. He looked in the direction of the girls and whispered in Yu Hanjiang’s ear. “These 10 girls should be a team of challengers going to the Full Star.”

Yu Hanjiang looked into Xiao Lou’s eyes and frowned. “These girls have unified actions and are well-trained. They don’t look like a temporary beginner team. They shouldn’t be so stupid as to leave the cruise ship and give up the World Weekly task. Most likely, they will hijack the Full Star and clear the instance using the method I said. You see, each of them are carrying a bag that must be full of food and water.”

Old Mo happened to be next to Group Leader Yu. He saw this and immediately said, “It is the people from Luoying Pavilion The guild will often send elite teams of 10 to the World Weekly. The girls never wear skirts and will wear unified sportswear during their tasks. Ordinary guilds don’t dare provoke Luoying Pavilion at all. The boss will pursue anyone who dares to kill her guild members in the World Weekly to the end.”

Yu Hanjiang whispered, “Old Mo, do you know a lot about the female president of Luoying Pavilion?”

Old Mo called Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang to the corner and spoke in a low voice, “Her name is unknown. Her code name is ‘Spider Goddess’ and she has a limited artifact, Blood Spider. It is a sharp dagger that cuts iron like mud. Every time she kills a person, there will be a blood-red pattern on the handle. According to rumours, her handle has formed a dense spider web and it is unknown how many people she skilled. She is simply a devil.”

Kill a person and obtain one more line on the dagger. This dagger was really evil. However, the president was obviously a very capable woman if she could manage the guild well and have them unite to do the World Weekly in teams of 10 people.

Xiao Lou looked on from the deck. Nearly 100tourists from the Caribbean transferred to the Full Star. The crew on both sides were taking care of the transfer data.

Just then, another team of 15 suddenly appeared at the connection of the two ships. They were a team of men and women and looked like a group of university students. The boy leading them smiled. “Sorry, we’re late. We’re also going back.”

The crew in charge of the handover said, “Please register your information here and get on board as soon as possible. We will sail in 10 minutes!”

Similarly, the 15 people were carrying bags, all of which were bought at the stores in the shopping centre. The bags were full with materials. This was clearly a challenger team. The 15 people lined up. No more people boarded the ship and the connecting plank was soon put away.

There was a long siren sound and Full Star turned around. It was dark and the little cruise ship was painted a dark blue like the night sky. The lights on board seemed like shining stars. Within 10 minutes, the Full Star had disappeared from view.

Xiao Lou, Yu Hanjiang and everyone returned to the third floor. The moment they entered the room, the announcer’s soft voice was heard. “Dear tourists, I’m glad that you trust our company to continue this trip.”

“There are six days left on this trip. From tomorrow, all fruits, drinks and food on board are free. You are welcome to taste them. Activities such as the sea glider, parachuting and aerial observation deck will also be free of charge. Please go to the service centre to make an appointment in advance. In addition, the cinema, music bar and theatre will also be free and the number of times shown will increase.”

“Starting from 9 o’clock every morning, the 4D cinema on the seventh floor will cycle movies such as Titanic, Extreme Escape, Water Monster, Deepwater Horizon. You can pick your favourite movies to watch.”

“Every day at 10:00, 15:00 and 20:00, the theatre will stage a live drama. Our professional actors will present the classic drama Thunderstorm. The most advanced lighting, sound and projection technology will bring you the ultimate audio-visual feast.”

“Once again, we offer our most sincere apologies for the food poisoning on the first day. I hope you can have a pleasant and unforgettable six days. It is 24:00 in the morning. The cruise ship will enter energy-saving mode. The light in the corridor will turn off by 60%. Please go back to your room as soon as possible. I wish you all a good dream and see you tomorrow!”

After listening to the broadcast, Ye Qi couldn’t help spitting out, “These movies really aren’t lucky. The Titanic hit an iceberg, a deep sea catastrophe, escaping from extreme danger… it wouldn’t be surprising if something goes wrong on the ship!”

Shao Qingge didn’t want to comment on A of Spades and pressed a hand against his temple. “This is clearly telling us that there will be many surprises and we should be ready.”

The moment he finished speaking, the floating boxes in front of them had new messages.

[Endless Sea, the next day, 00:00.]

[Number of challengers remaining on the Royal Caribbean: 450]

Yu Hanjiang immediately frowned. “The total number of challengers started at 500. There are 450 left. So 50 people disembarked?”

Xiao Lou quickly calculated it. “The group that died and left on the police boat was 10 people. The Luoying Pavilion group has 10 people and the group that followed them on board was 15. There are 15 more? Isn’t it impossible for us to not see them leaving the ship?”

