CAMP: Chapter 94

Like the situation in China, the South Korean professional players had also opened their live broadcasts. In one of the live broadcast rooms, the red hair was particularly eye-catching. Apart from training and the competition, Nilay had spent almost all his time attacking the rankings these days.

After a full day of teaming up with the jungler End at the same time, he had climbed from the top 20 to the 11th place. Based on the difference between him and 10th place, he just needed to win this round to achieve his previous bragging and complete his goal of being in the top 10.

Currently, Nilay was interacting with those in his live broadcast room. “Look, it isn’t difficult. Tonight’s ranking games were very smooth. The only pity is that I heard many teams in the Chinese division have come to snipe me. The night is almost over. Why haven’t I queued with a professional player? I feel like I’m lacking a lot of fun!”

“Huh? It’s not that I look down on the side-lane players of the Chinese division. Just… put it this way, regardless of whether it is DeMen whom I met in the afternoon or Titans, they aren’t young anymore right? In fact, I admire these seniors. It really isn’t easy to maintain your state when declining. It’s normal to not want to serve the old. In the e-sports world, we have to get used to things being updated.”

“I heard that Titans’ most famous hero is the death wanderer so I just took it. He isn’t the only one who can play it, right? I will let you see what Nilay’s death wanderer looks like.”

Having said this, Nilay took a sip from the cup of water next to him and glanced at the rapidly scrolling barrage. “I am playing the death wanderer for you. Why do you always mention the name Titans? Speaking of Titans, this person is weird. Previously, he had a good time at BK. I don’t know why he suddenly moved to an unknown club this year. Perhaps it is because his state declined and retirement is imminent. How else could the management of BK be willing to release him…”

His words came to an abrupt end here. Nilay’s movement while drinking water paused for a moment as he finally saw the hints scattered on the barrage. Originally after selecting the hero, he cut out of the cut interface during the loading period. At this time, he clicked on it again and saw the game ID on the opposite side.

He paused for a moment before showing a smile of excitement. “Is this Titans? Interesting!”

Once the loading screen was over, a sentence suddenly appeared on the chat channel.


Nilay’s account was originally one that the club bought in bulk and even the name hadn’t been changed. Nevertheless, he confidently believed that the other person should know him.

He waited a moment and never got a reply. Nilay frowned unhappily but he still introduced himself with a strained smile.

[Shuakalaka: I’m Nilay.]

This time, there was finally a response. However, the one who spoke wasn’t Jing Yuanzhou. It was a stranger whose name couldn’t be understood.

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess: Shut up!]

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess: Wait for me, I’ll give you some color to see see!] (The two messages from Lin Yan are in English. This is a popular Chinese phrase to me something similar to ‘I’ll teach you a lesson’)

Nilay, “???”

The sentence ‘shut up’ was easy to understand but what was the second half of the last sentence? Although he didn’t understand, it didn’t stop him from feeling the provocation of the other side in this sentence. The corners of his mouth lowered a bit angrily.

His words were addressed to those watching his live broadcast. “I just said that Titans’ best hero is the death wanderer. Then let’s take this opportunity to learn from each other.”

At the same time, Lin Yan spoke a few simple words. “The opposite jungler should be Win’s End? It’s just right. Let’s take care of them in this game.”

The barrage of the live broadcast room was already laughing at the two English sentences he just sent.

[66666, Coach Lin’s English level is a real level 10 hammer!]

[Hahaha, I almost turned over the table from laughing. I can imagine the awkward expression of Nilay on the opposite side.]

[Coach Lin says, ‘It will count as my loss if you understand it~”]

[If you have to be cruel then I’ll accept it like this. It is low-key luxurious and has a lot of connotation.]

[I always feel that the coach has felt resentment toward Nilay for a long time. Is this a battle of revenge?]

[It should be because Nilay used tough words to provoke all the side-laners in our division. Titans’ coach can’t stand it.]

[This is suddenly sweet? Ahhh, I’m here again!]

Lin Yan was completely excited now. There was a clear fighting spirit in his eyes as he glanced at the barrage and said nothing. He noticed that the enemy jungler End had just popped up near the middle lane. The smoke bombs were placed well but he quickly understood the other person’s intentions.

He signaled to the upper half of the river and his tone was certain. “They’re going to the jungle.”

Jing Yuanzhou replied, “Yes, I got it.”

Lin Yan didn’t follow the road after giving a reminder. Instead, he turned and headed to the jungler in the lower half of the opponent’s map. There was no one in the rear so it was a good time to steal mobs and develop.

As for the top lane, there was the existence of the death wanderer. It didn’t matter if it was used by Jing Yuanzhou or the opposite player, Lin Yan was equally relieved. No one knew this hero better than Titans.

Sure enough, once Lin Yan came back from the opposite jungle area, the fighting on the top lane had ignited. Nilay had End ambush in the rear and attacked first without any fear. Jing Yuanzhou had prepared early and used the details of his positioning to the extreme.

He perfectly avoided the damage of Nilay’s skills while simultaneously narrowing the distance slightly. He released two skills in a row and cleared the line of soldiers in front of him. This instantly completed the skills upgrade and he aimed an axe at Nilay’s face.

