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CNC: Chapter 6

Everyone came up to Chi Nan to conduct a series of tests. They checked his breathing, heartbeat, pulse… they even pinched his middle finger. It took them a lot of effort to believe that Chi Nan was alive.

The shirt and jacket sent by Aunt Mei fit perfectly. The soft fabric outlined Chi Nan’s slender silhouette, making him look sexy and abstinent. It was like it was tailor-made. The girls were embarrassed as they took a second look but unfortunately, Chi Nan couldn’t see himself.

“What happened at 2 o’clock last night?” Cheng Xu was assigned to the room next door and clearly heard the strange screams in Chi Nan’s room. It seemed to be the voice of a woman.

Chi Nan shook his head in confusion. “I don’t know very well. I accidentally turned off the alarm clock and couldn’t get up.”

“What?” Cheng Xu was surprised. How could someone still sleep after hearing that the evil spirit would come to the door?!

Chi Nan cocked his head, his face still calm. “I just.. slept through it.”

Everyone, “……”

“In any case, it is great that you are okay!”

The happiest one was Hei Cha. He just wanted to go and give Chi Nan a brotherly hug but Chi Nan stepped back in an alert manner. “Sorry, I have a phobia of physical contact.”

Hei Cha didn’t care. He just said he was happy to see Chi Nan in good health. Hei Cha was a pure newcomer and he was still in awe of life and death. In addition, he had a good impression of this perceptive and occasionally silly blind man who didn’t like to cause trouble. He would’ve blamed himself and felt sad for a long time if something really happened to Chi Nan.

Cheng Xu wasn’t the same. He was used to seeing his teammates die so he was more concerned about how the other person escaped from death rather than the fact that Chi Nan survived. “No, if you were asleep… this ghost can’t kill herself, right? It doesn’t make sense.”

“Before I went to bed, I followed Hei Cha’s instructions and put up the charms. I also placed the glutinous rice and garlic on the table. The female ghost should’ve been restrained.” Chi Nan took it for granted.

Cheng Xu was still thinking with a frown while the others rushed to Hei Cha in order for him to draw charms against ghosts for them.

“Come one by one, don’t rush. Once you go out, remember to follow my account. It is best to triple…”

Chi Nan had finished the audition safely and performed the role of the corpse in the script well, so he went downstairs to have breakfast with peace of mind. Everyone noticed that the remaining nine lights on the wall that symbolized the health value were off during the day.

Bai Yingzhi and her husband seemed to have gone out. Aunt Mei prepared coffee and breakfast for the guests. After a thrilling night, they were all hungry. Last night’s meal hadn’t caused any ill effects so everyone enjoyed this breakfast very much.

Aunt Mei cleaned up the dishes for them. “During the day, guests are free to visit the house freely. Just remember that the madam and master don’t like rude guests. Never go to the master’s room.”

Aunt Mei left and Cheng Xu proposed, “Now we have too few clues. We should split into groups to find clues today. There are nine people remaining and groups of three are just right. What do you think?”

Everyone had no problems with the suggestion of an old sleepwalker.

Hei Cha naturally pulled Chi Nan with him and the white-collar female worker joined them. Cheng Xu, An Ran and Nan Lu were in a group. Old Yu teamed up with the slightly bald man and a boy with no presence, because none of the girls present wanted to team up with the bald man.

The white-collar female worker’s name was Song Yue. She had been accompanying clients to eat and sing karaoke. She was wronged by the clients and forced to drink fiercely, so she hid in the toilet and made a tearful wish, hoping to achieve financial freedom and stop being a social animal.

Hei Cha nodded sympathetically. “My wish was to hurry up and become extremely popular, breaking through a million followers. This way, I don’t have to work. Chi Nan, what about you?”

“Restore my vision,” Chi Nan answered.

Hei Cha gave a deep sigh. “It isn’t easy for everyone…”

The trio came to the second floor. They hadn’t paid much attention to it last night. It was only during the day that they found that the corridor was hung with photos of the owners of the house.

