CAMP: Chapter 84

The audience ignored the collapse of Brother Rabbit Hat. Rather, they were happy to see the commentator being overturned. The moment the lineup on both sides were locked, the barrage quickly scrolled.

[Hahaha, I can feel the despair of the commentators through the screen. It really isn’t easy to commentate when the GH team is at the scene.]

[To be honest, the mechanical bomber is a half-tank. It isn’t impossible to go to the top lane.]

[Has Titans played the mechanical bomber before? Why don’t I have any impression?]

[He hasn’t played it during a match.]

[In BK, he was the one to be relied on. How could he use this type of hero?]

[The Go Home team really likes to use a strange lineup…]

[Indeed, none of the heroes they chose are popular in this version.]

[However, it seems that SUU is a bit more powerful. There are so many group control skills. GH blindly picked and dropped a stone on their own foot!]

[There is no need to talk badly. Didn’t GH previously beat SUU on the live broadcast? Do the fans don’t count it?]

[I’m laughing to death. Winning or losing in a training match is nothing, let alone the live broadcast. Does GH want to be the live broadcast championship team?]

[Don’t fight. What are you worrying about? Just watch the game!]

GH’s lineup was indeed a bit incomprehensible but it clearly wasn’t a strong lineup in the early stages.

SUU’s side made it clear they were preparing for team battles in the middle and late stages. So after the start of the game, they deliberately went around the jungle of both sides and headed to the lanes.

In fact, SUU today was using the team control system that the Korean division liked to use. It resisted pressure in the early stages and then broke out after forming. However, pressure resistance didn’t mean that development wasn’t required.

Now that both sides were on the lanes, the contrast in the lineup was highlighted. It went without saying that the shadow sniper used by Bi Yaohua had the longest range among all shooter heroes. The normal attack speed might be low but once a skill hit, the damage value could be called explosive.

The moment they met, Bi Yaohua fired at the other side. The health of SUU’s shooter fell by half a bar instantly and he instinctively wanted to retreat. Before he could take two steps, Chen Yushen’s wilderness swordsman and Jian Ye’s support appeared behind him.

SUU’s shooter was isolated and helpless. He lowered his head and looked at his health. In this must-die situation, he didn’t use flash. How important was a live-saving skill? Since he couldn’t run away, it was better to save it for next time.

[First Blood!]

Chen Yushen looked down at the head he had obtained and thanked the person indifferently.

Bi Yaohua was arrogant. “You’re welcome. Come and play often!”

It really made others angry. Jian Ye was silent for a moment before deciding to selectively ignore this sentence. He glanced at the map and said, “Be careful, the opposite jungler is missing.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s voice rang out. “Our blue mob should be taken by him.”

Jian Ye was stunned for a moment. “F&k, they are ready to aim for you, Captain!”

Jing Yuanzhou replied, “It’s fine. If they come to me, I will push them as much as possible. Don’t worry about it.”

Chen Yushen didn’t hesitate at the words. He didn’t go to the lane and instead turned to head to SUU’s jungle area.

Not long ago, the South Korean side-lane player Kong was suppressed by Jing Yuanzhou. In fact, Kong’s strength was absolutely in the top among the side-lane players. If it was replaced with any of the commonly used side-lane heroes, he could handle it even if the opponent was Titans.

The problem was that in this round, Jing Yuanzhou chose the mechanical bomber. In the early stages, there were two long-range control skills and a short-range displacement skill. These three skills alone were sufficient against a melee hero like him, let alone once the four skills were upgraded.

The moment he arrived, Jing Yuanzhou directly pushed at Kong’s line of soldiers and Kong didn’t dare step forward to clear it. Since he started playing the top-lane, Kong had never been so angry. He had no choice but to call his teammates for support.

The response of the SUU players was very quick. They rushed over in the blink of an eye. The audience was watching from a god’s perspective and already noticed the dark and turbulent waves in the upper half of the map.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat exclaimed, “SUU is obviously ready to catch Titans.”

Commentator Cry Cry added, “However, they aren’t hiding their intention to gank. They are catching a person but it is more like they’re trying to force GH to fight a wave of team battles.”

Brother Rabbit Hat glanced at the position of the other GH members. “GH doesn’t seem to intend to play with SUU. Both Abyss and Gun have run to the bottom lane. It seems they are already planning to give SUU this head.”

