CAMP: Chapter 74

In the live broadcast rooms, the servers were ready. Still, even if they had been prepared early, five live broadcasts starting at the same time and the influx of traffic almost made the screen freeze. It was enough to see their high popularity.

However, this type of popularity obviously didn’t come from the fans of the team. There were also the sunspots who flocked to it.

Originally, the room managers in each live broadcast room were ready to fight the sunspots. Then once the live broadcast officially started, they were surprised to find that the situation of the barrage was better than expected. There was some cynicism from time to time but the content was relatively optimistic.

Among the five live broadcast rooms, there was no doubt that Jing Yuanzhou was the most popular, followed by Bi Yaohua. Both of them belonged to very different styles of live broadcasting.

Lin Yan had nothing to do. He sat on the sofa with his mobile and wandered between the players’ live broadcast rooms. The moment he entered Jing Yuanzhou’s live broadcast room, the content of the barrage attracted attention.

[Ahhh, Husband. You are finally live!]

[Where is Coach Lin? Today you are playing a team of five. Didn’t the coach come to arrange the BP?]

[Yes, every game should be taken seriously. Asking the coach to show his face.]

[This is a letter written in my blood asking my parents to show love online. Recently, neither of you have appeared and it is as lonely as snow.]

[Husband and wife uniting is profitable. I want to see the power of love. Bravely go forward.]

[At such an important moment, how can the coach not be here?]

[What type of hero will God Jing use today? I won’t go to other people’s live broadcast rooms. I will wait here.]

[Beep—technique fan card!]

Originally, the two of them were only doing business online and Lin Yan didn’t feel anything. Now he and Jing Yuanzhou had formally established a relationship. He looked at the barrage and couldn’t help his cheeks feeling slightly hot. It was clear that no one was paying attention to him but he couldn’t help clearing his throat.

Just then, he heard Jing Yuanzhou explain, “We have been busy training these days so I haven’t been broadcasting. In particular, Coach Lin is really tired. It is hard for him to rest so he will appear this afternoon.”

The words were just an ordinary explanation but people who wanted to pick up sugar thought that everything was sweet. The moment he finished speaking, the barrage scrolled quickly across the screen.

The man’s voice came through the earbuds as if whispering to him. Lin Yan felt that his ears were getting hotter. His fingertips rubbed against the phone screen twice before staying still. Then he moved his fingers and smashed several deep-water fish mines in one breath in the live broadcast room.

Jing Yuanzhou was slightly stunned when he saw the reward banner that suddenly floated past. He seemed to want to look back in Lin Yan’s direction but he finally held back. He just gave a low chuckle. “Thank you Who Isn’t a Little Princess for the deep-water fish mines.”

The entire barrage was quite for a moment before it seemed like the rat’s nest had been stung. The screen was completely covered with ‘ahhhh’. There was a commotion but the team game was proceeding step by step. Soon, the five people entered the group battle interface neatly and started the first game of the afternoon.

The five people’s live broadcasts started simultaneously so people could watch according to their own preferences. People jumped back and forth from different positions one after another and the live broadcast rooms were lively.

The first team game was quickly finished.

In order to not cause unnecessary agitation, their team used their side accounts. The messy game IDs looked like an ordinary passerby team in the eyes of unsuspecting people but once they really played, the gap in strength between the two sides was instantly exposed.

The opponents in this round might be among the top 100 teams but they still weren’t enough in front of the GH team. Just a few minutes after starting the game, heads were gained. At 10 minutes, it was officially a crushing and at 25 minutes, the game ended.

Today was originally a benefit of live broadcasting team games. The moment they returned to the team interface, Jing Yuanzhou quickly started another round.

Another big interest of this group live broadcast was undoubtedly the team’s voice channel. After winning a few rounds, the ranking of the team soared to more than 80. The audience of several live broadcast teams could clearly hear Bi Yaohua’s voice. “Aren’t any masters playing the glory tournament? Is the strength of the top 100 teams just like this?”

[66666 The Trash Talk King still can’t hold back.]

[I know he would come out sooner or later. He just won a few games with passersby and has become so swollen.]

[Don’t worry, other teams are already sniping. Once they arrive, be careful not to cry.]

[Listen to my advice, don’t brag too early. Brag carefully.]

