CNC: Chapter 12

Like most film and television graduates, Bai Yingzhi had no background, no resources and no luck. After several years of struggle, she was just a small artist outside the 18th tier. Without good exposure, no good script would come to the door. Without a good script, there would be no exposure… this vicious circle doomed her to be eliminated from the market.

All she needed was a burst of luck to become popular.

Using the introduction of a friend in the same field, Bai Yingzhi started to learn the art of borrowing qi. She regulated her fortune through spiritual offerings. Soon after she got a popular IP, Bai Yingzhi’s career rose.

The popularity meant her demand for qi became stronger and stronger… her desire was a bottomless pit. The more Bai Yingzhi played, the bigger she got and she started trying to make deals with the evil spirits.

However, once her career reached the peak, the backlash followed. At first, she had nightmares all night. Then the things she dreamed about started to happen one after another in reality. Once, she almost hit a cement truck on the way to the set! If this went on, the consequences would be unimaginable…

She didn’t want to fill it with her own life so she promised to give a ‘sacrifice’ to the evil spirits. She chose the most yin day to have sex and conceive. During her pregnancy, she drank fresh crow blood every day and put yin oil on her belly while waiting for the sacrifice to ‘hatch.’ Even after You Yu was born, she burned the charms to ashes and mixed it with milk to feed to You Yu.

Bai Yingzhi finally raised You Yu into the most delicious sacrifice for the evil spirits. She was just waiting for him to turn eight to complete the final sacrifice with 10 negative yin offerings.

“This is too f*king inhuman!” Hei Cha read this and shook with anger. He felt even more sick when he saw the blood pouring from the fish tank.

Chi Nan calmly asked, “Is the young master blind because of the sacrifice?”

Hei Cha shook his head. “I’m not clear about that. It doesn’t say anything about the young master’s case.”

He thought about it and muttered, “In reality, the young master is blind but in his instance, his eyesight seems to be normal again. I don’t know what the relationship is…”

On the side, Old Yu looked at Chi Nan’s eyes and frowned imperceptibly.

“Now that we know the truth, what should we do?” Hei Cha asked the two people for their opinions.

“Smash it.”

It was rare that Chi Nan and Old Yu spoke in unison. Hei Cha rolled up his sleeves in a refreshing manner.  “Okay. Master Cha is best at…”

He hadn’t finished when Chi Nan made a ‘shh’ gesture to him. Hei Cha immediately shut up.

Thump, thump, thump.

There was the sound of footsteps in the corridor.

“This is….” The sound approached and Hei Cha’s throat tightened.

Chi Nan told them, “It is Aunt Mei.”

Hei Cha’s swear words choked up in his throat. He looked around and found a wall-style wardrobe that was over two meters high. He and Old Yu exchanged looks before quickly turning off the bedroom light and pushing Chi Nan into the wardrobe.

The moment the wardrobe door closed, the bedroom door was pushed open from the outside. The footsteps stopped. Wind seemed to be blowing in from the corridor, causing the bedroom door to creak.

Chi Nan breathed out lightly and leaned back. Suddenly, a cool and slippery touch crawled over his back in a fleeting manner. Fortunately, it was through his clothes so he didn’t need to shed tears.

Who touched him? The temperature and touch didn’t seem to be like Hei Cha and Old Yu…

Chi Nan hadn’t figured it out yet when the greasy and cold touch came again. This time, it seemed to expect that Chi Nan couldn’t resist so it became unscrupulous. It started to walk up along Chi Nan’s back bone, section by section. The temperature around him became lower and it was like the wardrobe they were in was a big ice cellar.

At the same time, there was a ‘click’ outside the wardrobe. It should be Aunt Mei turning on the light switch. Light filled the blood master bedroom again and shone into the wardrobe through the crack in the door.

“Ah—!” Hei Cha’s cry was blocked by the quick-witted and quick acting Old Yu in time. He turned to look at Hei Cha and made a gesture of tightly shutting his mouth with a face that was filled with fear.

Chi Nan could clearly feel Hei Cha next to him was trembling while his teeth made slight chattering noises from time to time. It seemed that he was seeing something terrifying. It was a pity Chi Nan couldn’t see or he would want to take a look.

A bit of time passed and Hei Cha couldn’t stop the trembling of his body. He could only bite his fist to prevent the noise. He looked at the calm blind man from the corner of his eyes. At this moment, he truly envied that Chi Nan was blind.

Who would’ve expected that the hiding place he chose was full of more than a dozen female corpses hanging in the wardrobe? No wonder why the wardrobe had looked quite spacious from the outside only to feel tight, depressed and cold after squeezing in…

Could he share a wardrobe with over a dozen hanged ghosts without feeling tightness, depression and cold?!