“It isn’t surprising. SUU’s lineup is really too strong. Even if GH sends people as support, they might not be able to get any benefits.” Cry Cry thought about it and raised a question. “It isn’t difficult to avoid team fights in the early stages. Then what about the middle and late stages? GH can’t always avoid a confrontation with SUU.”

Brother Rabbit Hat smiled. “For GH, avoidance is indeed the best choice. The problem is that SUU probably won’t let them!”

Since Jing Yuanzhou instructed them first, GH didn’t respond to the gank this time. Even if Jing Yuanzhou’s skills were superb, he couldn’t escape the fate of being killed when facing four SUU players.

Yet in the final moment, he taunted the four of them directly under the defense tower with his big move and forcibly took the head of SUU’s jungler. The defense tower was destined to be pushed but he still took a head in this situation. It had been handled quite beautifully.

At the same time, Bi Yaohua once again pushed the low blood SUU shooter back under the defense tower.

Chen Yushen and Jian Ye returned to the middle lane after eating the economy of SUU’s jungle area and helped GU Luo reduce the health of the middle tower by half with the help of the newly arrived soldiers. This wave of ganks from SUU looked very strong but in fact, the losses were huge.

[66666, do you see SUU’s expression? It feels like they are going to swear.]

[I feel the Korean players still don’t understand our division. A normal team wouldn’t choose to go to the top lane to gank.]

[I take back my previous words. Titans’s mechanical bomber is super strong!]

[What’s the use of him being strong? Can he alone win new opportunities in a team battle? The commentator just said that SUU is a team battle lineup. Just wait for the middle and late stages when GH will explode!]

[What is a team battle lineup? This newcomer to the league doesn’t understand….]

[The small benefits in the early stages are no use. They need to be able to fight in the middle and late stages.]

[Yes, the only way is if GH can prevent SUU from starting a team battle later.]

[Stop joking. SUU’s lineup is intended for team battles. How can they let go of an opportunity to start a team battle?]

SUU really didn’t let go of any opportunities to start a team battle and were very active. They used the three-positions linkage system of middle, jungler and support that South Korea liked. After learning the lesson from Jing Yuanzhou’s gank, they changed directions and started to find trouble in GH’s middle lane. Thanks to the escort of several control skills, SUU pushed forward and took three heads from GH in the blink of an eye.

They tried to force a team battle over the river boss but GH didn’t care about it. Therefore, they won the first small boss team buff. The entire hot canyon was plunged into deep water. Jian Ye might have been protecting them in the rear but Chen Yushen and Gu Luo were still caught and suffered. If it wasn’t for the fact that Bi Yaohua’s shadow sniper wasn’t good at being ganked, it was likely that the bottom lane would’ve been completely dragged down as well.

In any case, GH’s situation wasn’t optimistic.

Lin Yan sat in the audience and glanced at the cynical barrage on the live broadcast interface, but he didn’t look anxious. He swept over the equipment of the two sides and his mouth curved up slightly. “Almost…”

At almost the same time, Bi Yaohua who hadn’t spoken for a long time gave a reminder. “My long-range explosive crossbow has been made.”

Jian Ye had been desperately trying to protect the two weak defense mid-laner and jungler from SUU until now. No matter his calm temperament, he still had a small temper. “You’re finally done! If you had kept dragging it out, I would’ve rushed at them with my own dagger!”

Gu Luo’s current performance was as bad as Chen Yushen’s but he couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. “Brother Gun, don’t call it hard work. That is just giving a head.”

Jing Yuanzhou cleared a wave of soldiers and started walking toward the middle lane. “Okay, get ready to start.”

In contrast to the talk from the outside world, GH didn’t show any worry in such an obviously disadvantageous situation. Rather, their tone was very determined. This made the referee listening to the voice chat look at them with amazement.

At this time, the two official commentators also quickly discovered the new actions taken by the GH team. “GH, this is…”

By this time, the game had been going on for 20 minutes. Two of the three defense towers were taken down and the equipment on both sides was roughly formed. Under normal conditions, it was indeed the best time to start a small-scale team battle. However… GH had been trying hard to avoid team collisions with the SUU team in the early stages. Why did they suddenly go against convention and came to make trouble?

It wasn’t just the commentators and audience. Even the SUU team who had previously been looking for opportunities were flustered by the suddenly aggressive GH team. The two sides quickly formed a formation in front of the defense tower.