Bi Yaohua had long been accustomed to the rhythm of the barrage. It was hard for him to feel excited if there was no one to fight.

He glanced at the fast-moving content and chuckled in the team’s voice channel. “Brothers, why do they think we are afraid of being sniped?”

Jian Ye thought about it. “Maybe it is because the uninformed are fearless?”

Gu Luo heard the two people’s unhappy tones and silently comforted them. “Wait until a team really snipes us. We’ll prove it by hitting the opposite side.”

Chen Yushen couldn’t understand it. “Is it so difficult to snipe?”

Jing Yuanzhou answered this question. “Teams that enter the queue at the same time are more likely to be matched. If the other side enters the queue with us within 0.5 seconds then the chances of being matched are relatively higher. Therefore, if you want to successfully snipe us, it is best to test the synchronization with the live broadcast. This should improve the success rate.”

Then he glanced up at the camera and smiled slightly. “Everyone crouching in the live broadcast room, have you learned?”

Barrage: […]

F&k, what was going on with the GH team? The live broadcast wasn’t enough, they even had to teach sniping skills?

As they talked, another game had already started. Based on the opposite side’s IDs, this should be an ordinary passersby team. In the beginning, everyone didn’t think much of it and fought as they pleased.

In the early stages, their suppression was maintained as always. Then in the mid-to-late section, the perfect ambushes for the team battles were broken by the opponents and the situation turned around in an instant.

Jian Ye didn’t care about the barrage that was mocking them and frowned. “Do you think there is something strange?”

In the ambushes just now, there was no way to see them but the people opposite immediately used their big moves the moment they met. It was obvious the opponents knew their location in advance.

Bi Yaohua sneered and replied, “Don’t guess, it is an old trick.”

He had encountered this situation before during live broadcasts. The friends watching mode was different. All the scenes from the live broadcast rooms were synchronized. If the audience sniped them while continuing to watch the live broadcast rooms, there was really no way to hide. This method was often worse than opening a perspective cheat.

For example, they were currently playing a team game with the team voice chat. Through the live broadcast room, the opponents could determine their location in advance while also understanding their specific arrangements through the voice channel. In this way, their entire tactical system was laid bare. After all, ordinary players didn’t have the high moral consciousness of a professional team. Some people deliberately engaged in disgusting things and it couldn’t be prevented.

In addition, it wasn’t clear if the other side really was in their live broadcast rooms. Without proof, the sunspots would just laugh if they gave an explanation. They couldn’t afford to lose. There was no benefit from dying.

Chen Yushen realized that something was wrong after several consecutive gank failures. At first, he didn’t say anything. Then he heard this conversation and instantly understood. His mouth lowered in a frown.

Just in time, as if in response to their speculation, several messages popped up on the public channel.

[Everyone] Violent Small Ash Ash: Hey, I suddenly found that the great gods of GH are the opponents?]

[Everyone] Violent Small Lovable Lovable: Wow wow, did we actually match up with a professional team?

[Everyone] Violent Small Ash Ash: As expected of bigshots, they are fierce.

[Everyone] Violent Small Lovable Lovable: I’m suddenly so excited. What should we do? We actually played with a professional team for 30 minutes.

This pretense caused everyone’s expressions to instantly sink.

Chen Yushen’s deep voice was heard from the team’s voice chat. “How to fight?”

In the silence, Jing Yuanzhou’s calm voice was heard. “Do you want to play people against the computer?”

The others paused slightly at the word. Moments later, Jian Ye reacted first and he couldn’t help laughing. “Yes! This is too familiar!”

[People against the computer? Why do you pretend to be pretentious like this?]

[What do you mean? Treating the team game as people against the computer?]

[In the team battles just now, you couldn’t beat the opponents. Aren’t you really going to lose to passersby?]

[I’m laughing to death. I haven’t met a professional who has lost to passersby. This first will be interesting.]

[Hey wait, what are they doing? Why are they all scattered?]


At the reminder, the audience found that the GH members had completely scattered. The top, middle and bottom lane players dispersed and went to their lanes in turn. They each cleared the line of soldiers as if ready to advance brainlessly. What were they intending? This didn’t have many advantages? Were they really ready to be people against the computer?

