CNC: Chapter 79

Invitation to Live Together

A wish that required 100,000 favorability had never been seen before. Chi Nan’s wish could probably be recorded in the history of the Nightmare World.

You Yu did a simple calculation. The average person could earn 10 points of favorability in the Nightmare World every time they entered an instance. 100,000 favorability was equivalent to the value created by 10,000 sleepwalkers at the same time.

Even when the Nightmare World was at its busiest, there was no grand situation where 10,000 people were accommodated at the same time.

Chi Nan’s wish to retrieve his memories was too expensive to achieve through ordinary instances, unless Chi Nan could open the legendary god-level nightmare instance.

It was said to be a dream created by the dream god himself, and the screening of sleepwalkers to clear it was extremely strict. It could be said that even the most senior dream makers never had the chance to see it. It had always been a legendary existence and was also the core secret of the Nightmare World.

Chi Nan’s appearance seemed to have broken a certain balance in the world. You Yu had a premonition that perhaps this little evil spirit could uncover the secrets of the Nightmare World.

You Yu also reasonably suspected that Chi Nan’s lost memories were related to the dream god or even the entire Nightmare World. Otherwise, the system wouldn’t set such a sky-high price.

Things were obviously getting more interesting, but You Yu wasn’t happy. He hated this feeling of losing control and…the other person just happened to be Chi Nan.

You Yu closed the system interface that caused him a headache, leaned back on the couch, and closed his eyes deeply.

It seemed that he had to hurry to make his next plan.

The group of people came out of Dawn Base after the accounting and headed to the railway stations of the four major cities. This time, Tang Yu was also assigned to Zi City.

Tang Yu looked at her residence permit. “My apartment is in the North Third District, Building 57, Room 207. Are we close?”

She raised her eyes to look at Chi Nan.

Chi Nan replied, “You are close. That is just next door.”

After experiencing three accommodation assignments, Chi Nan almost thought that no one would be assigned to Zi City except for him and Hei Cha… Well, apart from ‘Ye Chang’ who used tricks to come, there hadn’t been a fourth person assigned.

As a result, Tang Yu became the fourth exception.

Tang Yu’s eyes lit up and she was obviously relieved. “That’s great. I was worried that I wouldn’t be familiar with the people here and I would have no one to discuss with about what happened.”

Chi Nan nodded. “Yes, we can eat hot pot together.”

Tang Yu was obviously stunned for a moment. Then she smiled. “Okay.”

In fact, she was a bit surprised. She thought that Chi Nan was the cold and emotionless type so he wouldn’t enjoy food like hot pot, which needed to be eaten happily.

The two of them rode back to Zi City. Along the way, Chi Nan lay in the sleeper carriage as usual.

He stared at the pitiful 47 points of favorability on his system interface. Hmm…he still needed 99,953 points until he could achieve his next wish.

Chi Nan stared at the five digit figure for a moment before silently closing the desperate system interface.

After he changed his first wish, the system notified him that the favorability calculation process had failed and it had to be rejected.

Was it really a bug that the system couldn’t calculate? Chi Nan didn’t believe it.

Presumably, it was the result of deliberate interference by You Yu… He took this for granted and didn’t bother to ponder on You Yu’s purpose. He thought he would ask for clarification at their next meeting.

Chi Nan yawned and rolled over to sleep.

The lights of Zi City were as lively as ever while the streets were cold as usual.

In the entire North Third District, there were originally only two people, Chi Nan and Hei Cha. Now there was one more Tang Yu.

From a distance, Chi Nan saw that the lights of Room 205 were turned on. It seemed that Hei Cha had returned from his nightmare instance.

Tang Yu had always been quiet. She also knew that Chi Nan didn’t like noise, so she fell quiet by herself and didn’t ask much.

The two of them had just come out of the stairwell when the door of Room 205 slammed open.

“Chi Nan! You finally came back! Why did it take so long this time? I was really worried…”

Hei Cha suddenly choked halfway through his words. His gaze turned to Tang Yu, who was next to Chi Nan.

His face was all red. He looked at Tang Yu, who was a bit timid, and then at his big shorts that covered his lower body. He immediately slammed the door shut and the sound of changing clothes could be heard.

Tang Yu lowered her head slightly, pursed her lips, and smiled secretly. Chi Nan quietly gave the introductions, “He is my neighbor and my friend, Hei Cha.”

“Ahh…is he the supernatural streamer who often goes to haunted houses?” It was too dark just now and the other person was too rushed, so Tang Yu didn’t have time to see clearly. However, in the real world, she also liked to watch horror live broadcasts. Therefore, she had some impression of the name Hei Cha.

Chi Nan nodded. “Yes, his talismans are quite practical. You can try them out if you have a chance.”

“A person who can be a supernatural live streamer must be a bigshot…” Tang Yu sighed. Sure enough, the friends of a bigshot were all bigshots.