GH was the defensive side and were facing SUU under the defense tower. They might’ve assembled for the first time but they had no plans to hurriedly start a group battle with SUU. They just tried to pull the other side as best as possible.

At first, people didn’t quite understand the purpose of doing this. Then they soon realized the key to this lineup—the shadow sniper!

The shooter hero that Bi Yaohua selected this round could be called an ultra-long range crossbow and Jing Yuanzhou’s mechanical bomber was the core sight to help the crossbow lock onto its target.

The reason why the mage hero, the mechanical bomber, didn’t often appear in the professional league was because it had too many support skills and lacked a high damage outbreak. However, these support skills combined with GH’s lineup became the giant hand choking SUU’s throat.

Jing Yuanzhou’s skill accuracy was frighteningly high. Every time, the stun effect of a skill could always lock SUU’s front row in place. It was only a fixed time of 0.5 seconds but this was enough to let Bi Yaohua snipe without burden.

The quality of the shadow sniper’s play largely depended on the hit rate of this non-targeted skill. Bi Yaohua had always been good at predicting. In addition, there was Jing Yuanzhou to lock the front row in place for him as a target. Basically, even a child could hit it.

The equipment on his body was very complete. After possessing the long-range explosive crossbow and the shooter’s outfit, he could deal huge damage that decreased the health of SUU’s tank by one-third.

During the confrontation, SUU locked onto Jing Yuanzhou’s half mage, half tank hero to try and kill him. However, they couldn’t find a chance due to Jian Ye’s strong support. In this way, after several trials, several members of SUU had been hit by Bi Yaohua and lost a lot of health.

SUU finally realized something was wrong. Peng He looked around and never found the jungler Chen Yushen. He frowned and made a decision. “Withdraw!”

The execution of the SUU players was still in place. They knew this type of situation wasn’t suitable for fighting and retreated without hesitation. At this time, Jing Yuanzhou, who was only carrying out remote harassment, released skills one after another. He directly fixed the SUU side-lane player in place and connected the short-distance displacement skill to flash on the field. Then, he opened his big move without hesitation.

The moment this ranged taunting skill was used, even SUU’s support was forced to stay. The ultimate skill of the mechanical bomber also came with the effect of reducing defense. Bi Yaohua fired again from the rear and directly emptied the health of the side-lane tank.

Peng He looked back and saw such a picture. He saw that the position of the support wasn’t right and immediately threw the soul key in his hand to the ground. Once his big move was opened, the empty door that rose from the ground glowed with a white light and Jing Yuanzhou and Jian Ye were firmly blocked behind it.

Before he could continue the operation, a figure flashed from the grass behind him. The swordsman with the sharp blade rushed in. It was Chen Yushen!

Peng He’s heart thumped when he saw such a figure. He immediately pressed the flash skill and opened the distance. He was prepared to release a control skill but at that moment, Chen Yushen also decisively used flash. The skill hit nothing and was wasted.

He was tangled up at such a short distance. As a mid-laner mage, he couldn’t fight back.

Chen Yushen firmly looked at the ID on the screen with calm eyes. He raised the sword in his hand and simply took away Peng He’s head. On the other side, Gu Luo ambushed the SUU shooter and also succeeded. Both outputs of SUU were killed.

Although the jungler killed Gu Luo before dying, they were all wiped out in this team battle. The GH team pushed through two towers in a row and killed the river boss, the Abyss King. The economic gap that had been widened was almost equalized due to this wave.

It wasn’t just the spectators at the scene. The barrage in the live broadcast room completely exploded.

[F&k, can the mechanical bomber be used as an aimer?]

[Titans’s skills are too accurate!]

[Who said that SUU’s lineup is strong? Why do I feel like they can’t play GH at all?]

[This is GH deliberately putting them, okay? Didn’t you see how everyone scattered? The group control skills couldn’t control them.]

[I feel that the damage of BB’s shadow sniper is too high. SUU’s front row couldn’t handle it. If exchanged with the weak defense heroes, wouldn’t they die in two shots?]

[The dispersal of attention in this wave was too beautiful! The two assassins were crouching beside them and just waiting for this time.]

[Hahaha, all those who said that GH was going to explode, come out. I want to ask, does your face hurt?]

[BB might have a stinky mouth but I have to admit he is very reliable in key times.]

[Ah, this… SUU’s loss in this wave was huge. Can they fight back later?]

[Believe me, based on what I know about the Go Home team… there is a good chance they will be sending SUU home soon.]

