CAMP: Chapter 85

The MVP of this game was eventually given to Jing Yuanzhou. Bi Yaohua might have had the highest damage in the game but the skill control of the mechanical bomber was obviously the core of the tactics. In addition, there was the overly perfect action to start the team battle at the end. After editing it separately, it was simply a textbook-like model.

The interview ended and everyone got into the commercial car back to the hotel.

In the second week of the regular season, the GH team only had a total of two games. At present, they won against the strong SUU and the remaining team to face was a weak team. It could be regarded as a lot less pressure.

However, they weren’t the only team with a relaxed mentality after the game. Once they returned to the hotel, they arrived at the lobby to find the BK team waiting. BK had had only one match this week and was ready to go back after playing today. Ku Tianlu thought it was rare to live in the same hotel with GH so he wanted to gather for a meal before going back.

Lin Yan didn’t have much opinion of the BK team. After listening to Ku Tianlu’s words, he glanced at Manager Wang next to Ku Tianlu. “It is a team players’ dinner. Does the club manager also want to participate?”

The question was euphemistic but the meaning was very clear. It was almost like directly saying the words ‘refuse and leave.’ Manager Wang’s face was inevitably ugly. Still, it wasn’t easy to attack in front of so many people. He could only grit his teeth and say, “I won’t go. I have something to do later so you can go eat.”

Lin Yan nodded with satisfaction. “We will go back to change clothes. Let’s meet each other at the third floor restaurant 30 minutes later.”

In the process, Jing Yuanzhou didn’t speak but stared at Lin Yan. Perhaps Lin Yan felt that the gaze on his body was too sticky. Once they reached the hotel room, Lin Yan couldn’t help looking back. “Why are you looking at me? If you don’t want to go then… um.”

A sudden force pulled him over. The kiss against the back of the door blocked everything behind him. Presumably it was because he had agreed not to fall in love, but Jing Yuanzhou had actually been more restrained with expressing his emotions. Yet this time, the intertwined breaths clearly carried a strong desire for possession.

The impact came without warning. Lin Yan’s body shook with an uncontrollable enthusiasm and his body almost instantly softened. He was heavily supported by the man’s powerful palm on the back of his waist.

For a moment, the expressions in both eyes were a bit blurred. The kiss was finally released and Lin Yan’s breath still carried a strong heat. Only then did he finally recall where he was. He gently pushed against Jing Yuanzhou’s chest and wondered, “Why are you crazy all of a sudden?”

There was none of his usual arrogance. Instead, he was like a haughty and arrogant cat.

In fact, just now in the lobby, Jing Yuanzhou’s entire heart was stirred. After hearing such a sentence, his desire was hooked up again and he almost pressed against Lin Yan again. The emotions in his eyes shook. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold it back for a while.”

Due to the impulse just now, his voice was slightly hoarse with a trace of clarity. It was deep like a classical instrument carved over time. It was extremely sexy.

Lin Yan didn’t speak. The mist in his eyes hadn’t dispersed yet. He looked up with a bit of inquiry. “What’s the matter?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes lowered slightly and he squeezed this person’s pretty fingertips twice. It seemed he was still reminiscing about the conversation he heard in the lobby. “It’s nothing. I’m just discovering more and more that you are really a person who bears a grudge.”

Lin Yan paused and understood it was due to his actions against Manager Wang just now. He raised his eyebrow slightly and was about to tease this person. Then Jing Yuanzhou suddenly leaned down while he was unprepared. They were so close that it seemed like he would bite Lin Yan’s nose at any time. “Still, seeing you bear a grudge for me, I feel really… very happy.”

In this posture, Lin Yan couldn’t see Jing Yuanzhou’s expression. He only felt that the tone was full of endless tenderness and he couldn’t help his Adam’s apple moving. Before he could return to his senses, the field of view in front of him became empty again as the man increased the distance.

Lin Yan looked up and saw Jing Yuanzhou taking off his team uniform jacket like nothing had happened, hanging it on the hanger next to him. “Okay, my mental state is calm. Let’s change clothes. Ku Tianlu is waiting.”

Lin Yan heard these words and gritted his teeth.

