CAMP: Chapter 86

The weight of the man half-pressed on him was just right and the two people’s bodies naturally leaned together. It was so close that they could faintly smell the other person.

It was just slightly different from normal times. Jing Yuanzhou’s breath had the very shallow scent of wine that was just the right amount. Add the low and provocative tone when he opened his mouth and it was perfectly in line with the slightly drunk atmosphere.

Lin Yan was squeezed against the wall and was unable to control his heartbeat. He reached out for Jing Yuanzhou’s chest. “Didn’t you just drink half a cup of wine? Yet you are drunk?”

Jing Yuanzhou replied in a low voice, “Yes, I’m really drunk.”

The more a person with proper manners acted spoiled, the more deadly it was. Such a voice didn’t contain much ups and downs. It was just that the moment the deliberately low voice entered Lin Yan’s ears,  the self-control Lin Yan prided himself on received a blow and he couldn’t resist.

Lin Yan instinctively looked around the empty corridor. Then he placed one of Jing Yuanzhou’s arms around his shoulder, his ears burning as he declared, “Go back to our room!”

Jing Yuanzhou’s chuckle passed by the side of his face. No one said anything on the way back to the room. They tacitly pretended to be drunk. There was the symbolic arm on the shoulder and they walked like this side by side. Their breaths slowly blended together, obviously enjoying such a comfortable atmosphere.

It was very difficult for a person to meet the right person in life. This was the case with the opposite sex, let alone the rare number of people who liked the same sex.

It just so happened that the window paper was broken around the opening of the autumn competition. The team’s start in the competition was just around the corner. Jing Yuanzhou always followed the agreement of first confirming the relationship and not falling in love. He never publicly asked Lin Yan for anything. Not to mention, they were always in the base. Apart from routine tasks, the intersection between the two of them was basically no more than the other players.

Jing Yuanzhou never complained about this and unconditionally followed Lin Yan’s rhythm. Lin Yan always remembered this type of accommodation. It was precisely due to this that when deciding the rooms for the hotel, he took the initiative to ask for a room with Jing Yuanzhou.

It had to be said that his original intention of doing this was good. At any rate, the two of them had decided their relationship. It was right to take the opportunity to fight for more opportunities to be alone. However, Lin Yan already regretted it right after the rooms were allocated.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to be with Jing Yuanzhou. It was just that in the past, it wasn’t so obvious because they had so much contact around other people. Now that they were alone, it was like dry land at the ignition point. One mistake was enough to start a prairie fire.

They hadn’t said anything for the past few days but Lin Yan could clearly feel that the fire in Jing Yuanzhou’s heart was the same as his. It was burning uncontrollably after accumulating for a few days. No matter how subtle the entire process, every contact lad led to a stronger desire to approach. It had finally swelled to the breaking point.

They had already passed the young and ignorant age. It was far more difficult to sleep with their favorite person by their side every night. Previously, it was okay when it wasn’t broken. Then after a kiss, all the impulses rushed out like a dam breaking. The instinctive desires of the body were realer than reason. The cold shower before dinner wasn’t enough to make them calm.

After returning to the room and closing the door, Jing Yuanzhou who was still half leaning against Lin Yan abruptly turned back and pressed this person against the wall. The sky outside was already dark. There were no lights on in the room. There was only the dim aisle light above their heads. The faint light circled the narrow and ambiguous space.

Lin Yan could feel Jing Yuanzhou’s breathing close at hand. After a pause, he reached out for the switch when a hand suddenly grabbed his wrist. He looked up and realized this man’s eyes were unusually deep. Just one glance made Lin Yan feel like his body was completely swept up.

Lin Yan opened his mouth to say something but in the end, he could only move his throat. Something made him raise his head as he tossed away all thoughts and simply kissed this person. No one was waiting for them to eat together so there was plenty of time to indulge. Their breathing mixed together and it was active and hot.

Jing Yuanzhou was lost and confused when he felt a slight pain from his lip. It was obviously a bite. Then he heard Lin Yan’s slightly gasping chuckle, his voice a bit tight. “What should I do? Jing Yuanzhou, why didn’t I find you so provocative before?”

The strength in Jing Yuanzhou’s arms increased. He unknowingly held the person in his arms tighter and immediately turned around, pressing Lin Yan straight down on the bed. The two men’s clothes were a bit messy and their eyes were intoxicated from the excessively long kiss.

The lights in the room still weren’t on and Jing Yuanzhou didn’t let go. Looking down, he could see the collarbone exposed by Lin Yan’s slightly open neckline, messy and sexy under the dim aisle light. This semi-dark environment was just enough for them to see each other clearly and the atmosphere seemed just right.