[It’s time to play the war song. Just~ for the pain of love and attachment~ for the hurt of hate and persistence~]

This wave of destruction was a real blow to SUU. Not only did GH push through two defense towers in a row, most importantly, they got the buff of the Abyss King which was crucial in this stage.

It was also at this time that SUU realized that GH’s lineup had been a trap from the start. In the early stage, the extremely serious mistake they made was allowing the shadow sniper to develop just because it wasn’t easy to gank him.

However, now it was too late to understand the nature of GH’s system. Bi Yaohua’s core equipment was already complete. Combined with the economic gain just now, he bought two more small pieces and his damage was undoubtedly more terrible.

In this situation, the SUU team needed to add one or two more physical defense equipment if they wanted to withstand the sniper fire. The key issue was that GH wouldn’t allow them time to adjust!

They relied on the group buff and chose to directly press forward. The situation on both sides was reversed and SUU was on the defensive this time. It was just that due to the lineup, they couldn’t delay time like GH.

Bi Yaohua hid in the back and was holding a cold gun in the darkness. It felt like the situation was being repeated but before the full-scale battle even started, SUU’s health had already been crippled.

After SUU’s shooter was tragically shot, he only had a small half bar of health left and had to return to the city to restore it. Jing Yuanzhou keenly seized such an important opportunity and directly crossed the tower to start a group battle.

The half-tank mage directly mocked the opposing players. As his health dropped in a thrilling manner under the attack of the defense tower, Jian Ye withstood the huge pressure and maximized his healing effect.

In just five seconds, Chen Yushen and Gu Luo acted together and Bi Yaohua once again took away two heads. Peng He used a big move to control the three people under the tower on time. However, he couldn’t keep up with the subsequent damage and had to escape alone. Jing Yuanzhou was killed but he took three heads from the other side with him.

The four players of GH took the special soldiers called king’s guard to the high ground. Only two weak defense players of SUU were left and they were unable to cope. They could only watch as their crystal was destroyed.


Thunderous applause occurred once the word ‘victory’ appeared on the big screen.

As the players took off their headphones, the two official commentators were still reviewing the last two team battles with great excitement. The members of GH looked at each other and they couldn’t hide the excitement in their eyes.

Chen Yushen’s fingers rubbed lightly over the headphones in his hand as his eyes stared at the settlement statistics on the computer screen, a bit dazed. This lasted until Gu Luo gently patted him on the shoulder to remind him. “Abyss, let’s go.”

Chen Yushen took a deep breath and stood up from his position. The usual process was that the winners needed to go to the losing side’s zone to shake hands.

The SUU players were still immersed in their failure and felt reluctant. Then once the GH players came, their eyes filled with more intense fighting spirit. Led by Jing Yuanzhou, the players of GH shook hands with the SUU players one by one.

Kong was a powerful side-lane player from the South Korean division yet he was hit hard by Jing Yuanzhou twice in a row. As they shook hands, he couldn’t help using a bit of strength and he spoke in bad Chinese, “Blind time, next, should be you!”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled lightly. “I welcome it.”

Kong gritted his teeth. His Chinese might not be good but the teacher who taught him always told him that Chinese characters were broad and profound. This was clearly a polite tone but he always felt the other person didn’t care about him at all.

Later, the others also politely exchanged a few words.

Chen Yushen walked to Peng He. The moment the two people made eye contact, they fell into a subtle silence. Based on the last time Chen Yushen refused his friends request, Peng He had already guessed his attitude. It was regrettable but also expected. This time, they encountered each other as opponents and perhaps this would be their only future intersection.

In the unbearable atmosphere, Peng He was preparing to say, ‘Thank you for your guidance’ in a polite way like he did with everyone else. Then Chen Yushen suddenly opened his mouth. “That email, I… saw it.”

These words entered his ears and made Peng He completely stunned. It wasn’t until other people noticed the actions of the two and glanced over that Peng He recovered a bit of his mind. He stiffly moved the corners of his mouth but could only make a sound. “Oh…”

Chen Yushen didn’t look at him again. He just briefly shook Peng He’s hand before withdrawing, following his team off the field.

Peng He stood frozen on the spot. This figure was much taller than the impression in his memory. After a long time, he took a deep breath and turned in the opposite direction. “Let’s go.”

The first match of the second week came to an end.

Proofreader: Nao 

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