CAMP: Chapter 73

In the following days, GH officially started the high intensity life of playing a ‘round robin’ with major professional teams. As mentioned before, Lin Yan carefully selected several top teams in the professional league for training matches. Through this process, they tried several new play styles without revealing their tactics.

There were naturally winners and losers but everyone knew that the results of the training matches weren’t brought into the professional league. Therefore, no one’s mood was affected due to the wins or losses. The main focus was on the review after each training match.

Learn from the experience and retain their strengths.

Before they knew it, time passed day by day. After lunch that day, the people of GH were preparing to go to the training room as usual. Then they looked up and saw Luo Mo commanding several people to move in several large boxes from outside.

Everyone paused in unison. Gu Luo rubbed his eyes that were somewhat swollen after waking up and asked in a daze, “Manager Luo, what did you buy again?”

The competition was just around the corner. There would be peripherals and other items sent to the club ever so often, so it wasn’t surprising. Luo Mo expressed dissatisfaction with the word ‘again’ and clarified. “This isn’t my delivery. I just came back from the outside and met them at the door. They asked me to help them carry it in.”

Gu Luo became even more curious and couldn’t help investigating. “Whose is it?”

Luo Mo leaned toward a box next to him and slowly read the note attached to it. “The recipient seems to be… Master’s wife?”

Lin Yan had just walked down the stairs. He heard this and almost sprained his ankle again. Next to him, Jing Yuanzhou swiftly helped him but couldn’t help laughing. Lin Yan turned his head and glared at Jing Yuanzhou. However, there was no other way. He could only take the initiative to claim it. “These things are probably sent to me.”

Bi Yaohua walked over and circled the boxes a few times, his curiosity intrigued. “Coach, what did you buy? Why is the name Master’s Wife? Is your shopping ID so fresh and refined?”

F&k your fresh and refined! The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth twitched slightly and he tried to make his tone as calm as possible. “If I guessed correctly, these boxes should all be coffee beans.”

It was the recipient name that instantly reminded him that he had asked Lan Min to buy him coffee beans. It had been a long time so he had almost forgotten about it. He didn’t know why Lan Min suddenly remembered to send it to him after so long. Thinking of this, Lin Yan turned around and cast questioning glances at Jing Yuanzhou.

Jing Yuanzhou knew some of the twists and turns and explained, “Didn’t you have Mini buy my favorite coffee beans? These beans aren’t sold in China so he could only ask someone to buy it abroad. It took some time to be sent.”

In the blink of an eye, Luo Mo had already called people to move in the few boxes from outside. As he moved, he asked from a distance, “Boss, are you sure you bought coffee beans? The wrong order wasn’t placed? There are at least 10 boxes. Are you going to transform the club into a coffee store?”

Bi Yaohua had been taking part in the fun. Then he thought of something after hearing this and the expression on his face became subtle for a moment. He hesitated a bit before tentatively asking, “Yes Coach, why did you buy so many coffee beans suddenly? Are you going to have us drink coffee instead of tea later? Are you… going to increase our training intensity again?”

The moment he spoke, the atmosphere of the entire scene instantly became heavy. Lin Yan was left speechless by their rich imagination. He had a headache and didn’t want to talk, so he could only look at Jing Yuanzhou blankly.

Jing Yuanzhou looked innocent. “Mini said that it seems you like these coffee beans a lot. In order to be filial, he directly bought wholesale from the merchant. He has been asking everyday if you have received the goods. If you don’t think it’s enough then he will buy more in the future.”

Lin Yan, “……”

If it wasn’t enough? As long as it didn’t expire, this amount was probably enough for the entire club to drink for several years! In order to not waste it, the club’s new year gift package should be replaced with a coffee bean gift box.

He took a deep breath and didn’t bother to answer the unreliable questions. He just waved his hand nonchalantly. “Okay, move them all to the storage room. It was bought by Mini from the BK team for everyone. I really don’t have any intentions so don’t think too much.”

Bi Yaohua frowned. “BK’s people sent it? One who is being unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions. They sent so many at once. Do you want to find a professional hospital to test for poison?”

Lin Yan didn’t bother paying attention to him and turned to Luo Mo. “Ah Mo, haven’t you been working on the team’s publicity these days? How is it going?”

Luo Mo finally remembered business once he was reminded. “Oh yes, I’m here to tell you about this! The publicity plan has been officially set and it just needs to be scheduled.”

As the autumn competition approached, the operating departments of the current professional league were also actively running. GH was a newcomer to the professional league and naturally couldn’t be sloppy when it came to publicity.

The partner that Luo Mo contacted this time was the Polar Star live broadcast platform they had signed with. It was confirmed that a full live broadcast would be held in a few days. The content of the live broadcast was a five man team match. At that time, the platform would reserve the most eye-catching recommendation spot on the homepage to provide them with traffic support. They would cooperate with the hot search and marketing accounts to create trends as well. Both the gimmicks and exposure were absolutely explosive.

This plan was formally confirmed by Lin Yan.

He had always been assured of Luo Mo’s work efficiency. He listened to the rough introduction and didn’t forget to add, “This is the first official appearance of our team and I will deliberately control the difficulty of the team match. If there is no surprise, I should find a new team within the top 100 of the server. Once the time comes, remember to add your accounts to the team and then over the team permissions. In short it won’t affect your usual training apart from the day of the live broadcast.”

