CNC: Chapter 15

Hearing this, Old Yu carefully poked out his head. His expression stiffened as he saw the vast sea of fog. “This… it is really f*king haunted.”

Damp fog filled the house and Hei Cha shivered from the cold. “It was clearly Bai Yingzhi’s voice just now. Did she find it? Or is it that we can’t sneak attack NPCS?”

Due to the empty air, everyone’s nerves tightened. Hei Cha didn’t loosen his hand from the switch of the electric saw for a moment. As for whether they should close the door or leave it open… everyone was a bit undecided.

“Could she have come in…?” Song Yue poked her head out from behind the door, her voice trembling. After she finished speaking, the temperature in the room dropped by a few degrees and a chilly wind blew from all directions.

“No… it can’t be…”

“Then why is it suddenly so cold?”

“Did you hear that?”

Chi Nan’s ears moved. There was a subtle sound like nails scratching at wood from far and near. The source direction of the sound was…

“Up there.”

Chi Nan pointed to the source of the sound. Everyone looked up with stiff necks and found Bai Yingzhi hanging from the ceiling in an extremely distorted posture. Song Yue and Hei Cha screamed at the same time.


Bai Yingzhi was extremely satisfied with their unreserved fear. She grinned in a condescending manner, tilted her head and suddenly fell at great speed toward Chi Nan.

Chi Nan heard the sound and pushed Song Yue beside him. Bai Yingzhi, who fell from a great height, chopped down with a kitchen knife. If he hadn’t moved quickly, both Chi Nan and Song Yue would’ve been split in half.

At almost the same time, there was a bang as the villa door was tightly closed and locked. The villa once again became a confined space.

“Stop shouting and act!” Old Yu snapped at Hei Cha. Hei Cha woke up and hurriedly started the electric chainsaw before rushing at Bai Yingzhi.

The chainsaw was indeed the bloodiest and most violent weapon. Hei Cha gritted his teeth and pressed the fast moving chainsaw to Bai Yingzhi’s wrist. The cut flesh turned into a mist of blood and sprayed out. The scene was extremely bloody.

Yet something even more terrible happened. Bai Yingzhi, who was chopped by the chainsaw, showed no pain on her face. Instead, there was a hazy smile through the blood mist.

“Little streamer, push the saw in again!”

“F*k, I want to but she is too hard to cut!” Hei Cha pushed forward with the chainsaw but it was like the saw had encountered an indestructible steel block. It could no longer move forward.

Next to him, his knife wielding brothers moved around Bai Yingzhi to help, only to find that their knives really didn’t move the moment they cut her.

“F*k, has this woman mutated? How can she enjoy being cut?!” Hei Cha was about to cry in the bloody fog.”

“Perhaps we released the evil spirits in her body after breaking the altar.”

Hei Cha suddenly woke up. “Old Yu, help me take the chainsaw.”

Old Yu’s hands were faster than his mouth. He took the chainsaw and asked, “What do you want to do?”

“Physical attacks don’t work on ghosts so I have to use metaphysics to suppress her. “ Then Hei Cha casually took out a bunch of seals prepared before and sprinkled them on Bai Yingzhi.

“Don’t use them all! There are two more over there!” Song Yue trembled. Hei Cha looked back and found that Bai Yingzhi’s husband and Aunt Mei had also jumped out.

Hei Cha was stunned. “…Put the seals on your  weapons and try it.”

Hei Cha scattered the charms and also placed anti-evil talismans on the chainsaw. The cut in half Bai Yingzhi and Aunt Mei and the husband who later joined weren’t afraid at all. They enjoyed the fear that gradually spread in the players.”

“What to do? They suddenly aren’t afraid of anything!” Hei Cha held a kitchen knife in his hand that he used to stop Aunt Mei from approaching. Next to him, Xu Jing could barely hold on any longer.

“Pay attention to your awakening value!”

Chi Nan was using the knife to bang against the husband’s head, only for an idea to flash in his mind. “Try it with fire.”

“Yes, they were all burned to death. Perhaps they are afraid of fire!” Old Yu was enlightened. “Who can help me stop Bai Yingzhi for a moment? I want to use the gasoline in the chainsaw to burn them.”

Chi Nan and Song Yue came to support him. Old Yu swiftly took apart the chainsaw and poured the oil on the two homeowners and the maid. “Try to gather them together so they can be burned all at once!”

Everyone did as ordered. It took less than five minutes to bring the three NPCs together in a neat manner.

They were all exhausted by this point.

Old Yu saw the right timing and lit the lighter in his hand. “3, 2, 1… get out of here!”

They all fled to the living room. At almost the same moment, the three unkillable NPCs were surrounded by fire and finally let out heart wrenching screams.

The flames followed the traces of gasoline, engulfing their skin and limbs little by little. The cracking of flesh and bones being charred gradually overwhelmed their cries and echoed in the empty villa hallway.

Everyone stood in a safe area and looked at the three bodies that were distorted and deformed by the fire before finally laying motionless on the ground. Their mood was strangely heavy. For most of the people here, this was the first time they had killed a ‘person.’

The flames gradually extinguished and the fight always woke up Cheng Xu, who had been unconscious for a long time.” This is…” He was in a trance as he still held the An Ran’s white sneakers.

