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CR: Chapter 118

The Clubs teenager waved gently and a 10 metres long LCD screen appeared in the middle of the venue. The introduction of the two main cities started to play on the screen. If 4 of Clubs was the entrance examination then the video was like a ‘university enrollment promotional film.’

Located by the sea, the City of the Sun was an island surrounded by the sea. In the sunlight, the city seemed to be covered with a soft golden veil. There was a white, sandy beach, crystal clear blue water and no signs of pollution.

Not a single bit of trash could be seen on the beach. In the video, there were many people walking barefoot on the beach in swimsuits. A few people were reading while sunbathing on a lounge. There were people playing all types of interesting games in the sea, such as the parachute, surfing, yacht, etc.

Everyone had a sunny smile on their faces. If they weren’t in the Card World, Xiao Lou might mistake this beautiful coastal city as a holiday paradise. The more Yu Hanjiang looked, the stranger he felt. The warm and beautiful images on the screen were the opposite of the cruelty and harshness of the secret rooms. It was like… two unrelated worlds.

Xiao Lou also felt this way and couldn’t help asking, “The challengers in the City of the Sun, do they need to continue breaking through?”

“Indigenous people don’t need to break through. They have their own lives. However, the challengers have to break through regularly. Of course, if you want to integrate into the world then you can find a job and even get married and have children.”

He looked back at the screen. This time, the video was playing a beautiful coastline. The City of the Sun had a road called Sunshine Avenue. It was a wide asphalt road with palm trees on both sides. The umbrella-shaped leaves fell down, forming a large shade on the ground.

Green trees, a clear sea, blue sky and white clouds. A screenshot could be made directly as a 5A scenic spot desktop background.

The Clubs teenager added. “The City of the Sun is a coastal city and has the Card World’s most beautiful sea view. It has the best food and the cheapest seafood. Sunshine Avenue is a good place for citizens to walk. The prices in the city are moderate and sea view rooms are also quite cheap. As long as you have 50 million gold coins, you can buy a well-decorated sea view villa.”

At the exchange rate of 100:1, 50 million gold coins were equivalent to 500,000 yuan. 500,000 yuan could buy a sea-view village in the real world? This was a dream!

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang glanced at each other. They weren’t happy because the prices in the city were cheap. Rather, they were more worried. Their speculation was correct. After entering the main city, many challengers might gradually integrate into the world, discover the beauty of the world and then have their determination to go back shaken.

Just think, people couldn’t afford a rough 50 square metres house in the real world. They they earned some gold coins through the secret rooms in the Card World and could directly buy a furnished sea view villa. Would they still want to go back and live in their shabby rental house? The lure of materialism might be tacky but it was something that many people couldn’t resist.

Yu Hanjiang frowned and asked, “What is the situation of the City of the Moon?”

The Clubs boy flocked his fingers and the screen immediately changed to another publicity film. If the City of the Sun was the most beautiful coastal city then the City of the Moon was the most beautiful garden city. The entire city was located in the depths of the forest and there were tall trees everywhere. There was an illusion of entering a rainforest.

The trees on both sides of the street could grow directly to the balcony of the residents’ home and a green canopy could be seen when opening the window. The exotic flowers and plants grew in a lush manner.

The city’s architectural style was the opposite of the City of sea view villas of the City of the Sun. There were more primitive wooden houses here and each of them had different shapes and styles. Some wooden houses were built directly on the big tree and they could climb up steps made of the tree trunks. Three-storey wooden villas were scattered in every corner of the City of the Moon. The entire city was like a paradise for leisure.

Compared to the noise and excitement of the City of the Sun, the City of the Moon was particularly quiet. Under the shadow of the dim moonlight, the City of the Moon located in the depths of the forest was a bit mysterious. People living here had close contact with nature and since the coverage of the greenery reached at least 70%, the air here was absolutely fresh.

