CAMP: Chapter 96

Lin Yan inevitably paused when he heard this. He was originally in a daze due to the discomfort in his body and now the tips of his ears burned red. He was ready to say something more. As a result, he opened his mouth and finally just cleared his throat to cover up his emotions. “You said it. If you don’t get into the top 10 then it will be deducted from your salary.”

“Yes, just deduct it.” Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was obviously distracted. His mind was in another place. “Go take a shower first. In any case, I’m live broadcasting. If you are worried then just lie down on the bed and supervise.”

“I know that Titans is rich and well-paid but I certainly must supervise.” Lin Yan said this as he finally got up from the chair.

The layer of sweat on his body had dried up. Currently, his clothes were stuck to his back and it was indeed a bit uncomfortable. Lin Yan rubbed his slightly trembling fingers together and didn’t continue to be stubborn with Jing Yuanzhou. He said, “Quickly go and rush up the rankings.” Then he turned around, pulled out a set of clothes to change into from the cabinet and walked into the bathroom.

Soon, the faint sound of water was heard through the door. Jing Yuanzhou stared at the bathroom door for a while before sitting back in front of his computer and putting on the soundproof headphones.

Previously, he had just been thinking of coaxing Lin Yan to rest and hadn’t paid attention. It was only at this time that he realized he forgot to turn off the voice input of the live broadcast. He instantly saw that the barrage was flying and there was a clear ocean of ‘ahhhhhh.’ He didn’t know how long this had been going on.

After a slight pause, Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the large movement he had done and new content appeared on the barrage one after another.

[Ahhh, I’m going crazy. Parents love is real! Although I am tired of saying this!]

[Be obedient. F*k, be obedient! My entire body is soft.]

[The entire team is rushing for points. Can you not be so lovey-dovey? When will you continue to queue?]

[Ahhhhh, ask me why I’m suddenly going crazy!]

[This f*king God Jing killed me? Is this how the two of them interact on a daily basis? I think it will be really hard for them to not get together!]

[Coach Lin, be obedient. You must be sure to be obedient! Listen to your husband!]

[Ohhhh, this damn sweetness, this damn love.]

[It is like this and they haven’t come out yet? Parents love isn’t marketing, right? You are really together, right? Tell me is it like this?]

[Listen, I will listen! No matter what my husband says, listen to everything!]

[This is a sweet, beautiful love!]

[By the way (whisper) Coach Lin is taking a shower? I want to see…]


[Titans, we have been waiting a long time for you to coax the coach. Do you know it or not?!]

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze was fixed on the last one. There was a moment of silence before he slowly responded. “I know.”

The moment he spoke, the barrage paused for a moment before it became more turbulent. Jing Yuanzhou didn’t look at it any longer. He switched directly to the game interface and queue up alone.

Lin Yan’s concern wasn’t unreasonable. In ordinary circumstances, there wasn’t enough time if he wanted to enter the top 10 of the rankings before midnight. He needed to hurry up. He took advantage of the BP process to speak slowly. “Coach Lin isn’t here. I’ll just say a few words.”

The barrage:

[F*k, Titans is taking the initiative to chat with us? What is this treatment?]

[Wait, why talk when Coach Lin isn’t here?]

[Hahaha, what is this feeling of a hen-pecked husband?]

[Titans is afraid of Coach Lin, right?]

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t look at the contents of the barrage and instead said, “First of all, there is no dating at present.”

It was his turn to make a choice. He glanced at the line up, quickly locked onto a hero and adjusted his skills. “I just think that Coach Lin isn’t a professional player and there is no need for him to be involved in the professional circle. This matter still needs to be done by us.”

The two sides made their choices and it entered the brief loading period.

“Still, the distress is real. I don’t deny it.” Jing Yuanzhou’s tone was still calm. “It isn’t that I believe Coach Lin is delicate. I just think it’s really unnecessary.”

The map import was completed. The moment he refreshed at the resurrection point, he bought a pair of speed shoes and went straight out of the high ground.

“Nilay wants to be the number one side-laner in the world and I am the one who needs to prove myself. There is no need to drag Coach Lin to be tired with me. So the more he protects me like this, the more distressed I feel.”

“In order to live up to his expectations, I must prove that I can do it.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s words were understated. It was just that during the talk, the audience didn’t even see what happened but the first drop of blood exploded directly on the top lane. Jing Yuanzhou won the large economy from the first kill, cleared the mobs and headed to the opposite team’s jungle area.

“I admit that when teaming up with Coach Lin, I really am relaxed a lot. For example, I don’t have to care about things like this.”

“But…” At this point, Jing Yuanzhou paused slightly.

Viewers could see the enemy jungler appear on the screen. At this time, the enemy support was helping the mid-laner. In this way, it wasn’t surprising that Jing Yuanzhou took away the enemy jungler’s head. After this, he continued, “He likes to put too much pressure on himself. There are many things in the club that he needs to worry about. So at least here, I hope he can learn to trust in me more and let go properly.”

“I really don’t want him to push himself too much.”

He took two heads and returned to the top lane just as the next wave of soldiers arrived. The side-laner who died had also returned to the lane. This rhythm was so good it was scary.