“It is strange. Doesn’t Bai Yingzhi have a family of three? Why are there only photos of the husband and wife? Look at this one. Bai Yingzhi would rather hold a doll than her son.” Song Yue wondered as she pointed to the photo in the frame.

Hei Cha thought about it. “Could it be that the couple had no children at the time?”

Song Yue pointed to the date in the lower right corner of the photo. “No, according to the information you gave before, he would have been  8 years old 11 years ago. Then he would be 3 years old in the photo.”

Hei Cha scratched his head. “This is really strange. Is it because You Yu looks ugly? The husband and wife are public figures so they don’t want him to appear in the photos?”

Song Yue shook her head. “Impossible. Ordinary parents wouldn’t dislike their child’s ugliness, right? In addition, the husband and wife have such good genes. How could their son be ugly?”

Hei Cha turned to Chi Nan. “Chi Nan, what do you think?”

“What? You Yu shouldn’t be ugly…” Chi Nan replied.

Hei Cha spoke again. “Speaking of which, I checked the information before and didn’t see any photos of You Yu.”

Song Yue said, “Some stars don’t want their children exposed to the public media prematurely in order to protect their child. This could also be an explanation.”

Hei Cha was thoughtfully silent for a moment before suddenly saying, “I know!”

Hei Cha explained while sweating, “Photography is a very evil thing. Some dirty things that we can’t see will be captured by the camera. Many horror movies have the plot of supernatural photos so…”

Song Yue wondered, “You mean, You Yu is possessed by evil spirits so Bai Yingzhi and her husband don’t dare to let him take photos?”

Hei Cha clapped his hands together excitedly. “Yes. Isn’t it reasonable?”

Song Yue nodded slowly.

“Chi Nan, what do you think?”

Chi Nan touched the photo frame and answered calmly, “You Yu isn’t an evil spirit.”

Hei Cha wondered, “How can you be so sure?”

“Little You Yu is cute.” Chi Nan calmly said in a light voice, his lips curved in a small arc. It was so small that no one would notice it at all, including Chi Nan himself.

Hei Cha’s lips twitched. “What the hell? Have you met him?”

Chi Nan nodded. “The first time I came here, I couldn’t find my way into the house. It was little You Yu who took me in.”

Hei Cha and Song Yue completely cracked open at the words.

“F*k, aren’t you afraid that the young master will pull you to feed the evil spirits?” Hei Cha was stunned.

Chi Nan shook his head. “I’m not afraid.”

“However, Bai Yingzhi warned us not to easily provoke the young master…” Song Yue gave a reminder.

Chi Nan didn’t care. “It doesn’t matter.”

Hei Cha was very anxious for Chi Nan. “You shouldn’t be okay with this. Perhaps it is because Bai Yingzhi knew about your meeting with the young master that you were the first to get a role last night. It was even as a corpse.”

Chi Nan was very grateful for Hei Cha’s care but unfortunately, he couldn’t express his emotions on his face appropriately. Therefore, he suppressed his emotions and said quietly, “I know. Thank you.”

“However—” Chi Nan’s actions paused. “We should check if there are cameras in this house. I had a sudden idea when hearing your words. Perhaps Bai Yingzhi knows our every move.”

Hei Cha suddenly woke up. “Yes, I almost forgot about such an important thing.”

The three people contacted the remaining six and they all spent three hours searching through the house. Apart from the master’s room, they found over a dozen cameras.

“What should we do next? How should we deal with this situation?” Hei Cha inquired.

Old Yu placed a cigarette he obtained from an unknown place in his mouth. “I’ve never encountered this situation before.”

Hei Cha was surprised. “Eh?”

Old Yu blew out smoke. “The Nightmare World doesn’t need cameras. The dream makers can grasp our every move.”

Hei Cha wondered, “…So what is the point of these cameras?”

Chi Nan thought about it. “Perhaps it wasn’t deliberately left by the dream maker.”