Nilay’s retreat was also swift. It was a decisive S-arc movement. After entering the grass next to him, there was a short-term vision loss and the distance between the two sides once again opened up. Nilay stuck to the casting range of his skills and played another set of combos.

Jing Yuanzhou’s health dropped somewhat quickly but his hands didn’t stop. The huge axe was thrown into the air and in such a situation with no vision, it happened to hit Nilay’s body.

Then with the help of the deceleration status effect of the skill, he narrowed the distance. He picked up the battle axe on the ground, linked a few skills with almost no gaps and maximized the damage value that could be dealt.

Jing Yuanzhou obviously knew the CD situation of the death wanderer’s skills very well. He could always control Nilay’s output time and accurately predict where the skills would fall. This allowed him to maximize his evasion.

Nilay saw his health visibly falling and the smile on his face finally disappeared. It might seem like the confrontation between the two sides was very fierce but he knew that at this very moment, he was in a completely passive situation of being crushed and beaten.

Titans was far better than he thought! Nilay had only officially become a professional this year and had been praised by countless people along the way. The feeling of a knife being held to his neck was really uncomfortable. He didn’t have to look to know that the barrage in his live broadcast room was ridiculing him.

[Doesn’t you say you wanted to show Titans how to use the death wanderer? Isn’t this contrary to your words?]

[Until when will End keep waiting next to you?]

[F*k, a waste of feelings! I thought I would be able to see a solo kill.]

[Titans is still great. Why do I feel like the redhead won’t be able to beat him?]

[Don’t worry, End is still here. There will be an outbreak of blood soon.]

Nilay scanned the positioning of the current fight and finally gritted his teeth. “End!”

Before his words finished, he didn’t hesitate to throw his second skill toward Jing Yuanzhou who was close to him. The death wanderer was like other side-lane heroes and had three or four small combos. Once it erupted, the continuous damage could be called very intense.

The first stage of the second skill itself had the effect of fixing the body in place. At this distance, there was almost no room to dodge. Jing Yuanzhou would be stuck and once End arrived, his head would undoubtedly be taken.

Previously when they met DeMen, they relied on this double gang to win the first drop of blood. Nilay’s eyes were full of excitement as he saw the trick repeating himself. So what about DeMen? Killing Titans with the death wanderer would be the highlight of Nilay’s resume!

However, the smile on his face completely froze. This was flash? The moment the second skill was released or even 0.5 seconds before Nilay pressed the key, Jing Yuanzhou on the opposite side used flash like he had anticipated it ahead of time. The second skill that was impossible to avoid actually missed.

Moreover, after flashing a certain distance, Jing Yuanzhou also retreated into the grass behind him. This made End, who just rushed over, lose sight of him. This type of pre-judgment without hesitation inevitably stunned Nilay. He realized that the other person had already guessed their ambush. Even with such insight, he played against Nilay with no fear.

Nilay knew this and his expression was extremely ugly for a while.

He thought about his arrogance in the live broadcast room just now and his face became hot. He ordered in a harsh voice, “Chase!”

He had to take this man’s head!

End didn’t hesitate either. He narrowed the distance and made a flying kick toward the end of the grass based on Jing Yuanzhou’s retreat route. However, it still missed. The moment his body flew through the air with the effect of the skill, he realized that Jing Yuanzhou who should’ve retreated had instead moved forward very keenly.

The operation of turning back in place was able to avoid the damage of this set of skills. At the same time, it shortened the distance with Nilay who was chasing from behind. Nilay was determined to stop Jing Yuanzhou from leaving. He never expected that this time, the other party wasn’t anxious to escape and even wanted to fight back!

In this way, Nilay rushing forward looked like a piece of meat rushing to send himself to be eaten. Or the type that actively lay down on the chopping board.

Due to the previous confrontation, Nilay’s health had already been decreased by more than half. At this time, he met the axe rushing to his face and it was shocking. He saw that his health was going to bottom out and his heart jumped. Nilay saw that the second skill had ended and didn’t hesitate to use it to fix the body in place.

There was a burst of hand speed and he used flash to retreat. He just needed to widen the distance, assist End to deal a few skill damage from a distance and then he would be able to take away Jing Yuanzhou’s head.

However, before landing, Nilay looked up and saw an axe flying on the screen. His heart thumped and became cold. The huge battle axe accurately and unmistakably landed on the spot where he flashed, taking away the last trace of his health.

This prediction ability was terribly accurate. In this way, Nilay performed the eye-catching flash of death in front of the audience of his live broadcast room.

On the other side, Jing Yuanzhou gained experience from this kill and he smoothly rose to level 6. The big move was available! After using the skills, he was surrounded by a thick shield. He evaded several of End’s skills and returned safely to his own defense tower. It was one against two yet he successfully took away one of the other side’s heads.

[First Blood!]

This was the real strength of a top player! In such a confrontation, every second was filled with countless details and calculations. It could easily be called a textbook-like model of how to fight a death wanderer.

Titans’s live broadcast room was completely boiling.

Little redhead, playing the death wanderer in front of God Jing? Be taught how to be a man! Sure enough, he was still a bit too tender!

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