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CR: Chapter 535

Chapter 535 – First Link Mission Completed

If everyone was suspicious of Lu Jiuchuan’s appearance in the beginning then the appearance of Yu Hanjiang completely dispelled their doubts. Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang completed the prerequisite task in the world of three years ago before coming to this world to join everyone. This really made sense. It was just that the hunters disguised as Tang Ci and Gui Yuanzhang took the lead and even gained Ye Qi’s trust.

The four of them thought about it carefully and really had lingering fears. Fortunately, Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang were calm enough to show up at the critical moment and expose the hunters’ conspiracy. Otherwise, Ye Qi and the others would definitely be killed by the fake Tang Ci and Gui Yuanzhang!

Yu Hanjiang’s bullet hit ‘Tang Ci’ in the back and a large amount of blood was shed on the ground. ‘Tang Ci’ quickly dodged while throwing out the metal cover that had previously saved Ye Qi. He protected himself tightly.

The bullet couldn’t penetrate his special metal cover. Yu Hanjiang frowned and immediately shifted his strategy to deal with ‘Gui Yuanzhang’.

The hunter pretending to be Gui Yuanzhang had Old Gui’s brush in his hand. This could control the wind and make the designated target float in the air. He had swung the brush to throw away Long Sen and Qu Wanyue. Now he pointed it in Chu Huaying’s direction.

Chu Huaying had been frozen into an ice sculpture by Lu Jiuchuan’s sword and her frozen state hadn’t been lifted yet. She would completely scatter to pieces once she was thrown off the roof.

Ye Qi saw this and hurriedly teleported over to try and take Chu Huaying away.

He had just reached Chu Huaying’s side when the wind struck. The powerful thrust blew Ye Qi and Chu Huaying out in an instant. Ye Qi’s eyes were bright and his reaction was fast. He resolutely stretched out his sharp nails. The moment his body fell, he forcefully stabbed his nails into the wall.

Fortunately, he used the teleportation card to reach Chu Huaying in time.

Ye Qi used his nails as a leverage point and his body hung from the wall of a high rise building. If someone in the square looked up, they would see a young man hanging from the wall with one hand while his other hand held a woman. Ye Qi knew that his nails were hard enough to support the weight of two people.

Yu Hanjiang saw this scene from the scope. Ye Qi rescued Chu Huaying while Brother Jiu went to chase ‘Tang Ci’. Yu Hanjiang narrowed his eyes and gently pulled the trigger.

There was the sound of a gunshot and ‘Gui Yuanzhang’, who was planning to escape with the brush, suddenly bled from the back. Blood instantly soaked his white shirt.

‘Gui Yuanzhang’ looked back in disbelief. The distance was too far and in the darkness, he couldn’t see Yu Hanjiang’s expression at all. He only saw the roof of the building in the distance and the soft light of the Night Pearl. Immediately after that, he fell straight to the ground.

Yu Hanjiang had missed the first shot toward Tang Ci just now but he naturally wouldn’t miss the second shot.

He predicted the direction of the opponent’s escape and pointed the gun in that direction in advance. ‘Gui Yuanzhang’ really fled to the position predicted by Yu Hanjiang like he had actively rushed into the trajectory of the bullet.

‘Gui Yuanzhang’ was killed by Yu Hanjiang, who set up the sniper rifle!

Lu Jiuchuan gave a thumbs up to his brother in the distance. “Good job.”

At this moment, the frozen Chu Huaying was able to move again. She might’ve been frozen but she could hear and see everything that happened just now. The moment she resumed acting, she slammed open the window on the side of the building and jumped into the Western restaurant.

Ye Qi reacted and immediately followed after her. “Sister Ying, I’ll help you.”

It was dark inside the Western restaurant. The two hunters dressed as waiters obviously sensed that the situation wasn’t good. They turned off all the lights and prepared to run away using the fire escape. The two of them had just arrived at the emergency escape exit when a black shadow approached them like a ghost. They didn’t see who the other person was but they saw a dagger with a blood-red light flashing.

