CNC: Chapter 7

“His eyes are also…” Nan Lu pursed her lips and swallowed down the word ‘blind.’

The air instantly turned cold as everyone shifted their attention between Chi Nan and the little master in the painting. Hei Cha saw that the atmosphere wasn’t good and immediately interjected, “Hey, good-looking people all look a bit alike.”

“Yes, good-looking people all look the same…” Song Yue also tried to adjust the atmosphere.

The slightly bald man ignored the atmosphere and added subtly, “Still, will an evil spirit write that they are an evil spirit on their faces?”

Hei Cha finally couldn’t stand it. “What do you mean?”

The slightly bald man sneered. “Oh, who knows if there is anything else mixed in with the sleepwalkers this time?”

“Do you think that Chi Nan is a ghost?” Hei Cha stepped forward while gritting his teeth.

The slightly bald man spread open his hands. “I didn’t say that.”

Seeing that the two people were about to quarrel, Nan Lu weakly opened her mouth, “That… I just spoke casually… I don’t doubt Chi Nan.”

Cheng Xu frowned. The first time he saw Chi Nan, he felt that she was somewhat similar to Bai Yingzhi. At that time, he hadn’t thought too much. Now Nan Lu’s reminder immediately raised his wariness.

“Yes, now isn’t the time to doubt and quarrel with each other.” Cheng Xu’s suspicions were raised but he didn’t show it on his face. Just as the atmosphere was tense, the door of the utility room suddenly creaked…

Wind blew in the corridor. Cold air poured into the small space. The group couldn’t help shivering as a chill crept down their backs.


“Shh, listen.”

The group listened carefully and heard musical notes intermittently mingled with the wind. It was clearly a beautiful and moving melody but it had a sad and depressing quality. It was like the devil was imprisoned in the abyss of hell using music to seduce the world.

Chi Nan’s expression changed slightly. Hei Cha saw that his expression wasn’t right, thought he was feeling wronged and stood beside him to comfort him. “Don’t care. That bald guy is ugly and jealous of you. That is why he said so.”

His voice wasn’t low. The slightly bald man heard it. He bared his teeth and was about to retort when Chi Nan said, “I know a reliable hair transplant agency from my friend. I can recommend it to you when we go out.”

Old Yu laughed on the side. “I want it.”

Hei Cha also had no qualms about laughing. Then he lowered his voice and whispered in Chi Nan’s ears, “Yes, you can’t see. You killed this person without any blood. That bald man is really angry.”

Chi Nan was a bit confused. He was just stating the facts. When did he kill someone? Nevertheless, it didn’t seem to matter. It sounded like Hei Cha was in a better mood.

“Don’t quarrel first.” Cheng Xu’s attention was entirely on the music. He went to the door and pointed to the opposite side of the corridor. “The sound came from there.”

“That is… the young master’s room?!” Song Yue covered his mouth and exclaimed.

“That… what should we do? Will it be a clue?”

“Is there a clue? Didn’t Bai Yingzhi and the maid say that we couldn’t go into the young master’s room?”

“If it is a clue, should we just give it up?”

“Otherwise? Are you going? Or you?”

Everyone fell silent. After all, the rules clearly stated that they couldn’t break into the master’s room without permission. The young master was also the master.

Chi Nan broke his silence. “I’ll go.”

Everyone looked over with a bit of disbelief.

Hei Cha held his forehead and smiled helplessly and appreciatively. “I will join.”

Song Yue of the same group hesitated for a moment before raising her hand. “Then I…”

Hei Cha pulled her hand down. “You don’t need to. Girls should wait outside.”

Then he tried to wink at Song Yue. Song Yue had no choice but to smile. “Yes, thank you.”

“Brother Cha, you don’t have to…”

“Do you want only yourself to be a hero?” Hei Cha cut off Chi Nan’s words.

Chi Nan said, “I’m not a hero.”

Hei Cha clicked his tongue. “What are you if you aren’t a hero?”

“A music fan.” Chi Nan expressed his true feelings. “I want to go to the scene and listen carefully.”

Hei Cha, “???” What type of unorthodox fan was this brother?

Chi Nan had promised to go to little You Yu. There was also a selfish reason too. He wanted to go back to You Yu’s bedroom and make sure the Crying Boy on the wall was still there.