Jing Yuanzhou took a set of clothes from the closet. Then he realized he never received Lin Yan’s reply and came over. “What’s the matter?”

Lin Yan was completely hot from being teased. Now the culprit was acting innocently and he couldn’t help slowly letting out a breath. He didn’t answer. He just rushed forward and directly pushed Jing Yuanzhou, kissing his lips and pressing him to the bed. A sentence was slowly squeezed out. “There’s still time. No hurry!”

The BK team had already gathered in the restaurant. After changing clothes, the members of GH arrived one after another and they waited in the hall for a long time.

Ku Tianlu couldn’t help glancing down at the time. “It seems like your coach is really a delicate person. It’s just changing clothes. Does it need to take so long?”

The GH team members exchanged looks. Finally, the team representative Bi Yaohua cleared his throat. “It’s only been 20 minutes! We said we would meet in 30 minutes. The coach’s sense of time is particularly accurate so don’t worry.”

“…I’m not worried.”

As Ku Tianlu spoke, the elevator door not far away opened in response and two familiar figures walked out side by side.

Jing Yuanzhou greeted everyone. “Is the box set? Go in when everyone is ready.”

“Yes, it’s booked.” Ku Tianlu responded. He couldn’t help glancing at the two men’s wet hair and couldn’t hold back. “Didn’t you go back to change your clothes? How come you even took a shower?”

There wasn’t much expression on Lin Yan’s face. “The venue of the match was too hot. Since I was going to change clothes anyways, I took a quick rinse.”

It was really hot! In the end, the heat was almost uncontrollable and he had to wash with cold water before completely calming down. If it wasn’t for this meal, perhaps he wouldn’t have come out at all!

Jing Yuanzhou heard these words full of resentment and the corners of his lips curved up even more. Finally, he pressed them down when Lin Yan swept a gaze over him. He replied in a very wise manner, “Yes, it was a bit hot.”

Everyone in BK looked at each other doubtfully. It was… hot? They remembered when they played the game, they blamed the staff for setting the air conditioner too low. Did the air conditioner fail when it was GH’s turn?

They had this thought and instinctively wanted to find out the situation from the other GH players. Yet the moment they looked up, they found that the group of people who had just been in front of them was gone.

“They have already entered the box. Let’s go,” Jing Yuanzhou explained. He saw Lin Yan walking and followed behind him. He didn’t forget to move quickly to pull out a chair for Lin Yan to sit down.

The whole process was so smooth and natural that Ku Tianlu couldn’t help remembering the WeChat profile pictures of the two men in the group. He forced himself to withdraw his gaze after a pause. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he never imagined that a man like Jing Yuanzhou could be so considerate and gentle. Previously in the BK team, they didn’t deserve such treatment!

Everyone soon took their seats. The GH team sat on one side and the BK team sat on the opposite side.

Ku Tianlu had taken advantage of when GH hadn’t arrived to order the dishes. In the blink of an eye, the waiters started to serve the dishes one after another. They had just finished a match in the afternoon and hadn’t dared eat too much at noon in fear of a bad stomach. At this time, they were hungry and naturally swallowed it up. Once the dishes on the table were swept away, they started to chat.

Ku Tianlu originally wanted to pour wine for Lin Yan but Jing Yuanzhou stopped him. “He can’t drink.”

“You are quite strict…” Ku Tianlu only dared mutter this sentence to himself. His gaze moved in a circle and finally fell on the empty cup in front of Jing Yuanzhou. “Coach Lin can’t drink so can you come, Captain?’

After all, he had been calling this for so many years. Ku Tianlu was still used to calling Jing Yuanzhou by ‘Captain.’ This made Jing Yuanzhou pause slightly. Next to him Lin Yan looked up from where he was drinking pork rib soup. “He can’t drink too much.”

Ku Tianlu almost failed to recover from these two taking turns to show off. “…I know. I’ll pour less.”

The other members of GH heard this and had expressions of great anticipation. “Coach, Captain, then can we drink?”

“Fine, there is no match tomorrow anyway. I will make an exception today.” Lin Yan rubbed his throbbing. “Still, remember to drink less!”