“What do you mean?”

Chi Nan told them, “Perhaps the cameras were originally in Bai Yingzhi’s mansion.”

Hei Cha shivered. “F*k. If this is the case, that family is too scary.”

Cheng Xu agreed with Chi Nan’s statement. “I also think it was originally there and the dream maker  just restored them.”

“However, why would so many cameras be installed in a normal person’s home?”

“Isn’t it because the young master is haunted by evil spirits? They might want to use the cameras to monitor his whereabouts or to monitor if there are really dirty things in the house. Who knows?” Old Yu spoke casually.

Everyone shuddered after hearing this. It was too scary.

“So… now what?”

Before Cheng Xu could speak, Chi Nan opened his mouth. “Smash them?”

“Huh?” The group was shocked by the blind man’s bold words.

Chi Nan took it for granted. “We can’t change the status quo under surveillance.”

Chi Nan had been in a painting for hundreds of years and knew this too well. The more they were watched by many eyes, the harder it was to change the situation.

The young man who never showed any presence smiled. “I agree. We are too passive in the state of being observed. It also sounds good to smash the cameras.”

Cheng Xu was silent for a moment. “Smash them.”

So for the next 20 minutes, the sleepwalkers violently destroyed the cameras.

Old Yu laughed. “I have participated in a nightmare instance three times and I’ve never had the pleasure of smashing a mansion.”

After smashing the cameras, Hei Cha and Song Yue told everyone about the discovery of the photos on the wall. Most people thought of Bai Yingzhi’s words and speculated that the problem lay with You Yu.

“Can we escape from the dream as long as we kill the young master?” Nan Lu asked weakly.

Everyone was a bit surprised. They hadn’t expected Nan Lu to speak so casually of murder when she had always been the most scared. Nan Lu saw everyone’s eyes and explained, “After all, according to Brother Hei Cha’s words just now, the young master really isn’t human…”

“Even if he isn’t an evil spirit, he is just an NPC. It is okay to kill him,” Cheng Xu added.

An Ran saw his boyfriend helping this 18 tier actress and sent Cheng Xu a dark stare.

Hei Cha glanced at Chi Nan and spoke with some embarrassment, “It is better to figure it out before deciding…”

Chi Nan ignored the atmosphere and expressed his own thoughts, “I don’t think killing You Yu can solve this.

The slightly bald man suddenly sneered. “Surely you aren’t feeling pity with the young master because you are both blind?”

Chi Nan didn’t speak and Hei Cha frowned uncomfortably. “Hey, you saying this is a bit too much.”

The slightly bald man shrugged with a mocking expression that said he wasn’t wrong.

Everyone went to the corridor on the second floor to check again and finally found a photo of the family of three in the utility room at the end of the corridor. The young master in the photo was around three or four years old. He was wearing a shirt and overalls and sat in Bai Yingzhi’s arms. He was very beautiful and white.

Hei Cha saw You Yu in the photo and sighed emotionally, “Isn’t the young master pretty good-looking? He isn’t like an evil spirit at all…”

The slightly bald man rolled his eyes. “Do you think an evil spirit will write ‘evil spirit’ on his face?”

Chi Nan couldn’t see but he always had the illusion of being watched. It was as if the person in the front was looking at him with a slight smile at this moment. Chi Nan asked, “Is he smiling?”

Hei Cha was puzzled. “Who are you talking about?”

“The young master.”

Hei Cha was startled. “He is smiling in the photo. Why are you…?”

The slightly bald man rolled his eyes so much it almost turned to the sky. “Who isn’t smiling when taking a family photo?”

Hei Cha, “……”

Nan Lu glanced at the young master in the photo and then she shifted her gaze to Chi Nan, whispering, “That… why do I feel like… the young master and Chi Nan look a bit similar?”

The author has something to say:

Chi Nan: I want to eat squid. (You Yu with different characters can mean squid)

You Yu: Is it sweet and spicy?

Chi Nan: Cries.


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