After his soul entered this body, the existence of the painting was completely erased. Not only was there no information on the Internet but even people’s memories of it had disappeared without a trace. At the same time, Chi Nan also understood that it was better for him to break the rules alone. There was no need for both of them to pay for it.

Chi Nan continued, “If it is true that the young master is possessed by evil spirits, I will be the bait. I have a previous relationship with him and this should let him relax his vigilance. It is hard to say what will happen if you go with me. Just set up the formation to control the field outside the door. If there is anything, I will run outside and lead the evil spirits into the formation.”

Hei Cha narrowed his eyes at Chi Nan. He found that this blind man wasn’t stupid and silly. In fact, he had thought about things early.

“Then, what if… my formation doesn’t work?” Hei Cha was still a bit worried.

Chi Nan wasn’t confused. “Based on last night’s effect, I believe in your techniques.”

“Then what if you can’t escape?”

“I believe in my escape technique.”

Hei Cha, “……”

Chi Nan added, “Besides, there is no better way for the time being.”

“That’s fine. Then I will study the ghost hunting method I learned from the master.” Hei Cha rubbed his hands together and finally nodded. Chi Nan’s experience of escaping death yesterday had greatly increased his confidence in his exorcism skills.

After making the plan, Hei Cha started to study the formations in his memory. He also made a bunch of charms to cover Chi Nan’s entire body. “There is one on the back of the head and your neck must also have one. The sealing one also has to be stuck. I can’t leave any dead corners…”

There was a mess of scribbles. Chi Nan was covered in charms and comically looked like a fresh zombie subdued by a Taoist’s charms. Song Yue couldn’t help laughing and Hei Cha glanced at her. “What? Do you have any ideas about my craftsmanship?”

Song Yue shook her head. “I just think Chi Nan looks very cute like this.”

The very cute Chi Nan cocked his head.

“Ah, don’t move. The charm on your forehead has fallen off!” Hei Cha rushed up and held it down.

Chi Nan stood still. “Oh.”

He looked more like a zombie.

Hei Cha made a formation outside You Yu’s bedroom before bringing Chi Nan to the door, repeatedly advising, “If there is something wrong, run away immediately. You can’t delay for even a moment, understood?!”

Chi Nan nodded solemnly. “I know.”

“Yes.” Hei Cha put his hand on the doorknob. Then he took a deep breath and pulled it.

Click. The door was locked and couldn’t be opened.

Hei Cha, “……”

He rolled up his sleeves and was about to break in like he did this morning when Chi Nan made a ‘shh’ gesture at him.

“I’ll try.” Chi Nan stood quietly in front of the bedroom and knocked gently on the door.

Thump thump thump.

After knocking three times, they heard the click as the door lock was opened. Both of them were startled. Then Chi Nan tried to twist the doorknob again and the bedroom door easily opened, revealing a crack.

Hei Cha, “……”

Chi Nan pushed open the door and the music stopped. The windows seemed to be open and a gust of wind touched Chi Nan’s face. It was cool but not bitterly cold. There was a bit of distant sadness, just like the music just now.

“Is there anyone?” Chi Nan asked.

No one responded.

Hei Cha poked his head through the door. “There is no one in the room but there is a harp right in front of you.”

“A harp?” Chi Nan was a bit surprised. In his memories, including last night’s dream, the bedroom never had something like a harp.

“Yes, it is white like bones. The music we heard just now should’ve come from this piano.”

Chi Nan was thoughtful. So it was You Yu who attracted them with music and wanted to play hide-and-seek with them? Chi Nan judged the direction based on his memory and pointed to the wall to the west. “Is there a painting there?”

Hei Cha looked around in a bewildered manner. “Painting? There is no painting in this room.”

Chi Nan, “……” If this dream was a restoration of the past, why was only the Crying Boy painting missing from You Yu’s bedroom?”

“There is a clock in the place you are referring to.”

“A clock?” Chi Nan was a bit surprised. “What time is it showing?”

Hei Cha squinted and looked carefully. It was only then that he noticed the time displayed on the clock was inconsistent with the actual time. “It shows 12:20 but it is clearly 3:30 p.m. This isn’t quite right…”

Chi Nan nodded and didn’t speak.