Old Mo thought about it carefully. “It might be an elite team of a great guild!”

Xiao Lou was very confused. “Compared to normal tourists, the characteristics of challengers is obvious. We aren’t allowed to bring items into the secret room and the bags must be temporarily bought at a shopping centre. There will be no old people and children in the team. Generally, eight or more people will act together. We can’t be unaware of 15 people acting at the same time…”

At this point, Xiao Lou suddenly wondered, “Were those 15 people wearing invisibility cloaks?”

Just now, in the process of transferring people from the Caribbean to Full Star, the plank bridge connecting the ship was put away five minutes after the last passenger boarded.

For five minutes, there was no one on the plank. However, there were signs of slight shaking on the plank bridge. At the time, Yu Hanjiang had thought the shaking was caused by the unsteadiness of the ship. Now it seemed that someone actually crossed it invisibly. They were invisible with the invisibility cloak but their weight still caused the plank bridge to bend.

Yu Hanjiang spoke firmly. “The 15 people should be wearing the invisibility cloak to take advantage of the last five minutes to sneak on the Full Star. 15 people can’t all collect invisibility cloaks unless they are from a strong guild.”

Xiao Lou touched his chin thoughtfully. “The 10 girls of Luoying Pavilion took the lead to go on the Full Star, followed closely by a team of 15 young people. Finally, there are the 15 people under the invisibility cloak. So many elite teams have boarded the ship. Are they so sure that the possibility of clearing the instance on Full Star is much higher than the Caribbean?”

Old Mo replied, “Having fewer people isn’t necessarily safer during the World Weekly. However, the probability of clearing the instance will be higher when going with a big guild. It is because these elites are all armed with good cards and have a strong fighting capacity. Once these people board Full Star, they will quickly control the entire cruise ship, locking up the captain and sailing the ship themselves.”

Xiao Lou lamented, “It seems that the Full Star is full of masters.”

Old Mo laughed. “Don’t worry, we have many top players in our team. In addition, there might be strong teams among the 450 challengers on the Caribbean. When it comes to danger, it isn’t certain which side can pass the instance.”


At this time, the captain’s room of the Full Star ship.

The captain was murmuring, “It is unfortunate. I was supposed to accompany my wife tonight for her birthday. As a result, this type of thing happened to the Caribbean and we were temporarily transferred to pick up people…”

Just then, his neck became cold.

Two girls had entered the cabin like ghosts. They placed sharp daggers against the throat of the captain and vice-captain. Behind him was a cold voice. “Don’t turn back. Raise your hand and turn off the pager, or I’ll kill you.”

The captain was shocked and immediately raised his hand, voice trembling with horror. “D-Don’t kill me!”

The girl brought his hands back, tied them with a rope and placed a towel in his mouth. The tied-up captain and vice-captain were placed in a corner. The two girls went to the control station and looked at the navigation map. After some operation, the Full Star once again turned.

At this point, the sleeping passengers were unaware.

Two invisible people suddenly appeared behind the girl and smiled. “The actions of Luoying Pavilion are neat. We are still one step too slow. This time, we happened to be matched in the World Weekly? How about cooperating to win?”

The girl looked at him and spoke coldly. “If there is no accident, there will be a typhoon or rainstorm tomorrow. Let Sister Lin control the cruise ship. You better not make trouble or the ship will overturn and you will go down to feed the fish together!”

The man immediately waved his hand. “Yes, we won’t mess around.”


At the same time, the Royal Caribbean.

Their teammates went back to their rooms to rest while Xiao Lou stood on the balcony. Late at night, the distant sea was like a black hole that would swallow up the entire cruise ship. Yu Hanjiang walked up to him and whispered, “Are you still sleeping?”

Xiao Lou stated, “The weather is still very good, the sea is calm and windless. I’m guessing when the storm will come.”

Yu Hanjiang was interested. “Oh? What is the result of your guess?”

Xiao Lou looked back at him and smiled. “Maybe it has something to do with the drama. I think that when the drama Thunderstorm is playing in the theatre at 10:00,15:00 or 20:00, it would be more appropriate if it is thundering outside. This also matches A of Spades’ abnormal character, right?”

He was still in the mood to joke around.

Yu Hanjiang’s lips slightly raised and he touched Xiao Lou’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. What will come will come. We will be able to get out of the sea smoothly.”

Xiao Lou nodded. The presence of Group Leader Yu meant he would never need to worry about clearing the instance. Sometimes, trusting a person didn’t need to much reason.

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