The dense lines on the dagger were like a spiderweb. The blood-colored light flickered in front of their eyes and a chill came from the neck of the hunter on the left. Blood spurted out!

The other person saw that his companion was killed and hurriedly turned to run in the opposite direction. As a result, he had just turned around when he met a pair of clear and beautiful blood-colored eyes. The boy who had transformed into the bug king stopped in front of him and said lightly, “The plan failed. Do you think you can escape?”

The moment the boy finished speaking, an icy blade pierced the hunter’s back. A cold wind poured into his body and he saw a sharp dagger emerge from his chest. Immediately after that, he fell to the ground under the boy’s complicated gaze.

Chu Huaying put away her dagger. Two more lines had appeared on the spider dagger.

Ye Qi looked at the two corpses on the ground and was silent for a moment before saying softly, “The fake Tang Ci will be handed over to Brother Jiu and Group Leader Yu. We will look for any fish that has slipped through the net.”

Chu Huaying nodded. “Thank you for just now.”

Ye Qi was stunned before realizing that she was referring to when he saved her with the teleportation card at the critical moment. He smiled and scratched his head as he replied in an embarrassed manner, “It should be… I was afraid I couldn’t help.”

Chu Huaying glanced over at him. “You are much calmer and smarter than you think. Believe in yourself. We have too many masters in the team but you aren’t bad at all.”

Ye Qi was happy about being praised. It was also Sister Ying who praised him and it was enough for him to brag to Chief Shao for a year.

By the way, Chief Shao…

Ye Qi became a bit worried when thinking about Shao Qingge. Shao Qingge in this world definitely wasn’t the real one. It wasn’t known if their wealthy backer was also facing a life or death crisis at this moment.

The smile on Ye Qi’s face faded and he took a deep breath. “Let’s go quickly. We must find the other hunters and clear the world before we can meet our teammates.”

Chu Huaying walked in front and Ye Qi followed her. The two of them conducted a thorough search of the Western restaurant.

At the same time, the roof.

The fake Tang Ci had sealed himself in the metal ball. Lu Jiuchuan’s sword and Yu Hanjiang’s gun couldn’t break through the strange shield for a while. Lu Jiuchuan frowned and walked to the shield. There was a transparent window in the middle for those in the shield to see outside. Through the window, he could see the ‘Tang Ci’ inside.

At this time, Tang Ci’s face was as pale as paper due to his back injury and excessive blood loss.

If the injured person was the real Tang Ci, Lu Jiuchuan would definitely be extremely distressed and try everything possible to heal him. However, this fake could only make Lu Jiuchuan feel disgusted, even if this person had the same face as Tang Ci.

The more important a person was, the less they could be replaced.

There was only one Tang Ci in the world. He seemed to be gentle but he was very tough. He had his legs severed in the J of Clubs Nightmare Room yet he could still crawl out alone. Even so, he never cried out from the pain. Such a tough Tang Ci couldn’t be imitated by anyone.

The person hiding in the metal shell had Tang Ci’s face. Lu Jiuchuan saw the other person’s pale face and his anger suddenly reached its peak. He couldn’t wait to crush the person in front of him so that this face with the wrong expression would disappear immediately from in front of him!

The sword couldn’t penetrate the metal shell so Lu Jiuchuan simply put it away. He stared at the person inside the metal shell and a sneer appeared on his face. “Do you think that I can’t kill you if you hide in this turtle shell?”

A card flashed at Lu Jiuchuan’s fingers and everyone heard a clear chirping sound in their ears.

The divine beast vermilion bird, who had flames burning all over its body, suddenly appeared above the city.

The divine beast spread out its huge wings and hovered above Lu Jiuchuan’s head. Lu Jiuchuan jumped up and the vermilion bird immediately flew forward to catch him. Lu Jiuchuan landed steadily on the vermilion bird’s back and the vermilion bird flew around the tall building.