“Be careful. Don’t go forward any further. There is a bowl there.” Hei Cha saw Chi Nan moving and reminded him quickly.

Chi Nan cocked his head. “A bowl?” His vision impairment made it a bit difficult for him in the process of finding clues.

“Yes, it is placed on the ground. It is weird…”

Chi Nan was silent for a moment. He suddenly thought of something and crouched down. He groped around before touching the porcelain bowl. It was still warm and there was half a bowl of liquid in it.

He picked it up, placed it in front of his nose and smelled it. There was the faint smell of blood and bitterness, which confirmed his guess. This was the medicine that the maid had given to little You Yu. He held the bowl and suddenly tilted it down. He learned from You Yu’s appearance in the dream and poured the medicine directly on the ground.

Hei Cha outside the door was startled. “F*k, what are you doing Chi Nan?”

Chi Nan didn’t speak until he put down the empty bowl. “Pouring the medicine.”

Hei Cha thought, ‘Of course I know that you are pouring medicine. I’m asking you why!’

The bedroom had no difference from his memories except for the painting. Since the floor was carpeted, the medicine spilled on it was red. It looked like splattered blood, just like in his dream. Chi Nan couldn’t see. All he knew was that little You Yu seemed to hate the medicine.

“It seems the young master doesn’t plan to come out to see us. Chi Nan, come out.” Hei Cha had been on edge since Chi Nan entered and he hoped to end this earlier.

Chi Nan hesitated for a moment before leaving. Just before he left, he touched the harp in the middle of the room. His fingers just brushed lightly over the strings, only for the string to cut his finger. Blood oozed onto the strings and the strings slightly moved.

Chi Nan took back his hand. He explored his way to the door and handed the bowl to Hei Cha. “Can you check if there is anything?”

Hei Cha took the bowl in a puzzled manner. He examined it carefully before suddenly exclaiming, “F*k! There really is something! There are words at the bottom of the bowl. Chi Nan, you are too awesome!”

Chi Nan’s eyelids moved. “What words?”

“They are too small. I’ll take a look.” Hei Cha raised the bowl to the light. Once he saw the words engraved on the bottom of the bowl, his expression changed and his voice trembled. “Mother kill me.”

“What?” Chi Nan frowned.

“It says ‘Mother kill me’.” Hei Cha got goose bumps.

Chi Nan was silent for a moment. “Go and combine the clues…”

Before he finished, the particularly harsh sound of high-heeled shoes was heard in the corridor. The sound was getting closer and closer.

“F*k, it shouldn’t be Bai Yingzhi…”

No one would be able to mistake the sound of these high-heeled shoes…

Chi Nan nodded. “We were negligent and forgot the surveillance camera in the young master’s room.”

Just now, they had smashed all the cameras in the public areas and ignored the private rooms.

Hei Cha cursed. He was too nervous to breathe and sweat soaked his back. Despite being so nervous, Hei Cha didn’t forget to hide the medicine bowl in his clothes. His action of protecting the clue was in place.

“I said that I don’t like rude guests. It seems I can’t rest assured about either of you.” Bai Yingzhi’s voice rang out from the corridor. She seemed to be smiling eerily.

Chi Nan corrected her. “It isn’t us, just me.”

Bai Yingzhi giggled. “Then this gesture, you must be punished.”

“Yes. Do you want to continue the audition?”

Bai Yingzhi smiled without answering. Her expression turned cold and the strange curve of her lips was frozen. Anybody who saw it would feel numb.

She put her hand into her bag as if she was searching for something. Hei Cha watched her every move with vigilance. The moment he saw a sharp light like a blade flashing on the edge of the famous brand name bag, alarm filled his heart.

F*k. Surely this female star wouldn’t stab them on the spot just because they broke into the young master’s room? Just as Hei Cha was raising his strength in preparation for a fight, a child’s voice suddenly came from the empty bedroom. “Mother, I asked this brother to come over.”

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1 year ago

Wahhh I hope they save little You Yu huhu

1 year ago

Was the mother saving the little You Yu or was she using him for some gains?

1 year ago

Looks like actually the mother is the one who has mental disorders and is evil.