A minute later, the neatly dressed Hei Cha opened the door and scratched his head with an embarrassed expression. “Chi Na, you really…brought back a girl without saying anything in advance.”

Tang Yu bit her lip to suppress her smile and looked at Hei Cha. “Hello, I am Tang Yu who will live in 207 in the future. Please take care of me.”

“H-Hello, you can call me Hei Cha. Just now…I’m sorry.” Hei Cha kept scratching his neck and he was so embarrassed that his ears were red.

Tang Yu smiled and comforted him. “It doesn’t matter. Physically, I am the same as you.”

Hei Cha’s face was full of question marks. “Huh? What is the same?”

Tang Yu pursed his lips in a slightly embarrassed manner. “I am transgender. My physical gender is male but psychologically, I am female…”

Tang Yu was accustomed to stating her transgender identity the first time she met someone, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and troubles afterwards.

After all, many people cared about her situation. It was even worse to shed all pretenses of cordiality later if she didn’t explain it in advance.

Hei Cha was stunned. “So…you are a boy?”

Before Tang Yu could reply, Hei Cha said, “Ah no, you’re a girl. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

He knew that in the eyes of transgender people, their psychological gender was their ‘reality.’

Tang Yu shook her head. “It doesn’t matter…”

Hei Cha smiled frankly. “Please take care of me. There are finally three people gathered. How about we eat hot pot together tomorrow?”

Chi Nan nodded. “Let’s try the cheese fondue.”

Hei Cha secretly glanced at the calm looking Chi Nan. “Okay.”

He remembered that the cheese fondue had been suggested by Ye Chang last time. Before they could eat it, the two people had entered the Candleman Festival instance.

Later… Hei Cha saw that there were no fluctuations on Chi Nan’s face and was secretly relieved in his heart.

Hei Cha had always been active in cooking. The next day, he finished purchasing the ingredients from the supermarket and set up the pot in 206 where Chi Nan lived. He prepared several large plates of fresh bread, seafood, meat, and vegetables. He also brought back more than 10 cans of beer.

Hei Cha spoke a lot more than usual at the table. He told Tang Yu everything he experienced and drank several cans of beer. He was becoming more and more excited.

“In fact, I have something to say to Chi Nan today,” Hei Cha said half-jokingly.

Chi Nan nodded. “You say it.”

Hei Cha smiled as usual. “Don’t worry, eat good food and drink good wine first. It isn’t a big deal.”

He quickly became acquainted with Tang Yu and started to talk about the problems of s*xuality and feelings after drinking. Tang Yu explained, “My psychological gender might be a girl but I like girls. How to say it… I am psychologically a lesbian.”

“F*k, this…” Hei Cha was stunned. Then he recovered and looked over enviously. “Two girls together are indeed more pleasing to the eye.”

Then he raised his cup toward Tang Yu. “I hope you will quickly realize your wish to return to reality and find a lovely little sister.”

“Thank you.” Tang Yu was often regarded as a pervert due to her special situation. She rarely received such a sincere blessing. She smiled very gently and took a sip of beer. “However, I prefer a fierce little sister.”

Hei Cha choked up. “Cough, then you are the same as Chi Nan. Your tastes are quite unique…”

Chi Nan, who was innocently shot, only concentrated on eating the fondue. He avoided the green vegetables and methodically put the bread wrapped in cheese into a bowl.

“What?” He blew at the hot bread before looking at Hei Cha in an ignorant manner.

Hei Cha glared at him like an old mother. “I’m saying that you have strange tastes and the guy you like isn’t a good thing…”

Before he could finish speaking, the doorbell of 206 suddenly rang.

Chi Nan’s chopsticks froze and nervousness flashed on both Hei Cha and Tang Yu’s faces.

“That… Do people visit others in Zi City?” Tang Yu asked cautiously.

Hei Cha lowered his head and shook it. “No… I haven’t encountered it yet.”

“What is outside the door…?”

No one spoke and there was only the sound of the pot boiling.

Chi Nan put down the bowl and chopsticks and stood up. “I’ll go and open the door.”

“Chi Nan, wait a minute…”

Before Hei Cha could finish speaking, Chi Nan had already opened the door. Standing outside the door was a doctor in a white coat… It was You Yu, who insisted on not taking off his fake identity.

He shook the convenience store plastic bag in his hand and told Chi Nan, “I brought you some delicious food.”

Chi Nan stared at him. “Thank you.”

Ever since You Yu’s identity was revealed, Chi Nan felt that it was understandable no matter how much the other person stared at him. After all, You Yu was the owner of this body and it was reasonable for him to supervise its use.

You Yu looked past Chi Nan’s shoulder and looked at Hei Cha and Tang Yu, who were stunned like statues in the room. Then he looked at the cheese fondue with a mellow aroma. “Can you let me eat some food?”