Jian Ye cheered. “Come, fill me up!”

The moment the wine was on the table, the previously controlled atmosphere heated up in an instant. It could be seen that the pressure since Ku Tianlu took over as captain was really great. He drank three cups and the number of words significantly increased.

First, he pulled Jing Yuanzhou over to talk for a long time. Then he suddenly remembered something. “By the way Captain, do you remember the South Korean team Win that you met at the World Competition last year?”

Jing Yuanzhou took a sip from the cup and nodded. “Yes, I remember.”

“Yes, those guys who look down on people!” Ku Tianlu hit the table indignantly, attracting the attention of others. “After coming back from the World Competition that time, the manager begged us to play a training match three to five times. At that time, didn’t we politely agree to it? Now since you transferred, we contacted them and were ignored. Later, Manager Wang directly asked when they were free. Do you know how they replied?”

Jing Yuanzhou waited for him to continue.

Ku Tianlu copied the tone of the other person. “I’m sorry, I thought you would’ve understood after we rejected it so many times. Do I have to say it clearly? Win’s goal this year is a world companionship. The previous request for a training match was based on our recognition of Titans. Now that Titans has transferred, we don’t have that much time to help you train newcomers. Don’t talk about a training match anymore. There is no need to waste this kind of time. It is good for both sides.”

The expressions of the other BK members sank the moment this was mentioned.

Lan Min’s lips were pressed together to the extreme. “I am indeed inferior to Master but to be honest, Win’s current side-laner isn’t that great. If we really face each other at the moment, it isn’t certain who will win!”

Ku Tianlu patted Lan Min sympathetically on the shoulder. “In fact, I don’t know where Win’s confidence comes from. Last year, they didn’t even make it to the semi-finals of the World Competition. They might be doing well in this year’s Korean League but how can they say their direct goal is to be the world champions? Did you see their interview after the previous match? Just two days ago, they were still yelling that they would blow up the five demon kings in the competition area, haha…”

Lin Yan, who had been busy eating, suddenly opened his mouth. “If their goal is to be the world champions then I have to say something.”

Ku Tianlu let out a confused sound. “Huh?”

Lin Yan picked up a tissue and wiped the corners of his mouth. “After all, from the moment my team was established, my goal has always been to become the world champions.”

Ku Tianlu, “……”

“Still, it is indeed too much to talk about blowing up the five demon kings? At least, our side-laner isn’t so easy to be blown up.” Lin Yan gave a faint smile. “This Korean team is called Win, right? Don’t worry, I’ve written it down. If they want to ask GH for a training match, I promise to reject them directly without hesitation.”

Ku Tianlu’s mouth twitched. It was a bit hard but he finally found his voice. “Thank you, Coach Lin. You are really… cough, domineering.”

“You’re welcome.” Lin Yan nodded and stood up. “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Jing Yuanzhou added, “I’ll go too.”

The two men left. The topic that started without warning ended without warning. Still, Ku Tianlu was a friendly person. He quickly found new content and enthusiastically looked at the rest of GH. “By the way, you should’ve received the coffee beans sent by Mini?”

The GH members, “Ah…”

Just like that, they chatted for more than 30 minutes before everyone finally had enough food and drink. It wasn’t until they got up to pay the bill that they finally realized… two people were missing?

Ku Tianlu’s footsteps stopped. “Hasn’t it been a long time since your coach and captain went to the toilet?”

Bi Yaohua instinctively exchanged looks with his teammates before smartly covering it up. “That… actually, the captain sent me a message just now. He said that he drank too much and will go back first with the coach to rest.”

Ku Tianlu glanced at Jing Yuanzhou’s half-full cup of wine that hadn’t been finished. “……” He drank too much?

Meanwhile, at a corner of a corridor, two tall figures could be seen.

Jing Yuanzhou half leaned on Lin Yan’s body and breathed out gently against Lin Yan’s ears. “What to do… it seems I’ve drank a bit too much.”

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It seems it’s too hot today.

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Omgggg I wonder what required a shower…… heheheheh, thanks for the translation!

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the ointment in JY's fingertips
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