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help gently squeezing Lin Yan’s chin. He stroked his finger between the soft lips and asked, “You said before that we would find the chance to discuss other things. Lin Yan, does this still count?”

Jing Yuanzhou usually called out ‘Coach Lin’ along with the other players. Now he said ‘Lin Yan’ with a low nasal tone and there was a different type of temptation.

Lin Yan rarely had moments when he was overwhelmed by the desires in his body. Yet looking at Jing Yuanzhou’s nearly perfect face, he suddenly felt that he should go with it no matter what this person wanted to do. At least for now, he was going to follow the man in front of him!

There was the saying ‘lose one’s head over lust’ but at this moment, Lin Yan was absolutely happy.

Due to Jing Yuanzhou’s face and his identity as a e-sports male god, Lin Yan wouldn’t suffer any loss even if they didn’t reach the point of getting married in the future. Lin Yan secretly bit his lower lip and reached out to pull hard on the buttons of Jing Yuanzhou’s clothing. “Of course, it counts. Now is the time for an in-depth discussion.”

The next day, Lin Yan woke up later than ever before. It wasn’t known where Jing Yuanzhou went but the room was completely empty. When he first opened his eyes, Lin Yan was a bit confused and couldn’t remember where he was. It wasn’t until he felt the surge of pain from his back and waist that he finally realized.

As scene after scene passed through his mind, he felt his ears becoming hot in an instant and he was completely frozen in place. A long time passed before he slowly opened the sheet on his body. He took one glance before closing it with a blank expression. Finally, he opened his mouth and couldn’t help cursing in a low voice. “F&k…”

How good was it when doing it and how much did he suffer after it was done? In particular, Lin Yan was someone who could barely move in ordinary times. Now just sitting up from the bed made him feel like he was falling apart.

In fact, he only knew last night that it was Jing Yuanzhou’s first time. As a result, the two completely inexperienced people proceeded step by step in the process of their first attempt, carefully and cautiously.

However, once they became familiar with it, a certain truth was thoroughly verified. No man could maintain their usual cold and indifferent self in bed, including Jing Yuanzhou.

Lin Yan had this thought and couldn’t help gritting his teeth. In any case, he was now even more certain it was right not to directly enter the love stage.

After all, he only knew the taste after trying it. Judging from the extent to which the two of them played with fire last night and ignoring all realistic facts, if he really started a complete relationship with Jing Yuanzhou then it might be ‘sooner or later, one of us will be completely drained!’

Lin Yan slowly bent and picked up his jacket from the ground. He wore it while continuing to complain angrily in his heart. No matter how human a person looked, they were complete old beasts in bed!

Jing Yuanzhou pushed open the door and saw the entire process of Lin Yan holding his waist and moving to the bed in slow motion. He was first taken aback. Then he couldn’t help laughing.

Lin Yan sat on the bed and looked up. He instantly saw the sportswear worn by the man and the takeout in his hand. Lin Yan thought of his waist that couldn’t be straightened and couldn’t help showing a bit of temper. “Not bad, you still have the strength to run.”

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help being a bit amused by this soft tone. He put the takeout box on the table next to him. He knew he was at fault so he coaxed Lin Yan gently. “I’m an active runner. At this age, I can’t afford to fall behind. If I want to win the world championship for you, I have to grit my teeth and keep in shape. Don’t you think so, Coach Lin?”

“Now you aren’t calling me Lin Yan?” Lin Yan thought of how this man tossed him around last night and snorted with a calm face. Then he went into the bathroom with his slippers.

Before closing the door, Jing Yuanzhou thoughtfully reminded him, “Don’t wash for too long. The food will be cold soon.”

“I know.”

Then there was the faint sound of water from the bathroom. Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes fell on the closed bathroom door. He listened to the sound of water and the expression in his eyes gradually turned soft.

Before yesterday, he never noticed that Lin Yan’s waist was so thin. He only needed one hand to hold it easily. Yet once in bed, this person had teeth and claws. He bit Jing Yuanzhou’s shoulder and choked as if resisting but still wanting to completely rub their bodies together. It was the first time Jing Yuanzhou felt like this. He wanted to fully possess a person and give this person everything he had.

Jing Yuanzhou was distracted for a while until the phone in his pants pocket vibrated a few times. He took it out to find it was a message from Ku Tianlu: [Have you seen the news on the Internet? F&k, these Win grandchildren really think its amazing that they won first place in the spring competition this year, right? Wait, I’m about to board the plane. I’ll talk to you again once I get back!]

Proofreader: Nao

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