The Clubs teenager said, “The prices of the City of the Moon is almost the same as the City of the Sun. You can buy wooden houses and villas at the same price. It is very expensive to eat seafood here but there are many mountain delicacies and wild game. There are more than a dozen varieties of mushrooms alone and all types of barbecue are quite cheap.”

The teenager with facial paralysis dutifully introduced the two cities to everyone.

Xiao Lou was keenly aware of a detail in the publicity film. “In the City of the Moon’s publicity film, the entire city is dark and illuminated by the moonlight. Is this a coincidence or is there no day time in the City of the Moon?”

Liu Qiao didn’t realize this. She heard Professor Xiao ask the question and suddenly reacted. The City of the Sun’s video had indeed been a sunny day while the City of the moon was surrounded by night.

The Clubs teenager replied, “Both cities have 24 hours in a day. The City of the Sun has 18 hours of day and 6 hours of night. The City of the Moon has 18 hours of night and 6 hours of day. The working hours of both sides are from 9-12 in the morning and 1-4 in the afternoon.”

Liu Qiao’s eyes widened with surprise. “Work is only six hours a day?”

“Yes, people spend most of their time resting and playing. Don’t you work six hours  day?”

The four people fell silent at the same time.

Don’t mention six hours a day in the real world. Eight hours was the most basic and overtime was the norm in many IT industries. They often worked to 22 o’clock in the evening and would fall asleep straight away after coming home.

Getting off work at 4 p.m.? It was really unimaginable. 500,000 yuan to buy a well-furnished village, working six hours a day, spending most of the time with entertainment… Such a life was like a dream.

Liu Qiao suddenly said, “These two cities, why do they feel similar to ideal cities in a fairy tale?”

The Clubs teenager looked at her and nodded. “The City of the Sun and the City of the Moon are indeed ideal cities for human life.”

The room was silent again.

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang psychologically suffered a huge impact. They always thought that the Card World was cruel and full of crises. However, the Card World’s main cities had built an ‘ideal city’ hard to reach by human society.

Here they could buy villas at a very low price, could eat a variety of delicacies, could enjoy the best living environment, the fresh air of the City of the Moon or the bright sunshine and beautiful beach of the City of the Sun…

Who would want to go back after staying in a place like this for a long time? Xiao Lou clenched his fists and understood the biggest pit of this Card World. The pits that the jokers had buried for the challengers was quiet. The two main cities were like a gentle quagmire. After people fell into the trap, they couldn’t get out.

Using the best material items to corrode the hearts of the people and let them lose their motivation to go back. Instead, they would settle in the Card World.

Once the challengers were integrated into the world, they would gradually forget that that had a much worse life previously. They would forget their real life friends and families, making new friends and family here. They would start a new life.

Nearly 80 million challengers had passed the first floor levels but no one had cleared the Card World. It was incredible! Xiao Lou looked at Yu Hanjiang and the latter nodded at him. They obviously both had the same thought.

Yu Hanjiang simply said, “We will go to the City of the Moon.”

The Clubs teenager wondered, “Players 3 and 4? Please choose.”

Liu Qiao naturally also choose the City of the Moon but the masked man smile. “I like to eat seafood. I choose the City of the Sun.”

The Clubs teenager opened two doors at the venue. One was gold and represented the City of the Sun and the silver door represented the City of the Moon. He made a gesture of invitation. “The four of you, please remember to check the card pack after entering the door.”

Xiao Lou, Yu Hanjiang and Liu Qiao walked through the silver door.

They thought they would be directly sent to the City of the moon but the three people walked into a large airport. Xiao Lou was stunned. He immediately checked the card pack based on the A of Clubs’ hint and found there was an extra card. It was an Air Ticket and the starting point was 4 of Clubs and ending point was the City of the Moon.

This was the ticket the Clubs teenager had given them. The three people looked around and found that people were coming and going from the airport. There were many dazed challengers like them. Yu Hanjiang glanced across the airport and saw the check-in place. The three of them walked together.