He was so sick and scared that he was unable to move. He felt a sense of despair he never felt before. More desperately, Aunt Mei’s footsteps were gradually approaching.

“Madam doesn’t like impolite guests.” Aunt Mei’s voice was getting closer. “Guests who run around must pay a heavy price for their curiosity.”

As Aunt Mei approached, Hei Cha could see through the crack in the door that she was holding a kitchen knife in her hand. The knife was still dripping with blood…

There was the knife-wielding Aunt Mei in front and the hanging female ghosts behind. Hei Cha held his breath.

At this moment, perhaps it was because the air in the closet was stuffy and the medicine was taking effect but Chi Nan’s heart burned and his face was hot and red. The things behind him that touched him became more and more restless. The wet and sticky touch pulled his collar open and stroked his neck recklessly. It was like it was attracted by the heat he emitted…

Chi Nan was touched on the skin and unsurprisingly, he started crying.

At almost the same moment he shed tears, the hanged ghosts with dirty hands and feet settled down. They shrank back and tucked their hands and neck into their clothes. Even their long hair falling to the ground was folded well, like a frightened turtle.

Aunt Mei stopped in front of the altar photo wall for a few seconds. Then she checked the fish tank and crows’ bodies before turning to walk outside the room. The big stone in Hei Cha’s heart fell. Before he could take a breath, Aunt Mei stopped in front of the door.

She turned around and headed for the wardrobe. As she walked, she talked softly. “The young master also likes to play hide and seek. When he was a child, he would hide when he was forced to drink medicine. Let me think about where he likes to hide.” Aunt Mei stopped less than a meter from the wardrobe. Where is it? Where…”

Hei Cha stared at Aunt Mei through the door. He was clearly cold all over but his hands and foreheads were soaked in sweat.

Don’t come any closer, don’t…

Aunt Mei paused for half a second before letting out a short, cold laugh. “I remember. It was the wardrobe.”

Using the faint light in the wardrobe, Hei Cha and Old Yu exchanged looks. They couldn’t hide any longer. Just as they were ready to fight for their lives, there was the sound of more footsteps at the door.

“Aunt Mei, are you in Mom’s room?”

It was You Yu’s voice! Everyone felt saved…

Aunt Mei panicked when she heard You Yu’s voice. She hurriedly put the knife into her apron and deliberately replied in a warm voice, “Young Master, wait a minute. I’ll go out now.”

You Yu had already walked to the door. “Can I go in?”

He was asking seriously but Chi Nan could hear the teasing sound in his tone.

Aunt Mei was so panicked that her voice trembled. “Young Master, please don’t come in! If your mother knows, she will be angry again!”

Then she hurriedly opened the door and blocked the contents of the room. The moment she went out, she immediately closed the door and locked it.

The room returned to quiet. Once the footsteps of the master and servant were far away, Old Yu and Hei Cha unanimously let out sighs of relief. “The young master came in time or else we might’ve all been knifed…”

The two men opened the door almost simultaneously. They didn’t want to stay in the wardrobe full of corpses for another second.

“Chi Nan, don’t freeze and come out quickly. You can’t see so you don’t know, but there are female corpses…” Hei Cha hadn’t finished his words when he turned around and became stunned.

The female corpses that originally hung in the wardrobe had now become Bai Yingzhi’s evening dresses.

He rubbed his eyes with disbelief. It was true that there were no female corpses in this wardrobe. Was it his illusion just now? Old Yu read his confusion, frowned and said in a deep voice, “You are right. The wardrobe was originally full of dirty things.”

“Then why did they… suddenly all disappear?” Hei Cha was puzzled.

Old Yu thought about it before shaking his head. “Only the ghosts know what is going on. It’s fine. Let’s go.”

“Eh? Chi Nan, why are you crying again?” Hei Cha noticed Chi Nan’s wet eyelashes and asked with concern.

“It’s fine…” He hadn’t finished speaking when he hurriedly bent over and coughed. He coughed so much that tears came out again.

“F*k, you look so sick. Aren’t you really going to die if you keep coughing like that?” Hei Cha was really scared. “What can be done? Is there a doctor in the Nightmare World?”

Old Yu patted Hei Cha on the shoulder. “The thing that starts the trouble should end it. This disease is caused by the instance. As long as the instance is cleared, it can be healed.  Now the truth is revealed and it presumably won’t take too long.”

Hei Cha looked at Chi Nan with a worried expression, only to find that the blind man had rolled up his sleeves and started to smash the altar in high spirits.