In Bi Yaohua’s live broadcast room, the barrage kept scrolling.

[What’s going on? The opposite side is clearly taunting yet the Trash Talk King went back?]

[Do they feel ashamed after losing the last few team battles? According to my perception of BB, this can’t be the case.]

[Did the club issue a ban today? He is incredibly well-behaved.]

[I was ready to see the war of curses yet you actually gave me this?]

[Hahaha, BB must be scared because he just finished the suspension period.]

[No, it would be really funny if he was banned for a few months just before the autumn competition starts.]

[If BB really wants to curse someone, will he leave a chance to be suspended? Oh, too naive!]

Bi Yaohua was clearing the line of soldiers on the lane. He glanced at the content of the barrage and spoke slowly, “Don’t guess, can you guess Brother’s mind? We said that this game should be played as people against the computer. The moment this is said, the level of the opposite side isn’t as high as the computer. I think it is a drop in status to fight them.”

Barrage: [666666]

Bi Yaohua didn’t continue to talk as his eyes swept over the map. Not surprisingly, several figures on the opposite side flashed through his field of view. Judging by this route, they were apparently agitated by what he just said and were ready to team up against him. This was exactly what he wanted.

Bi Yaohua’s lips moved scornfully. He glanced at Jian Ye’s position and didn’t mean to shrink back. He just stood in the middle of the lane and continued to clear the line of soldiers. Before long, several figures rushed out of the grass next to him. There were three of them.

Bi Yaohua raised an eyebrow slightly, took a step back and slowly loaded his gun. The three people wanted to kill him with an ambush. They didn’t expect the person to meet them and complete a crushing reverse kill.

In just a few seconds, Bi Yaohua killed the jungler first and then the shooter. He used flesh and accepted the head of the support Violent Small Lovable Lovable The whole process was like flowing water and ended instantly.

The moment the three kills notification appeared, Gu Luo on the middle lane and Jing Yuanzhou on the top lane also completed single kills one after another. The team was directly annihilated.

There was the arrival of new troops and GH wasn’t anxious. They just kept pressing forward.

In the previous team battles where they were defeated, the main problem was their intention to ambush which was exposed in advance. Now GH was scattered and didn’t hide. They seemed to return to the laning process at the beginning of the game. Since this battle mode had no tactics, it made the opponent’s peeping behavior in the live broadcast rooms lose any meaning. It returned to the most direct strength competition and GH was overwhelming. They once again got the advantage and the situation that had been slightly reversed returned to them.

The people on the opposite team never typed in the public chat again. The moment all three lanes were broken and the soldiers reached the high ground, the opponents simply surrendered and quit the game.

Bi Yaohua glanced at his super god kill data for this game and moved his finger on the mouse. “How about it? Can’t it be called people against computers? What was the name just now? Violent Small Ash Ash and Violent Small Lovable Lovable? How about it? Are you still in the live broadcast rooms? I’m curious and want to ask. From the perspective of watching the game in the live broadcast room, have you gained a new understanding of your own weaknesses? You like to type so much, why don’t you send a barrage?”

Jian Ye also laughed. “The GH team specializes in all types of abuse.”

The moment they spoke, the barrage in the live broadcast room paused for a moment. They immediately looked back on the entire process just now and fully understood. F&k? The team that seemed so strong yet weak just now was actually playing dirty?

Fans of GH instantly couldn’t hold back. They asked for the game IDs and ran to add these IDs to scold them. As a result, the people who added them later said they received system notifications that these game accounts didn’t exist. They obviously couldn’t resist the scolding and modified their game IDs with a renaming card.

Bi Yaohua was addicted to talking and didn’t care much about villains who only knew how to do small tricks. This small episode ended and the ranking battles continued. They were matched with new opponents.

After entering the BP link, Gu Luo called out with surprise. “The opposite people…”

The audience in the live broadcast rooms also saw the game IDs of the opposite side. The barrage in the live broadcast room completely exploded. These five game IDs weren’t hidden at all. They were the new and powerful team who showed an outstanding performance in the mid-season, SUU.

Lin Yan sitting on the sofa was also stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect that after rejecting the invitation for training matches from SUU so many times, they would meet in this way. He frowned slightly and glanced in Chen Yushen’s direction. The young man’s expression had visibly sunk.

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