The airport staff quickly helped them complete the formalities and the three people boarded the plane together. There were nearly 100 people on this flight. Some people looked calm. Once the plane started, they closed their eyes to start thinking. Some looked around and secretly watched the passengers around them. Some looked blank and stared out the window.

The seats of Xiao Lou, Yu Hanjiang and Liu Qiao happened to be together. Liu Qiao was by the window, Yu Hanjiang in the middle and Xiao Lou by the aisle. He found himself sitting next to two boys in their 20s, dressed like a university student. Xiao Lou leaned over asked them softly. “Are you from 4 of Clubs?”

The boy was stupefied and his face was soon full of joy, like meeting a ‘fellow student’ abroad. He spoke excitedly, “Yes!  You too?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “It seems that those who travel from 4 of Clubs to the City of the Moon will take the plane.”

The boy scratched his head. “I don’t know if someone will receive us after going to the City of the Moon? My mind is empty now, just like when I’m going to study abroad alone…”

After all, they were going to a completely strange city. Everyone’s hearts were uneasy. The publicity film might present a peaceful picture but who knew what life really would be like in the city? In particular, some challengers who lost gold coins in 4 of Clubs were worried that they would have no place to live.

The beautiful flight attendant gave some notes to everyone and the plane took off. It was late at night outside the window and they could see the stars. The passengers on the plane looked different. Most of them were ill at ease and some whispered to their companions to discuss the next plan.

Yu Hanjiang suddenly said, “I am worried that since Ye Qi and Shao Qingge are going from Hearts, they might not go by plane.”

Xiao Lou was stunned. Then he recalled how 4 of Hearts was a train and nodded. “Group Leader Yu’swords are reasonable. Shao Qingge and Ye Qi are going to the City of the Moon from 4 of Hearts. I think they will probably go by bullet train.”

Liu Qiao opened her mouth. “Then we will land at the airport of the City of the Moon but they will get off at the railway station. Even if we go to the City of the Moon at the same time, we won’t meet them?”

Xiao Lou felt helpless. “We probably won’t meet but it doesn’t matter. As long as everyone is in the City of the Moon, we will eventually find Ye Qi and Shao Qingge.” He looked at Yu Hanjiang and asked, “Group Leader Yu, how much money do you have left?”

Yu Hanjiang calculated it. “I won and lost in 4 of Clubs and finally won 200,000.”

“I also made 200,000 in 4 of Clubs. Combined with the money we made in the previous Financial Crisis, we have around 800,000 at our disposal.” Xiao Lou touched his chin and thought about it. “Shao Qingge’s account should have millions. After finding him, we can find a way to sell the chrysoberyl bracelet and jade raw stone. Then we won’t have to worry about money.”

The penniless Liu Qiao, “……”

Xiao Lou found that Liu Qiao’s face wasn’t right and smiled at her. “Little Liu, did you lose your money in 4 of Clubs?”

Liu Qiao had a white face. “I didn’t have much money. I stepped on the Clubs punishment and lost all of it.”

Xiao Lou suggested, “You might as well follow us. Once we meet with Chief Shao, you can sell the bracelet and think about money later.” He paused and added, “In addition, we can help you find your sister’s whereabouts once we get to the main city.”

Liu Qiao was grateful and nodded earnestly. “Thank you, Professor Xiao.”

Xiao Lou smiled. “No problem.”

He took care of Liu Qiao because firstly, he promised Liu Qiao’s sister that he would help her live well if they met one day. Secondly, he was a teacher and Liu Qiao was a student of his school. He couldn’t watch Liu Qiao end up on the streets.

He didn’t have the ability to help too many people but taking care of one student was more than enough.

The trio discussed their next plans and at this moment, there was a broadcast on the plane. “Passengers, our plane is about to land. Please fasten your seatbelts…”

After a slight jolt, the plane slowly landed on the ground.