The barrage continued to scroll as the entire live broadcast room was immersed in what he just said. However, Jing Yuanzhou ended the topic at this time. “It’s nothing. I suddenly just wanted to say a few words. Let’s stop here.”

He smiled. “Coach Lin should be back soon. If I keep chatting then it will be heard. The barrage should also converge a bit. Don’t look at Coach Lin’s actions. In fact, he is a bit thin-skinned. Don’t embarrass him.”

There was no explicit content but the barrage went completely crazy.

Ahhhh, who could this man be so good?!!!

Fulfill, of course, they must fulfill this request!

It had to be said that Jing Yuanzhou’s wave of predictions was very accurate. Not long after the exchange was over, Lin Yan finished his shower and walked out of the bathroom. The bath towel gently covered his head. Some wet hair fell on the side of his face and his entire body was covered with the light scene of shower gel.

He saw the lineup screen on the computer and didn’t disturb Jing Yuanzhou. He dragged his tired body to the bed and found a comfortable posture. Then he took out his earbuds and entered the live broadcast room.

To Lin Yan’s surprise, the barrage style of today’s live broadcast was more serious than ever. All the topics were around the operation of JIng Yuanzhou in the game or they were discussing the afternoon match against BK. It was a positive and upbeat atmosphere.

Lin Yan, “?”

What day was it today? Was it a career fan special?

He watched for a bit before focusing his attention on Jing Yuanzhou’s game. He saw that the outcome was decided and smashed a deep-water fish mine in the live broadcast room.

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess has thrown 10 deep-water fish mines in the live broadcast room of GH.Titans.]

The golden banner appeared in an eye-catching manner in the center of the screen. The barrage paused very subtly. Considering Jing Yuanzhou’s request, they managed to control the urge to scream wildly at the interaction of the two people.

Coach Lin and God Jing are really good! They are very good! But… it is really hard to hold back.

Jing Yuanzhou won a game and saw this proud reward instantly. He continued to enter the queues while not forgetting to say, “Thank you Who Isn’t a Little Princess for the deep-water fish mines.”

Lin Yan maintained his posture of leaning against the bed. He heard this sentence and couldn’t help raising his head as he glanced at the back not far away His fingers moved and he threw a few more deep water fish mines.

The scoring continued. Time passed and the battle for the top 10 became even fiercer. Jing Yuanzhou didn’t have Lin Yan’s partnership to ensure the winning rate so it was necessary for him to carry his team as much as possible. One game passed after another.

At first, the barrage just discussed the game content to meet Jing Yuanzhou’s request. Then unknowingly, the discussion became really active.

[Doesn’t it feel like Titans is playing more intensely?]

[Yes, he has been like this since the match against BK in the afternoon! My youth has returned after a long absence, the joy of reuniting with my youth!]

[Today I am really a mess from crying. Yes, this is the young man who attracted me instantly!]

[I suddenly feel that Titans was really right to leave BK this time.]

[Yes, this is the person who shone so brightly!]

[I’m crying as well. Just watching the live broadcast is making me excited.]

[So what is Titans ranking now? Is he in the top 10?]

[Almost! There is hope. He can really enter it!]

Jing Yuanzhou’s state was completely different from before and there was a sense of tearing everything in front of him. Every operation was accurate enough to make people amazed. Just one glance was enough to catch everyone’s eye. All the viewers in the live broadcast room saw the back of this figure on the screen and felt like a light had completely cut through the silence of the night.

This was TItans who once showed an unforgettable, memorable appearance!

16th, 14th, 13th, 11th…

As he ended the games and entered the queue again and again, they watched as he gradually climbed to the 11th ranking. It was getting closer to midnight and they couldn’t help holding their breaths.

In the end, the final game ended at 23:52. He was ranked 9th!

The live broadcast room completely boiled over. The barrage scrolled frantically as Jing Yuanzhou clicked into the ranking interface on the screen. He looked at the current rankings of the top 10 in the national server and didn’t enter the queue again.

The remaining time wasn’t enough to play another game. It was a night of a destructive rhythm to reach the top so exhaustion was inevitable.

Jing Yuanzhou’s somewhat muffled voice was heard in the live broadcast room, “Are you still watching?”

It was a sentence with no context but the audience inexplicably knew who he was talking to. The barrage of the live broadcast room slowed down cooperatively. However, they didn’t see Who Isn’t a Little Princess appear.

“Asleep?” Jing Yuanzhou glanced back and saw the figure on the bed in a shallow sleep. The long-lasting teaming up to play at night had obviously consumed too much of Lin Yan’s energy. He couldn’t hold up against the sleepiness.

At this time, the neckline of his pajamas was loose, revealing the sexy arc of his collarbone. The quilt was curled up in his arms while the mobile phone had slipped from his hand. Looking at it from a distance, the screen was still on Jing Yuanzhou’s live broadcast room.

The fans waited for a while before finally hearing Jing Yuanzhou’s low laugh. “Tonight’s broadcast will end here. Good night, everyone.”

Then the live broadcast was completely cut off.

Proofreader: Nao

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Aaaaahhhhhh so much sweetness & pampering! I love it

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