In less than 10 minutes, the three of them burned the contract to ashes and poured it into the fish tank. The altar was also smashed. If it wasn’t for them worrying about the villa’s poor waterproof function, they probably would’ve smashed the fish tank too.

They got the truth and headed downstairs. Just as they reached the stairs, they almost bumped into Cheng Xu. Old Yu immediately scolded him. “F*k, what’s the matter with you? So many people can’t delay Aunt Mei? If the young master hadn’t arrived, the three of us would’ve been hacked to death by her just now.”

Cheng Xu didn’t care and urgently asked them, “Have you seen An Ran?”

Old Yu was confused. “An Ran? No, isn’t she with you?”

Cheng Xu was so anxious that his eyes were red. “An Ran is gone.”

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know!” Cheng Xu lost control and yelled. All his past calm had disappeared without a trace. “We split up to watch Aunt Mei. An Ran and Nan Lu were in a group while Song Yue and that young man were in my group. Then less than 10 minutes later, Nan Le ran over to tell me that An Ran was gone!”

“Old Cheng, don’t worry. An Ran isn’t a newcomer and nothing should happen to her.” Old Yu patted Cheng Xu on the shoulder.

“Yes, maybe she found a clue and didn’t have time to tell us, so she went to check it first.”

“However, I’ve looked through almost the entire villa…” Cheng Xu anxiously kicked the guardrail next to him. Then he continued to look for An Ran like a headless fly.

Shortly after Cheng Xu left, the other three remaining people met Chi Nan’s group.

“How is it? Is there any news about An Ran?” Old Yu asked anxiously.

Song Yue shook her head while Nan Lu bit her lip and whimpered, saying it was her negligence.

“Where were you at that time?” Old Yu asked Nan Lu.

“In the kitchen. We planned to use the reason of learning cooking to stabilize Aunt Mei. I just approached and talked to Aunt Mei for less than 10 seconds. She was only two meters away from me but… when I turned around, Sister Ran was gone.”

“I found that something was wrong and immediately told Brother Cheng. Then we started to look for Sister Ran separately. She is such a big, living person. How can we not find her? How can this be…”

Tears rolled down as Nan Lu talked and Song Yue handed her a tissue. “This villa isn’t too big. Let’s look for her again. Perhaps Sister Ran will come out on her own later.”

Old Yu frowned. “Where did you look?”

Song Yue answered, “We’ve been to all the rooms except the bedroom of the young master and the master bedroom.”

Chi Nan said, “We just came out of the master bedroom. An Ran isn’t inside.”

Song Yue nodded. “I don’t think she would willingly go into the two rooms of the family members.”

“By the way, we were looking for An Ran just now and didn’t pay attention to Aunt Mei. Are you okay?” Song Yue suddenly remembered.

“It is nothing serious.” Old Yu smiled bitterly. “One is bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster.”

“By the way, did you find any clues in the master bedroom?” The young man remembered this matter.

Old Yu nodded. “Let’s find An Ran first. We will tell you in detail when we later gather together.”

He suggested, “Let’s search in groups with two people in a group. It is safer and faster.”

Hei Cha just wanted to say that Chi Nan was uncomfortable and to let him stay in the living room to rest. Who knew that before he had time to speak…

“Can I be in a group with you?” Nan Lu walked to Chi Nan’s side and asked timidly.

Her invitation surprised everyone, including Chi Nan.

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2 years ago

Nan Lu is Sus af from the beginning, An ran disappearance might be related to her 😐 idk

Salty Ducks
1 year ago
Reply to  Choco

Agreed, and the amount of times Nan Lu has mentioned murder. Plus An Ran doesn’t really like Nan Lu, and made comments about her mistakes before, as a person in the entertainment industry of low status, she was probably pushed around a lot but she couldn’t do anything about it, so now n this “inconsequential world”, she could act out on her desires, kinda like the bald man. Or am I just over analysing 💀

1 year ago
Reply to  Salty Ducks

just the fact that she’s part of the entertainment industry is kinda sus 👀

1 year ago
Reply to  Salty Ducks

Nan Lu probably did something to her 😥

1 year ago

Nan Lu is surely sus! Not to mention she was so contradictory when she first suggested to kill You Yu then called it cruel! She might be some double agent/ghost

1 year ago

If something happened to An Ran because of Nan Lu she must pay the sma price .

1 year ago

Ever since Nan Lu inadvertently mentions unwanted things like killing the young master and when showing the second role to know the victim, she so freakin sus man

1 year ago

Nan lu isn’t as timid as she seems to be

1 year ago

I really want to know y the ghosts are afraid of the mc’s tears. Is he perhaps a bigshot devil with amnesia?