The crowd was guided by the flight attendants and disembarked into an orderly manner, entering the airport.

It was still night outside. The moment the trio walked out of the airport, they saw a full moon hanging in the night sky. It was the most beautiful moon they had ever seen. The huge moon seemed to be within reach and soft moonlight covered the city. The lights were bright in the distance and the residents of the city clearly hadn’t slept yet. Their night life might just be beginning.

The clock at the airport showed that it was 8 o’clock at night.

A breeze blew, bringing the scene of light grass and wood. The suitable temperature and fresh air made all three people feel extremely comfortable.

Looking back from the outside, they found that the airport was built into the shape of a big tree. The central axis was the trunk and the three floors above were like extended branches. The entire building was surrounded by green vines and the air corridor was full of flowers. These flowers were growing very vigorously. Some light blue flowers fell to the ground from the third floor, forming a large ‘flower waterfall.’

Liu Qiao couldn’t help marvelling. “In the real world, this would definitely be a tourist attraction.”

Xiao Lou stated, “It is beautiful enough to hold a wedding here.”

In particular, the flora waterfall of the airport was better than any real-life floral-themed tourist attractions. There was a large lavender flower bed in the distance. The purple flowers were open in the moonlight and emitted a faint fragrance.

A girl next to it spoke excitedly, “Oh my god! Such a large lavender field is so beautiful!’

It was beautiful here and the design of the airport alone was amazing.

The most shocking it was, the more uneasy Xiao Lou became. He could see that many challengers liked these flowers and plants very much. If it was the real world, they might use their mobile phones to take photos of themselves, sending it to their friends. Their surprise was clearly revealed, even if this was the Card World.

If they were asked ‘Do you want to settle down in the city?’ at this time, they might hesitate.

Then what about after a while? The hesitation at the bottom of their hearts was likely to disappear.

Xiao Lou gently kneaded his temple. “What a beautiful city.”

Yu Hanjiang spoke coldly. “We can’t be fooled by the jokers’ means. Come, let’s find a place to live.”

However, as soon as the trio took a few steps, they noticed a banner outside the airport. One of the banners read: Penniless ‘foreigners’, come to us and we will provide a temporary shelter!

‘Foreigners’ were marked in red and quoted. This was what the local residents called the challengers and they didn’t need to use quotes. It should be a challengers’ organization.

Next to it was a banner saying: New recruitment for Luoying Pavilion. Girls can come for a consultation.

Xiao Lou saw this and whispered in Liu Qiao’s ear. “Little Liu, go over there and ask what is happening.”

Liu Qiao nodded and went to the Luoying Pavilion recruitment point. There were two women there with exquisite makeup. They were chatting and smiling and their state of mind looked really good.

Liu Qiao chatted with them for a while before returning to Xiao Lou’s side and whispering, “It is a challengers association that only accepts women. Girls with no team can register with them and they will help arrange a team.”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang took a look. There were plenty of challenger organizations in the main city.

They were wondering about it when a soft female voice entered their ears. “This is a broadcast to find someone., a broadcast to find someone. Foreign visitor, Mr Yu Hanjiang, Mr Yu Hanjiang, please go to the airport information desk. There is a friend waiting for you.”

This broadcast stunned all three people.

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “Someone is looking for me?”

Xiao Lou suddenly realized something. “Group Leader Yu, it might be a friend from real life.”

Liu Qiao also responded, “Yes, Professor Xiao and Office Yu broke the record for 3 of Hearts and 4 of Hearts. I saw this so perhaps the challengers of the main city also saw it.”

Xiao Lou nodded in agreement. “If it is someone who knows Group Leader Yu in real life then they will surely know that you also came to the Card World after seeing the news. They can estimate the time that you will enter the main city and watch for flights coming from 4 of Clubs or the train coming from 4 of hearts. It is convenient and quick to find people through the broadcast.”

Yu Hanjiang felt it made sense and turned around. “Go and see.”


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