Old Yu walked over and patted him on the shoulder. “The Bai Yingzhi husband and wife and Aunt Mei were burned by us.:

“Go and check the door.” Cheng Xu recovered a bit of his mind and spoke weakly.

Old Yu walked to the door. He pulled and pushed it before shrugging. “Sure enough, it is locked. We can’t get out.”

Xu Jing went to the kitchen to check. “What to do? The back door is also locked.”

“It is over. After the big boss is dead, it has turned on the secret room mode.”

“When will it be over…” Hei Cha fell back on the sofa desperately.

Chi Nan also sat on the sofa. He was relieved because his phone was fully charged.

“Eh? What is that? Something seems to be in the remnants of the fire!” Hei Cha leaned closer to the fire and found a small iron box buried in the ashes.”

Hei Cha searched around the room for something he could use to get out the iron box. Old Yu directly grabbed a clothes rail from the laundry room. “Use this.”

“Good fellow.”

Hei Cha smiled as he used the clothes rail to pull away the hot ashes and lift the iron box out of the fire.

“It is very hot. We have to wait… f*k, awesome.”

Before Hei Cha finished talking, Song Yue picked up the teapot on the coffee table and poured the tea on the iron box. There was a sizzling sound and once it had died down, the heat of the iron box had turned into water vapor and most of it dissipated.

Everyone picked up the iron box and checked it. They heard the sound inside that was like a key and were a bit surprised. “This time it should be the key to clear the instance!”

However, there was a four digit code on the iron box that was locked tightly.

“If it is a four digit number, is it someone’s birthday?”

Old Yu turned over the iron box and his expression changed slightly. “It isn’t a birthday. It is the date of death.”

He pointed to a line engraved on the bottom of the box. “Hint: The time of You Yu’s death.”

“The time of You Yu’s death?” Hei Cha was confused. “What the hell? Wasn’t the young master saved back then? He didn’t die at all…”

Chi Nan, who was sitting on the sofa, showed a rare change of expression but he didn’t speak.

Song Yue wondered, “It doesn’t conform to reality. Is it wrong?”

“No, there won’t be such an error in the instance.” Old Yu shook his head. “Maybe there are some clues we haven’t found. Or perhaps we should try the date of the fire first. 0715.”

Hei Cha turned the password lock according to this number but the iron box was still tightly closed. “No, it isn’t 0715.”

Song Yue made an ‘ah’ sound and clapped her hands. “July 15th is the lunar calendar. I will check the solar calendar for that year.”

She took out her phone and opened the calendar. It took less than a minute before she excitedly said, “Try 0818.”

Hei Cha once again turned the password lock but it still didn’t open.

“How come? Isn’t this right?” Song Yue was hit hard.

Hei Cha suggested. “Should we try the few days around it? Try 0714, 0716, 0817 and 0819?”

Old Yu shook his head. “Be careful. There might be no notification but what if there is a limit on the number of tries? Once locked, we won’t be able to get the key.”

Hei Cha was so scared that he stopped twisting the password lock. “F*k, I’m afraid to try it.”

“However, You Yu isn’t dead in reality. How can there be a time for his death? Is this testing our foresight ability?” Song Yue complained.

Hei Cha was inspired and spoke with horror, “The dream maker won’t be so perverted as to have us kill the young master personally and record that death time to unlock it…”

“This…” It sounded perverted but it was a bit reliable. Everyone fell silent.

Old Yu gritted his teeth and looked at everyone. “How about… we try it?”

He waited for the people with complicated expressions to nod.

“No.” The silent Chi Nan shook his head suddenly. “Try 1220.”

Hei Cha was dumbfounded. “Huh?”

Chi Nan repeated it. “The password. Try 1220.”

Hei Cha hesitated for a moment before trying it according to what Chi Nan said. “No.”

Chi Nan pondered for a moment before saying with confidence, “Then 0020. Try it again.”

Hei Cha turned it to 0020 and heard a click as the iron box snapped open.

Everyone, “……??!!!”

“F*k! Chi Nan, you are a god. How did you guess it?” Hei Cha exclaimed.

A hint of imperceptible bitterness flashed on Chi Nan’s face before it disappeared. He answered quietly, “Last time, you told me that the clock in You Yu’s room was pointing at 12:20. I guessed that the clock stopped on his time of death. I tried 1220. It didn’t work so it should be early in the morning, in other words, 00:20.”

“You are so awesome. You can think of this!” Hei Cha took out the key in an ecstatic manner.

Old Yu looked over with a complicated expression and his tone became colder. “How can you think that this is the time of death?”

Hei Cha praised. “That’s why Chi Nan is a super god.”

Old Yu’s lips twitched. “However, in our subconscious, You Yu isn’t dead at all. Even if we see the wall clock is stopped, is it normal to associate it with the death time?”

The air was frozen for a moment and the atmosphere was a bit subtle. Only Hei Cha was unaware of it as he still marveled at Chi Nan’s keenness.

Chi Nan pursed his lips and answered in a low voice, “I guessed it.”

He picked up his cane. “Let’s go.”

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1 year ago

Old Yu i like you so i don’t want you to die.Don’t make a move against Chi Nan

1 year ago

Old Yu don’t try too much you don’t wanna invite someone to take care of you.

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4 months ago

Old Yu, remember the idiom ” Curiosity killed the cat