CAMP: Chapter 95

The notification of the death in the top lane caught Lin Yan’s attention.  Currently, he was walking along the bottom lane in the bushes. He didn’t forget to give Jing Yuanzhou a compliment for this first blood. “Beautiful!”

The moment he spoke, he saw that it was almost time. He rushed forward, taking advantage of when the opposite side’s support didn’t have any skills available. He forced out the shooter’s flash and unceremoniously accepted the head of the support.

The empty-handed End saw Lin Yan appearing in the bottom lane and had a bad premonition in his heart. “My blue mob is probably gone.”

Nilay just had his head taken and the smile had disappeared from his face. He spoke in a cold voice, “If you don’t have it then let it go. Just hit the top lane more often. I was careless just now. I can definitely kill him next time!”

End’s finger on the mouse paused. Then he thought about how they were still live broadcasting and didn’t say anything else. “Got it. Wait for me to reach level 6.”

Just now, the wave of gank failed and his jungle area was cleared. Now his jungler could be called the player in the worst state on the field. It was necessary to hurry up and develop in the next wave. Yet even if End wanted to develop, he had to ask if the other person would allow him to.

End finished killing two jungle monsters and was ready to find a chance in the middle to see if he could get some experience from soldiers. As a result, he had just entered the grass when he bumped into a figure waiting there.

Lin Yan had gone to the bottom lane to catch a wave of kills and only had half his health left. Who would’ve thought that instead of returning to the city, he actually waited leisurely in this position? It was like he knew early on that End was going to come.

End couldn’t help cursing in his heart. Under the action of his muscle memory, he had already thrown out a skill. However, Lin Yan was one step faster than him. The allied mid-laner had already seen the location of Lin Yan’s ambush. The moment End appeared in his field of view, he instinctively acted toward this side.

This was already the top of the rankings and none of the players would have problems with technical skills. The mid-laner threw a skill from the furthest distance possible at this time and added a deceleration before End used flash.

All of Lin Yan’s displacement skills were firmly in hand and he waited for the moment End’s flash ended. At almost the same time, he followed closely. He was clearly in a state of residual health but his brutal appearance gave the illusion of an old father beating his son

End’s eyes were hot as he stared at Lin Yan with less than half his health and mana but there was no way. Lin Yan’s position was really great! It wasn’t until his death that a thought passed through his mind. ‘Is this jungler a professional player or passerby king who changed his name?’

A head once again appeared on the middle lane. The heads ratio of the two sides was pulled to 3:0 in the blink of an eye.

Nilay was at the top lane and focused on Jing Yuanzhou. He didn’t pay attention to anything until the death notification popped up. “How did you die?”

End’s muffled voice was heard. “I was hit by the opposite jungler.”

The opposite jungler… the one who mocked him at the beginning? Nilay remembered the man’s provocative words at the beginning of the game and frowned suddenly. He wanted to say a few more words when Jing Yuanzhou in his field of view suddenly took a step back. This was obviously the trend of preparing to return to the city.

Nilay glanced at the other side’s mana and understood. Jing Yuanzhou might’ve taken the first drop of blood but he hadn’t returned to the city. His mana value obviously wasn’t enough anymore.

This discovery caused Nilay’s eyes to brighten. He could kill Titans! He decisively interrupted Jing Yuanzhou’s retreat with his skills, stayed at a very tricky angle and opened his big move, firmly locking this person in place.

Unsurprisingly, Jing Yuanzhou’s mana was instantly emptied when he threw his big axe and Nilay’s operation became even more unbridled due to his excitement. He was about to get the head when a sentence appeared on the chat channel.

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess: Hi son, I’m coming!]

This sentence entered Nilay’s eyes and made him pause for a moment. At the same time, he saw a figure rushing out of the grass next to him. Who would’ve imagined that the jungler Lin Yan still wasn’t satisfied with two heads?! He actually came to the top lane to kill Nilay!

Nilay almost cursed on the spot and he instantly understood something. Forget getting an opportunity to kill Titans, it was Titans seducing him into a trap! Were these two lining up together?!

Lin Yan went from the bottom lane to the middle lane and then all the way to the top. His condition obviously wasn’t healthy. However, at this time he joined hands with Jing Yuanzhou and forced Nilay to death.

The two of them showed a tacit understanding in their positioning. They cooperated with each other to share the last set of damage that Nilay released. In the end, they only had 10% of health left when the kill was completed again.

Lin Yan didn’t care about whether Nilay broke the keyboard or not. Another wave of economy had arrived. He looked at his fat self and returned to the city in a satisfied manner to resupply.

On the other side, the tragic 0-2-0 record made Nilay tremble all over. He stared at the dark computer screen for a long time before forcing words out of his throat. “End, get ready to catch the top lane!”

It had to be admitted that their game had gone to a complete disadvantage. The shooter in the bottom lane was crushed to death under the tower by the gank. The mid-laner wanted to actively roam but the jungler End had collapsed so the rhythm was lost. This was a passersby game with not much tacit understanding so it had almost become a dead end. Since they couldn’t win, he couldn’t let Titans have a good development! This was probably the only way he could retain the last of his reputation.