Bi Yaohua wondered, “Coach, does this mean making a new team? In this case, has the team been named? I want to nominate a name!”

Lin Yan looked at him. “No, I have set the team name.”

Bi Yaohua let out a disappointed sigh and couldn’t help asking, “So what is the final name?”

The corners of Lin Yan’s lips twitched slightly. “It is called Temptation to Go Home.”

Everyone in the GH team, “…Wonderful!”

It was really a divine team name and a divine meaning.

The live broadcast of the team match was scheduled for three days later. Since the official Weibo of the GH Club had already released promotional content, many netizens waited on the front page of the platform early, ready to rush in and watch.

During the broadcast, Luo Mo specifically asked the styling team to clean up the appearance of the GH team. Everyone sat in their positions and carried out the final preparations. This feeling of official business made them a lot more tense than usual at the start of the broadcast.

Chen Yushen took deep breaths and then looked up to see Jian Ye drinking half a bottle of water.

Chen Yushen, “……”

Now the command of their team had been officially transferred to the support Brother Gun and today was the first public display. He didn’t show it on the surface but it could be concluded from this behavior alone that Brother Gun was quite nervous.

In comparison, Bi Yaohua had experienced many battles. Before the live broadcast started, he leaned back in his gaming chair and looked at Weibo. He had ‘friendly exchanges’ with the sunspots on Weibo while not forgetting to share the latest information with his teammates. “Hahaha, I’m dying. Do you know how many teams are ready to snipe our live broadcast? What the hell? What teams are so idle? Why are there people rushing to send their heads?”

Gu Luo looked up and wondered, “Sniping our team match? Really?”

Bi Yaohua frowned and hesitated. “It must be fake right? The group with low IQ come to my Weibo every day to show off. They can’t do anything and are the first to spread rumors.”

“It’s real.” Jing Yuanzhou joined in the conversation. “A friend told me this morning. It seems that several teams failed to make an appointment with us for the training match so they asked about the specific situation of the live broadcast of the team match. Now thinking about it, it must be for this. If we encounter the teams in the afternoon then it can be considered a training match in disguise.”

Lin Yan had refused the invitation for training matches with several teams. He heard this and couldn’t help smiling. “Forget anything else, the persistence of the competitive spirit is real.”

Jian Ye was stunned. “Are all professional teams so wild now?”

“Who made us so popular?” Lin Yan thought for a moment. “Don’t talk about the professional league teams. Maybe many teams in the secondary league don’t feel reconciled. After all, they have worked so hard for many years. As a result, our good promotion place suddenly appeared and was taken away by us. Some teams want to take advantage of this opportunity to see how awesome we are.”

Then he paused and looked at Luo Mo next to him. “Oh, this gave me inspiration! Ah Mo, how about publishing the name and ranking of our team on the official website? Tell them directly that all the big teams are welcome to snipe us at any time. This gimmick feels like a free wave for the hot search?”

Everyone was speechless at Lin Yan who wished for the whole world to be in chaos.

Only Luo Mo praised him. “I’ll go now. There’s half an hour before it starts. This is enough time!”

He did as he said. Soon, a new message was released on the official Weibo of the GH team.

[@GH Club V: Starting the 20 minute countdown. The Temptation to Go Home team doesn’t refuse any fight! We are currently ranked 96th in the team competition. The most powerful dark horse team in the autumn competition is seeking abuse online. Welcome to snipe~ Welcome to enjoy the free treatment of going home. We’re waiting for you #kiss #kiss #kiss]

Fans and sunspots were waiting for the live broadcast to officially start when they saw such a message on Weibo. The moment they read the specific content, the comments area below exploded.

[Is the Go Home team finally crazy? Isn’t this calling for others to snipe them at the scene?]

[It is kind of fun. The team I’m on is just ranked over 90. I feel like I can try it.]

[Is 96th place in the team competition very good? Why be so arrogant about this?]

[GH takes itself too seriously. Do other teams really care about them?]

[Ah, don’t be too sure. What if a team really comes to play? @BK Club V @SUU Club V @PAY Club V]

[In fact, I don’t think the GH officials need to jump like this. It is already good to maintain a winning streak against an ordinary team in today’s live broadcast. If they lose too badly then they are hitting themselves in the face.]

[Tsk, this broken team really thinks they are so awesome? Be careful not to roll over online.]

[The people above are so sour. I am different. I absolutely love this type of arrogant tone! GKD! GKD!]

[F&k, what type of broken Weibo post is GH posting? Can’t they broadcast? My legs are going numb waiting!]

[Isn’t this pretending to be bright? They are going so crazy after just being promoted to a professional team. As someone from another club, I can’t bear it.]

Bi Yaohua was looking at his mobile phone. Before he could see the specific comments on the official Weibo, he was deeply attracted by the last string of red lips. “Manager Luo, your kisses are really… so coquettish!”

Lin Yan raised his eyes in a disapproving manner. “Isn’t it used well? How can it match the unique temperament of our team if it isn’t a bit coquettish?”

After speaking, he moved his fingertips and liked the Weibo post with his side account.

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1 year ago

I love how Luo Mo can post those things without blinking. HAHAHA! Maybe he undergone a training under Lin Yan’s custody? Lol.