Lu Jiuchuan looked down at the metal shell on top of the building and touched the vermilion bird’s wings lightly, whispering, “Burn it.”

The vermilion bird heard this and released flames from its beak.

The red flames instantly swept over the metal ball on the roof. At this moment, the ‘Tang Ci’ hiding in the ball finally showed a hint of panic on his face. This was followed by a heart-piercing scream inside the metal ball.


The invincible protective metal ball instantly melted into a pool of ashes.

Long Sen stood on the roof of the opposite building and looked horrified when he saw this. “This… the vermilion bird’s flames are terrible!”

Lu Jiuchuan looked calmly at the ashes on the roof of the building and explained, “The vermilion bird’s divine fire can burn everything. His protective shield can block ordinary weapons and flames but it can’t stop my vermilion bird.”

However, the vermilion bird’s fire also had drawbacks. The lethality was too high and if it wasn’t controlled well, it was easy to accidentally injure innocent people. In addition, it was a limited skill that could only be used once in a secret room.

Lu Jiuchuan actually made a big move to kill this fake Tang Ci. This showed how disgusted he was with this hunter.

In the distance, Yu Hanjiang saw this scene and calmly put down the sniper rifle. Lu Jiuchuan rode the vermilion bird and flew to the roof of the building in the distance, gently landing by Yu Hanjiang’s side.

The two brothers glanced at each other and gave each other a brief high five.

Ye Qi and Chu Huaying soon came to the roof as well and Chu Huaying told them, “I searched carefully with Xiao Ye. We didn’t find any fish that slipped through the net at the Western restaurant. I also haven’t seen any hunters with abnormal behavior near the square.”

Ye Qi opened his mouth. “This mission required us to find all the hunters. It should be considered as completing the task, right?”

The moment he finished speaking, a few notifications popped up in the floating boxes in front of the six people.

[Congratulations to Yu Hanjiang, Lu Jiuchuan, Ye Qi, Chu Huaying, Long Sen and Qu Wanyue for completing the first link of the relay mission.]

[Please wait for your other teammates to complete the second link of the relay mission.]

[If a teammate fails the mission, the entire team will be eliminated. If the teammate’s mission is successful, the next world will be opened.]

Ye Qi, Chu Huaying, Long Sen and Qu Wanyue looked at each other when they saw these notifications.

Chu Huaying frowned. “We can’t participate in the second link?”

Ye Qi couldn’t help but wonder, “What is this? After we complete the first link of the relay mission, shouldn’t we join Professor Xiao and Chief Shao to do the second link?”

Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan were very calm. The two of them looked at each other and Lu Jiuchuan shrugged helplessly. “It seems to be the same as my judgment. It is a batch task before we finally converge.”

Yu Hanjiang asked, “Have you ever run a relay race?”

Ye Qi was stunned. “Relay race? Each stick is passed onto a different person?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Yes, we ran the first link and have handed over the baton to our teammates to run the second link. Then it is the third link… after all the laps are completed, the ultimate world will be opened and everyone will meet up.”

Lu Jiuchuan agreed. “Hanjiang and I completed a prerequisite task that is the first mission. If we didn’t survive then no one would be qualified to run this relay race. Now that we have finished the first baton, I don’t know who has the second baton?”

Everyone, “……”

Wasn’t this too much of a pit?

Out of the 12 people, the entire team would be destroyed if one teammate made a mistake.

In the former secret room, they could ask Professor Xiao and Group Leader Yu when encountering mysteries. There was Group Leader Yu, Brother Jiu, Sister Ying and Senior Gui for fighting. The Long Qu couple and Liu Qiao were for scouting. Old Mo led the way in the maze, Chief Shao was in charge when it came to money and Ye Qi was proficient in a variety of musical instruments. Everyone had their own strengths and cooperated together. If they didn’t know anything, they could rely on their team to lie down and win.

However, this time everyone had to do everything in their power to be able to complete the relay linked missions.

Ye Qi silently prayed that the others could pick up the second stick.

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