However, even Nilay’s twisted and careful thoughts had fallen into Lin Yan’s calculations. In the next five minutes, End came to hit the top lane three times. Each time, the extremely annoying jungler on the opposite side seemed to have the ability to predict it in advance and could always come to support.

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it.

In the 2V2 battle, the Nilay duo couldn’t gain any advantage at all. The result was that not only were they both killed in battle, they continued to withstand direct attacks on the mind. Every time before an anti-gank, there would be a nightmare sentence on the chat channel: [I’m coming!]

Peaceful, peaceful, peaceful, your sister was peaceful!

By the time they officially entered the team battle period of the game, Nilay had a record of 0-5-0 and he only had a blank and numb expression. He didn’t dare watch the barrage in the live broadcast room. Even if he didn’t see it, he could feel the disappointment and ridicule that came across the screen.

In this game, he faced Titans and the unknown jungler and was completely defeated. In the 43rd minute of the game, the base crystal was broken.

The word ‘Defeat’ appeared in the center of the screen. Nilay, who was originally a short distance from the top 10, lost a lot of points due to the bleak loss and dropped straight to 14th place.


Currently, Jing Yuanzhou’s live broadcast room was a sea of laughter.

[Hahahahahaha, this wave of faceslaps is refreshing.]

[What the hell is this? This is Nilay? Isn’t it too embarrassing to call yourself the number one side-laner in the world?]

[The redhead should know now. He is pretending to be struck by lightning!]

[I have to say that the coach’s rhythm is really convincing. Didn’t he see the entire picture of the opposite side?]

[I just saw it. Nilay has dropped to 14th. There is one hour left and there is no hope of entering the top 10 tonight!]

[This is really cool. Who told him to ridicule DeMen in a strange manner in the afternoon? Now that Tweet is probably as painful as his face.]

[Ahhh, did you find out? The captain and coach are now in the top 20!]

[Are the hidden points so high? They rose so much from one game. If they keep winning like this, won’t they directly enter the top 10?]

[By the way, since today’s match against BK, I feel that Titans has completely released himself!]

[Yes yes, it is really cruel! How can my husband be so cruel? Is this his absolute trust in Coach Lin?]

[Ahhhh,  rush up. Hurry up, hurry up!]

The entire audience was in a state of excitement and it took a few moments to realize that the game hadn’t entered the queue for a long time. Everyone finally felt that something was wrong. A series of question marks had just appeared on the barrage when a faint sound was heard. Since the camera wasn’t turned on, they could only judge by the sound. It seemed like Jing Yuanzhou had taken off his headset and placed it on the table.

Next to him, Lin Yan didn’t notice this behavior. He had a distinct smile on his face from the game he just won but he couldn’t hide his pale face. His eyelashes dripping with sweat drooped slightly and the fingers on the mouse were clearly trembling.

It was a very happy game but it was also a game where he fully committed to not giving the opponent any chances. Such a game brought a far heavier burden than normal.

Lin Yan stared at the computer screen in a trance for a while. It was only after taking a few short breaths that he tried to re-focus his attention. He confirmed the time and was about to enter the queue again, only to realize that Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t made any preparations.

Lin Yan was slightly stunned and was about to look around. Then his headphones were suddenly removed and the closed atmosphere was gone. It was as if the world had opened up. The moment his entire body relaxed, a sense of coolness was felt from his sweaty back.

Lin Yan paused before reacting. He raised his eyes and looked at Jing Yuanzhou who had come behind him at an unknown time. “Why did you get up? There’s an hour left so hurry up and continue to queue.”

Jing Yuanzhou stared at him. “I’ll do it myself. You can go and rest first.”

Lin Yan didn’t even think about it before blurting out, “It isn’t too late. Teaming up is definitely faster than playing solo. It’s easier to score points.”

Jing Yuanzhou lifted the headphones up and avoided Lin Yan’s attempt to reach for it. “Don’t worry. I can make the top 10 solo.”

Lin Yan frowned. “Of course you can enter it. The key is when you enter it. Don’t you think the time is insufficient?”

Jing Yuanzhou looked down at him. “Coach Lin, if I don’t make it into the top 10 then you can deduct it from my salary, okay?”

Lin Yan, “……”

He heard the words ‘Coach Lin.’ Combined with the expression of the person in front of him and he realized that Jing Yuanzhou was probably a bit angry. The eyes of the two people met for a long time.

Jing Yuanzhou was indeed angry but he was more distressed. Looking at Lin Yan’s pale face, he wanted to pick up this person and throw him on the bed. On the other hand, Jing Yuanzhou also knew that Lin Yan’s aggressiveness was to protect Jing Yuanzhou’s reputation. This was why there was a serious expression on his tense face.

The conversation between the two people passed into the live broadcast room via the headset on the table. After a long silence, all of them heard a slight sigh. This man seemed to have exhausted all his gentleness. His voice was soft and full of helplessness as he said, “Be obedient.”

Proofreader: Naof

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Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Talk shit get hit Nilay! Also love them taking care of each other

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
6 months ago

The shippers should be mesmerized by the “Be obedient “. Whee!