Chi Nan turned back to Tang Yu and Hei Cha. “Do you mind?”

The two of them: “……” This guy stared at them so much that they didn’t dare to speak.

Chi Nan saw that the two of them didn’t speak and handled it like they agreed by default. Thus, he turned his head back. “Okay, come in.”

You Yu smiled and put his shoes on the shoe rack, changing into slippers. “Thank you.”

Chi Nan asked, “Didn’t you say that we would meet in the next nightmare?”

You Yu said, “I heard you were making a cheese fondue tonight and couldn’t help coming.”

“Oh.” Chi Nan was already aware of You Yu’s omniscience. He just prepared to go to the kitchen to get a clean bowl and chopsticks for You Yu.

You Yu stopped him. “No, sit down. I know where the bowls and chopsticks are.”

Chi Nan wasn’t polite with this person. He sat back in place and continued to eat. He also opened the convenience store bag brought by You Yu and looked inside. He confirmed it was pudding and cheese and his lips raised imperceptibly.

Tang Yu hadn’t recovered from the shock of seeing the doctor from the nightmare instance appear outside the instance. Her entire body wasn’t right.

She looked at Chi Nan, who continued to eat as if nothing happened, and asked carefully, “Chi Nan, what exactly does that doctor have to do with you…?”

You Yu hadn’t appeared with Ye Chang’s appearance, but Hei Cha had already figured out a few things from Chi Nan’s attitude and the behavior of the other person. He wanted to tell Tang Yu that this ‘uninvited guest’ was the bas*ard who once played with Chi Nan. Unfortunately, You Yu had already come back with his bowl and chopsticks and naturally sat beside Chi Nan. Hei Cha had to accept it.

Chi Nan tacitly moved over a bit for You Yu.

“It is a physical relationship,” You Yu answered Tang Yu for Chi Nan in a half joking and half serious manner.

Chi Nan’s hand paused again. It sounded wrong, but he and You Yu did indeed have a physical relationship. There was nothing wrong with this.

Hei Cha suddenly spat out the alcohol in his mouth. He craned his neck toward You Yu and shouted, “What?!”

You Yu slowly put a piece of squid into the pot and turned to look at Chi Nan. “Brother Nan, is there something wrong with my words?”

Chi Nan thought about it and shook his head. “There isn’t a big problem.”

You Yu smiled contentedly.

Tang Yu completely misunderstood and showed a smile of congratulations. However, Hei Cha wasn’t so open-minded and poured beer on himself violently during the second half of eating the fondue.

This type of helplessness was also accompanied by a bit of joy now that the dust had settled, as if his most beloved son couldn’t escape being eaten by a pig. Fortunately, this pig seemed to have a conscience.

After that, Hei Cha drank too much. He turned into a boiled shrimp and fell to the ground. He was confused and drunk before finally beginning to cry.

“Chi Nan… I never dared to tell you. In fact, I… I…” Hei Cha couldn’t continue and kept whimpering.

Chi Nan crouched down beside him and kept handing him tissues, asking patiently, “What’s wrong?”

Hei Cha covered his entire face with the tissues. “I… In fact, I have saved enough favorability to leave…”

Chi Nan’s action of handing over the tissue paused. “Congratulations.”

“Chi Nan, the next time you enter an instance… I might exchange my wish and leave…” Hei Cha said while crying unashamedly.

Chi Nan told him, “It is a good thing.”

He was genuinely happy for Hei Cha. He knew how important fulfilling the wish was to Hei Cha.

“I’ve been looking for a chance to tell you ever since coming back this time…but…” Hei Cha kept wiping away his tears that flowed due to the strength of the alcohol. Then he glimpsed You Yu putting the dessert into the refrigerator and glared at him. “The one over there…the dream maker… You remember me…”

You Yu turned to look at him. “Are you calling me?”

“Who else but you… Bas*ard… You played with Chi Nan before…let him kill you or something… He must’ve been sad even if he didn’t say it…” Hei Cha wiped the wet tears from his face and continued to accuse the dream maker. “I’m telling you… I might leave…but if I find out you bullied Chi Nan…I’ll make a wish to come back and beat you up.”

You Yu smiled. “Okay, I see.”

“You… Take good care of Chi Nan…or I’ll really make a wish to kill you.”

Hei Cha muttered non-stop. Chi Nan wasn’t good at persuading people, so he just kept handing over tissues and the trash can. Finally, Hei Cha covered his mouth because he drank too much and ran to the bathroom to vomit.

Chi Nan finished taking care of the drunk Hei Cha and sent him back to 205. Tang Yu also knowingly returned to 207.

Chi Nan and You Yu were the only ones left in 206.

Chi Nan opened his mouth. “They seem to have misunderstood something.”

You Yu’s lips curled up. “Do you mind?”

Chi Nan shook his head and You Yu smiled again. “Then do you mind if I want to stay overnight in 206 tonight?”

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